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I promised to share the rest of my, why-I-didn’t-purchase-the-yellow-love-seat story, here you go …

So, about 100 yards past the entrance of The Vintage Barn show/sale, I see what appears to be exactly what I’m looking for, but am sure I won’t find–I mean, what are the chances I’m going to run into a yellow love seat that is sort-of retro, but not over-the-top old (for my new office boasting a odd collection of contemporary + vintage.)

My heart starts racing and I’m not really sure what to do, so I step back, squint my eyes (attempting to picture it sitting in my space), turn around a couple of times and think, Ok … no one else appears to be looking at this. I’ll walk away and just think through this– after all, the love seat comes in a set with a chair (which I’m not too keen on purchasing.) I check the price tag and decide I’m definitely good with paying for both (if I have to.) I walk to the next booth to find Hillary in whom I confide, “I think I’m buying furniture for my office!” She walks back with me and I locate the vendor — I start to ask about breaking up the set and she says…

“I just sold it”

Just now?
Are you kidding me?

Who bought it?
I must know. I want to tell her what good taste she has and how happy I am for her (I really did say that!)

Anyway, a booth or two later, I see this cute girl trying on a bright green hat, which catches my attention for obvious reasons. I think to myself, “she looks very familiar!” and then I meander on.

The booths are set up in a giant circle. Almost two hours later, as we are leaving I hear,
“Is that Stacy Julian?”

I turn around to find the cute lady I had seen earlier, standing very near “my love seat,”
Her name is Melody, she’s a scrapbooker and we’ve met a couple of times around Spokane.

In the course of the conversation, I say to Melody, “See that adorable yellow love seat? It was supposed to be mine, but someone else bought it.” You probably know what Melody says next…

“That’s mine. I bought that set!”

No way.
Let’s take our picture on your new love seat …

And pretty please, send me a photo of your porch and your newly painted green door.
Which she did.

I think Melody and I may be kindred spirits.
I need to pay her a visit and sit on her love seat sometime this summer!


  1. Molly McCarthy says:

    This made me smile today :D)

  2. What a coincidence! Now she knows who to call if she ever wants to get rid of the love seat!

  3. Leora Henkin says:

    What a cute story!

  4. Love the story!!! I have both of your book already…….they are my favorites, but I just might be buying them for my dear sister-in-law!! I have to see if she has copies of them first.

  5. Oh how fun! I totally love it when wonderful things like this happens! It was totally ment to be!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on Photo Feedom! Whoot! Whoot!

  6. Susan Sprowls Smith says:

    Oh my, what a great story! Love the photos… Thanks for the smile!

  7. I, too am your kindred spirit. I LOVE the hat, love seat, and the green door!

    Will there also be a way to buy more that one book at a time. I have purchased one for me and can’t wail until it gets here but I want to give one to my sister and my friend as a gift and don’t want to buy them one at a time. I’m so glad you have them in your control now.

  8. Thrilled, thrilled, thrilled that you have control of your books and that they are on your “my shop page”!! As soon as payday hits I’ll be placing my order. Thank you, thank you.

    And I just have to say that I love the hat (would so wear it myself), the green door (one of my fav shades of green) and the sunny loveseat set. Inspiration has struck and I’ve got a few ideas for my back patio now. Thanks again.

  9. What a fun story. So glad the loveseat went to a fellow scrapbooker:)
    I just ordered The Big Picture…I’m so excited!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to get it!!!

  10. What are the odds of that?!?!

  11. Stacy – that was such fun and what a small world we live in. I waivered for a few minutes on it myself while negotiating with the vendor, until I saw a women sit in it. Then I knew. If I walked away it would be sold to the next person. So I blurted out “I’ll take it!” She was so sweet and happy for me as she knew how much I wanted it. I’ve been looking for the perfect set for my front porch for years. And I just found the cutest vintage green enamelware pitcher with white polka dots for the little side table. Now if only my husband will surprise me with a fresh bouqet of summer flowers to put in it.

    And I would love to have you visit and enjoy the love seat!

    P.S. I’m wondering how on earth I missed that cute pink beverage set sitting on top of the little pink dresser! Especially since that is the booth I purchased my cart from.

  12. Rhonda Z says:

    I love your stories! They always make me smile. Thanks for brightening my day.

  13. I think it is so amazing and sweet that you recognize a kindred spirit in Melody. I would be kicking myself for not acting quickly enough. Instead you have turned this into an opportunity to make a new friend. Thanks for inspiring me with your generous spirit.

  14. Whitney says:

    I know you said you had all of the books shipped to your friend’s house, but how cool would it be to receive an autographed one?! I’d wait a little longer to get one of those. It can’t hurt to ask, right?! :) I already have Photo Freedom, which is an awesome book, and I just now ordered The Big Picture from you! Thanks for making the investment so that more of us could buy your book, and thank you for your constant inspiration!

  15. I want both but couldn’t wait so I ordered The Big Picture already…. hooty whooooo!

  16. what a sweet story! That seat is just gorgeous.

  17. Aw, that’s a great story, Stacy. I LOVE that set. At least you can visit it, eh? ;)

  18. Maureen says:

    Congratulations on getting your books back, how thrilling for you!! I ship videos and magazines from my home. I recommend a Ptiney Boise postal meter, ULINE for packing supplies, (excellent service and fast delivery), bubble mailers would be perfect for the books. Also media mail is very reliable and inexpensive for domestic shipping.

  19. I love this story!

    And while I’m bummed for you that the loveseat is not sitting in your office right now, I have to say the set couldn’t be more perfect for Melody’s front porch!

  20. I have searched every bookstore I pass for your books and I’m now thrilled that I can order them. I’ve nearly wore out our local libraries copies!


  21. Summer Mobley says:

    I am so happy!! I will be ordering SOON!! That love seat is so pretty, at least you know it’s in good hands.

  22. You are SUCH A NICE PERSON, Stacy!!!!!!

    I’m sure I’d let my GREEN with ENVY get in the way of starting a new budding friendship.
    BUT…I’m glad she shared a photo with you, because they are SO STINKIN’ CUTE on her blue/green porch!!!!!!!! So, clearly it was meant to be for her. And she IS cute in her new green hat, too!!!!

  23. BTW…SO EXCITED about the books. Sending Mom to purchase them for herself IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!! Can’t wait to find someone to buy them FOR, for a gift! ;)

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