How about a giveaway?!

I LOVE Thursdays.
This is primarily because it is my creative day and new classes open at Big Picture Scrapbooking.
I’m celebrating Thursday this week, by wearing my new necklace (pictured above.)

When I attended Donna Downey’s Inspired event in May, my most FAVORITE class was taught by Angela Balantine. Angela creates fabulous jewelry. She attempted to teach me. I have a LONG way to go, but I absolutely loved the process and the creative tickle that you feel when you try something new. Angela has a website and an Avenue A Etsy shop which are full of light and eye-catching fancy. Not long ago, I asked Angela if she would let me do a giveaway on my blog …

She said YES.
I love it when people say YES.

Note only did she say yes, she created a special “stacy-esque” piece for me to giveaway!
To make yourself eligible to win this gorgeous and colorful collection of beads and baubles (by the way, you can wear this necklace with or without the flower) you’ll need to visit Angela’s Etsy shop and poke around.

I’ve added her store to my list of Etsy favorites, so that I can easily keep up with Angela’s wares, like this brown beauty appropriately called Cappucino!

Ready? click here.
Look around and then leave me a comment.
Which piece is calling your name?

I’ll keep the comments open for a week, so we have something to celebrate next Thursday too!


  1. Ohhhhh that “brown acrylic” is realllllllly calling my name! YUMMY!!!!!

  2. OMGness. I love it. the colored one has my name all over it. It is beeeutiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. i love the brass and suede necklace! lots of cute stuff there, thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the brass and suede and the ribbon necklace! I need to learn more about making jewelery.

  5. Oh my!!! I love the Pretty in pink….or not and the Brass Suede! Wow her stuff is so stinkin’ cute and fun.

  6. Sweet shop! I felt like a kid in a candy store!! Loving the “Simple & Stylish Vintage Cream” Necklace as well as the “Fall Colors” necklace. . . thanks for sharing her etsy info. Definitetly a shop I need to check out on a regular basis!

  7. I thought the ribbon bouquet was so fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Hee Jin Ramsey says:

    I loved them all! What a cute shop, but I LOVED the HOT PINK AND BLACK one as well as the blue and suede!

  9. Christy Miller says:

    I really love the simple and stylish vintage cream! not too much but still funky! thanks for sharing! I love her stuff!

  10. Hee Jin Ramsey says:

    I loved them all! What a cute shop! I especially LOVED the HOT PINK AND BLACK and also the blue and suede one too!

  11. What cute things!!! Pretty in Pink (or Not) is calling my name and my eye kept wandering to Shabby Chiffon (Purple) as a fun piece to wear to Husky Games! Thanks for sharing her talents!

  12. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! Vintage Gold is calling my name!

  13. Kristy Chuhaloff says:

    The Ribbon Blue is my favorite! I love it!

  14. I loved one so much, I already bought it! Then next would be the simple & stylish pink bronze, a nice way to inocorporate my favorite color pink into fall! And I do love cappucino also.

  15. I’m in love with ‘Brass Suede’, but I’m looking at Shabby Chiffon (purple) thinking that is sooooo ME!!

  16. Love the Brass and Suede necklace. I wonder if she would make matching earrings for it. Such pretty stuff!!!!

  17. Sara Mangan says:

    The “fall colors necklace”. Love the ribbon, in the back. Very neat stuff!

  18. I love the colours in the ‘stacy-esque’ piece! It is beautiful!!!!

  19. Ooh-Fall colors or Brass and suede. Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Love Angela, and her Mom….had a great time with them at Inspired! Still get comments on the necklace we made in class, they gave us such confidence, though it was my first jewelry making experience. I love the cappuchino in her shop. The giveaway is very “Stacy”! Thanks Stacy and Angela for the chance to win.

  21. Hard to decide! I love the Fall Colors or the Ribbon Bouquet!

  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE !! The Cappucino Necklace is calling my name :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. i absolutely love the Simple and Stylish Turquoise – have the perfect blouse for it too! thanks for the great giveaway!!

  24. Oh WOW!!! Thank you for sharing this etsy store. LOVE LOVE LOVE. There are so many to love. I like the Simple and Stylish Pink Brown, think it would look so cute with jeans and a white tee. I like the Hot Pink and Black Necklace for the girlie factor. The Ribbon Bouquet is just plain ole FUN!!

  25. Love love LOVE the Brass and Suede…
    I’m in the Bohemian phase right now!

  26. I like the colors in the stacy-esque piece. Beautiful and will go with most everything I wear.

  27. I really like the “Pretty in Pink… or not”

  28. Wow, they’re so beautiful! I love the Fall Colors, Brass & Suede and the Hot Pink and Black. It’s hard to pick only one. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  29. My favorite is the special Stacy piece . . . but I also love the Ribbon Bouquet!

