Sprinkle No. 40

If you’re like me, you often “run” to the supermarket to grab a few things, or see how FAST you can check off your list and get through the line.


This week, your *sprinkle* is to slow down at the grocery store …
and even more specifically,
wander in the greeting card aisle.

Let inspiration guide you to pick up a card for someone who needs one.
Add some words of appreciation or encouragement and drop your card in the mail.

While you’re there, pick up another card to inspire your paper crafting and prop it up in your creative space.



  1. {vicki} says:

    The book isle always slows me down!

  2. While I probably won’t be shopping until later in the week, I do have a stash of cards at home. Your post reminded me that I meant to send a “thinking of you” card over the weekend as her dad is sick. I will do that at noon. Thanks Stacy!!

  3. I got into my “old” scrapbooking stash and made cards for some of my kindergartners who have written to me this summer, and I wrote them back. Kindergartners love to get mail, so it’s fun to imagine how excited they will be to get the notes.

    • Martha,

      What a great idea! I can totally see the look on a child’s face when mom or dad says, “look what came in the mail today?”

      How fun!

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