Sprinkle No. 41

I’ve driven to Utah twice this summer. Between Spokane and Salt Lake City, there are dozens of billboards, like these. They don’t promote a product, a service or an event.

They promote values.

I’ve found that after passing one of these billboards, I feel really, really good.
And … my mind wanders to all kinds of good and inspiring places.


More on motivation.


More on inspiration.


More on preparation.


How could I possibly leave out Mr. Rogers? More on Friendship.

This week, your *sprinkle* is to visit values.com and pick your favorite billboard.
Then, leave me a comment and tell me about it!

And, the next time you need a lift or a uplifting story, you’ll have a wonderful resource.



  1. Next to Fred Roger’s billboard, I love the TEAMWORK: Your family can do incredible things, too. Constantly trying to build a team over here. Loved seeing all of those in one place! very cool.

  2. I LOVE these too, I just saw one today, in Provo! I love the “Your family can do incredible things too” with the incredibles animated family. and I’ve seen quite a few others up near Orem/Provo. I guess I notice them because I don’t live up there so they are fun to spot.

  3. Katie the srcapbook lady linked to these last week, and I downloaded a few… my favourite is the incredibles, too… just need to print it out and share witht he family – we need to pull together, and this is a good reminder that we CAN do it!

  4. So glad you posted this! I LOVE Randy Paush, but hadn’t thought about him for awhile. Great sprinkle!

  5. Melissa says:

    My favorite is the “Helped injured opponent win.” I remember watching the clip on ESPN of these girls helping a member of the opposing team cross home plate after hitting a homer but injuring her knee rounding the bases. They did this knowing that, by helping her score the run, their team was going to lose the championship. Their reason for doing it was simply, “It was the right thing to do.”

  6. Christy Miller says:

    I love Randy Pausch’s story. We have his book and his video and it just hits deep and really does motivate one to be better.

  7. Sue Cantrell says:

    My favorite has to be Mother Teresa, and “Compassion” – she was a remarkable woman to have left a life of luxury for a life of service to those that no one else would touch.
    Thanks for this Stacy, I was having a really crabby day and this helped put me in a better place.

  8. Mother Teresa’s Compassion – it reminds me of service to others and that’s why we’re all here, isn’t it?

  9. Really? Do I have to pick just one! They are all so good! Some make me laugh, some make me want to cry, some inspire me to be a better person, but they all make me think. I am sure that is the intent. It is sort of a pay it forward kind of thing! I guess if I do have to pick one Kermit wins! Cause who doesn’t want to eat what they like, date who they love, and just be who they are even if it isn’t what everyone else is doing!?!

    Wow! That is so good I am going to have to put it on my blog! :)

  10. OMG do I have to pick just one! They’re all so good! I have to say I like “As a student, he was no Einstien” the best. But I loved the Shrek one so much!

  11. My favorite is: DEVOTION Team Hoyt. I’ve seen their story and it makes me very emotional. The devotion that family has for their son is amazing. I recently saw that there are other people around the country who are running with people in chairs… what an amazing experience that will be. I am a runner, about to complete my first half marathon and I am inspired by these two awesome people.

  12. Awesome billboards, haven’t seen any in Texas but what wonderful daily reminders. My favorite is LIVE LIFE! It seems, in an instant, time flies by. Enjoy and be grateful for each day and remember; you are never to old to pursue your dreams!!!!

  13. heatherc says:

    I was really touched by the story behind the Liz Murray (from homeless to harvard) billboard. Made me think about all I’m blessed with and the potential it all has. I loved the one of Ben Franklin though. I’m torn which is my favorite. The “Go Fly a Kite” just makes me laugh and want to inspire such ingenuity in my kids.

  14. Gail Alcorn says:

    Hard to pick a favorite — love them all. BUT since I was supposed to choose one, as a (“retired”) softball mom and continuing fan, it would be the Sportsmanship. Loved that story when I first heard it and the fact that compassion and values can outweigh competition. Really did love all of them though!

  15. I regularly pass the one where the girls carry their opponent around the bases. It makes me happy and also cry every time. I love that one!

  16. Conni Brett says:

    Without a doubt it’s “Team Hoyt.” What an example of God’s unfailing love for us and our obvious ability to love others.

  17. suzanne says:

    We passed the Randy Pausch billboard on the return trip from our family reunion in South Carolina – really made me think, and shed a few tears. Had to explain it to my 12 yo son, but I really think he got it! Maybe they do listen after all =)

  18. Oh I don’t know if I can pick a favorite! There are so many wonderful messages. I have seen some of these in our area too, which is Western NY, near Buffalo so they are all over the country. I do love the Kermit one Live Your Dreams. Clever and cute!

  19. My favorite is the Sportsmanship billboard. I love it when people look at a situation from the viewpoint of the other person. My second favorite is Integrity.

  20. Jill Broyles says:

    Several are so inspiring, they all make you stop and think about your own life. Randy Pausch is a favorite book of ours. However the Sportsmanship actually brought tears. In todays competitive world sometimes values take a backseat, and should never. Thanks for the great web link. I am passing that on.

  21. Ever since seeing the YouTube video on Team Hoyt, I get chills every time I hear the song “Imagine” on the radio and can’t help, but to flashback to their story so, naturally, I like their DEVOTION billboard. However, I saw a news story on Randy Pausch once and had been inspired by his story, to the point where I couldn’t wait to buy his book. All of these billboards are GREAT… so up-lifting and thought-provoking!!! Thanks for the sprinkle!

  22. Stacy, thank you, this is such a great site. There are so many great billboards, hard to pick a favorite… but Would have to go with Alex’s Lemonade stand. As a cancer survivor who is now selling lemonade, this touches my heart deeply. Thank you again your sprinkles make my week

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