  30. I love the turquoise magnetite necklace. beautiful!

  31. Oh My they are all very adorable but I think the Cappucino and the Brass and Suede are my favorite but I think I need that cute jean jacket to go with them.

  32. Can you please tell us about the relay.

  33. it’s the fall colors necklace for me!

  34. I love Thursday’s too! BPS classroom updates. And more often than not my girls have no school the next day so it’s the end of the week for us!
    Ohh, all it’s all so pretty. I’d either pick the Brass and Suede Necklace or the Turquoise Magnasite Necklace or….

  35. What beautiful work she does! Thanks for sharing. I can see me wearing every one, but my favorite is the Shabby Chiffon Purple.

  36. I think I would go for the pink ribbon flower headband. I cut my hair short and need something to keep it out of my eyes while I work.

  37. I absolutely LOVE the “stacy-esque” nexklace & the cappucino with the matching earrings!

  38. Torn between the Denim Blue and the Simple and Stylish Vintage. Love her ‘simple’ style.

  39. wow – everything there is gorgeous but being a pink girl, the hot pink and black necklace looks like it has my name on it!
    site duly bookmarked!

  40. Denim Blue Necklace – nice and simply beautiful.

  41. Hi Stacy,
    I LOVE the Wood necklace and earings set, I am just planning a scrapbook page about how much I enjoy the autumn season so the fab earth tones in thos set jumped out at me!
    Thanks for the chance to win,
    Lea S. X

  42. LOVED her whole site. Would love this piece. My favorite was Pretty in Pink or not, so much so that I bought it already! Thanks for introducing me to a great artist, and for the chance to win!

  43. I love the Cappucino best and Brown Acrylic second best. Actually I love,love,love the turquoise necklace shown first thing in your blog today but I didn’t see it in the store. I would love to be able to make jewelry but I seem not to have gotten that gene.

  44. That Cappucino Necklace and Earrings set screams my name. I love warm, earthy colors like those! I can’t remember the last time I even WORE a necklace… I gave up on most jewelry when I became a mom because I didn’t want to wreck anything with my baby boy hanging from them. It was hard enough to keep him from grabbing the glasses off my face! Perhaps, 15-months is old enough to try… here’s a toast to Mommy looking pretty! :)

  45. Oh, my! So beautiful…I love the Denim necklace and the Hot Pink and Black. So pretty!!! Love your necklace too.

  46. I love it all but my favorites are the Fall Colors and Ribbon Bouquet.

  47. Ooohhh! The Ribbon Bouquet was SO cool! I also truly loved the Hot Pink and Black (even though I do not wear hot pink, but man would it jazz up all the black I wear!!) I love all the colors in the one she made for your giveaway as well. Very talented! Thanks for sharing her info.

  48. Thanks for the link! Great colors! I’m drawn to the hot pink and black necklace, but also love the brass and suede one!

  49. I love them all – especially the Simple & Stylish Turquoise necklace and the Pink & Black necklace – I love anything with turquoise or pink.

  50. I love the Pretty in Pink necklace, but all of them are beautiful. What a talented artist!

  51. Jeanne in Montana says:

    Oh my gosh! They are ALL so COOL…how does one choose? I guess I like the brass and suede. Or the turquoise, or the Fall colors, or the…. hmmmmm.

  52. Wow – what beautiful jewelry! If I had to pick one piece, I would go with the brass and suede necklace.

  53. I love the hot pink and black one! I created some cards around that color scheme for the CKC card exchange classe (with Stacy Croninger) at Valley Forge a few years ago, and LOVE that color scheme! She has a great eye for design! And I like that the flower is optional. Thanks for introducing me to her site!

  54. The Simple and Stylish Vintage necklace in pink is definitely calling me! Gorgeous!

  55. I love the shabby chiffon necklace if I to choose just one. They are all great!!

  56. oooh I love the Brass and Suede!

  57. I didn’t think I liked the flower on there at first, but after clicking around, it really grew on me. I like the pretty in pink or not that had sold when I clicked in. I also like the wood necklace and earrings.

  58. I really love the one called Brown Acrylic Necklace. Maybe it’s the browns and coming into fall, what ever the reason, that one just jumped out at me. Beautiful work!

  59. Very cool jewelry! I love the ribbon bouquet and vintage gold, and the ones you showed on your blog are super cool too! Nothing like a fun colorful accessory to make your day when you get dressed in the morning – thanks for sharing Stacy.

