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You can now purchase both of my books together.
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There is a special offer from Big Picture Scrapbooking in the August issue of Woman’s World. If you see it on the newstand, turn to page 24 and take a peek! Some of you have asked questions about this. We are one of the special offers (coupons) running down the left side of page 24.

Love this quote from Keri Smith’s blog today. She shares some very honest thoughts on plagiarism.
Her thoughts rang very true to me.

“When you do any kind of creative work there is an energy to it. This energy is made up of everything that is you, your personality, your life experience, the books you have read, the things that you are drawn to as a human being. This energy gives the work life and this is what people respond to when they see it. When someone copies you, their work will not have this same life or energy. It will not have the essence of you and consequently it will have a flatness to it.”

Keri’s new book, Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes is now available. Click on the link to learn more.


  1. So, so true! Thanks Stacy & Keri for sharing your wisdom.

  2. Stacy- I love your blog! I know this sounds so strange but I recently had a dream about you. I would never write that in a blog comment, but then I noticed that someone else approached you about the same thing further down. No chocolate cake in mine, instead you were encouraging me to pray. Whatever that means!

    I think what you’re doing is wonderful. Carry on!

    -Katie @ Creole Wisdom

    • Creole,

      hey girl. I love being in people’s dreams and praying is always a good idea! thanks for the comment!

  3. Great info. Thanks!

  4. carol in seattle :) says:

    I love Keri! Thanks for sharing that thought. I’m so excited to get that new book!

  5. Hey Stacy,
    Is it the particular August issue of Woman’s World pictured above? I was in the store today, and they had already put the newer issues out…so I guess I missed it. :(

  6. Helen McLaughlin says:

    I can’t find that Woman’s World in any of our stores either. The only one I could find didn’t have anything on page 24 for BPS.

    Can we find the information another way?

    Thanks for all you do!

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