Holiday Giveaway!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate FREEdom this holiday Monday, than by giving away the JULY kit from Scrapbook Circle. Check out these gorgeous layouts created by Lisa and her design team …

So, so pretty!
I love how so many scrapbook kit clubs work hard to differentiate themselves and develop unique offerings. Scrapbook Circle is no exception. In addition to a fantastic collection of coordinated product you might find in a retail store, each kit includes custom Scrapbook Circle embellishments, like the “dictionary flowers” featured on layouts #2 and #3. Each kit also includes a digital download.

And, it gets even better … Scrapbook Circle also sells collections of other hot, new product which you can purchase along with your kit, at NO additional shipping.
For me, this sealed the deal …

I just purchased the July Kit and this bright fun collection from Echo Park.
You can purchase a kit at anytime without a subscription for $30, or you can subscribe with only a 2-month commitment and save $5 off each kit!

I’m so impressed with the SC blog too — every day there is a new tip, trick or news item posted.
In fact, I think to qualify yourself for this giveaway, you need to click over the Scrapbook Circle blog and report back with something you learn.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the embellishments YOU could win:

This giveaway will remain open for one full week.
I’ll post the winner next Monday, July 12th at 4:00 p.m.

Learn more about Scrapbook Circle kit club, by clicking HERE.

I am grateful to all of my sponsors! You can visit their websites by clicking on their badges running down the left side of my blog.
Sarah Milne and the Scenic Route online store is another new sponsor!


  1. Lorraine says:

    Great site for scrapbooking tips! I love that it also gives “common sense” tips for those of us who get caught up in “doing it right” and forget to do the other things…LOL. Like cutting out the centers of framing papers and using them (since the center holes won’t show anyway).

  2. tammy perkins says:

    A great site! this was a fun tip – when you get a kit, save every scrap and make one page using all the leftover scraps – you get a fun page and the satisfaction of being so frugal! I would love to try that with this kit giveaway!

  3. Great blog and great company! Very fun! I am really bad to not figure out how to use up my scraps, so I found lots of inspiration there. Thanks!

  4. Cool site! I loved the bit about a way to use baker’s twine.

  5. I just signed up for the Scrapbook Circle email list. I learned that the offerings of this kit club really fit my scrapbooking style. Great giveaway.

  6. Love the “Tip of the Day” tips on the SC blog. I found lots of inspiration on their blog. Thanks for sharing!

    This fabric rose tutorial is VERY cool! That really is a great blog … adding another to my list to keep up with!

  8. Love that they ship the kits in pizza boxes! I hadn’t heard of this company but adore their products.

  9. Great kit! I liked her tip on the blog about misting the JB butterflies! Im going to try that soon…

  10. I can already imagine 4th of July photos of my children on some layouts.

  11. I loved seeing the flowers she made by using circle tags, scrunching and misting them – and then mounting them on a doily! The kits look fabulous!!

  12. Wow. I have never seen that site before. Love the kit idea. I signed up for their emails. The kits really made me look at my scraps in a different way!

  13. That is a great looking kit! As soon as I post this, I’m off to investigate their website. I love your blog for so many reasons, but new places for inspiration and good products is one of them!

  14. I loved the example LO of using up all the scraps from the kit! Many neat ideas and beautiful product.

  15. Kirsten J says:

    Wow – lots to learn over there! I love all the ideas for flowers…especially the fabric and ribbon tutorials – fun stuff!

  16. I was pretty happy to see that most of the tips were things I have tried or thought of already. But I dug deep in the blog, and found a May tip about chalking the torn edges of core’dinations. Just yesterday I used core’dinations for the first time. It was embossed, so I sanded instead of tearing, but I am eager to play with this some more, and will have to keep the chalking tip in mind. They have some really fun stuff in their kits. Luckiliy I am scrapping a lot these days, and hopefully I will get my stash down to something reasonable enough to be able to justify getting kits on a regular basis!

  17. elizaBeth B. says:

    What beautiful papers and layouts! Thanks for the great giveaways!

  18. I liked the reminder to sometimes just take the photo and not worry too much about the quality ~ it’s better to have even an imperfect reminder than none at all.

  19. Thanks for turning me on to this blog and kit. I like the goodie bag they made from the June Kit. I might have to try it!!

    I always learn so many fun things from you. The gals at my LSS tease me because I talk about you like I know you :) when in fact I just stalk your blog =) I have a funny story about you and them (at CHA) that I would love to share with you sometime! Blessings, Jackie

  20. Tobi-Lynn Arnold says:

    Great visit – thanks for letting us know about Scrapbook Circle. I had not heard of them before and it’s a great kit! wow – very stylish embellishments and assortment. I loved all the inspiration available – and learned about spraying the Jenni Bowlin butterflies with a mist and how cool the look is! Thanks!

