30 Days Hath September

I LOVE September.

It perfectly celebrates the end of summer and the beginning of fall. The weather is still great and I’m filled with soup-making, corner-cleaning and house-updating anticipation–and of course there’s the back-to-school thing that many of you have already embraced. We, in eastern Washington still have one more week!

Anyway …
I received a email, from Velta, that I love.
I’ve italicized and underlined the parts that I want you to pay special attention to.

Hi Stacy,
I was in your Have More Fun/30 Days class back in 2008. I undertook the present moment scrapbooking challenge and plunged into the 30 Days Hath September project with great gusto—for 22 days  :-)   Then, as can happen to all of us, I got swept away in the busyness of fall, and left the incomplete scrapbook languish under my scrap table, slowly getting covered in layers of other books/papers, etc.  I’d catch a glimpse of it from time to time and think “Oooh, I’ve probably forgotten what happened the last 8 days of September by now.”  And yet,  I looked at the dust covered album with no guilt at all, thanks to LOM, and all the times you’ve told us to let go.

I’d celebrate what I did do and leave it at that.

Well, it’s 2 years later, and I’m finally getting around to reorganizing the scrap area, and I finally get to the album at the bottom of the pile, dust it off and open it up.  Immediately I see all these precious images, notes, scraps and snippets from my daily life 2 years ago. The album invites me and I dive right in. Well, let me tell you that within those pages of “daily-ness” lay the seeds of some extraordinary events that have happened in my life since then. There is those pages I saw myself starting to re-learn crocheting and enjoying it (it has since become a passion, and now I’m an instructor).  There was a little blurb about my first time teaching Sunday School (I’m still doing it and it has been an enormous blessing to me).  Those pages contain such a treasure of my life at the time, which I never would have been able to recall right now. My purse! My cupboards! All those things that will be so amazing to see 10, 20, 30 years from now. The things my kids and their kids will love to see from their perspective when they are grown.

So what to do about those 8 missing days?

Well, this September, on the 22nd I’m going to finish out the book with what is going on in 2010.
I’m going to do a couple of pages showing the end result of some of the things started back then.
I’ll show how some prayers were answered – in unexpected ways.

Thank you Stacy, for this project.
I remember you saying what a treasure it will be over the years, and you were right.

Thank YOU Velta!

When I read your email, I hopped up and retrieved my 30 Days Hath September album and did some exploring of my own.
For those of you that have no idea what I’m referring to, this album is a scrap-in-the-present project that allows you to “freeze” time.
Students in my class received an email giving them some ideas of things to capture, collect and record — but they were also encouraged to write, save and photograph those things that felt most authentic to them.

I created this album while I was teaching the class. I also traveled to South Africa (took my dad along) for 10 of the 30 days.
I think because it was challenging to stay connected to my students I felt like I had let them down and have since associated some of those “unhealthy” feelings with this album. When I opened it again and slowly turned each page, reading and remembering — I felt so much relief and joy.

I remembered how much I enjoy creating and revisiting projects like this.

The first thing you need to know is we built this project inside a wonderful double-hinged album, by Fancy Pants Design. I don’t think they are making these anymore? Scrapbook.com has few left in a beautiful black white motif. Anyway, this gated album allowed us to insert pages from both sides of the album. When you lift the 6×6 page that features my dedication …

… you find this photo of me with my camera.

The backside of the title page is a calendar of September. Nancy Rowe Janitz designed the custom printables that we used.

Before you get to the daily pages, you’ll find 12×12 layouts, one for each day of the week. My hope was to capture some of the daily routines that were (and continue to be) a part of our family life. On the reverse side of these S-M-Tu-W-Th-F layouts is a favorite photo of each member of my family (enlarged to 12×12.) I assembled these layouts as the month progressed, but I selected photos to enlarge in early October, as I wanted time to sort through all of the photos and select my favorites! I had these pictures printed at Scrapbook Pictures.

Following these larger layouts, you come to 30 6×12 pages. These are the pages that celebrate the mundane details, many of which turn out to be remarkable in just two years time!

If you want to see my entire album, click here.


