Sprinkle No. 42

Your *sprinkle* this week is …


to buy local.

Visit a farmer’s market or just a farm and purchase something you eat, directly from the source.

If you have a garden, pick one specific meal and prepare as much home-grown deliciousness as possible.
Stop on the side of the road for fresh corn.
Google “farm fresh eggs” in your area.
Visit a local vegetable co-op.
Schedule a trip to pick fruit this weekend.

and … don’t forget your camera!



  1. Love this idea. I am working at a farmer’s market this season and am loving it. So many great people, both the seller’s and the shoppers. Today I froze farmers market beans….. Yum

  2. Christine H says:

    We have a wonderful farmer’s market in Columbia, MO. While I generally love fall, the one down side is the end to all the wonderful local harvest that is so bountiful in the summer. I have spent the last 14 months working hard to make healthy and conscious food choices. I LOVE my farmer’s market. Can’t believe I haven’t taken any pics there. But I will!

  3. lynne moore says:

    I miss getting our eggs from the backyard. And we had Easter chickens, which lay eggs with colored shells. I don’t know if there are very many pix of them; I might have to go dig at my parent’s house for some more old pix. Those ranch fresh eggs were the best.

  4. I did. Delicious strawberries, a special type of pluot (plum + apricot) called “Dinosaur Egg”, apricots, fresh guacamole, and corn on the cob! YUM!

  5. I just finished 14 pints of applesauce – from our own crabapple tree! Last night we had borscht (a Ukrainian beet soup) and only the garlic and celery weren’t from our garden. I love using these things we’ve grown, knowing exactly how they were produced and not having to pay one single cent for transportation of them. Blessings, indeed!

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