Happy Birthday Trey

Celebrating Trey today.

He is 12.
He is hilarious.
He plays the trumpet (for 9 days now)
He plays soccer.
He is starting singing lessons this week.
He wants to be a wildlife vet when he grows up.
His favorite subject in school is language arts and social studies.
He does not like math.
He has a tooth under his pillow right now.

He is one of my MOST favorite people on the planet.

I made him ribs for dinner.


  1. Happy Birthday Trey! The last year of being a pre-teen :) Aww…I bet you’re one proud mama!

  2. Happy birthday Trey! Looks like a fantastic celebration. Happy days!!

  3. Happy birthday Trey! And me, just add 21 to his age ;)

    • I think I remember YOU sharing a birthday with Trey. One of these years I’ll remember to wish you a happy birthday before you remind me!!

  4. Happy Birthday Trey – love that bow tie :-)

  5. Happy Birthday to Trey! Looks like a fantastic celebration!

  6. Happy Birthday Trey! The 22nd is my birthday too! Cool! Great celebration!

  7. Jen Shipley says:

    This is so nice. I bet trey enjoyed those ribs. I’ts the simple things in life that are worth celebrating. every day is a gift.

  8. Jen Shipley says:

    Excuse me that would be ‘Trey’. Happy birthday Trey

  9. He wants to be a wildlife vet! We need more boys like Trey in the world! Happy Birthday!

  10. I wasn to come celebrate my b’day at your house. I love the big bow tie.

  11. Happy Birthday Trey! Hope it was the best one yet! Stacy you always come up with the best and cutest ideas for simple birthday parties, and stuff. Have you ever thought of writing a book on entertaining/simple holiday fun? Maybe a BPS class?

    Amy B :)

  12. Happy Birthday Trey! We share the same birthday! I didn’t turn 12, I turned 49. My darling hubby got a chocolate cake with chocolate custard in the middle, chocolate buttercream icing with chocolate shavings on top. Saturday we are going to my favorite mexican restaurant Casa Gallardo’s for dinner. Hope you enjoyed your birthday as much as I did!

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