Giveaway for Keri Smith

When faced with a blank page, most scrapbookers are a little intimidated, at least on some days.
Keri Smith to the rescue.
Keri has written several books teeming with permission to cut loose and do things that are against “the rules.”
One of these books is Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal.

Back in the summer of 2007, students in my Have More FUN workshop were encouraged to purchase and “wreck” Keri’s book, as part of our journey to a more playful approach to our beloved hobby. I had no idea how this challenge would be accepted or if students would in fact embrace it. I just knew that Keri’s philosophy and blog had been a source of inspiration for me.

Well, embraced it was — we followed Keri’s written lead to do unheard of things and we encouraged each other, to tear pages out, create collections of everyday stuff on other pages and even …

take our journals swimming! I can’t speak for everyone else, but with each destructive challenge, I felt a bit freer and more inclined to follow impulsive notions on my scrapbook pages.

If you are the perfectionist type or just someone who from time to time feels that your expectations get in the way of your true creative muse, I sincerely believe you would benefit from playing with one of Keri’s books.

Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes

And the good news is, she has a NEW book (I blogged about it here.)
The even better news …I have a copy to give away!
All you have to do is leave me a comment a tell me which room or closet or drawer in your house is the biggest MESS, right now!

My biggest mess?
My downstairs studio. Since I’m not working down there, piles are accumulating.
I’m hopeful that today after working through my to-do list, I can head down for some mess-busting purging and organization.

So, where’s your biggest mess?
I’ll post the winner’s name Friday at noon.


  1. The biggest mess in our house right now is my little girls room. She is now 14 months old and I have a pile of clothes that need to be put away ….. plus time to loose Winne the Pooh and get a girly room. Why is reorganizing creates a bigger mess before you get anywhere?

  2. I love Keri’s book “Wreck this journal”…..i actually found it in the children’s section of my local Barnes and NOble and bought if for my cousin. She wasn’t really interested so i started doing the tasks and felt free. I will defintely have to get my hands on her new book. As for messiness….right now my craft room looks like a diaster area. Ive been gathering supplies for upcoming BPS classes so there are bags and piles everywhere.

  3. Andrea MacDonald says:

    Which room is my biggest mess? My whole house ; ) We are in the middle of doing reno’s and hubby tends to start other projects before the other is completed. Needless to say my house seems to constantly be a huge mess. In fact as I write this he is drywalling our mud room. I’m hoping he will finish the kitchen too so that my new hood fan can be used.

  4. At this moment- the girls room. Crayons and papers all over the floor.

  5. The biggest mess in our house right now is in our son’s toy room. He is at the in-between age where he can still play with the younger toys and older toys so he is not yet ready to give up the younger toys yet! So a pile is accumulating plus the older toys come in more pieces and parts. I can’t wait to start organizing and donating before Christmas!

  6. At the moment it is the living room – full of scattered toys and spillage from my crafting area. Not much room to live in right now…LOL.

  7. The biggest MESS in my house is found in my clothes drawers! They are full of clothes I never use, clothes that don’t fit this season, that do n’t fit me along with a few pieces that I actually wear, but never find in the MESS. It irritates me, but I never seem to have the courage to tidy them…

  8. my craft room is a wreck! we just moved into our house a month ago, and i wanted to get the rest of the rooms in order before i worked on this one. now i’m working on it with a will!
    i’d love to win this book, because your description: “the perfectionist type or just someone who from time to time feels that your expectations get in the way of your true creative muse” fits me perfectly! thank you for the chance :)

  9. Well, I think I have a winner. My basement and lower level half bath flooded last Thursday with sewage…so I have a destroyed bathroom (had to strip tile to the subfloor (which has to be replaced)) and then an entire destroyed closet, missing carpet in 1/3 of the basement family room and no ceiling for 1/2 the room…and everything in the basement had to be moved, emptied from wet boxes and salvaged as best we could. I know where nothing is..but thankfully, we only lost one or two small things and no one was injured…but boy, is it a MESS!

  10. It is up for grabs right now. We just moved into our house last week. I think it is a tie between the entire first floor and the entire basement, which contains my scraproom, which I have half unpacked.

  11. Madeline St Onge says:

    My biggest mess is my scrap desk and closet. Horrible to see LOL

  12. The biggest mess would have to be in our spare bedroom. There is everything from crafts to things that belong to both of our kids. It can actually be fun sometimes to find a new treasure that actually is a craft goodie.

    My goal is to straighten it all up and use it as an extra craft space. Our scraproom just isn’t big enough-LOL.

    Thank you for this chance to win, Stacy!!

  13. Hmmmm . . . that’s got to be either my daughter’s closet or my basement laundry room. Her closet has more junk per square foot than any location in our house . . . but the clutter and disarray in my laundry room is pretty ridiculous, too! I’m hoping to tackle them both this weekend, though!

  14. Oh, wow, this is so outside the box for me. Love it! I might hyperventilate at first with her books, but I’d work through it. :o) Right now my livingroom is the messiest. I’m still moving in so everything kind of gets piled up there so that I can then find a place for it in my apartment.

  15. My toy room. I swear I should take hourly photographs on the morning I clean it to see where it all goes wrong!

  16. Melanie K says:

    My biggest mess or the biggest mess in my house? I mean i have three boys under 7 … so … oh, who am I kidding???? My ‘creative’ craft space is overflowing with papers I have to save, packaging that is too cute to throw out, books/journals I am making for ‘one day’ and old class pdfs I have to print out – then never look at again because I can’t find the one page i need so I look it up on the class site and print it AGAIN.
    yeah, my room … which is my hubby’s and mine bedroom. May I add that he is a neat freak of the worst kind? LOL!

  17. the biggest mess?? how am i going to pick??
    i have what’s called a “travelling mess” – it starts in my kitchen… then to my bedroom, then to my scraproom. no one can go in there – the door is closed!!

    but i am dying to read this book!

  18. A recent move meant moving my scrap space from a room to a closet. I have a small scrap table in there and it is a mess…totally piled up with everything that I have not been able to find a place for yet. But I am not discouraged…it will all find a place…eventually!

  19. My messiest drawer is my hair drawer. It’s also my most happiest drawer in the house too! I love opening up the super deep drawer every morning and seeing all the different brushes, hair goop, clips, It smells really good too! It’s a total mess finding which size round brush I need but it’s a joy every day. I don’t think I’d ever organize it. Thanks for the chance to win Keri’s new book! :)

  20. My biggest mess right now is my son’s room. In addition to 80 zillion toys, we have piles of clothes to go through- sorting into those that are too small (then sub-piles for keep vs. give away), those that fit, and those that are too big. There’s almost no storage space in there, so most of the stuff is in piles on the floor or in the closet.

  21. I’d like to say my basement is my biggest mess – we carry things down the stairs, lay them down at the nearest “clear” spot – but, my 20 year old daughter is in the process of moving out, so her closet is awful! It’s jam-packed with “I have to go through it first!” stuff .. I’ve closed the door, but there’s stuff outside the door, too … and it’s all screaming “let me out!”.

  22. How do you define biggest? Is it the mess that’s going to be the hardest to clean up? (Ice cream that got dripped on the floor and left unnoticed until the next morning.) Or the mess that involves the largest number of things to pick up? (The girls’ playroom full of millions of tiny barbie shoes, polly pocket accessories, and other random bits of tinyness.)

  23. Christina Poindexter says:

    the biggest mess right now is the patio and laundry room. Just moved for work and downsized so much the furniture is mostly on the patio. I have to find most of it a new home. The laundry room is messy as I put up shelves to store my craft things and linen closet items. I have to get organized. maybe a desk that collapses would be great for this little house.

  24. I’d love to win this book! I enjoyed wrecking my copy of Wreck This Journal during Have More Fun!

    The biggest mess in my house right now is the room shared by my 7 and 9-year old daughters. Uggh.

  25. My office is a DISASTER. I work from home and spend all day in here…it also has become the dumping ground for everything ‘homeless’ at our house. The visual noise is killing me! Help!!!!

  26. Barbi in Ottawa, Canada says:

    Which mess???? ; ) I tend to be a “piler”. I am visual so I make a pile here, there and everywhere to get back to later now I have a 8 and 5 year old, later doesn’t always happen when I thought it would. So then into the laundry room these piles go, so they aren’t in the way and of course, since I am visual I tend to forget about them. : )

    I learned about Keri Smith through you and have become a fan! I think it would be cool to win my first Keri Smith book on your blog so thanks for the chance!

  27. Beverly Kepple says:

    Easy question! My biggest mess is my dining room aka craft room. Its all organised in boxes & baskets & trolleys but I get one thing out, then another and another and so on. Right now you can’t see the dining room table – its piled high with everything that should be put away after its used. Good job we haven’t invited anyone for dinner in the forseeable future.

  28. I so need a book like this. I spent over 13 years doing sales tax accounting and I think it ruined some of my creativity I use to have as an artist. I’m too worried about making things line up and balance in a square and I do it without thinking. Bleh. :-P

  29. Waaaa! My craft room! We had to put boxes of stuff in there, as it was the only room we could fit them in (to redo a room). Now I can’t get to anything! Yes, redoing something really does start off with a BIGGER mess!

  30. The biggest mess is our living room. Well, we LIVE here! There toys, cups, computers, shoes, sort of home decor… We all have our respective places and even offices, but three of us just keep bringing things to the living room and pile and keep it here until it is too much and we have a big clean up/pick up and living room is clean and organized. May be for couple hours.