  60. That turquoise necklace on her site is gorgeous! How fun to be able to do that. Thanks for sharing!

  61. Chris Cross says:

    Gorgeous jewelry. Love this stuff and would hate to pick a favorite. Really in love with the fabric flowers and the fall colors.

  62. The jewelry is so beautiful! I would wear these pieces anywhere! I love either the blue necklace or the last brown necklace; my two favorite colors!

  63. I like the hot pink and black necklace. Since I have girls, I also like the green flower w/ feather headband. Super cute! I love the one for the giveaway – love all that color!

  64. That cappucino necklace is so rich and classy. It looks like fall. I also love the ribbon bouquet necklace.

  65. My favorite is the one she made for your give-away!

  66. I love “the Fall color” necklace. It is awesome. I especially like that the beads are all different.
    Lyndhurst, NJ

  67. I’m so in love! My raves are the shabby chiffon in purple, Cappuccino, and the Wood. Love them!

  68. very cute! i’m partial to the denim blue necklace (and the stacyesque one!)

  69. I love the Denin Blue necklace, so simple yet unique. Thanks for the chance to win.

  70. Um, all of them??? The flower headbands, the denim blue necklace, the dangle chains, the wood necklace, the ribbon bouqet…love it! My favorite is the vintage dangles…makes me wish I had pierced ears!

  71. sandy vander vliet says:

    Oh my, my heart skipped a little beat when I spotted the ribbon bouqet. Oh my…

  72. Stephanie E. says:

    I totally love the Colorful Baubles necklace! The vintage ear dangles are also nice. Beautiful jewelry!

  73. The Indian Summer necklace was beautiful, but I love the “stacy-esque” just as much! So beautiful!

  74. SueinMtVernon says:

    They are all calling my name! I always gravitate toward pink in my clothing so I will chose the pink and black.

  75. Oh, I’m swooning over the brass and Suede Neccklace. that turquoise is beautiful! Also love the one she designed for you. thanks for a great tip!

  76. Jennifer O. says:

    So many gorgeous things! I think the ribbon bouquet was my favorite.

  77. Sabrina Kapp says:

    RIBBON BOUQUET!! They are all wonderful, but wow, that one sure speaks to me. So fun and fresh and just a little unexpected. I’ve added this to my bookmarks: ‘favorite etsy shops!’

  78. Christine H says:

    I’m going to have to go with the vintage ear dangles. But it is all quite lovely.

  79. Jenny McGee says:

    Very pretty items. I liked the Shabby Chiffon (purple). So nice. Thanks for sharing this beautiful jewelry.

  80. Stacy,
    thanks for the chance to win. the shabby chiffon in purple is calling my name.

  81. tammy perkins says:

    Beautiful! Th wood necklace and earrings definitely are me!

  82. Brass and Suede. Even the name is lovely.

  83. I like them all…gotta love the cappucino!!

  84. So many to choose from, how do you pick!?! I can’t explain why but the Ribbon Bouquet catches my eye. But then, so does the Wood necklace and earrings and for the simpleness of it – the Icy Dangle necklace and earring set are stunning too! Like I said, how do you choose?! Beautiful, all very beautiful.

  85. Ribbon Bouquet. How fun is that? Thank you for introducing us to yet another amazing & creative artist!

  86. lynne moore says:

    I really was drawn to the denim blue and crystal necklase, but I think the giveaway one is really grabbing my attention. Thanks, Stacy and Angela

  87. The Fall Colors necklace for sure! I wish she had more earrings on her site – I’m totally hooked on earrings!

  88. I love the Brass and Suede necklace. I’m forwarding it to my hubby as a suggestion for my birthday coming up. I love Fall!

  89. TOtally the hot pink and black necklace! That totally rocks and I could wear it almost every single day. Thanks for sharing her etsy shop. I see some Christmas gifts coming from her.

  90. Simple and Stylish pink bronze is calling my name.

  91. I’m liking most all of them! Pink and Black and the Brown Acrylic would definitely work with my wardrobe!

  92. Melissa Norstrom says:

    Alright there are 3 I just love. First is the Denim Blue Necklace, it is simple and beautiful. Second is the Turquoise Magnasite Necklace, the chunkiness of it is adorable. Last and my favorite Shabby Chiffon (Purple), need I say more it is purple!

  93. Kelly Driver says:

    I love the Simple and Stylish Vintage Pink. So pretty!

  94. The Turquoise Magnasite Necklace spoke to me!

  95. Michelle Robblee says:

    The most fabulous piece has to be the hot pink & black necklace with the optional chiffon flower. I can just see heads turning and people stopping me on the street asking where did that divine jewelry come from… Whoa, I’m adding this to my birthday wish list!

