Heads Up.

I think I mentioned that my website was being transferred to a new server over the weekend.
We always intend for these things to go well.
Mostly, we’re good, but there are some minor glitches to be worked out.

1. Both Allison and I have lost all emails sent to stacy@stacyjulian.com and allison@stacyjulian.com (even though we did what we were told to do!)
This means if you were a winner in the big MISA giveaway on Friday. I need you to email me again. Remember: Put MISA WINNER in the subject line and include your full name, address and email, so Ella Publishing can contact you if needed. This also means that if you have sent any questions to Stacy or Allison and we haven’t responded, please send them again.

2. There are several error messages across my site.
Ignore these, they will disappear as quickly as possible.

3. I cannot post images to my blogs.
Again, we are working on this and will hopefully find a solution soon.

The good news is Kayce is vacationing (she so deserves a break!) She, being the techie queen that she is, generally coordinates these things for me. I am not about to bother her, so I’m happy to just wait this one out. It’s summer after all and there a few other things I can do besides worry about my site and blogs.

In the meantime, read this very funny dream that one of my blog readers had and sent me.
I’m sure your mind can conjure up images perfectly suited to the story.
I may just have to scrapbook this one, after I snap a photo of myself with a stalk of celery!

Dear Stacy,
You have had such an influence on me that last night I dreamt about you! I was in Spokane and came to your home. You had a huge, beautiful, fun, relaxing, 2 story home with a huge back yard and many people there. The back of your downstairs/basement had a huge door (like a garage door, only better looking) that opened up to your back yard, that seemed to go forever. At one point you pulled some food out of a refrigerator in the garage and brought it upstairs to where I was. You had chocolate cake, meat, and a stalk of celery. You handed me the cake to eat (so generous…it was delicious by the way!) and joked that you only fed your kids vegetables of course (the celery?) and certainly not chocolate cake. Then you laughed the most joyful laugh as of it say “yeah, right!”. You were really funny and very fun to hang out with, even with the craziness of everyone around (extended family, grandma’s, friends, me and some of my family). Just about the time I was going to be able to see your new office / scrap room, I woke up from the dream!

Tell me … have you ever scrapbooked a dream before?

(imagine my little sign off image here!)

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