  31. This is my first time ever responding. I’m fairly new to visiting BPS and I just finished the Big Idea Festival (my first on line class too) I love it here! And when I read about where is my messiest place it hit home with me. It’s hard to choose just one, but the first place that came to mind would be my kitchen junk drawer. It has so many pencils, pens, batteries, tape, broken little pieces of toys that need to get glued, found treasures and not to mention all of the coupons current and expired that fill the drawer so much that they fall behind the drawer when you try to open it and they end up in the pots and pans cabinet below! Needless to say I get stuck on my scrapbook pages too and I would love the opportunity to own this give away!! :-)

  32. Definitely the teenage daughters’ room. And they both hate me to clean in there, so messy it is. My own mess – starts on the kitchen counter, travels to the kitchen desk, downstairs to the computer… and all three places are overflowing with untamed paperwork!

  33. Lauren S. says:

    Ohhh, that’s kinda a hard one…I’d say our carport. A family member of mine passed away, and we’re housing a lot of the furniture here. Can barely move through the mess!

  34. HUMMMMMMMMM, Toss-up on the biggest mess. . . It’s either the garage, where the raccoon discovered the trash that was waiting for trash day OR the kitty litter box everyone was tooo busy to clean out. Either way . . . WELCOME to my only day at home alone this week. YEA me. :[

  35. carol in seattle :) says:

    I’m currently working my way through “Wreck This Journal” and am *SO* excited that there’s a new book for me when I’m done. My biggest mess is downstairs in my creative studio. I used this summer to focus on my children instead of myself and my happy room shows it. There are piles and piles of stuff to put away and clean up….After I’m done painting the two upstairs bedrooms and get all the clutter from that taken care of. My whole house is a huge *MESS* right now!

  36. What a fun attitude the author has! I would love to check out her books. We have just moved, so nothing is very tidy, but the messiest room is probably the office – we haven’t unpacked the boxes, but as we search for computer cables, things get pulled out and left on the floor! It’s on the to-do list…

  37. Shelly Davis says:

    The biggest mess in my house, unfortunately, is my stamp-n-scrap room. My creativity has been stiffled for a long time (way too long). My life is very out of balance as “life” has gotten in the way. There’s not an empty flat surface, they’re all stacked on: floor, tables, desk, shelves. Good news is I made some headway this past weekend. There is a clear path from the door to the desk and a clear desk surface and 10 empty boxes. Now, I’m nowhere near done/clean/organized, but it’s a start. I have to remember it takes less force/energy to keep the ball rolling than it does to start over, so….my plan is to keep at it a little every evening after work (isn’t that how you eat an elephant, one bite at a time?) Wish me luck that soon I will spend a little time every evening creating instead of cleaning :)

  38. just one? garage, hands down. oh, and right next to my bed where i tear out inspiration from magazines at night. oh, and that one drawer where no one goes because, uh, we’re not sure if there is something living in there or not. :)

  39. Cindy Peterson says:

    Inside my head.

  40. The biggest mess in my house, aside from my daughter’s (11 years old) stuff that just doesn’t stay organized is the guest bedroom. We really don’t have that many guests and so this room ends up being the “put it here until I find somewhere to really put it” room.

  41. The messiest place in my house right now is my kitchen pantry … need to reorganize and PURGE big time!

  42. It is a toss up between my kitchen table where everything get dumped as we enter the house or my scrapping table… this is where everything that needs to be put away from my last creative explosion…

  43. I think I need to buy this LOL! I’m waaaay too much of a perfectionist for my own good!!

    The answer: Our computer room is a huge mess!

  44. **vickiellen** says:

    our storage room is crazy right now…we recently moved and all of the yet-to-be-unpacked boxes are there…waiting. for. me.


  45. It’s a tie between the basement storage area and my sewing/scrapbooking room. But since the basement storage is shared with my husband and the mess isn’t fully mine, I’ll have to go with my crafting space. I am solely responsible for the content.

  46. I think the biggest wreck right now is the room formerly known as the dining room. It looks more like the catch-all junk room right now.

  47. heather g says:

    Right now everywhere is a mess. 1 boy went back to school already and the other started preschool yesterday. Between school, sports, scouts and life we’re having a hard time settling in to our new routine. Next week I will clean & organize!

  48. Shelly Davis says:

    Unfortunately my stamp-n-scrap room is the biggest MESS in my house. My creativity has been stiffled for way too long. My life is very-much-so out of balance. Every flat surface is stacked on; floor, desk, tables, shelves. I can’t stomach the thought of going in the room (not to mention there’s nowhere for my feet) much less be creative. Good news is I made some progress this past weekend. I’ve been itching to be creative again (and my daughter needs a workspace for all her homework) so that was my motivation. There is now a clear path from the door way to the desk, a clean desk, and about 10 empty boxes (I’m a pack rat/stacker/box-it-up gal). The plan is to work in there a little every evening, then when finished, spend a little time every evening instead of cleaning. It takes more energy/force to get the ball rolling than it does to keep it rolling, so hopefully now that I’ve got the momentum in the right direction, the hardest part is over, and I will SUCCEED and be CREATIVE again very soon!

  49. It is a toss between my bedroom and my loft. The bedroom became a mess because I decided to start by rearranging my closet which then led to drawers which now are sittling emptied all over the floor. This as now flowed out to the loft which already was a mess. Someday soon I hope to look at it with a sigh of relief…

  50. Biggest mess – the kids’ closets… they’re hanging over my head… the clothes switchover and the purging and cleaning… yuck!

  51. Biggest mess right now in my house is my own closet! For shame, I know! I recently got a ton of new (to me) clothes from a very dear friend that opened up a high end consignment shop and I’ve got a lot of purging to do. Hopefully this week I will be able to carve out the time to do it right!

  52. Heather R says:

    the biggest mess in our house is my 3 sons (ages 8, 6, & 4) big bedroom. there are toys everywhere, under beds and dressers and all over the floor.

  53. Hi Stacey!
    The biggest mess right this second is my daughter’s closet. She is in the middle of cleaning it out and getting ready for school and it looks like a tornado went through not only the closet but her entire room.
    Oh well, sometimes the mess has to get worse before it can get better!
    Loved Wreck this Journal!! My daughter and i did it together-SOOOOO FUN!!!!

  54. Saw the first book at the book shop and my daughter loved it. I want to get this new book and the old book for the two kids so to win would be great.
    As far as my big mess – ummm…my scrapbook room or the dump! There isn’t even room to work in there any longer so I’ve been scrapbooking digitally and avoiding entering. That being said I start May’s class this week so I need to take some action as how am I going reduce my stash when I can’t even get to it!

  55. Laura Sessoms says:

    My pantry is and always will be my biggest mess! I can ingore it until my huband starts looking for something!

  56. nomad scrapper says:

    The biggest mess in my house right now (and every day) is my son’s room. He builds Lego and Lincoln Log models and leaves them all over his room. I have to step over piles of Legos to get to his bed. He is supposed to be cleaning his room right now, but most likely when I check on him in a bit, there will be an even bigger mess because instead of cleaning, he will be sitting up there building!

  57. My biggest mess is the upstairs storage room next to my craft room. I want to clean it out and expand my craft space, but I just don’t know what to do with all of the stuff.

  58. Biggest mess right now?? It’s a toss up. My scrapping room is pretty bad, it’s overflowing into the family room. I purchased new shelving 6 months ago and have not opened the box yet to set it up. My second biggest mess is unfortunately my bedroom closet. I have stuff tumbling out when I open the door. Hopefully I can clean both of these places soon but I do have a good excuse (don’t we all) I have been ordered by my Doctor to stay off my feet until I heal.

  59. Julie in Edmonds says:

    Where ISN’T my biggest mess? LOL. I have been having a serious organizational lapse the last month or so. Several spots in my house could be nominated but if push comes to shove I’ll have to go with the office. Yikes. That’s all I’m sayin’. ;)

  60. Ha! With Eric deployed my whole house is a mess. I would say the kitchen drawer is my worst mess however. I have a particular drawer in the kitchen which is a catch-all for everything. Looks like a great book!

  61. i have a travelling mess! it goes from my kitchen.. to my bedroom… then eventually to my scraproom and i shut the door!!

    having a messy house stresses me out! i would love to see what this book has to offer :))

  62. My biggest mess is a half closet under the stairs. It started out my file cabinet and some old journals and school albums in it but now there are pictures from some albums that got flooded, (can’t bear to even look at them right now) and boxes of papers and patterns that need to be in my filing cabinet! {sigh} Someday…….

  63. Susan Ringler says:

    Ummm, let’s see, the biggest messy room in our house is a toss up because they are all ashambles currently, but I would go with the living room because I keep stashing things in there I don’t want to lose track of and it has everything from new school clothes to bills to new scrap stuff– you name it, we probably have some in our living room..

  64. Does my whole house count as one big mess? lol We downsized 10 years ago and we still have a storage unit plus boxes unpacked in several of my room. Add to the the yard sale we had May 1st that was supposed to help us de-clutter but actually made less places to shove things. lol Oh yeah the never ending mountain of laundry we climb over and… in the middle of this chaos, I was stupid enough to tear apart and try to reorganize my scrap desk and move it to the kitchen. I AM THE MESS. lol

  65. In our basement, under the stairs is a closet that is scary beyond description. It is the catch all; sleeping bags, luggage, out grown toys (my baby is 23!), carpet remants, (they may come in handy some day)…you get the picture!