  21. stamphappy2001 says:

    I like the reminder to just take the picture. Yes sometimes you want a great photo, but if it is important, any photo is better than none.

  22. What a great kit! Thanks for the giveaway. I liked the idea of using the punches for the iTop to make a cute flower- I hadn’t thought of that.

  23. Beth B. says:

    Oooh – I loved the video tip in February on creating flowers using glimmer mist and paper. Guess what I will be doing later today!!

  24. Marcie L says:

    I liked the reminder of how to use entire sheets of paper, using every single scrap! Great site, love their kits!

  25. Loved the idea of using the Smooch Spray to change the color of the butterfly – great idea to use a favorite embellishment that happens to be the wrong color for your layout!

  26. Love the tip of the day! Reminded me about a scrapbook I read about somewhere that was made with the not so great pictures. It was a entire book of the “bad” photos which was a treat in itself!
    Thanks for bringing this site to us.

  27. Verona Highsmith says:

    I had not heard of this blog before and have bookmarked it, if nothing else–just to read their tips. And they have cute pages posted. I like that they are shipping in Pizza Boxes, they would come in handy.

  28. I picked up a great idea right away from SC. Mat one picture if you want it to pop among the others. Neat website.

  29. Thanks for showing us new and interesting products. I cant wait to see who the lucky winner is.

  30. Very cool kit! Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. I love the Echo Park paper. I just got it and have used almost all of it up already with summer pictures. I am a big fan of using my scraps to make cards. I try to make them right away so I don’t have to store my scraps.

  32. What a great blog! I loved the tips and the layout created using scraps. I know I have a TON of scraps and this was a great way to use them up.

    Thanks for the chance to win this adorable kit!!

  33. I liked the Baker’s Twine idea. I’ve got some to use up! Love this site :-)

  34. Pizza boxes are too cool! Can you imagine getting that package in the mail! And oh, I love the baker’s twine too! Love this blog and will read it often.

    Thanks for the chance to win something fun!

  35. I enjoyed all the scrapbook pages, and hadn’t thought of using string for a butterfly or other insect’s flying pattern. That is a neat idea.
    Would love to win!!

  36. This is a gorgeous kit! There are several things I like about the website. I love all the design ideas for each kit. I also love that when you click on the kit, the photo is enlarged so that you can really examine the contents of the kit.

  37. Sabino Canyon? Tucson, AZ? Palo Verde HS, Senior Ditch Day, 1982…there’s gotta be some old pictures somewhere…

  38. jen smith says:

    i love to make my pictures the same size but mount on to make it stand out more than the others.

  39. Matting pictures!, what a simple idea and so useful for using up those scraps.

  40. Heather P. says:

    I am happily leaving a comment on Stacy Julian’s blog!! I just love how happy and uplifting you are every single time I hear you (most recently on the Roundtable)!

    What I learned from Scrapbook Circle: The Girls’ Paperie Papergirl chipboard alpha!!! LOVE them!! Can’t wait to use them!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  41. I love how they used every little scrap of paper from the kit to create one layout. Fun AND thrifty – bonus!

  42. Love the muted colors on these los. And now I have another site to bookmark! :)

  43. Those layouts are all awesome! This is an awesome kit thank you for a chance to win it!

  44. I love the July kit. Thank you Stacy for posting this site, I had never come across it. Thanks for the opportunity to win this kit. I love the idea posted of misting the Jenni Bowlin butterflies to match the layout your doing. Duh, it had not crossed my mind. The ones shown are beautiful!

  45. I love that the new Scrapbook Circle monthly kits are shipping in the “pizza boxes” – - I’ve been wanting to alter one of those for ages! And I seriously need to buy some twine – it’s way more versatile than I ever gave it credit for! And Stacy – you are my favorite scrapbook celebrity! Your amazing outlook is so contagious! Brownie cheers to you! :)

  46. Learned that it’s okay to use the packaging from our embellishments in our layouts, recycling is a big thing for me. I also learned that I can change the color of the butterflies in the kit, by just misting them with Smooch mist! Which I love to use!!! I love Scrapbook Circle, plan on joining in a few weeks, have to incorp. it into my budget.(hehehe) I just adore the July Kit, would love to win it since I really can’t buy it right this minute. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  47. Ruth Tacoma says:

    What a gorgeous kit! I’d love to win it. :)

  48. Melissa says:

    What a great resource. Thanks for sharing.

  49. Melissa says:

    What a great resource. Thank you.

  50. so very colorful supplies! love them! enjoy your holiday weekend! Loved your videos on this past week!

  51. What a super kit! I have never heard of this club either, thanks for sharing!
    I love the idea of misting your embellishments to further match your page, what a great tip!

  52. I am absolutely in love with the lettering accents… the wooden ones that are plain and the Scrabble looking ones. So fun, and they can definitely match anything. Also love the flowers made from newspaper-type paper. Print accents like that have always been a favorite of mine. Thanks for everything you do, and for letting us know about these beautiful products! And pizza boxes for shipping? Be still my heart… what a fun company!

