catching up.

Trey requested that this post be titled, hurt.
This is because on Friday, he got hurt pretty bad.

It was about 2:30 pm and I heard that distinctive cry approaching the back door.
I instinctively knew there would be blood.

He had been riding his bike down the neighbor’s very steep driveway, when he said, “My handle bars started acting all wonky. After that all I remember was picking myself up off the pavement and seeing blood everywhere.”

I generally surprise myself and stay extremely calm.
I grabbed a tissue and held it over his chin with lots of pressure.
I calmed him down and after a few minutes took a peek to see just what we were dealing with.
Clark read my expression and said, “I’m driving” and we headed straight to Geoff’s office, where he received four internal stitches and five external ones — frankly, it was pretty creepy!

Trey was all patched up and home by 4:30 — we’re pretty lucky that we have our own personal surgeon for these types of things.

Here’s the entry Trey wrote in his journal on Saturday morning:
Yesterday was Friday the 13th and I had a terrible crash on my bike. I split open my chin and scraped up my elbows and my knee and have a big bruise on my head. It’s almost my birthday and I really want to be healed by then. For my birthday I want those cool, color contact lenses. They’re really cool. I also want to be healed before soccer season.

Dad took Trey’s stitches out last night and he is now entirely sans bandages,
but … color contact lenses, really? What happened to Nerf guns and Legos?

Clark’s pre-school year activities are ramping up.
He attended a state-wide leadership conference in July and has been planning their school-wide overnight leadership retreat ever since.  He got home last night pretty excited. I think with all the late-nights and sleep to “almost” noon days, he is ready for a more regular and shall we say, productive schedule.

For Christmas last year I found a cool T-shirt for Clark at Threadless.

One of the things they did at their leadership retreat was unveil the 2010/2011 spirit shirt, which he obviously influenced!
This is the shirt that kids will be encouraged to buy during registration days and wear to school-related activities all year.

Crazy that my little boy is a senior, involved in planning these kinds of things for the whole school.
So proud of him.

Geoff and I are headed to BYU in Provo, Utah for what is becoming an annual tradition.
We’ll be attending campus education week with good friends.
I’m very much looking forward to a few days away with my hubby.


  1. I’m glad your son is okay. Also, I think it’s great that he has a journal.

  2. Poor Trey! I hope he heals quickly.
    Enjoy education week.

  3. Oh no! Poor Trey! Glad that he’s okay. I have four boys too (and one girl :D ) and even though they are younger than yours, we’re getting used to seeing blood!

  4. Karen Schmidt says:

    Boy must have been the weekend for big gaches in the head area. My four girls and I would at the Brighton art show on Sunday. Everyone had to go to the bathroom as soon as we got there. i went into the Yum Yum Tree resturant(sounds good doesn’t it?) but while in the bathroom I got two of the girls done and my 3 year old turned to go to the bathroom and tripped over my purse(darn thing) and hit the tolet. I knew as soon as she hit it it wasn’t going to be good. We had to call 911, everyone took a EMT ride to the hospital and my husband had to come join us. It happened at 12:15 am and we didn’t get out of there until 5 pm. She got 5 sitches on the forehead up by the hair line.

    you are lucky to have the personal surgeon.

  5. My oldest son shattered his elbow when he was 12 (his name is Tre’ too!) in a bike accident. His surgeon told him ‘It’s okay cause chicks dig scars.’

  6. Oh that poor boy! Brings back memories of the several times as a child I went flying over the handlebars of my bike, sometimes hitting a sidewalk face first, sometimes a rutted track, and once, I flew over the hood of a car. Lucky Dad is a doctor, for him!

    I meant to make a comment here and mention this book to you:

    I have to read it for a grad school seminar this fall. The beginning, so far, is talking about the relationship between rewards/punishments and creativity, all the scientific studies that have shown that right brain creativity is negatively impacted both short and long term by the offering of rewards, like money or awards, or the setting of goals. This is counter-intuitive to how most businesses and schools are run, where rewards are offered for success. It also applies in scrapbooking, where the concept of setting goals or getting caught up or even winning some contest or getting published severely and negatively impacts the development and use of creativity.

    Pretty interesting, and I am only on Ch. 2.

  7. Hoping that Trey is scar free and that he is all better by his birthday! Those CV shirts are cool! My hubby is a CV alumni and I don’t think they had anything as cool as that. Have a great trip to BYU and have a great time.

  8. At least if Trey has a scar, he’ll have a great story along with photos to show people in the future. :)

  9. Oh my goodness, poor Trey! What an awesome young man your Clark is! Congrats to him!
    Enjoy your time away; you deserve it!

  10. Glad that Trey is okay. Sounds like a pretty bad cut. How awesome for Clark to be involved in all the leadership activities. Enjoy the time away with your husband.

  11. That’s so cool that they do a leadership “conference” for the kids. My daughter has been the class VP (freshman and sophomore) for the last two years and they met today again. Of course, my kids have been in school all this week. They are responsible for designing their class shirt only, which this year will be eagles fighting (the Golden Eagles) with a look of the Red Bull can drink. I’m glad Trey is doing better with those stitches out. I would have freaked. Hope all is going well with you across the country from me.

  12. My girlfriend texted me last week and said “Stacy Julian is at Education Week” – I was there too and kept my eyes pealed for you, but to no avail. Was that a great experience though or what? Loved Wilcox’s temple class and Bartholomew and Bytheway and on and on and one. Hope you and yours had a great time too. Better luck next time for my photo op. :)

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