  66. Ugh.. my biggest mess right now is my bed room, would like to say it is because I am sorting summer clothes and pulling out the winter stuff, but it is not.. it has just become the place to put things that have no home… it has taken on a life of it’s self. Going to talkle it very soon….. well maybe when the kids go back to school! I love Kerri’s books. Gave Wreck this Jorunal to my daughter as she headed off to Europe. It now is a great memory of her trip!

  67. Biggest mess? The closet in the master bedroom! My hubby loves to open the door and toss – and it’s a small walk-in to begin with. I could so use some help just letting go right now…

  68. My garage is an embrassment – although I can still get the van in there, but barely. I’m waiting for the temps to drop below 100 before getting in there and cleaning out.

  69. My biggest mess right now is my scrapbook room. I am trying to make it into a space for me to share with my kids so that we can all craft together but the room is so small and figuring out storage has been a challenge. Loved Keri’s first book! Great giveaway Stacy!

  70. My biggest mess is our bonus room. It is full of wrapping paper, collectibles, books, and tons of things that have no home right now.

    I’ve always wanted to try Wreck this Journal– the new book looks amazing!

  71. My biggest mess right now? The laundry room. How is it that I have done 3 loads and yet there are still mountains in there … I swear it is reproducing! I mean come on there are only 3 of us here …..

  72. Lol Stacy! My biggest mess right now is all over! Ha ha! Still unpacking and trying to somewhat settle into a house that is not going to be home and my messes are anywhere from the garage…still full of boxes to the hallway ceiling that still needs repair from an air conditioning leak! My office/studio space should get some attention tonight and hopefully soon it won’t be a mess either. One corner at a time…one corner at a time, eh? Smiles…XO

  73. The kitchen island is where my biggest mess is. It seems to be the dumping ground for every odd item and piece of paper in our house. It is highly possible that it mulitplies overnight while I am sleeping!

  74. My biggest mess is my basement. There’s so much stuff down there that I pretty much avoid it!

  75. My basement is an overwhelming mess. All year long I tote stuff down there to clear room upstairs, and organizing it and throwing stuff out is, well, overwhelming!

  76. my biggest mess right now is probably my scrap area… I get it clean and then BAM go in there and work for a bit and it’s all down hill from there. LOL It makes me happy to have it all cleaned up but then I’m so happy that it’s clean that I don’t want to mess it up.. and the cycle begins again. LOL

  77. My living room, Lego’s all over the floor, for 3 days now.

  78. Heather Wunsch says:

    I hate to admit that my biggest mess is my scrapbook area/office. It’s just become a big disorganized disaster area that never stays straightened very long.

  79. I don’t think there is a spot that isn’t a mess! Like you, I’ve been dealing with some health issues and I just can’t seem to climb back on top of things. Scrap room mess, play room mess, kitchen mess…

  80. My biggest mess – the room we call the scrap room that also doubles as the office, store room, and kids craft room. I do try to keep my corner neat but it doesn’t seem to last. Maybe someday I will be organized the room will be nice and tidy. LOL :)

  81. Hmmm….it’s a tie between my desk at work and my desk at home. Piles, piles and more piles. Organized chaos is the best I can achieve right now.

  82. My biggest mess is me!!!! I’m just feeling all scatter-brained lately. If it wasn’t for my daily planner, I’d leave my kiddos someplace or forget to pick them up~seriously…….it’s that bad!!!!

  83. I asked my husband and we agreed that the biggest mess in our house is my craft room.
    I cleaned it up for a stamp group that came to work on their projects. That was hiding things so no one could see them in another part of the room. Hopefully I can work on it when its raining like today.

  84. Julie Lueck says:

    My biggest mess is in my scraproom.Too small space for too much stuff, that I can’t bear to let go cause you know I’ll need it all. I am trying to get stuff ready for a 5 day scrapaway in Palm Springs with 13 other ladies (The cost under $230). So it is extra messy right now. I have to walk sideways through the pathway. It is a struggle to not have the rest of my house turn into giant clutter. I would probably win the award for most creative in the most unlikely workspace.

  85. The biggest mess in my house is always my teen daughter’s room. She just can’t seem to keep it—no, GET it—clean. It stresses me.

  86. Oh that’s easy, in my house the messiest room, hands down is my 20 yr old daughters room. She is an absolute slob and I don’t even go into her room anymore. Actually, there isn’t even room in there for me. I keep the door shut and as long as there isn’t spoiled food in there, she can live in her mess.!

  87. My current biggest mess is the spare bedroom where my daughter just throws stuff in with no rhyme or reason!

  88. Kirsten J says:

    My biggest mess is my craftroom…I keep telling my kids I need a “time out” in there!!!….for a month :P

  89. Where is my biggest mess? Funny you should ask. Should I take a picture? Today it is everywhere I walk and stand, and live. It’s a horrible mess, and I guess now is as good of time as any to CLEAN IT UP!

    Amy :)

  90. Ha! I think I need this book! My biggest mess is EVERYWHERE because we are in the middle of painting two rooms so every little thing from those rooms is in the main living space. My perfectionism is whispering sweet nothings in my ear like, “there’s a spot of green on the trim there”…(that no one else can see) and I have just decided its time to let go and move on. Now to do that with scrapbooking! =)

  91. Jessica R says:

    A drawer in the kitchen where I keep batteries, sewing kit, handy dandy tools, thumb tacks, and everything else that shouldn’t be in there and doesn’t really fit (but I jammed it in there)! I hate that drawer but I do need it. ;( Thanks for the opp!

  92. We are in the process of tearing out our carpeting and putting in bamboo floors. So right now our entire upstairs is a mess. Part subfloor, part carpet, part boxed up, part waiting to be packed. Tools litter the floor, vent covers are off, dumpster in the street out front is filled with carpet and carpet pad and particle board we discovered underneath. And the thought of packing up my office is driving me insane. Twelve boxes of books so far and I still have more. I’m a little scared to tell you the truth. This is going to be a long project.

  93. Karen Schmidt says:

    My biggest mess is: Is my work desk at work, It just keeps piling up with manuals, flow charts, printed emails of stuff to do or look at, folders and just stuff. I keep cleaning it up but it comes right back.

    my second biggest mess is of course my Craft area. its so bad I don’t want to put anything else in it so I started piling scrapbook stuff I buy in my master bedroom. I need a little help here.

  94. My biggest mess? It’s a tie between my schedule and my desk (I call it command central because it’s in the center of our house). With a husband, 4 kids, 2 jobs, a home, a mom who lives nearby, lots of errangs, volunteer work and church callings, there’s ALWAYS something to do. I just get my desk/schedule neat and orderly and it gets all tangled up again!

  95. My biggest mess right now is definitely my walk-in linen closet. My daughter decided to pull all of the blankets, towels, sheets, etc off the shelves. I am dreading cleaning it up (probably because I need to purge some of it and don’t want to make those decisions).

    Those journals look great. I know I always want my journals to be perfect. I have a beautiful new one waiting to be used, but I don’t want to “ruin” it, so I’m saving it! Even when I know I’m doing it I can’t stop myself!

  96. My biggest mess is definitely the garage. Ugh. We have been in the middle of our master bath remodel…for over 2 years! So, all the tile and other stuff is piled up in the garage. Can’t stand it.

  97. My biggest mess right now is my main drawer in my bathroom. Make-up, toothpaste, hair clips, old make-up I don’t use anymore and it gets seriously grungy in there!! Yuk!

  98. ~Michelle says:

    I’m packing to move from a small bedroom in my sister’s house to an even smaller bedroom in my mother’s house. So my whole area is a giant mess!

  99. stamphappy2001 says:

    I have an unfinished room downstairs that we use for storage. Yikes, don’t want to go in there.

  100. My biggest mess is my upstairs which consists of one room. Right now it’s the place for all of the holiday decorations and my craft supplies. It actually looks like a scene from the show “Hoarders”! If someone were to look up there, I am sure they would think that my upstairs had been broken into and ransacked!

  101. Heather Newman says:

    My biggest mess is currently the family room…I’m currently in the process of reorganizing, going through stuff, figuring out what can be donated and putting up new shelves for neater organization and cleaner look!

  102. Christy Miller says:

    My biggest mess is my spare bedroom…but it’s on purpose. I’m busy planning our wedding for next summer so all of my projects are going on in there. We have no room for actual guests to sleep anymore! oops!

  103. The biggest mess is the spare bedroom where my daughter throws stuff in with no rhyme or reason!

  104. My biggest mess right now is in my head—we’ve been traveling much of the summer and so many of my routines have been missing and I feel so scattered. Grateful for the adventure and memories of this summer but SO ready to get home, back in the school year routine, and declutter my mind!

  105. My biggest mess is definitely in our office—-with school starting, we have stacks of school supplies all sorted out, kleenex boxes, etc. all over the place. I’m looking forward to getting some order back in that room.

  106. Sadly, our bedroom. . . it should be a calming haven, but between laundry & “stuff” that gets tossed in there, it’s just a big MESS! ugh. . .

  107. My biggest mess right now is my basement. I call it my dirty little secret, but really it is a huge mess! I try to go down and clean it up, even spent eight hours going through things to sell, donate etc. – it someday will be a nice family/game room for my boys…fingers crossed!