  53. I love the wooden letters; what a great kit. I just signed up for their emails. Thanks for a chance to win.

  54. Is it enough to just go and learn about Scrapbook Circle? I had never been to that site before…thanks for the introduction! I went back in the Archives to April 2010 and found some really cute burlap flowers–adorable!

  55. I love this ribbon tutorial:

    I never thought to do something like that with ribbon! So cute & super easy too! Thanks for sharing this website, I see myself joining their club very, very soon! :)

  56. Amanda S says:

    Great giveaway! Looks like a lot of fun…

  57. Cool kit – especially like the letters. Thanks for the chance!

  58. I learned about using smooch spray on already colored embellishments. It gave them a totally different look.

  59. Susan C says:

    Cute! Visited and learned about their monthly kits . . . love the letters! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  60. The scrabble letters are SO COOL! This looks like an awesome kit! I am off to go check out the site.

  61. I learned that is a very cool website! Never been there before but I immediately added it to my google reader. I’m looking forward to the “tip of the day”!

  62. wow!! great pages!! the looks awesome!!

  63. Diane Anthony says:

    What a great idea for baker’s twine. Never would have thought to use it as a butterfly trail. Reminded me that I want to try crocheting some little flowers with my baker’s twine! Site is very fun to look at! Thanks, Stacy for sharing it!

  64. enggirl lorraine says:

    what a neat site. i liked the tips – especially using your cricut to create templates for misting…why didn’t i think of that?

  65. Tammy W says:

    I love the Smooch Spray to color white cardstock, but I really love the fact that it covered the bling too! Beautiful set:)

  66. Sharon Blackmon says:

    I like the mixing of the different letter chips. I also like the pages that have more pictures–my style is more about getting lots of pictures on the page, which often means less “stuff.” Nice job!

  67. the first layout. <3 bliss :) I love.

  68. Another awesome kit that I have seen, I really think I need to join a kit club!!!

  69. Love the website and kits. I had never been there before. I added scrapbook circle to my blog reader. I love all the layouts they show and the use of scraps for a layout.

  70. Karen S says:

    I loved that blog – thanks for introducing it to us! I went pulling up random months and found a tip of sewing ribbon in pleats on a layout. Love that idea. It’s going on a layout I’m working on now.

    The wooden letters are too cool. Thanks for the great opportunity.

  71. Andrea MacDonald says:

    I love Scrapbook Circle!!! I learned over on their blog that you can use Bakers Twine for fabulous embellishments other than tying it.

  72. The kit looks gorgeous!
    I had no idea what baker’s twine was before visiting Scrapbook Circle. I guess that what comes from living overseas.

  73. What an awesome kit!

  74. What a fun kit! I spent a large part of the weekend cleaning up/out my craft space and now I am ready to create — that kit would be soooo fun to create with!!

  75. Erin Vandervelde says:

    I thought the spraying of the Jenni Bowlin butterflies with Smooch Spritz was awesome. How fun! Thanks for the chance to win.

  76. I tend to forget how versitile “white” embellishments are… thanks for the reminder and tip using the Jenni Bowlin butterflies.

  77. Love the kits! I learned you can order 2 kits with a friend and combine the shipping, so you only have to pay the $7.50 once. Talk about enabling! I like it!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. Harriett says:

    Just beautiful kits! Such great products. Can’t wait to go look at all they have to offer. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  79. Thank you for the intro to Scrapbook Circle! Awesome kits!
    Thanks for the chance to win one!

  80. Tonya NC says:


  81. Those are beautiful kits! I like how they mail them in reusable pizza boxes, and the LO posted that was made using leftover scraps from a kit was fantastic!

  82. Deb Alexander says:

    Oh, those kits are just gorgeous! Love all the tips on the blog especially the one about using the twine as a fly pattern for the butterfly. Have added this t my list of fave blogs

  83. Cynthia B. says:

    Fun stuff! I like how they included baker’s twine with the kit, and pizza boxes for packaging! Note to self: Smooch Spray. Never heard of it but looks fun!! Thanks for the heads up about this kit club!

  84. I loved how she used the actual coverpage of the paper pack in a card layout. Who would have thought? I can do that!!!

  85. I connected with the post about using the scraps! I can’t seem to throw any paper away that could possibly be used in another layout. My most recent “use up the pieces” was a crayon box along with a picture of my 24 yr old DD and my 5 yr old niece coloring.

  86. i adore the idea of spritzing some color onto the jenni bowlin butterflies!! awesome idea!

  87. I actually went back a few weeks and found a tip about embellishing your embellishments. Examples were used of adding pearls to a chipboard flower and glitter to letters. It occurred to me that it would be a good way to use up embellishments that you weren’t totally in love w/ either because you grew out of that stage or they were given to you. Just beef it up w/ color or bling and make it fit with your layout.

