are you happy?

I think every home with young people in it ought to have this hanging in a prominent or frequented place (perhaps across from a toilet?) Here’s the link.

I don’t mean to frustrate you, but as far as I can tell, demand has outgrown supply and you need to leave a comment on the linked blog post if you want to be notified when this poster is available!

I think it will be worth the wait.

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend.
Back tomorrow with my “guest of the week.”


  1. Happiness all depends on the day and what I can do to fix it when it’s not a good one. As long as there are more better days, then I’m happy.

  2. LMAO~I was ready to rip my eyeballs out earlier today working on school projects with the kiddos! I am so gonna hang that sign up in our home!!! Thanks for sharing~

  3. Love it. Thanks!

  4. I could use that poster for my place of work. Not just children need that reminder!

  5. I tell my kids over and over again, HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. I left a comment to find out when these are available again — LOVE IT!

  6. That would be a perfect addition to my home. TFS.

  7. I NEED this kind of reminder!

  8. LOL !!!!!! That is a great poster and I don’t think kids are the only ones who need to be reminded…… the saying says ‘ IF you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get the same thing you’ve always gotten’…or something like that. Thanks, Stacy. ps I’ve now made 5 scrapbooks using ‘finishline’ or some form of it. It has made my life so easy. thanks, again.

  9. LOVE it!!!!

  10. OK, I love this. I teach, and sometimes, when students keep relearning the same lessons (not academic ones, but ones about putting off work until the last minute), I could use this poster just so I can point. TFS!

  11. These could be perfect next to the TV. Or how about as little business cards to leave around to change the day for someone.

  12. Loved reading through your September pages. I was on that journey as well (a September Sister) and had recently visited that book…very cool. I had hoped to do one each year, but I think I will be happy to do one of those kinds of books every 5? I love it, I do.

    This is great. I love things that bring your head out of the mess of daily stuff to see what you can do to change your life/surroundings/attitude. I have to remind my four sons that happiness is good but it is fleeting…you need to find joy (the deep seated kind) in your life. I remind them, too, (on hard days) that often with a good night sleep the tomorrows are better.

    I haven’t been here to visit for a while…I am always happy to see what you are up to!

  13. I love it!!! Now, the anal engineer in me has to mentino that there needs to be an arrow from “Change Something.” pointing to “Are You Happy?” :-) And yes I see the glass poured to the point that someone felt was sufficient. 8-D heehee!!! Love your blog! It DOES frequently make me happy!!!!

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