  108. I actually have 2 messes! One is the garage- just had a garage sale, so its a wreck! The other is my scraproom-isn’t that always the messest room in the house all the time though? Well, for me it is! ;0) So, both is in serious need of organization! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  109. It is hard to say where the biggest mess is–I feel like it is everywhere! I have a list that is so long. I have to say that my scrapbook(junk) room has to top the list right now. I have been putting anything memory related in there-without any organization–then we moved our 10 year old daughter in there for a bedroom. So-now I have to actually figure out how to have a bedroom inside my scrapbook room! I need some help!!!!

  110. oh pick me to win this. I have thousands of dollars invested in scrapbooking and little to show for it but a few pages. I fit the description of the ‘paralyzed ” scrapper who feels her pages do not measure up so she just puts it away and blog hops. oh the shame!

    And on top of which it is all located in our family room and bedroom making them the messiest rooms in the house.

  111. My biggest mess is my office. I am going to turn my office into a dining room and turn my crafts room into a crafts/office room. But my niece is staying with us for a bit, so I have moved some of my crafts into my office. I have boxes of financial records that I am going through and deciding what to keep and what to shred. My mother-in-law has moved in with us so my husband has moved his office into mine. All I can say is it is a “big fat” mess!!

    • Oh Mary — I feel for you. Welcoming family into your home is the most important thing. Don’t worry about the mess!

  112. I gave the first book you mentioned as gifts a few years ago. I don’t know if any of them actually did it though! LOL My biggest mess is the basement. I have a weird conglomeration of things that need to find a good storage home mixed in with LOTS of crafting stuff. Some of that crafting stuff is in a limbo land and has been since I moved in 2 1/2 years ago. Yikes…well, maybe this winter! The office is a good solid 2nd place but would only take a little bit to get passable. A little more to really clear it of the clutter that hides in the closet though! Thanks for the giveaway!

  113. Diane Anthony says:

    My biggest mess right now is in my dining/living room. It is all one big space and also houses my scrapbooking area. Right now it is also an extension of my laundry room, a catchall for things needing to be stored elsewhere, and general clutter from too much time gone for summer and not enough time spent picking up and cleaning.

  114. Susanne N. says:

    definitely my master bedroom closet. i can hardly walk in there–thank goodness my husband would die if he had to try and open the door! (he asked me the other day if the pantry was on my list to organize, so his answer might be the pantry. but then again, i don’t think he’s looked in my closet lately! ha!)

  115. Ditto on the downstairs studio. And it’s the coolest room in the house, I should be down there more often, cleaning it up and creating in it!

  116. Biggest mess — spare room closet — what can I say — no one goes in there and it is a great place to hide the mess when company is coming over!

  117. My biggest mess is the desk in my studio. I have too many “current” projects stacked up, and things are not at all orderly. The solution would be to get all the projects finished, right??!!

  118. Jeannette says:

    my biggest mess????? my bedroom!!!!!
    BTW, I LOVE Keri SMith’s stuff!!!

  119. My biggest mess is my scrapbooking closet.

  120. My walk in closet….uuuhhh…it’s the catch all for everything that doesn’t have a home…followed closely by my office..which is a complete disaster with many projects in varying stages of progress…thank goodness the rest of my house is in order!

  121. upstairs crafts/guestroom..I can never keep it in order…as soon as I begin a project, there is a huge mess to follow !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. I love Keri’s books and have them all! After remodeling, my biggest mess is the garage. Out of sight, out of mind.

  123. My scraproom which is currently filled with all the stuff that was n our basement. We pulled it out to organise that… 2 months ago.

  124. I could get a Ph.D. in Mess A.B.C. and my biggest is my bedroom. Everything without a home ends up there. I think I need class in home organization. :)

  125. Michelle Evans says:

    The biggest mess in my house is my husband’s office. He’s given me permission to CLEAN it. Now that school is in session and we’re getting back to a routine, maybe I’ll be able to get to it on my day off next week!

  126. My entire house is a mess, but the biggest mess is the basement.

  127. My biggest mess is throughout the little piles of paper and stuff that build up and don’t look too bad. But when stacked altogether look like a pile the size of Everest. How in the world does that happen???

  128. How cool! After moving with two under three, I’d say pretty much everything is a mess, but most especially … my office. I’d love to focus on the playful, creative possibilities of messes!

  129. My biggest mess is definitely my office/scraproom. It’s an extra bedroom upstairs, so when I tidy up downstairs, things have a way of piling up here instead! Junk mail, bills, textbooks, it’s all in here!!

  130. My biggest mess right now is our downstairs bedroom which has turned into a storage area for all the stuff that we collected from my mother-in-law’s house when she passed away. It is waiting for us, or someone, to come and and go through the boxes.

  131. It has got to be my scraproom! It gets the least amount of attention from me and suffers dearly for it! And I LOVED Wrecking This Journal during HMF! And so did my kids. lol

  132. My desk at work…shh, don’t tell my boss. :P

  133. My biggest mess has to be my crafty room..I just can’t help it. I guess I just need more room..LOL!

  134. Without hesitation I can tell you it is the library adjacent to my scrap studio, where most of this stuff should be stored – if I can reclaim the organization I used to have. There are boxes of photos, boxes of memorabilia, stacks of layouts, cardboard boxes from monthly kit clubs, half filled and empty scrapbooks, stacks of cardstock, stamp sets., etc., etc. And most of it is on the floor; not where it belongs. Hopefully over the long weekend I can do a rearrange inside my studio cabinets to fit most of this materials. Of course, I will need a good trip to the recycle place too!

  135. Marilyn S says:

    It’s a toss-up between my scrap room and sewing room (formerly my DD’s bedroom) I guess since there is no longer a path in her room, the sewing room wins my Messiest room award!

  136. Horribly so, my craft room. It’s become a bit of a dumping ground of late. Certainly time to get in there and sort it all out.

  137. Coat closet! We moved back in after renovations and things just sort of got flung in there. Can’t see the floor or the back at all!

  138. It’s a toss up. The garage which is over half-full of my FIL’s stuff that has been sitting there for three years. That’s when he moved in with us. Or one corner – ok two corners – of my scrap space.

  139. There’s a tie for the biggest mess in this household. My scraproom and my husband’s garage. Each has become a dumping ground for a plethora of stuff, his, mine, and the kiddos. Sometimes I look at it and just want to donate all of it away. Right now, I’m in the process of de-stashing my scraproom, but the overflow has ended up in the garage…unfortunately. Hoping to sell a few of my unloved items at the next scrapstore garage sale. I’ve already got a Mom-2-mom sale planned for next month and my BFF is taking a bunch of Christmas things to the flea market. I’m hoping to make enough cash to pay for another IKEA Expedit unit for my scraproom. That will really help with the organization! At least, I’m hoping it will…

  140. My biggest mess is our spare bedroom. Tried making it a extra bedroom/ office. Well that simply turned into piles of paper all over the bed. Not to mention totally overtook the file cabinet. I actually saw what resembled part of a keyboard on the what looked to be like a desk. But I didn’t dare touch the paper bed spread in fear of being jerked into the madness. One day it will all become clean when I hire a paper exterminator. Anyone know of one?

  141. Erika Drummond says:

    The desk at which I’m sitting right this moment is the messiest spot in the house. It makes me nuts because it’s the first room one walks into upon entering my abode, but it’s the domain of my husband … Could I clean it? Yes. He would love it! But I refuse – I clean enough – this mess is his! ;)

    note: I love my husband. Dearly. ♥

  142. Carrie Alexander says:

    While not technically in my home, the room with the biggest mess in my life right now is my classroom! I transferred to a new (as in the construction crew still has to caulk my windows and the cabinet company still needs to send our shelves!) building this year. Between moving out of the old room, trying to work around the construction crew, and the influx of 24 5th graders today, my room is a MESS! Or, as my 3 year old would say, a MESH!

  143. The biggest mess in my house is the family room or AKA the toy room as that is all you see. The biggest mess in my life right now is my kindergarten classroom which is being repaired after a huge water pipe break.

  144. The messiest room in my house is the dining room. It’s open to the living room and kitchen, which means every time we walk by the dining room table, something else just gets piled on it.

  145. Since you only want ONE room, I’ll have to nominate my craft room. It is so awful that I don’t even craft there and I’ve pretty much taken over the dining room too. Egads!

  146. Melissa C says:

    MY SCRAPBOOK ROOM! We just moved…okay we moved in May….and my room is a MESS! :)

  147. Caitlin Czirban says:

    The messiest room has to be my closet! My 2 year old has completely destroyed it playing dress up and peek-a-boo! It’s a beautiful mess…

  148. My office/scrapbook room. It is where I put my piles of papers from all over the house, throw messes to get them out of the main living space, and it is the last room I clean because it is my room and for some reason I don’t feel justified in cleaning it just for me when family spaces need my attention.

  149. My scrap room–not only does it have a scrappy mess but piles of my 25 year olds stuff that she is supposedly going through before grad school starts again in a month!

  150. The front hall closet – it’s at the stage where you push the door closed and hope it doesn’t explode. That’s my next project.

  151. Truth is I am pretty organized…everything has a place and we try to make sure they get back there at the end of each day. Everything except that pile of pictures I am working on from LOM this year!!

  152. Jenny McGee says:

    Well I would have to say our living room. Two reasons, one, we just got back from a week’s vacation and all is not put away from that. And two, we have a big Thomas the Train table in our living room that someone is supposed to pick up. When, I don’t know. We moved it from my son’s room when we found out someone was interested in it. Then stuff happened, they could not get it, we went on vacation. SO, I am hoping to get rid of it before school starts next week. Thanski.