  88. this looks like just the kit to get me back in my scrap room! :) I am adding their blog to my reader. thanks for the review!!

  89. Fun blog! I never thought of doing a layout with only scraps. I’m going to try that.

  90. What a great giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win.

  91. What a great looking kit! Thanks for introducing me to a company I hadn’t heard about! I love the idea of using the baker’s twine with the butterflies – it added the perfect dimension and playfulness – can’t wait to try that!!

  92. jennifer h says:

    I learned that they are now shipping their kits in super cute pizza boxes – great for repurposing! I love yhe idea galleries they have set up for each kit (gotta love fabulous inspiration:)!! Thanks for the chace to win some yummy embellishments!

  93. I got sucked into this blog, another one to add to my list! Loved this tip (March 2010) on how to make decorative tags from recycled clothing tags! I’m always saving those for something special, now I’ve got some great ideas!

  94. Anna Vollmer says:

    Ooh! I’d love a chance to win! Thank you!

  95. Cute kit … I’d love to win! I love how they used the Imaginisce I-Top Brad Maker to create flowers (6/24 entry).

  96. WHAT NEW THING I LEARNED? That Scrapbook Circle even EXISTED!!!!! Totally fun blog with LOTS of ideas. I’ve added it to my “favorites” blog folder…thank you very much. I ALSO learned that I paid $3 MORE for my Echo Park Sweet Summertime paper/sticker pack at another website. OBVIOUSLY, I need to check here FIRST for great savings!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  97. I thought the pinwheels on one of the layouts were super cute. I’m always afraid to add that much dimension to my pages, but this was adorable. I also have to say that I watched all your videos from last week the blog today – I was catching up because I had been home to visit family and without internet access – and I loved the clip you did on the Grandma’s house puzzle box. I spent some time with my Grandma while I was home and she gave me a couple of her famous salt & pepper shakers from her mammoth collection right before I left. I loved the little bit of journaling you read and, because I was already feeling sentimental, I felt a sudden urge to scrapbook her house. I just wish I would’ve seen the video before so I could’ve been inspired to take pictures. I think my sister is going to have to go over there and do a little job for me!

  98. BTW…isn’t that Echo Park summertime pack AWESOME? It’s one of the first times I rushed home, pushed everyone and everything out of the way to get online and order it as fast as I could. Then I had to send a barrage of “OMG! OMG! OMG! I LOVE YOU!” emails to them asking WHEN/WHERE will there next cutest EVER paper will come!!!!!!

    Now I’m happily snapping every waking moment hoping for some fun colorful photos to make fun colorful summer layouts with! ;)

  99. Ally White says:

    Well just learning about Scrapbook Circle was good enough for me. Thanks for sharing the site! I am one who does look for that perfect photo but the June 21 post reminds me that i can use the not so perfect ones. “It’s about the moment not about the quality of the shot.” Great advice!

  100. Karen de castro says:

    Looks like a very cool kit. I think it would make pages that make you feel really great!!

  101. Lynnette says:

    Just having you share this site was something to learn. I love it and I am so impressed that I can order only the kits I am interested in. I love the letter accents – will have so much fun with them. Thank you for sharing this with us Stacy!

  102. This is a fun site to visit for ideas as well as scrapbook kits! Loved the layout that they made using various scraps from one of the kits. It’s a great look, and a great reminder to be frugal and use things up that are “leftover”!

  103. Using an anagram solver is a great tip for using up odd letters.

  104. I love the layout with all the scraps layered over one another!

  105. Marianne says:

    I learned that you can use the I-top punches for beautiful flowers as well as making brads! Who knew? So creative!

  106. Pretty sneaky of you, making us work for a chance to win! LOL (Just kiddin.) I don’t know that I really “learned” anything but it is a great site! I enjoyed looking at it and would love a chance to win!!

  107. What a great website – thanks for linking me up!
    The post on Anagrams, and substituting for titles was very inspiring and informative.

  108. Bridget M. says:

    I love the use of the butcher’s twine for the flight path of the butterfly. Sometimes we forget there are so many other scrapbook supplies that are not labled “scrapbook supplies”

  109. What a terrific kit! I just learned about this club a little over a week or so ago, and have been totally impressed!

  110. Kathy Jo Camacaho says:

    I learned that every kit they have it outstanding!

  111. Laurie T says:

    Love this link – I’ve bookmarked the blog page to check back for updates! I’ve scoped out the site and learned lots of new tricks – my favorite?… making flowers using different size punches and brads to hold them together. :)

  112. Maureen says:

    I love their new delivery boxes, the kits are fantastic, what a cute way to package them. Also a great way to store and organize them.