  1. imagine my surprise & excitement when i got your comment in my inbox today! – you are one of my heroes…not only for your scrapbooking talents, but your outlook on life is just exemplary. thanks for inspiring the world with your color & sprinkles.

    ps: love this september album. like, a lot. :)

  2. Hi Stacy! I, too, was in that class and funny, I just moved my scrap room and “rediscovered” my Sept Hath 30 days book, also. I, too, had one day for which I had pictures, but not many words. I remembered one day that you wrote that you were just too tired to write or something like that and I said to myself, well, if Stacy can have a day without details, so can I!! I decorated the page with some doodlebug frills and I called the book finished. Although I do need to make a cover, and I want to make a “why I did this”/dedication type first page, but that’s a small detail. :-) Looking through it, I was just so grateful that I undertook such a project; I savored every little bit of the mundane that made up my and my family’s life during that month. I have since taken on project 365 and of course, love that, also. Thanks so much for helping me realize that the everyday is so precious and so very worth recording.

    • I have LOTS of albums that are lacking some of those small details — oh well! So glad you finished and look back on the experience fondly!

  3. Kary in Colorado says:

    I love my 30 Days Hath September album–and I actually finished it! The only regret I have about it was that I drove about 65 miles through a blizzard in April 2009 to attend a Glimpses get-together in Denver with you and brought my 30 Days album with me. Because of the stressful drive, I arrived a little late and completely forgot it until I got back in my car to drive home. I felt silly walking back in there with it, but want you to know that I really loved the experience of putting it together–and Have More Fun in general. Great class. Dispel all unhealthy emotions connected with it–it was wonderful fun! As my album still has quite a bit of space in it, I’ve considered doing another 30 Days in the future. I had a new RM, two HS seniors, one 7th grader and one still in elementary school in 2008–I may have grandkids in a year or two!

    • Kary,
      I hope you’ll never feel silly around me. I have got to be the most scatter-brained goof ball there is. I would have LOVED to see your album. I’m so pleased that you finished it!

  4. Oh, Stacy! You certainly did not let us down. Banish that thought! I absolutely ADORE my 30 Days Hath September album and I wouldn’t have made it without you! It is my favourite complete album. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! :)

  5. Oh, gosh Stacy, this just stokes my “I wanna take a class with Stacy” fire/whine. LOL I’m trying very hard to be patient for your next LOM but if you were inclined to do this one again someday I’d be so, so inclined to join you. I think your approach is exactly what I need to tackle a month long project and actually cross the finish line!

  6. I love my album! I did a double page spread for each day – so I have double the fun in remembering. I never did do the 12×12 weekly pages. Oh well.
    Looking back at yours reminds me of things you were doing then. “Oh yeah, Jenna’s wedding” although of course I do not know her, just cool to see things a few years later. Oh yeah, Trey’s birthday is the same day as mine. as was another student in the Have More Fun class!
    I want to re-do September in a few years and add it into this album. For comparison.

  7. Okay, so I would love to do a project like this, but can’t print photos from home…and how do you do the layout for the page? Do you do the journaling somewhere else first or did you just write right on the page (which terrifies me…how do you know what photos you will want to include? or whatever else may be on the page?) and would you keep something like this in your “public” areas so anyone can flip through it? Seems too personal for me to stick it in the living room…

  8. That’s very cool!!! :) and I don’t mean to be a downer, but I really would like to know how you do it all. I am overwhelmed just looking at that project. I still have not done anything with the “Week in the Life” project that Ali Edwards ran this past April…

    • Oh Nancy,
      Please don’t think I do it all — I really don’t and I’m scaling back too.
      I hate how going online for inspiration can (quite often) be overwhelming as we compare ourselves to what others choose to share — this is dangerous. Don’t do it.
      Just love your life, take pictures and scrapbook when you can — that is enough!

      • I’m just having a bad time these days and I’m not sure why… darn these just about 50 year old hormones!… thanks for your support.

  9. Thanks for the stroll down Memory Lane! I really loved doing that project in September – THANKS for the great class, inspiration, and walking us through it. It is a treasure of an album. I haven’t peeked in yet to remind myself about its contents (has it really been 2 yrs now?), but will do later. I don’t pop over here quite as often as you blessedly have your blog set to drop into my inbox. I read faithfully, catch up on you and the family, smile and begin a wonderful day after hearing how my friend is doing. Every once and again, I remind myself I need to pop over to say “hi” and “thanks” and “hang in there!” I know you don’t want to put it all out there quite yet r.e your health and life right now, but you have a bunch of friends who care out here and are ready with shoulders when you’re ready. Sounds like you’re on a good path that took a bit to find – good luck! You’re going to do just fine -

    • Thank you Lezlee — I really appreciate you popping over. I do feel the support of so many online and it means the world!

