back to school.

I can hardly believe it, they’re all gone.

Clark is senior (stay tuned for my super-easy senior album idea!)
Chase is a sophomore
Trey started middle school
Taft is in the 4th grade — Taft!

all photos taken this morning on the back-to-school rock.

but we musn’t forget princess.
she starts pre-school next week.

and mom …

I’m sure in a few days, she’ll miss the comotion, but this morning, she is LOVING the quiet.

NOTE: If you’ve taken back-to-school pictures of all the kids and NOT one of  you, please remedy that as soon as possible.


  1. Your hair looks adorable, btw!

  2. Yesterday was our first full day for all three kids. I was joyous!!! They are all so sweet.

    Love the photos and can’t wait to see your album idea.

  3. Madeline St Onge says:

    Great idea to take a picture of yourself for back to scool.
    You look so colorful and cute

  4. My two went back to school almost a month ago -yikes! – and I still can’t find time for just me. I plan to rectify this very soon – like tomorrow – it’s going to be a ME, ME, ME day. Anyway, thanks for the reminder to get ourselves in the pictures too. Although I did do this with our back-to-school morning photos – I make each of my kids take a photo of me with the other kid – they’ve been doing it for years. I’m still terrible about getting myself in photos. In fact, this past weekend I went through a series of photos taken while on a summer canoe trip. My husband’s question was – I thought you came with us. Yes, there are two “family” photos I had my neighbor take for me (they went with us) but needless to say those are the only two photos I’m in – and I have almost 75 images. What a shame! I think I’m going to dedicate 2011 to ME – in more photos – a least one photo a month. That sound doable, doesn’t it? (This is going to me hard though – I hate to be IN the photo – but I love to TAKE them). A personal shortcoming I’m hoping to work on. Have a wonderful week!

    • C — it’s hard when you’re behind the camera to hand it over. we too just did a family “daycation” and I’m in like 3 of the pictures and I thought that was good!

  5. Sue in Grapevine says:

    really like your hair, Stacy.

  6. Annette Kuusinen says:

    It never even occurred to me to take a picture of myself. Now i must.

  7. You look lovely and you have a BEAUTIFUL family. Those boys are too, too handsome. :)

  8. Ah yes, back to school picture of myself. Thanks for the reminder. I can’t wait to hear the senior album idea. Right now, I am thinking of putting together a METav album for Jacob–something like JDHF-the abridged version. Good luck with the senior year thing, and all the other years, too!

  9. There aren’t many photos of me and I really hate asking someone to take one of me. It seems self centered on my part in some sense to have it done. I guess I should do it before my DD wonders later why I’m never in the photos with her.

    • Oh Denise,
      Please do — in fact, just ask your DD to take your photo from time to time. It won’t be perfect, but it will be cherished!

  10. My baby, Brandon (age 3) started preschool yesterday. We homeschool, but I won’t bring him home until he’s ready for a more full day with us. I couldn’t believe it was time for him to go. It seems like yesterday that we were driving around Christmas shopping when dh’s cell phone rang and it was a former foster care agency of 2 years prior (in another state). They wanted to know if we’d drive (6 hours) to pick up our girls’ sibling newborn brother. F-A-S-T forward and he’s off to preschool (sniffle).

    • I’m with you Toni — time flies so FAST! I love that your house is kind of opposite of mine — send them off to pre-school so they can learn to stay home and learn. LOVE it!

  11. Love that you have a back to school picture rock, I have a Camilla bush :)

    For the first time in 13 1/2 years, I have 6 hours a day without any of my kiddos. Bittersweet, as I love all my kids being home in the “nest”, but at the same time crave my own space and person outside of my Mom role. Seems as if to gain some of my free space, I have to let them be out of this nest more and more- This is what I need to capture in the photo of myself! So much mixed emotion-

  12. My boys went back to school last Monday and I never think to take a picture of myself on the first day. I, too, love the quiet that school days bring. I could just sit and listen to the sounds of the house – no yelling, no tv, no computer! Of course that all ends when the first one gets home at 3:15!! Your boys are sure growing up and that Addie – what a cutie! Good job Stacy!

  13. Forgot to add that your post Stacy reminded me of a wonderful book I just read, The Gift of an Ordinary Day, A Mother’s Memoir by Katrina Kenison. Basically her story of life during her son’s senior year of high school, her contemplations on her sons growing up, her letting go and evolving as a Mother. It was a really meaningful read at this back to school, empty house time. :)

  14. No kids for BTS photos so instead I took a photo of my feet in my BTS shoes! I just sat the camera on the floor, stood in front of the lens, stooped over to press the shutter button, and voila! My feet in my uber-cute BTS shoes.

  15. Stacy, I teach high school, and every year on the second day of school, I have to get my school picture taken for my district ID card. I literally get back to school photos taken by the school photographer!
    it’s actually painful. The poses do us no good,,,

  16. Could those kids BE ANY CUTER?!!! I’m thinking, nope. And mommy looks good too. You rock, Stacy! Hugs – Jenn

  17. Beautiful kids! Nope, never even thought to take a picture of myself…thanks for the reminder!
    I’m really looking forward to your senior album post…I also have a senior this year.
    My house is entirely too quiet, but peaceful and I’m enjoying it right now!

  18. School has been in session since Aug. 2nd here, so I need to get some photos taken soon, me included!

    My son is a Senior this year, so I can’t wait to hear your idea for a senior album! I still can’t believe my “baby boy” will be leaving the nest next summer either; totally a mix of emotions for me (and him too actually).

  19. Yesterday at preschool 1st day, kids were lining up to get their photo taken by the sign for the preschool — anyway, one mom (not me) had the nicest idea — after taking the photo of the child, step to the side and have another parent take a photo of you and your child — worked out great. Wish I would have had that idea myself earlier! :)

  20. Stacy, you look super cute in that picture. Also – and I hope this doesn’t seem weird – but your daughter’s smile is totally you! I’ve noticed it before in pictures but haven’t said anything because I know it’s not genetically possible … but somehow it happens anyway. I’m adopted and my son is ALL my dad. Anyway … happy Fall to you and yours.

  21. Love the photos…. I remember seeing your Tuesday’s with Taft and a CTMH convention and it inspired my Sundays’ with Ethan! I started a tradtion when my son started preschool a few years ago (2nd grade this year) that I take a photo with me too on the first day of school in front of the front door. Speaking of which I will have to try and blog about it tonight! =) (P.S… I have been known to use a timer and set it on a table on our front porch!)

  22. Addie looks adorable in her tights! And somehow she has the same smile as you:)

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