  113. Jenny McGee says:

    Great blog. July 5th tip was to make one photo stand out, you should mount that one. How fun. Thanks for a chance to win a great kit.

  114. I found the tip about not stressing over the photo being perfect inspiring. I have so many photos whose stories haven’t been told yet because I judge the pictures to not be ‘good enough’. I’m going to dig into my stash of photos tonight and pick some of these not so great photos with great stories to tell and get going.

    Thanks Stacey!

  115. I always love the tips and ideas on how to use up your leftover stash, and her tips are no exception. I will be using the ideas soon.

  116. Summer Mobley says:

    I saw the reminder to look in the July kit for the little bit of twine, and it reminded me of a skein of twine from Close to My Heart that I used in an album about three years ago. I had so much fun with that stuff! I need to use some again.

  117. In one blog entry, I noticed where she changed the color of an embellishment by using “smooch spray.” In another, she changed the alphabet color by using her markers. So if you don’t like the color of something you want to use on a layout, there’s usually some way you can change the color! Cute blog. Would love to win!

  118. Rhonda H says:

    I “learned” to remember to journal…
    …to highlight one photo on a multi-photo layout for emphasis…
    …to remember to pull out my baker’s twine!
    …about a new blog for my favorites list!

  119. I just learned how to make my photos “pop”!

  120. Ohhh, I loved the smooch spray on the butterflies! How clever and a great way to jazz up embellies!

  121. I learned about Anagram Solvers online. You can type in the letters that you have left from your favorite alphabet stickers and see what words you can make. How cool!

    Thanks for sharing this website, Stacy. It looks fun and interesting!

  122. Kristyn G says:

    I learned that the JB butterflies will take glimmer mist! I love my butterflies, but sometimes can’t use them because they just don’t work with the colors of my layout–Problem solved!!
    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  123. What a great kit! Those layouts rock! I also love the little tip about changing up the color of the butterflies. Here I was stressing over what color to buy that I totally forgot that I could easily change the color by misting. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  124. Jessica says:

    Beautiful! From the blog, I liked the article on using up all the scraps by layering, cutting, tearing, punching, sewing… just getting messy! Such a fun page that she came up with. :-)

  125. How sweet! The anagram solvers tip is fantastic. Can’t wait to try that.

  126. I’m a paper scrap saver. I save even the quite small pieces. I file the scraps in folders by color. My folders are getting TOO FULL!!! Guess I’m good a saving, not so much at using! ;)
    On the Scrapbook Circle blog I saw a really great LO using up a bunch of scraps. Ah, inspiration! What a great and really cute way to make use of my many scraps. I’m off to scrounge through my storage albums for some pictures to get on pages using lots of my scraps!
    Love it!

  127. I learned how to use mist and butterfly cutouts for your background paper. I loved the layout with the pinwheels very cute. I also learned how to embellish my embellishments.

  128. Anita from Issaquah says:

    Thank you for mentioning this website! How simple are those tips! Not like they’re reinventing the wheel, but what a great reminder for some fresh ideas for my pages. The tip for matting one of your multiple photos to “make it pop” really looks good on Diane’s page. I’m definitely going to keep that one in mind.

    Blessings to you!

  129. the SC DT always has the best tips! love the challenge a few days ago by one to use up every last piece of paper scrap that came with the kit. and the idea to mat one of several similar-sized pics to make it pop.

  130. {vicki} says:

    using up the scraps!—My scrap pile just keep getting bigger and bigger—-I love finding new ways to make it shrink!

  131. Therese says:

    LOVE! Love! LOVE! the July Kit.

    Remembering that we can change the color of embellishments to match our pages was a very good tip for me!

    Would really love to win, please!!!!!

  132. You were right about lots of great tips on the blog – my favorite was the idea to color alphabet stickers with markers to make them the color you want them to be. That’s a great way to use up old alphabets!

  133. Nicky from Canada says:

    Great kit and wonderful to learn about such a great place to go shopping.

  134. Renee J. says:

    I realllly like the idea of matting 1 photo and not the rest to give matted the photo extra dimension. Wow, and it’s so easy, too! That is so cool. Thank you, Stacy and Scrapbook Circle!!

  135. Renee J. says:

    I realllly like the way the mat was used for extra dimension. I think that is so cool and so easy, too. Thank you, Stacy and Scrapbook Circle!

    P.S. ‘Sorry if this is a duplicate post. ‘Didn’t see my first one :). Have fun scrapping!!

  136. What a great kit. Love the letters in the kit. Liked the idea of using the smooch spray on the butterflies. Pretty sweet.

  137. Love the new pizza shipping boxes! Great idea!


  138. Julie Coryell says:

    Love the layout that was made using the scraps! It has inspired me to make a cute layout with all those scraps laying on my desk! Also love the new pizza boxes for storage!

  139. SueinMtVernon says:

    I loved the butterfly trail made with the bakers twine! What a great site – just may have to join!