  153. My biggest mess is definetly the basement! It seems to be a collection point for everything. It’s not finished and we have just piles and piles of stuff down there.

  154. My biggest mess right now is our combination playroom/craft room. We just had a garage sale and my tables are all still in the garage so we have piles everywhere! I can’t even move in that room right now.

  155. It’s a toss up: MASTER BATHROOM – have had a sloooooow and hidden water leak, for what appears to be MONTHS. Lots of mold. Recently Uncle Jason and Daddy did a demolition derby in there and it’s a STINKY MESS! … OR … LIVING ROOM – in an effort to find baby gear and clothes (7 weeks and counting!), which were packed in the farthest corner of our storage unit, we decided to just close that storage unit and reclaim our $150/month and resort/reorganize the stuff back INTO our little condo (or stuff the garage full!?!). So we are up to our eyeballs in boxes labeled “Kitchen”, “Videos”, “Toys”, “Baby-Newborn”, ect. ACK!!!!!!!

    MY WHOLE HOUSE???????

  156. stephanie c says:

    my biggest mess is in my scraproom – since luckily I’ve been busy in there the last few days…

  157. My biggest mess is definitely my basement…it is pretty scary down there and I don’t even know where to start. As a recovering perfectionist, I would love to win Keri’s book. Thanks for the chance.

  158. My craft room is a disaster. It is doubling as my clothes room, too. I am living with my grandpa, so my situation is a little crazy. The room has all my craft stuff, sewing machine, a bookshelf full of books plus a closet full of my clothes, although most of the clothes are not in the closet.

  159. That would be my kitchen office space! It’s a hot spot needing to be put out. When will my piles ever stop !

  160. My biggest mess right now is my basement – my middle daughter just moved out and she left lots of piles everywhere. The good thing? I’m turning her old room into a scrap room! :)

  161. Desk Space–Too many papers!!!!

  162. Do we have to list just one room?! My craft room is messy, my office is messy, my kitchen is messy, my kids rooms are more than messy and my garage – between the stripping of an old dresser and painting of some wall shelves the place is a disaster!! My kids went back to school yesterday and now I’m hoping I can get some of this messiness resolved!! Thanks for the giveaway Stacy!

  163. My closet!!!!!! It has become the catch-all for anything that doesn’t have a home.

  164. That would have to be the living room/office/workout room. Since the kids have gone back to school I have less time to take of everything and a multi function room is a huge catch all.

  165. Oh man, where to start?! The junk drawer by the sink? The junk drawer by the oven? The fourth drawer down by the dishwasher?! We have lived here a year and a half and I can’t wrap my brain around all the “mess spots” in my house! I’d love to set off a bomb in my gigantor master closet and hope nothing survived so I could buy all new clothes and start over…and the makeshift table in the loft (a sorry excuse for my “Scrapbook Room”) is a JOKE.

    So pick me and let me disappear into a very messy corner to read in peace!

  166. Julie, momto7 says:

    I was just looking at this book with my 17yo daughter – she wants a copy SO BAD! :) My biggest mess? My counter…the area in my kitchen where MY paperwork/inbox/phone/calendar/etc. all rest. But it will get cleaned TOMORROW, since I need to change the calendar page to September!

  167. my bathroom, the room no one else sees so always the last one to get cleaned!

  168. The biggest mess in our house is always my son’s room. Legos, star wars figures, baseball socks, frog aquarium, and 1st grade school papers. It’s a constant challenge to keep up with it all.

  169. My entire house seems messy because we just got back from “vacation”/visiting family in 2 different time zones. But the mess that’s bothering me the most is in my entryway. I keep putting the piles away, but they keep coming back! Maybe I should just put a “Welcome Home Piles” sign up and then they might not bother me so much. Or maybe they won’t even appear.

  170. Right now it is my scrapbook room. I am working on an album for a family reunion that happens over labor day weekend. Of course, I waited until a week before to start the album with 500 plus pictures…almost done though!

  171. We live in a pretty constant state of mess in this house. The influx of baby stuff 7 months ago certainly didn’t help the situation. The worst areas are by far the walk-in closet my husband and I share, the basement, and my craft room. All are in desperate need of organization and we are working hard to establish new routines around here. It would be fun to embrace the mess for once instead of working so hard to change it.

  172. Kimberly Ann says:

    The patriotic room, absolutely. Aptly named for the previous owner’s paint scheme in the room. It has become the junk room, that spare bedroom where the door must be shut at all times and where everything that doesn’t have a home ends up. We keep meaning to clean the mess, but life ends up getting in the way.

  173. Love Keri! I think she is brilliant! I would love to win this book. My biggest mess, besides my garage? Our guest bedroom, it is piled high with stuff for that yardsale that we are going to get around to doing! I don’t think it’s ever going to happen, but we keep adding to the pile, like the yardsale fairies are going to comocme in a take it all away!

  174. It’s a toss up between my closet and my craft room . . . both spaces that are “mine,” so I feel less like I have to be good about keeping them clean. :)

  175. Oh by far, it has to be the master bedroom closet. It’s 8 feet wide and 28 feet long. No, that’s not a typo. ;) It’s not messy as much as it’s become the depository of outgrown kids’ clothes and baby stuff. (My “baby” is 4.5.) I’m slowing getting rid of all of it, but since we don’t need the space, it’s never a priority.

  176. My scrap room is my biggest mess by far! There are other areas like my closet or little piles here and there around the house, but the scrap room takes the cake. I like that I can just close the door and walk away. To be creative, I need to make a mess!

  177. ooo let me count the rooms…..the Dining room with piles of pictures and school memorabilia that needs to be filed, the downstairs bedroom that keeps sucking all the “stuff” that does not have a home into it!! My closet in which I haven’t seen the “rug” in a few months due to trying to “purge” those 80′s pair of pumps I just know I may need to wear to some 80′s halloween themed party, or how about the three care garage that we can’t fit one car in because dear husband feels the need to rescue every book from the 50′s “just because”.

  178. Up to about 4 weeks ago I would had have said the basement & walk-up attic but thanks to 2 floodings of the basement, you can now almost eat of the basement floor, I have to say the garage wins hands down. The mess from the basement has been moved to the 2.5 detached garage (thank heavens it’s not attached otherwise the stench would have killed us by now) that no longer has any room for cars and you can’t work in there without the big door and the people door wide open and a mask. Thanks to Mother Nature it has been just to hot (stench increasing heat) to sort through all the wet junk we shoved in there, most of which is papers that have to be sorted before tossing and/or shredding (hard to do with damp paper). I had hoped to spend my summer fixing up the walk-up attic into a crafting area and storage area but Mother Nature had other plans for us. My Labor Day weekend I will be laboring in the garage in hopes of getting the cars back in the garage before that white stuff flies! Oh I wish I just had to clean/organize a craft room instead of dealing with water everywhere. Wish me luck, knee deep in soap, bleach, anti mold/fungus cleaning products and damp moldy/mildew/stinky papers.

  179. Oooh I love Keri Smith! My biggest mess is the kitchen right now. I still have a pot that I cooked something in one week ago sitting on the stove waiting to be washed. Shameful!

  180. My biggest mess is my front closet. When we moved last month it was set up as my craft closet, but lots of other things just got stuffed in there as we were unpacking and now I have to dig for all my supplies!

  181. I LOVE Keri Smith and was just on her blog this morning telling some friends about how inspiring she is. Even tweeted a line from her Explorer book that I tried to embrace today: Everything is interesting.

    My mess? My scrap room is a complete disaster after a few sporadic gift projects amid focusing my time on other work, food/cooking/gardening, and taking advantage of a limited-time Minnesota summer.

    And my kitchen is a bit chaotic at the moment after a great dinner with my sister. But my dishwasher can help me deal with that. :)

  182. My biggest mess is probably be the bedroom with all of the clothes and towels that need to be put away and the items that need to be put into storage.

  183. My biggest mess is my bill box in the room of doom…thats right I have a room referred to as the room of doom cause it is so messy and out of sorts : )

  184. Sorry to say, my scrapbooking place. My computer sits there on the table and everybody is using it, so I have not enough room to place things when I scrapbook and they pile and pile and pile. And then I have to use the stuff that is near and I don’t have energy to try anything new or different. Sad, sad, sad.

  185. Lynette C says:

    Every room in my house is messy. And the champion of them all is the garage.

  186. My biggest mess is my craft area. We just moved and I haven’t had a chance to put that stuff in its right place. It’s definitely on my to do list and will be a lot easier once all my kids are back in school. : )

  187. My biggetst mess is our basement storage area. We are moving in a few months, and my #1 project as soon as both kids are back in school is to get it cleaned and purged.

  188. the biggest mess I have right now is my craft stuff. I made a layout the other day and had to move stuff off the chair so I could sit down! That stuff is now all over the floor – I need some serious reorganization and new storage.

  189. Right at the moment the spare bedroom is a mess – the bed is covered with various sewing projects half done, handouts from classes, piles of mail and other stuff waiting to be sorted. I’ll be getting in there tomorrow (maybe) but my objective is to sew, not to tidy up (although I’ll have to tidy up a little before I can start). Thanks for the challenge and the possibility of a prize – fun no matter what the outcome!

