180 Days + Jack Johnson

Guess what? We’ve sent nearly 300 emails about the 180 Days project.
I think it’s time for an update. Here are the pages I’ve completed so far …

Note: Once I have photos slipped into both sides of a sleeve, I think I’ll staple a bit of memorabilia to a photo from time to time (upper right)

The first spread of each month gets two colored strips. I use rub-ons to add the name of the month. Each month has it’s own color. September is brown, so when I type up the questions and answers in September I change default black (in Word) to brown.

It’s been fun to send Clark these questions and get his responses. I selected the first question, What is your dream car? because I had just snapped a photo of Clark’s car. He texted me his response (Jeep Rubicon) within minutes and then followed up with a “Why ha?” I thought it was funny that he had obviously forgotten all about my project. I decided to have a little fun, so I texted back, “I’m buying you one! ha.” Clark’s response, “Ha a hot wheel” and then about 20 minutes later I get a new text … “Are u really buying me one??”

silly boy.

One question I’ve been asked multiple times is, what are the 4×6 pieces of pattern paper for?
My answer: Just to have on hand for days¬† you don’t take a photo. You can slip a piece in the photo sleeve and add a piece of memorabilia, or some journaling. There are generally a few extra photo sleeves at the end of each month — I will probably add the pattern paper here, just to give the overall project some visual interest and flow.

Pictures I’ve taken so far:
1. first day photo
2. Red Rock Relay race number
3. Clark running one of his legs in the relay (I added a salt package from In-N-Out burger where we stopped to eat)
4. back at home filling out papers to join cross country
5. Clark’s car backing out of the garage
6. the reader board at the high school
7. the fall sports schedule (notice the pattern paper)
8. a photo from the first football game (I texted Clark and asked him to snap a pic with his phone!)
9. his TOMS shoes as he headed out the door one morning
10. Mike Toth, his seminary teacher
11. Erin, me and Whitney — three of the senior moms doing this project.
12. chips and salsa — Clark’s favorite homework snack.

The following announcement is for readers local to me.

One week from today, Saturday, October 2nd, Whitney (picture above) and I and a group of high school kids are headed to The Gorge Ampitheater to see Jack in concert. It’s kind of a long story, but last spring I purchased extra tickets. I have FOUR. If you want to go, I’ll sale them to you for $45 a piece (I paid much more, which is part of the long and OK, embarrassing story)

I know this is short notice, but I have a hunch there’s a few spontaneous souls out there … If you’re interested, email me stacy@stacyjulian.com

If you can’t see Jack with me, you can always watch the videos on YouTube!


  1. I love these uncomplicated albums. You don’t feel obligated to go whole hog in decorating them, yet, you still have the memories and you’ve done it very cost effective.

  2. Love it. LOVE IT! I even created a list of other projects you could do with this same approach:

    Also, I’d be willing to come to WA just to hang with you! ;)

  3. have fun at jack johnson. i can’t figure out why he’s playing the gorge so late in the year. i suppose the teenagers won’t care though. bundle up!! it was in the 50′s when we got to cresent bar last night.

  4. Stacy, this is such a cool project! As someone who doesn’t know you well (but getting to know you better), how are you going to journal some of these photos so that others will know who or what they are, or why they are significant? For example, the chips and salsa: obviously he must like them or you wouldn’t have included them, but how will others- like his kids one day?- going to know that was his fave after school snack? Or who that man in the picture is? Just a thought! I looked at the pictures, but they meant so much more to me when I read what you typed about each one.

    I really, really love this concept and hope I remember it when my girls are seniors!

  5. This is such a great project–I’ll definitely be doing it for the classes of 2020, 2023, and 2025 : ) Wish I could go see Jack with you–if we were still in Great Falls I would totally drive over!

  6. Dang it!! Homecoming for Mt. Spokane is next weekend.

  7. Thanks for the 180 update I was eagerly awaiting an update and would check your blog daily hoping!!!

  8. It looks awesome so far! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow … loved seeing the beginning of your awesome project! It’s motivated me to capture my daughter’s 25th year (which starts this week). She’s expecting her 2nd baby, any day now, so thought it’d be a great way to document her milestone birthday and the first year of my granddaughter! Please keep sharing the pages you’ve completed … they’re so inspiring!!!

  10. Your album looks great. I got stuck waiting for some backordered supplies. Hope I don’t lose the mo!

  11. Oh how I wish I had this idea when my kids were still in school. I think I need to do something like this but in a different context, maybe just a month in their lives. It is such a great idea and will be a wonderful keepsake.

  12. What a fabulous project! i went back in the archives to see if i could find out what a 180 project is and i could not find an introduction? i live in canada…maybe it is something more local to you? i would love to hear more!

  13. Glad you posted an update! Gives me the incentive to get started. I have the photos.

  14. You always make me smile! I love all of your ideas! Thanks for the video! It is a great way to keep my day going!

  15. I wish I was close to you! I’d so love to Jack again. When he came to our area this year, he was part of an all weekend festival and the ticket prices were outrageous! Hopefully, next year he is here on his own!!

  16. I’m envious. Love Jackson Johnson! Enjoy :)

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