a note from Kristie.

Love getting email like this one.
Nothing better than being a part of someone’s storytelling journey.

Hi!  My name is Kristie.

I am crying over a scrapbook page tonight and it is all your fault!!!
I’ve been reading through your blog archives and it’s making my creative brain spin with possiblities and adventure…I’ve been introduced to BPS.com and Jessica Turner’s class “Don’t Blink” so my baby’s first year is scrapbooked–and I’m joining in on the Big Idea Festival which is sooooo cool!

Getting the prompt “I learn” the other day made me think about that in connection to motherhood–realizing I learn from trial and error–and thinking about how my first born is really my teacher in this journey, so I put it all into a LO.  Before reading your book “Photo Freedom” and your blog I never would have thought about scrapbooking a memory, or in this case a love letter to my son (he’s 3).  Thinking about him having and reading this page when he is 16 and times are tough (or me reading it tomorrow when times are tough) makes me cry happy tears of gratitude that he will know I love him no matter what because its in “print”.

Thanks for making me realize that the “Big Picture” is the only thing that matters!!!

Thank you Kristie!
Speaking of the “big picture,” there are exciting things happening for Big Picture Scrapbooking early next week. I’m headed over to Kayce’s house to record some audio/video that will help us communicate and celebrate the changes.

good stuff.


  1. How very very sweet!
    I’ve been thinking about memories and stories a lot lately as I’ve been getting ready for Layout a Day in October — encouraging myself to be much more intentional about the pages I create and the stories I tell. Kristie has offered up a very precious gift to her son. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you Stacy! For the blog, for the inspiration, for guilt-free scrapbooking…and the square punch drawers. Brilliant! =)

    • Thank you Kristie — and you’re right, I got lucky with the square-punch picture drawers — they were a stroke of brilliance. I LOVE them and so do my kiddos!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I can’t wait to see what it new!

  4. Susan Ringler says:

    Hmmm. what could it be? Can’t wait to see! Looking forward ot good news. That’s always fun.

  5. Is this possibly why I can’t get into BPS right now?? I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store!! :)

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