  190. Barb in AK says:

    LOL, Stacy! I have to pick ONE room!! They are all a mess!
    I’m trying to finish up Darcy’s class (yes, I know, I know. It ended two months ago!!) So my scrap room is chaos.
    Then my kitchen hasn’t had a clean dish in it for three days!
    My bedroom—well, let’s just say I’ve been trying to do some laundry!
    Hmmmm….I guess I’ll have to say the TV room is the worst of all. Dh is working on his family genealogy and he has photos (from back into the 1800′s to recent), birth/death certificates, old letters and awards, envelopes for storage, and who knows what else in every nook and cranny of that room. Every chair (but mine) is loaded with something, the desk is brimming with tape, paper, and pens to piece together a family tree, and an extra large suitcase (that houses more important documents/photos/scraps of info) is laid out on the floor. Oh, and did I mention remains of popsicle sticks/wrappers, fruit cups, and other evidence that dh has been snacking as he pours over the family heritage jumble?
    Thanks for the opportunity to win! :-)

  191. My biggest mess is my daughter’s closet. Now that school is starting back today I am going to sort through and purge a lot of what’s in there one of these coming days when she’s in school (it’s a lot more peaceful to do by myself – less anger when I put something in the donate pile).

  192. the messiest room…. hmm well normally i would say every room in my house is the messiest room in anyone elses LOL but since we have been on a spring cleaning kick, now just the laundry, (also know as the stuff it there until you get up to it room) has become almost unable to be entered… :-) confessions of a messy person…

  193. My biggest mess is our great room which has items from our (I mean my husband’s) storage locker that I insisted on clearing our July 1 and a bunch of papers I’m going through. Excruciatingly slowly, we’re getting rid of it. But at least we’re saving $159 a month!

  194. My biggest mess is my crafting table at the moment. I’ve been making cards and haven’t cleaned up in a while. My collection of half finished cards and bits is also quite a mess.

  195. Kathy Jo Camacaho says:

    My biggest mess… my living room which is home to 2 boxes of photos, three Cropper Hopper photo sorters, (my system for LOM) and photos spread out on table and floor. Hope no one stops by, but even if they do, I’ll just say,”Hey! Want to see some pictures!”

  196. I have a lot of messy drawers and closets. I put stuff in them with the hope of re-organizing and then never do because they are behind closed doors so to speak. I need to start setting my timer for 15 minutes and start sorting . . .

  197. Our biggest mess is the garage – piled with Christmas stuff, our bikes, coolers and chairs from summer bbq’s and trips to the beach, as well as the ‘usual’ garage contents – it is a MESS!

  198. My backroom in my basement is my dirty little secret… My craft room is in pretty good shape. I have reorganized it by color (thanks to your ideas). I love it and it is so much easier!

  199. Cindy McDannol says:

    Oh my, it’s my front bedroom closet. The only thing it’s use for is to pile items that can’t seem to find a place to settle. Coats we don’t really like to wear, sweaters that are just a little tight but still good and the ever present pile of magazines that I think I will need to refer to at some later date. The door is beginning to be harder and harder to close and I resist even trying to scale down the contents. The rest of my house is fairly clear. I guess we all need at least one downfall.

  200. Right now, our biggest mess is in our storage unit. It’s packed with stuff left behind by the 3 older kids and the stuff that we just haven’t had the motivation to deal with (e.g. the pickup topper for a pickup we don’t even own anymore, an old broken camp stove, ancient computer parts/printers, furniture we don’t use anymore, and “fixer-upper” projects that we haven’t gotten around to addressing). My goal is to clean it out, get the kids to reclaim their belongings, relocate the truly usable stuff to our garage and end the money drain in monthly rent that it has become. The money saved could buy an awful lot of scrapbook supplies! :-D

  201. Jennifer W says:

    My biggest messes right now are my studio/craft room…I go in there and don’t know where to start! The other mess is in my car…ugh! I know my life is too busy when I can’t see the seat or floor board on the passenger side. That is on my to do list today!

  202. Heidi Gore says:

    My biggest mess is the cubby hole in my master bedroom. It extends the whole length of one wall of our master bedroom. It has everything from Christmas stuff, stockpile of gifts, wrapping paper ribbons, craft supplies, velcro, winter clothes barrels, winter clothes rack, record player, antique china, baseball hats, every card I have ever received, you name it, it’s in there. I have issues–serious issues!!! :)

  203. My biggest mess right now is the area outside of my craft room in my husband’s home office. We emptied my room to but new cabinets and storage in and I haven’ thad the time to get back to reorganizing before it goes back in! And the mess spills into our family room, too!

  204. My biggest mess is my garage. It needs to be organized so badly!!

  205. The basement is the biggest mess in our house . . . it’s all one big room that holds a crafting station, storage, exercise equipment, food storage, toys, TV area, and my husband’s amateur radio stuff. We need to address the mess!

  206. I am sitting among my biggest mess as I am typing to enter this contest. My studio seems to be a catch all and when I am working on projects I seem to just pile my stamp sets, card stock, and extra pieces end up on the floor. I have an embarrising collection of stuff on the floor which as I write this is going to be a project for me today to clean it up!

  207. It’s a toss-up between our walk-in closet and my scrapbook room. Yep…my scrapbook room is such a mess, I don’t even want to go in there lately. Gotta stop “hoarding” and start some more “doing.”

  208. Allison S. says:

    Oh My Gosh…I don’t even know if I could pick one room in my house that is the messiest! I would have to say it’s a toss up between my 15 year old daughter’s room (*shudder*) and my attic! The attic looks as if we have lived there for 40 years, when in fact it’s been 15 years…15 years worth of “oh, just put it in the attic for now.” And, “Throw it in the attic, we’ll save it for Rummage Sale.” 15 years of baby clothes, stuffed animals, toys, books that I can’t seem to throw out. And those maybe-someday-I’ll-fit-into-those-again clothes piles. Every fall I say, “We have to get up into the attic and clean it.” Fall’s just around the corner. Maybe this year…?

  209. Karen de castro says:

    My big mess is the back of my basement. It is starage and I am storing way too much.

  210. Well, that would have to be my boys’ bedroom. With them being 5 and 7 years old, they don’t do much to clean and pick up their toys. I have to threaten to give away their toys to really get them moving! Most days I just close the door so I don’t have to look at it!

  211. My biggest mess is an entire room :) We have been ‘storing’ all of our ‘extra’ stuff in a room in our house while our new garage is being built. I have a panic attack almost every time I walk by the room – it’s driving me crazy! But then, I take a deep breath and I realize that there is an end to this, the garage will be done soon, we will be able to ‘unpack’ the room and all will be ‘normal’ again :)

  212. Sadly, my scrapbook room is the messiest area in the house. You know how we always put ourselves at the bottom of the list? Well, the rest of the house is clean- just not my area:) It is on my to-do list, though!

  213. My biggest mess right now is our den/office. We have floor to ceiling book shelves on one wall and they are so cluttered! Hopefully over the long weekend I will get to it.

  214. Our two car garage: it is so full of stuff (mostly overflow from the house) that last summer our two cars had to sit out in the middle of a hail storm because we couldn’t even fit one of them into the garage. Oh, it makes me cringe admitting that!

  215. Of course the biggest mess in my house is my office/craft room. I try to keep it somewhat organized, but it’s definitely a challenge!

  216. Hands down, the bedroom of two of my sons, they share. Why is Alex storing all his clean towels on his bed and not in the bathroom and no wonder I couldn’t find any of his dirty clothes, they are right there with the clean towels

  217. Oh No! The piles of laundy on the couch! Stacks of books here and there! Dirty socks dotting the floor! The trash tipped over and spilling out! Dog hair everywhere! No place to sit as back packs and notebooks litter the couch, floor and any other avaliable space! Bills and homework mounded so high the computer monitor just visable over the peek!
    I have to vote my living room! And that only describes the living have of it. The other half is My Prapercrafting Paradise! Let’s not even go there.

  218. what’s supplse to be a ‘bedroom’ in the guest house……it’s got lots of ‘stuff’ in it, but not a bed. I’ve seen these books at Borders, but haven’t been brave enough to buy one…..wreck a book…..unheard of!

  219. Hmm… where to start – the school room that doubles as a craft room? The master bedroom closet? The garage? All of the above. So sad… but great giveaway!! Love reading your blog!!

  220. Can’t really narrow it down to just ONE room. I am getting new carpet today in my upstairs bedrooms. I live in a townhouse, so every single room is a disaster with everything from my bedrooms, and bedroom closets stacked, stuffed, and shoved somewhere. Oy!

  221. Vanessa Benson says:

    my BIGGEST mess would have to be my front yard!
    with the heat and humidity this summer, I don’t think I’ve pulled one weed, and it shows. boy, does it show!

    oh, and I just want to say something about Keri’s book/WTJ . . . it is soooooooo much fun!
    just got it on Monday (two days ago) and am going through it with my helper/granddaugher, 6 yr. old Izabel. we have laughed and giggled more in these two days!
    you just gotta do it!

  222. What with getting the kids ready for the new school year.Things are kinda laying around Everywhere. (LOL) I live for weekends. My flower beds are screamin for attention. My bin of school supplies is out and picked over still busting at the seems. My srap room is anxiously awaiting the new Expedit shelves I got and husband has put together. They are just outside of the room. So close yet so far. Yikes the more I think about it my whole house needs my attention.

  223. My biggest mess right now is my bedroom. It’s the room that is seen the least and is the first to get put off if time is limited. That seems to have happened a lot this summer.

  224. Cyndy Bresden says:

    I love Wreck this Journal!…that’s my journal in the photo above on a beach in Oregon. I love randomly discovering my photos are out in the world…Thanks Stacy. You made my day!
    I would have to agree …the messiest place in my house in my downstairs studio! Maybe this weekend I will tackle it.

