my very cool lamp shade.

Well over a year ago, Helen (in New Zealand) sent me a light shade kit to play with. The kit and instructions were delightfully easy (you essentially sandwich the fabric of your choice between two shades and secure it with attractive hardware) and resulted in a …

… custom lamp, which sits on this table in this hallway and opens up to our basement family room.

I promised Helen that when I got around to creating the shade I would blog about it — then (in true Stacy form) I lost Helen’s contact information. I’ve spent quite a bit of time, off and on, searching for it.

While I’m admitting things, I’ll admit that I even featured Helen’s Joug Design kit in my Ella Book, UR2Cre8ive. We added some fun flowers and a scalloped edged to dress it up a bit. When Angie asked about the materials I used, I searched my email again trying to find/contact Helen. Then in the craziness of life I gave up. Every now and then I would come across these photos and feel horrible that I had dropped the ball.

Lucky for me, Helen reached out to me a few weeks ago — FINALLY, I can make good on my promise and share where you too can get a cool lamp shade kit like mine.
I hope someday I will get my act together.
In the meantime, this is as good as it gets!

Note: Even if you’re not interested in light shades (as they say down under) you ought to visit for some creative inspiration.
And … have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Okay, LOVING that! And I love the mirror surrounded with colored pencils on the opposite wall. Does your house look this clean all the time, or did you straighten up for the photos? Please tell me you have clutter like the rest of us! ;)

  2. That is AWESOME! I love your photo wall as well.

  3. Agree w/Lain – can we get a better picture of the mirror???

  4. Just love, love, love the color on your walls! I want to use color but how do you begin? :)

  5. Love everything that you share! Of coarse you must have anticipated that we also want info about that cool mirror on the wall!

  6. Love the lamp, but I have to say I love your photo wall! It is awesome!

    You always have such wonderful creative ways to make everything look great!
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