  140. What a great kit! :) It’s been awhile since I did a kit club, but this may be too good of a club to resist…Thanks for the chance to win!
    The blog is great! :) Loved the tip about cutting the paper from the back of your pics or mattes – I always forget about that nifty little frugality. :)

  141. Robin W. says:

    I found many helpful tips from the anagram website, to utilizing scraps better, to using string to jazz up a punch. This is a site I’ll be bookmarking–thanks!

  142. Jo-Ellen says:

    I love the LO made from scraps. It reminded me of the Bakers Dozen class I recently finished at BPS. I also liked how she changed the colours of her butterflies.

  143. I learned that you can use baker’s twine as an embellishment on a layout! Great idea :)

  144. I LOVE Smooch and I didn’t know they had a spray! I have to get my hands on some of that!

  145. I liked the layout example that showed how you can use up lot of paper scraps. . . and also thought that the butterfly embellishments sprayed with Smooch looked gorgeous.

  146. OMG OMG OMG – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shipping boxes. . .as someone who keeps ALL my kits – and keeps them all together. . .that’s awesome!! You could take a picture and adhere it to the outside of the box =)


  147. Tracy Dayett says:

    Be still my heart…..LOVE this kit…thank you for the chance to win one!!

  148. I would LOVE to win the kit. The Letters look like fun!!!! (along with everything else)

  149. The “messy” layout featuring all the scraps is the one that appeals to me – I will definitely be trying that approach as I’m often at a lost as to what to do with all those good for nothing scraps! Great giveaway!

  150. Michelle Evans says:

    I learned I’m not crazy for saving all my scraps…now I have another layout I can do!

  151. i learnt lots in just a few moments
    USE those scraps – her page built of little scraps is darling and remember to mat just one photo to make it SHINE :> thanks for the chance :>

  152. Susanne N. says:

    i learned you can make the cutest flower with the i-top brad maker. very clever and cute too!

  153. Anne-Liesse says:

    I learned how to use cardstock to make a picture within a group really pop. This kit is awesome!

  154. Alison L says:

    I have to say that anongram tip was great! I just spent a half hour playing around with it and I know I’ll be able to use up letters I didn’t think I was going to be able to.

    This kit club looks fabulous!

  155. Wow!! What a fabulous kit club!! I really like the blog entry about embracing imperfect pictures… it’s the memory & the story that count. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  156. Tiffany says:

    I love the fabric rosette tutorial! …
    Thanks for turning me onto this site!!

  157. Using all of the scraps on 1 page made the layout really pop. Great idea.

  158. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  159. Jeannie says:

    wow! very reaasonable kits!! even better if you have a group of 5 because shipping is one rate!

  160. Thanks for sharing the info about Scrapbook Circle. I have never belongs to a kit club, but I can see that I might need to rethink this.

  161. TraceyR says:

    Beautiful layouts! What a fun kit.

  162. TraceyBR says:

    The layouts are beautiful; what an awesome kit.

  163. What a great kit!! I am totally joining this club! What a great deal….

  164. Phyllis says:

    I would have never sprayed bling with smooch spray – turns out it looks great. I’m gonna try it. Thanks for the great site to check out – nice kits!

  165. Amy in Texas says:

    Love those letters! What a great kit!

  166. Julie, momto7 says:

    cute kit, looks like a great club – thanks for a chance to win

  167. Jane Greene says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!. I will be thinking about the comments about imperfecta pictures…I hve tons of them!

  168. carol in seattle :) says:

    Cool blog – thanks for the link! I love the tip about coloring your alphas if it’s not the color you want. Thanks Stacy!

  169. Lori Proulx says:

    WOW! What’s not to say.
    I love the idea of a “pre-made” travel scrapbook. I need to get my behind in gear as I am going to see my daughter in Texas very soon.
    I also love the design using your scraps. I have so many that my sis and Mom laugh at me, now I can show them.
    I also LOVE the idea of the kits and that you do NOT have to sign up for 6 months or more.
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

  170. I learned the June Kit is sold out boo hoo I really liked it. I also loved the idea for the travel journal on the blog. I am going to make one for me that is similar.

  171. what a great blog, I am always looking for ideas to use up my supplies and I saw a great layout using scraps! Stacy, thanks for the opportunity!

  172. Lisa R. says:

    I love the travel journal. I have a friend that is leaving this weekend for a mission trip to Kenya and I would love to make one for her to take with her.

    I liked the flowers and butterflies that she misted to add more color.

  173. GREAT giveaway Stacy.
    I learnt that you can re-colour embellishments with smooch ink. Looks like I need to find some ;)
    Thank you and Scrapbook Circle for the chance to win :)
    Allie aka Duckienz

  174. i liked the butterfly with bakerstwine, migt work with a piece of fiber too, might use that idea!