  10. This is one of the biggest reasons I scrap. So my DD will know her childhood through my eyes. She’ll see family and friends, know what I was thinking…when we, her parents, are gone, she will be able to open a scrapbook and see us there and hopefully these pages will spark a million memories for her.

  11. I LOVE this album! Well that is no surprise since I love all that you do, Stacy! You are such a wonderful inspiration and full of positive energy! I missed this class, but please please offer it again. I would take anything you offered!

  12. Hi Stacy,
    I too completed this project, and it’s one of my favorites to revisit. I love the ordinary day stuff, and the little bits of life that I collected. Thanks for teaching this class. You are such an inspiration!

  13. Your post reminded me to go back and look at MY September album. That was a fun class, and not something that I ordinarily would do. But here I am, 2 years later doing a similar class with Shimelle Laine, called “Learn Something New.” I’ll be interested to compare the two projects at the end of September and see how things have changed over the past two years!

  14. LOVE my 30 day Sept. album – I did mine in a three-up format – making it a little easier for me. At the time we were facing our first time as empty nesters – a time of much transistion and I love [[LOVE]] that it’s captured in this album! Thanks for all you do!! – J

  15. I love your September Album It is beautiful! And I love the email!
    It reminds me why I love love scrapbooking and why I need to take more time everyday to add a little bit to our family books. They are our history!

    Helping you store what matters most.
    Try it for Free


  16. Loved looking at this album. How did I ever miss this class??? I love the idea about using a 3 up album. Seeing as today is only the 2nd, I may have to add this project to my to do list. Thank you, Stacy, for always inspiring me to capture the moment! <3

  17. I loved doing the 30 Days Hath Sept. album. A lot of great memories and bits of life were recorded that month. Thanks again and thanks for taking us down memory lane. It doesn’t seem like 2 years ago.

  18. stamphappy2001 says:

    I completed my 30 Days album in 2008 as well and I love it. It was one of my favorite classes I have taken online. I have been using Becky Higgins Project Life to do a week a month and then an overall month, but in Sept I am going to do a daily one just because it has been 2 years. I want to see how life has changed. So fun.

  19. I have never done anything like this, but I’m thinking it would be a great idea to do a month in my life, even if it isn’t September. Maybe November would be good as it is my birthday month and I will be turning 55 this year.
    Love your album and the whole idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. I love this idea!

  21. Thank you Velta for the great idea on finishing up your 30 day album…I have one I had started and life just took over. I am looking forward to finishing it off this month. thanks michelle

  22. Love this idea! Any chance you would offer this class again?

    On another note – received my copies of your books recently and was delighted to see the little jar of sprinkles. It made my day! I keep it on my desk now as a cheerful reminder. THANKS!!!

  23. I took this class two years ago when I had three children in high school. Now I have three in college. Looking back, so much of the daily routine has changed and I’m so glad I have this 30 day snapshot of our lives at that point. Thank you for the inspiration and reminders that it’s the little things that are really important.

  24. Stacy, I took your class 2 years ago & love my album! I may have to go pull it out right now & glance through it (it has been awhile). In fact, I might make another this Fall!

  25. love this idea of challenge a day to scrapbook in to an album, Do you have a tutorial?

  26. When i took your class back then i didn’t have the time to do the project, but finally decided to do 31 days in May this year and so glad i did. the inspiration from your book and the class made it a doable project and one i’ll be repeating again. you do amaze me! and if you have time (LOL) take a peek at my blog ( http://www.veronicanorris.typepad.com ) to see how well i scraplift!!

    hugs, your fave canadian friend!

  27. I remember the Sept album. It was so much fun! I went on a retreat with women from our church and that is in there.I am getting ready to go again. Our power went out for a week and I documented that. I think that was IKE. I put the album away to clear up my shelves, getting ready to move. I love to look at it (even the unfinished pages -just a few). Thank you so much for that class!

    It was so nice to know you were in South Africa where we lived for a few years in the 1970′s. I never thought that you weren’t on top of things in the class! NonaZ

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