  225. My biggest mess is in my garage! My brother is storing his tools there while in transition from one house to another. Plus I have plenty of my own stuff that needs sorting and tossing. I’ll get to it all some day!

  226. My biggest mess right now is in my office. But I’m having fun so it’s a trade off I figure! LOL! Lisa L.

  227. The one of the biggest messes in my life is my basement. I have not been down in the basement since we took down our Chrismas trees decorations in January. The other big mess involves my being laid off yesterday. I have to find a new job and don’t have a current resume to start. Hopefully I will find something soon.

  228. My biggest mess is my dining room table. I am embarressed to say that when school ended I jsut piled all the junk from their backpacks their and haven’t touched it since. Now they are back in school and I definitely need to do some purging because I have no space for the whole new crop of “stuff” that is coming home in their backpacks. I would love to be one of those organized people who can start with a clean slate. Just not going to happen.

  229. I hate to say this, but it’s my bedroom. For some reason it’s the “store all this stuff in here cause company is coming” room. It makes me sad that my poor husband doesn’t have a nice relaxing place to come to after taking care of his patients each day. :(

  230. Biggest mess…my emotional heart. Just had a visit with my hubbys family and it was like walking into a room full of elephants. LOTS of BIG elephants. This family (whom I love) does not talk and work through issues…so they just accumulate and get really big. After living with those big elephants for a week – I am an emotional wreck. I wonder, would a journal like this help everyone – work on fixing accidents and mistakes? Could everyone just start over? Oh….we probably need more that this journal, but it may be a very good start.
    Love you Stacy.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  231. Sara Padgett says:

    What use to be an office that has now turned into a storage type of room. I was just in there this morning (rarely do I go in their) and thought I should clean it up and turn it into a classroom for my 2 kids who love to come home from school and “play school.” They would love it and we would finally be putting the room to use!

  232. Michelle P. says:

    My biggest mess is inside my head. Dealing with depression is not very fun! Other than that, the biggest mess is in the garage. Things keep getting tossed in there and the door gets closed so we can’t see it. It’s a two car garage and neither car will fit in there.

    • I was thinking that about myself Michelle. Got a little PPD going on. Just wanted to say hugs to you- Keep on keeping on!

  233. My basement!! OH, my – it needs major purging and reorganizing! Thanks for your giveaways – they are always so nice.

  234. We just moved into a new house so I’m still organizing but the office already needs help!

  235. My whole house and it drives me crazy. How would I ever know that my future husband was a extreme collector (clutter collector to the max)?

  236. My biggest mess? My daughter’s room. Every time I make a valiant attempt at restoring order, she ensures entropy rules. Do have a plan? No. Well, maybe. Perhaps we tackle it together this weekend . . . complete with “give away” and “not right now” boxes.

  237. I’m in the process of moving a large scrap stash into a very small space, and there just isn’t enough room. Right now it’s my biggest mess as I attempt to get it under control.

  238. Lynn in FL says:

    My scrapbooking room, of course! It’s semi organized, but I can never get it JUST RIGHT! So I clearly need to let go of that mind set, and give my self permission to “wreck my craftroom”, so to speak!

  239. My biggest mess in the house is a toss up between my bedroom (stacks of boxes of memerobila taken out of my daughter’s closet) and our “hobby/homework” room…aka my scrap space. I have been ignoring them both, hoping they will take of themselves, but no luck. Maybe when kids are back in school and I have my days off to myself I can get them both done! Thanks for the chance to win!

  240. My biggest mess is our basement. We have so much “stuff” in it you can’t even walk down there. I hate going down there, but I know I have to. Maybe tomorrow.

  241. Our entire house, but if you want specifics then our basement for sure :)

  242. It’s a toss up between the pencil (junk) drawer in the kitchen (that I noticed this morning has overflowed into the phone book drawer!) and the hall closet upstairs that, thanks to my darling children is constantly spewing towels, sheets, and blankets into the hallway. Of course, we won’t talk about my craft room/office. That doesn’t count–right? :)

  243. My scrapbook area for sure! During the summer it gets no attention at all!

  244. My biggest mess, other than my craft room which is always a mess, is my dining room table where I am tearing out and sorting through and putting into a binder all the garden mags I’ve gotten in the past 3-1/2 years.

  245. My biggest mess is in my laundry room in the basement. I do have a path cleared (barely) for walking but it’s pretty ugly in there!

  246. Sue Cantrell says:

    It has to be the bathroom! Since my DH just strips and jumps into the shower after work, there’s a pile of dirty clothes – underwear, socks, shirts, you name it! It usually becomes a battle of wills, until either he washes them, or I give up and put them in the hamper!

  247. My laundry room; it’s too easy to throw it in and forget about it! :)

  248. My bedroom. Piles of clothes everywhere
    (I know there’s a dresser in here somewhere) Stacks of books and magazines on the floor. Way too many empty water glasses. Ya know, now that I’m looking at it, it’s pretty bad. So to quote my grandsons favorite Disney show……………”Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today”

  249. lynne moore says:

    My front room, which is the room you walk into when entering my house. Which is also my main craft room and houses the home desktop computer that someone is always using. I have boxes of scrap and craft stuff in various stages of re-organizing. It’s a small maze. But at least there is a path thru to the rest of the house. Once you get around the rocking chair, that I refuse to give up because I demanded to have it to rock my youngest in it. (My youngest is now 15 but I am sure not going to part with it now. Besides it’s holding a few more supplies I haven’t figured how to re-organize yet.)

  250. I have to admit there is no messy place in our house. That perfectionist in me will not allow things to get out of control. I am cleaning and sorting and sorting again. I don’t know if I could force myself to tear out pages in a book! I think I need to let loose-it definately hinders my scrapbooking :)

  251. My kitchen right now is a huge mess. I know it is a short term mess, it does get cleaned up every day-but it is such an in your face mess it is bugging me.

    Long term, continuous mess would be the teens’ bedroom….but that is on an entirely different level. Maybe that is why they are more creative than me?!

    Thanks for asking! Isn’t admitting a problem out loud the first step to fixing it? :)


  252. My walk-in closet is a mess right now. It holds my clothes and a lot of scrapbooking supplies and I need some serious help in getting it organized.

  253. my biggest mess right now is my scrappy storage – I seem to lose whatever I need at that moment! I’m working on reorganizing it but it’s a big task!

  254. My scrap/stamp room….I know there’s 2 tables in there somewhere..I just have to keep looking!

  255. Hey, Stacy!
    My biggest mess is my garage. I just moved from WA state to CA and have the contents of an entire moving van in my smallish garage. The movers mixed my scrapbooking items (of which there are many!) in with other non-crafty things. The result? A scrapbook room that looks like a bomb when off in it and a garage that’s not much different. The sad part is that it’s so overwhelming it’s hard to get motivated to work on either. Bit by bit, I guess!

  256. Every where, we moved from MI to NY and lets just say I would count the whole house as being a mess right now! Normally it would just be my kids rooms and my scraproom, I tend to move things in there out of sight out of mind! The book sounds very interesting.

  257. does the garage count? we can hardly get in at the mo, having moved a tv, couch and our bedroom furniture in there alongside the JUNK and containers to make room for baby number 2!
    if that doesnt count it would HAVE to be my wardrobe ! i like to hang onto things just in case :> (im guessing many of you know what i mean!)

  258. the biggest mess is probably at our bedroom right now. We are in the stage between 2 movings (moved to an apt for few months before your house will be fisnished) so our bedroom is now bedroom/office/storage for boxes etc. I so can’t wait to move out of here! :)

  259. My biggest mess is my kitchen counter top. I don’t care how many times a day I clean it off, it is always a mess. In fact, the other day, I took a laundry basket and scraped everthing off into the basket. Nobody has come looking for any of it! Of course, the basket is still sitting in my room waiting to be gone though. Should I just throw it all away? Probably, I don’t even think we would miss it! I have no idea how to keep this area clean! Maybe we just have too much stuff… maybe I need a whole house purge!

  260. My biggest mess is my storage room downstairs. I have things just piled everywhere. I actually pulled a couple things out today to donate. Hopefully, if I keep pulling a couple things a day, I’ll have it cleaned out in the next five years or so! :)

    Thanks for inspiring us all!

  261. My office is a disaster! Can’t even see the top of my desk for all the mess!! Every few months I get motivated enough to spend a few hours purging and organizing, but unfortunately, a few hours isn’t enough. Fast forward a week or two and any evidence of progress is long gone!!!

    It’s been said that living in a war zone [a mess] is just a symptom of what’s really broken. Oh goodness…..I have something in need of repair!

  262. My biggest mess is my husband is planning on putting up shelving this weekend so hopefully that will help. With 4 kids+3 cars+2 stalls=1 BIG MESS!!! (followed closely by my scrapbooking closet!!) Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  263. My kitchen counter. I just can’t seem to control the paper that goes through and lands on that counter. I throw junk mail away, but there still seem to be piles of stuff all over the place!

  264. My scrap room … sigh. I’m starting to clear clutter with the purpose of moving though, so I’m hoping – knowing – it will get better!! Love Keri’s philosophy!

  265. Laura Rich says:

    My office is my biggest mess right now. There are school supplies, PTO treasurer boxes & files, my own bills & files, a canopy, an oversize check and a few purses all lying around in here!