  175. Wow- what a great blog – loaded with good tips! So glad I came across this through your blog, Stacy! I love how versatile the kits are – full of embellies to make fun projects with (like the travel journal!) Thanks to you and scrapbook circle for the chance to win!

  176. I enjoyed checking out the Scrapbook Circle blog. Thanks for leading me there, and thanks for the great giveaway!

  177. Love this kit, and especially the letters. Thanks for sharing this company with us AND for the giveaway :)

  178. Christine says:

    Love this kit! Seriously thinking of subscribing to it. I’m gonna check with my neighborhood friend to see if she wants to join too. THen we can save on shipping! Woo-hoo! Thanks for sharing!

  179. The Rosette Tutorial is great! I am also a sewer and have always wanted to make this for projects, the ones sold at stores never match my colors…

  180. What a cute kits. I too love the 4th of July. The colors in the kits just make me want to scrap.

  181. Such a fun variety of goodies! I hope they feature more tips on how to use scraps – I have WAY too much!

  182. Susan M says:

    I like the offer of two kits for one shipping price, in case you and a friend both want one. That’s a “duh” that I’m not so sure I’d have figured out on my own :)

  183. Nancy Hyland says:

    super super cute kit and layouts – I am loving the echo park stuff too!! I re-learned that if you like the font but not the color of an alpha you have, paint, ink, marker, etc and make it your own!!!

  184. Hee Jin Ramsey says:

    Yes, we should USE all our scraps!
    Pretty paper and layouts.
    Thanks for a chance to win the kit and add it to my collection of supplies! If I win, can’t wait to play with it! :)

  185. Hee Jin Ramsey says:

    Yes, we should all USE our scraps!
    Pretty paper and layouts!
    Makes me want to scrap!
    Thanks for a chance to win and play if I win! :)

  186. I am definitely a scraps user. They are saved in page protectors, by color, in a d-ring binder. It’s very portable and gives me many options when needing just a bit of this or that for creating embellishments. Thanks for the chance to win such a festive prize.

  187. Lynette C says:

    I love the travel journal Lisa put together using the June kit.

  188. Nancy M says:

    I liked how they used pop dots to make the butterfly wings come off the page/not be flat… never thought of that. Looks like a cool site, I bookmarked it. Thanks for sharing :)

  189. I enjoyed the tips page on using your scraps. I had several thoughts on how to incorporate more scraps into a travel journal. Fun site! There is lots to learn.

  190. I liked the tip to use a mat behind one photo in a cluster to make it stand out.

  191. Kelly Koesters says:

    Great site!! Thanks for the chance to win. Use those scraps!!


    Pickerington, Ohio

  192. I really liked the idea of making one photo pop by just matting one photo…it’s a great easy tip.

  193. Cathy Mischuck says:

    I liked the tip on using the scraps. I have a file for them, but it’s mostly solid color cardstock. I need to find a way to keep the pp scraps that is handier. It looked like fun to make a collage of them!

  194. Great club – I’ll check it out! Thanks for the chance to win, Stacy!

  195. I learned what to do with Baker’s twine. I’ve looked at that stuff in the store plenty, just never really knew what to do with it. Now I gotta go buy me some! Thanks for sharing this site/blog….it’s been bookmarked and I will also share it with my friends.

  196. I love scrapbook circle and Stacey Julian! How wonderful for them to come together!

  197. wow, I learned that the kits are wonderful and full of fun products, and that the new DT members were announced. very exciting. and lastly that bakers twine adds that special something. =) thanks for an opportunity to win..

  198. Oooo! I love this kit! I’m hoping I can squeeze out the money to sign up for a package from these ladies!

  199. Kimberly Ann says:

    I learned some wonderful and simple tips from their blog – one that I wouldn’t have thought of is using the reverse side of a patterned paper scrap to mat a focal photo.

  200. I learnt that even though They didnt pick me, they have great taste in their new dt! lOL

  201. I love the tip that about spraying the butterflies! They are so pretty with the extra color! Thanks for the chance to win this great kit!

  202. Love Scrapbook Circle! Anything for using the little scraps is great. Love the LOs…lots of great ideas. And congrats to the new DT members!

  203. I follow the Scrapbook Circle blog and have learned a lot of really cool tricks, like how to make a faux pleated paper border

  204. I got a kick out of their tip on their July 5th post where it suggested matting a photo to make it stand out. I remember when that was the way all the magazines told us to call attention to our focal point photo. My how this hobby has grown since then! Now there are so many different ways to make our photos stand out. But, it’s nice to see a basic design principal coming back into style!

  205. I learned that I might have to make that blog a regular read, LOL! But specifically I loved the misting of the butterflies, a bit more color really made them pop off that page, beautiful!

