More of MISA (from Bear Lake)

Checking out of our condo at Bear Lake today and heading home.
Headed to the pool for one last Hoorah with extended family.

We’ve decided to make this reunion a regular event. We’ll meet again in 2012.
The joy of meeting my cousins’ families and watching our children interact is what life is all about.

Angie is doing a marvelous job of profiling each of the Most Influential Scrapbookers for 2010, on her blog. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to click over and get to know these ladies better!

Noell Hyman and Jenni Bowlin are the spotlighted scrapbookers today!

I traveled with Jenni (and her husband Jared) to Africa in 2008 and I’m getting to know Noell via the Paperclipping Roundtable — both are well deserving of this award.

Congratulations GIRLS!

When you visit their blogs, you can enter to win LOTS of really good prizes!


  1. What a treasure of a photo!

    Headed over to check out the other blogs

  2. what a fantastic time you must have all had, i see darci’s family and your parents and your family – but where are you ? are you in the picture or taking it?

  3. I just caught (last night) your most recent episode on RT. I love them all. I was thinking last night that is is really funny that I stalk hundreds of ‘experts’ in this hobby that I love. But when listening to the podcast, it’s like it is no longer stalking. . .more like ‘listening to my friends’ :) Somehow it cracked me up that I consider you all friends. Also, I don’t have close friends that are adoptive families, but listening last night it was very meaningful to hear a couple of stories of adoption. What blessings you have found and most special is that you don’t even feel special (because of the process–OF COURSE you are special) . . .you are just one more family on the planet. Thank you for all you do to inspire us Stacy!

  4. Awesome looking family! What a fun vacation.

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