  266. my scraproom is the biggest mess… it seems that it always has last priority… what am I thinking.. :) I’m so interested in Keri’s book now sounds fun!

  267. Christine H says:

    At the moment, my whole house is a disaster. Work has been insane and requiring much travel. Getting ready for new windows, doors, AC/heat and insulation. Got an ancient cat that has some hygiene issues, but I’ve had her longer than I have been married (and I have been married almost 20 years!) and figure she deserves all the love and respect I can give her in her old age…..even if it means one load of laundry a day that is just for her. Back to school, back to Scouts, back to piano lessons, back to church committee meetings……but crazy will return to normal and I am really so grateful for this life I have been given by God.

  268. It really is hard to pick the biggest mess since I feel like I’m surrounded by clutter [and filth - for shame!]. If I have to choose just one area, it would have to be our master bedroom closet. It’s full of shoes that don’t fit me because my feet grow with each pregnancy, and right now, about half the floor is taken up by a tub that’s too big to fit in the attic, which is full of maternity clothes (my youngest is 18 months old, so that tub has almost become part of the closet by this point). Sigh… I just realized that the tub has been in the closet for at least two years. How is that possible!?

  269. oh, these look like SO much fun!!!

    the messiest room in our house is my scrap studio :( hubby was a sweetheart and did a massive clean of our main living areas today. my stepson and i gutted his room two weeks ago. so, my scrap studio is the worst of the remaining rooms!

  270. My biggest mess is my scrapbook room. So much so I have expanded to the rest of the house. lol…

    Thanks for the giveaway and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  271. At this moment the walk-in closet in the Master Bedroom is the biggest mess, we jokingly call it the 5th bedroom, and I just have never taken the time to find the “right” solution to getting this shared closet organized. This is a perpetual “mess”.

    A close second is my landing strip of a kitchen counter. Such a wonderful horizontal space, it just screams for everything coming into the house to land there. And of course, its about the first thing anyone coming into the house sees. Hmmm, really need to get those recent scrappy purchases up to the scraproom before Use Your Stash starts tomorrow.

  272. I have LOTS of messes as we moved this summer, but the BIGGEST mess of all is the single car garage that is packed full of what I haven’t dealt with yet…but I will! :) Thanks for the chance to WIN!! LOVE it! I will have to look into one of those journals…I think it would be VERY freeing! :)

  273. My biggest mess is my kitchen breakfast counter…it’s the hubb for me and my family. I find that everything winds up there…seriously…EVERYTHING!

  274. One of my biggest messes is the pantry. I open it and think “I should organize it” and then I close the door and leave it for another day.

  275. It’s the drawer in the kitchen for all essential things like cooking utensils, and tape, and scissors, and can openers, and matches, and pushpins, and rubber bands, and tongs…..well you get the idea. Thanks for asking. I think I’ll have my hubby start the purging of non-essential items in the morning.

  276. Stephanie T says:

    Our bedroom is the biggest mess right now because all of my scrapbooking supplies are in there. Yes, they are organized for the most part, but my husband jokes that he would love to see some completed albums come out of those supplies.

  277. Jacqueline says:

    I am in such need of this book, as I am feeling stiffled even though my youngest has just started school I should be bursting with getting things done, but I just feel overwhelmed. Please help me book!!!

  278. My basement, with piles of school papers, memorabilia, household stuff, photos, etc.

  279. Our biggest mess is my 4 yr old daughter’s room. We have to wade through all kinds of My Little Pony / Littlest Pet Shop / Polly Pocket piles to get to her closet!

  280. Unfortunately, my bedroom is the messiest room. It’s the dumping ground for anything the kids don’t know what to do with. And by the time I head to bed each night I am too exhausted to do anything about it!

  281. My biggest mess is the furnace room. It is the dungeon in the basement where we chuck stuff when it doesn’t seem to have a place to call its own. I am going to get in there someday and free everything!!



  282. Lisa Hinckley says:

    My biggest mess is in the basement! We are currently renovating to build a room for our daughter and new granddaughter. Stuff and more stuff has been stacked and piled up. I see a lawn sale in the near future!


  283. My life is a pretty big mess right now, but if we are talking rooms its the living room, I think. . . perhaps its my bedroom. But honestly, neither of those rooms would be near as bad if I could get to the “stuff” that’s on the other side of the garage. (I’m scared to go there). I think I’m gonna snag up one of these books, it sounds fun and a way to bring peace to the mess.

  284. Dining room table or scrap corner? Dining room table or scrap corner? Since hubby stacked the stuff on the dining room table to set up for his online college courses that started this week, I’ll choose my scrap corner in the family room. Overflowing, but I’m working on it!

  285. My messiest is the basement: we switched our living room from the main floor to the basement & things are still piled up after having a yardsale. Thanks to school being back in I should be able to conquer the mess in a few weeks. Right now trying to get the main floor in a good organized state & cleaning my files up on my laptop.

  286. My studio…always. It seems to be the dumping ground for things that nobody knows where to put. Must change that!!!

  287. Our dining room — I’ve been storing all of my scrapbooking “things” in there. You cannot even use the dining room table. My husband is not happy!

  288. My biggest mess at the moment is my office. We just moved, and it’s the least necessary. It will be organized by Christmas though!

  289. My biggest mess is my laundry system. I tend to have piles of laundry in baskets all the time.

  290. Well, we moved a little over a month ago (has it been that long already?) My craft room has been painted and i have slowly (slowly) been moving things in there. It’s a pretty big mess right now. Though, it’s a happy, colorful mess. :-)

    Thanks for the chance Stacy! I LOVE everything Keri does and would love to add this to my collection of her books!

  291. My biggest mess is the pile of “grown-out-of-no-longer-needed” clothes that are waiting for me to sort through and either give-away; donate or sell on-line. The problem with this pile is it keeps growing as I do more sorting elsewhere and it keeps moving around the house. For a long time it occupied a little corner of our home office – and then I did dive into it and reduce it a lot – but I moved the remainde to the bottom of my linen closet where it remains today. I really need to finish dealing with it!

  292. Definitely the basement… we’re trying to turn it into a playroom/storage area/TV watching zone, but right now it’s still just boxes… ugh!

  293. Jeanne in Montana says:

    Oh dear!! Do I have to pick just one? My house has several corners that are messy…the laundry room, my desk area, the pantry, and my scrapbooking room at the moment could really use my attention. I need to put them on my list of things to do, but then I usually put 2 on every time I take 1 off… *sigh* Will there ever be time?

  294. Oh my, I have 2! We have moved, that explains itself and I moved my store at almost the same time. Can you say MESS! Everything is slowly working itself out, my main job not either of the above) hasn’t suffered too much. However, I caught the dreaded cold somewhere in between all of this mayhem. I need help! lol

  295. Definitely my study-just finished a 3 year master’s program and it looks awful

  296. My scrapbooking area! I am the messiest scrapbooker! But….when we all got together for our last crop, I discovered I’m not the only one. I have a huge table, but it’s covered with my “stuff” so I only work on my 24 x 24 mat. Oh, that also contains my cutter, punches, scraps…..oh well. I do have fun!

  297. Our whole house is a mess as we have been sick for a while and no-one’s been cleaning.

  298. My biggest mess is a three-way tie between the craft room, the laundry room and the garage!!!

  299. My biggest MESS is in my guest room/studio closet. I’ve pulled things out without putting them back over and over and now I have guests coming – eek!

  300. I am not sure which room in my house would win right now…it is all a pretty big mess…but the worst of the worst is probably my scrap area which I am in the process of moving and reorganizing. Thanks for the chance to win.

  301. i’m so excited about this book! :)

    my biggest mess is my creative space (in my garage…also a certified mess :) ..all summer i have been throwing stuff in there…i’m super excited about school starting so i will have a few hours all to myself, to go through & see what on earth is in there :)

  302. My biggest mess is my dining room/crafting room. Each time I start to clean in there, I am joined by my preschooler and/or dog, who want to “help” me. While I love them both, they aren’t exactly contributing to any level of success in there for me. :-/

  303. Melissa Norstrom says:

    My biggest mess right now is the living room. When a person is moving out and taking stuff with her (roommate) namely her bookcases and shelves. And plus the start of school was this week and the desk that is in there is destroyed too. Oh my, guess got to get to work. But I love to live in a small amount of chaos. But this is too much. And it is the first room you walk into. Lovely first impressions! Okay now I feel like cleaning the room. But what to do with all the boxes!? Down to the barn I guess. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. Stacy your the best!
    Little comment about the book give away. I loved the first one! I got it for my birthday and seemed to finish it in no time. I have now scrapbooked in a different way since.
    Melissa N.

  304. OMG we have a ‘storage’ room in our cottage that is a huge mess. It is actually the largest room in the house but all the walls have been stripped back to the stone, clay and horse hair of the 1860′s. We can’t use it as a room but my father-in-love has a whole lot of stuff stored in there and we have all the boxes that we haven’t unpacked yet as well as cardboard boxes to go in our fire, plastic, our recycling, cat boxes, fitness equipment and all the misc stuff you would normally store in a garage or garden shed (we don’t have either). The worst thing is that our dryer is in there at the far side of the room and I have to trudge through there daily to get to it :(

    Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

  305. Hmm… my whole house is a mess at the moment… honestly. no kidding.

    The room that bothers me the most is the living room, and that’s on the to do-list for this evening to clean up. Wish me luck. Life has been a bit tough lately single-parenting a toddler with a full time job…

    Not complaining though! Love the toddler. Love life!

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