  206. I learned that I really just need to dig into my stash, grab my hole punch and make myself a cool journal for a trip I am taking this weekend. I always think that is SUCH a hard process. That site showed me it is NOT, just gather, punch, binder ring it and DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT. Let it be – it will be amazing. I am a classic OVER thinker. I would love to create a little funky book for our journey. I need to make time to do that. Thanks for making me go there to see that idea!

  207. Cool! I love the kits! I learned that someone on the design team is related to a friend of mine! Ha! That was funny to see that. She’s sure talented!
    Amy in CA

  208. Love the fun kits and their choice of products. I like the close photos of the kits with mutiple ideas from various designers.

  209. Angela L. says:

    I have followed Scrapbook Circle kits for quite some time now and I love how each month, they’re always so beautiful! I’m especially excited for them with their gorgeous new site and their new pizza like shipping boxes… As for what I learned on the blog, I enjoy the mixture of rich pictures and helpful tidbits such as how to make your photos pop and also using your scraps….. we know that we all can use this info! If I could be lucky enough to win this stunning kit, it would be the perfect Birthday treat for me next week!!!

  210. Wendy A says:

    These kits are great – I just love the detail in each one. Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

  211. June 7 tip: scrunching up the tags and using them in the middle of the doily flower…really loved that effect! Loved the grunge next to the frilly. I also loved the misting of the butterflies!

    Great site. Thanks for sharing it with us. I’ve been looking at kit clubs for a future time and like this one and the Cocoa Daisy club. Thanks for sharing and the opportunity to win!

  212. I learned that the new DT rocks! Wow, what talent!

  213. I learned they exist! Oh my goodness this could be a downward spiral of scrapbooking madness!

  214. kimberley repp says:

    i love that you can buy both kits and only pay $7.50 for shipping. now i’m off to suggest that this club would make an EXCELLENT birthday present!
    thanks for hosting the giveaway! good luck everyone!

  215. I learned how quick and easy it was to get my July kit! YEAH! I became a subscriber in mere minutes! thank you thank you!

  216. Joni Parker says:

    I learned that I’m truly thankful I’ve been a SB Circle subscriber for a while now….I LOVE LOVE getting these kits every month (and I just got this one on tuesday)… I have had to make some kit choices/changes over the years…this is one I’m glad I started and one that would take lots of kicking and screaming to get me to stop!!

  217. Michele says:

    Wow–love the collection! What a great color combo! I checked out the scrapbook Circle Blog–so many inspirations but i think my fav is sewing a cute dress for my daughter. Totally not scrapbooking related but looking at audrey’s Blog–so I’m off to get the pattern and materials to do one for my little one.

  218. What an awesowe new design team just announced! LISA is amazing to “work” for…& her kits are simply fabulous!

  219. I learned about a great new website to add to my “blogger” dashboard!!!

  220. i Love scrapbook circle,how yummy would these goodies be to win!

  221. Jennifer says:

    I learned a great page to make using all scraps! Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  222. Oh, my. Spritzing things with the Smooch spritz can color the gems, too! I can’t wait to try that. That’s what I learned at SC.

  223. Veronica says:

    I learned that outlining a masked area (butterflies may 31 tip of the day) would really help it to stand out.

  224. I learned how to make adorable fabric flowers! Can’t wait to try it!

  225. I like the tip about making your pictures pop, I almost always mat every picture, and the idea of only matting one to make that one stand out is incredibly simple and really smart!

  226. It never occurred to me to change the color of alphabet stickers with marker. That’s what I learned!

  227. Wow, fantastic looking layouts. I love the torn edges and the cute embellishments. I’m always scared to tear paper lol.
    I love the idea of spraying the butterflies.
    Thanks =)

  228. Love the July kits, Scrapcircle rocks!!

  229. Melinda Wilson says:

    I love the ideas that they are sharing, especially the one on changing the color of alphabet stickers! This is so easy!

  230. Lisa S. says:

    I loved the use of the baker’s twine as a flight pattern for the butterfly. I end up just using fibers as wraparounds.

  231. Love that July kit & the layouts shown are amazing as well!

  232. I loved the post about creating a layout with all scraps, and am going to give that a try tonight! Thanks for a chance at a fabulous giveaway!

  233. Sandy K. says:

    I love the tutorial on Fabric Flowers. I will definitely be trying this. This is a really cool blog!

  234. I loved the flower fabric tutorial! I bookmarked the site, I’d never even heard of it! Thanks for the opportunity for a cool giveaway!

  235. Cathy S says:

    Okay, baker’s twine as a butterfly’s flight trail … how cute is that?

  236. Great designers on their design team – including someone I’ve been following for a while… Lisa Spiegel. Very nice work! I would love to win that July kit!

  237. The tip to use bakers twine in scrapbooking was what stood out to me. I just “passed up” buying some really cute twine because I didn’t know for sure what I would do with it. Guess I better head back to the store!

  238. Wow..way cute! Glad I didn’t miss this post in catching up from being gone for a week!


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