headed here …

to celebrate Clark’s 17th birthday (late.)
I conceived of an “experience” several months ago and with some pretty intense planning, it’s finally coming together today and tomorrow.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for clear skies … I’ll share the details and photos soon.

Thank you so much for your kind words in comments and emails.
I am getting answers and learning a LOT about my health and wellness.

I am getting well.


  1. It’s beautiful here in Seattle today…but rain maybe tomorrow. Hope you have a terrific day or two over on this side. Glad you are feeling better. Have you done Blake Island yet? Our scouts are headed there in September. Enjoy those birthday memories!

  2. Stacy, so happy you are enjoying the city of my birth :) I haven’t been there in 41 years. I was 1 when we moved. Enjoy! I love 17. It’s a “good” age. My 17 year old is not near as mouthy or intense as he was at 16. He seems to have found himself. I love that about 17!

    Amy B

  3. I hope you’re here today, the skies are clear as far as the eye can see! I’m spending this last day of sunshine (before the rain returns tomorrow, aargh) hiking down by Rainier.

  4. So glad to hear….take good care of yourself.

    Enjoy your time in Seattle – looking forward to hearing all about it.


  5. I hope you have fun! Yesterday was super sunny but we are supposed to have a cloudy weekend. Sorry!

  6. I don’t know if your boys are as obsessed with Legos as mine are, but there’s a traveling tour of Lego games at Seattle Center Friday through Sunday, I don’t know much about it but we live in the Seattle area so we might stop by. You’re such a fun mom to plan something special for his birthday, I hope I can be as close to my boys when they’re teenagers. Thanks for being an inspiration in so many ways!

  7. Jodi Berg says:

    We were in Seattle by the Space Needle two weeks ago and there is a giant round shaped fountain that sprays to music near the Children’s Science Museum. All the children were playing in it and having so much fun. Our kids didn’t have swimming suits so they stayed near the edge. Have your boys bring their swim suits and dry clothes. My kids enjoyed it more than the Space Needle and the fountain was free. Of course.

  8. Hey Stacy! Last year Seattle is what Bryon chose for his 16th birthday since they get to pick one place special to go on their special day. He told us way in advance so that we could plan well. The biggest thing for him was the home of the Mariners. We enjoyed Pikes Place market, Boeing tour and IMax, Space Needle, and the temple. We will always cherish the memories. It made his entrance to 16 special. Can’t believe Clark is already turning 17! Have A LOT of FUN!!

  9. I miss you, Stacy. Just wanted you to know that (guilt-free message; I want nothing more than for you to feel well and to be well.)

    One of these days, I’m going to get to Seattle. I should have visited when I lived in San Francisco for a year (that’s a heck of a lot closer than Indy, lol). But then again, I should have visited Hawaii when I lived there as well. Live and learn! ;)

  10. Looks perfect! I would love to fly over Seattle in a hot air balloon!

  11. Glad to hear….JUST hear from you again!

  12. Ha Ha! Love that King Dome in the background…..ahh, memories. :)

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