  96. wow – what a fab giveaway and flicking thru the comments many of us have the same taste. Favs were Denim Blue necklace, the fall one with the blue stone and the Turquoise Magnasite Necklace – maybe i have a thing for blue. now if i could just work out a way to ship these internationally i’d be a happy gal :> thanks for the heads up Stacy

  97. Ribbon bouquet is my favorite…what a fun giveaway!

  98. Erika Drummond says:

    My favorite on her site was the cappucino (sp?) necklace, but, honestly, the one she made for your giveaway is better! (honestly!!)

  99. I really like the Simple & Stylish Vintage Cream necklace. I’m not really big into jewellry but when I buy something it’s usually pretty simple. And this one can go with so many things!

  100. Love the hot pink and black necklass and the classy and brassy earrings! Thanks for the link!

  101. The classy and brassy earrings are pretty great, but I have to go with the fall necklace on the very first page. I love, love, love blue and orange together and the blue and orange beads in that necklace just jumped out at me.

  102. Such cuteness! I like the cappuchino necklace a lot.

  103. I am loving this Simple & Stylish Turquoise.

  104. Love the brass and suede…think that is what is was called…with a bit of turquoise…so pretty.

  105. Love the fall colors necklace and would love to add some color to my life!

  106. love the hot pink & black necklace. My fav color combo. Thanks Stacy and Angela!

  107. The Fall Colors and Denim Blue necklaces both caught my eye! They would both be fun to wear!

  108. I didn’t see it on her site (although there are other amazing ones) but I absolutely love the first photo that you have posted. Would be so inspiring to put on it the dark days of winter (they last forever where I live). Thanks!!

  109. I’d have to vote for the vintage ear dangles. So cute and easy to wear.

  110. What beautiful pieces. And reasonable prices, too. I love the denim blue necklace — clear crystal beads and a bit of blue.

  111. Listen. Can you hear that? Something calling me, calling me. “Oh, Annie. Annie,.” Oh yeah, it’s the Brass and Suede Necklace from Angela’s etsy shop calling my name! :)
    She has some beautiful things…and very reasonable prices, too.

  112. I love the Ribbon Bouquet necklace. So cute and versatile. It sure was hard to choose just one – she’s got some beautiful stuff.

  113. Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVE THE ……Cappucino Necklace and Earrings!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Ileana Carlile says:

    I really like the turquoise drop necklace, but I LOVE the color in the “stacy” necklace! I can’t believe how many cute things she has at such reasonable prices.

  115. Ribbon Bouquet is beautiful!

  116. The Fall Colors necklace reminds me of home….oh how I miss Fall living in Florida.

  117. Brenda Rozzi says:

    Everything Angela does is beautiful! I look at Avenue A all the time. I was in the class with you Stacy at Inspired. I learned a lot about Angelas cha cha necklace.
    My favorite is the denim necklace. The clear beads just sparkle & the denim on each end. Total simple elegance.

  118. I love the Brass and Suede necklace. SO many pretty things to chose from. I think I may need to drop some hints for my birthday!

  119. I’d have to say that my favorite is the brown acrylic necklace. I really like the richness of the brown beads and the contrast of the black (removable) flower. Also, I really like the large clear acrylic beads.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Awesome!

  120. i really like the “Ribbon Boquet” necklace. It would be a bit brave of me to wear those flowers, but the colors are so totally me!

  121. Shabby Chiffon with purple speaks to me. Thanks for the chance to win.

  122. I like almost all of them, but I’d say the one that is most “me” is the “Brass and Suede” necklace. I am really into browns and greens lately. :) Would LOVE to win!

  123. Charmayne Bowling says:

    Ohhhh…love the brown cappachino .

  124. I loved the “Turquoise Magnasite Necklace!!”

  125. Oh my. I’m LOVING this jewelry and it’s so reasonably priced -which makes me so happy! Each piece is lovely but I really like the giveaway piece the best and the “Vintage Gold” piece on the web. Thank you Stacy, for letting me know about this great artist. I’d love to learn how to make these someday!

  126. Oh I would have to say the turguoise magnasite as well. Wow, she does stunning work!

  127. Love Love Love the fall color and the demin blue necklaces. I think I will be buying myself one of them tomorrow evening.

  128. Melissa Martinez says:

    Ok I think the giveaway one is my fave but my fave at her esty store is the brass and suede Necklace I just bought a shirt to were for picture day tomorrow at work and it would be the perfect embellishment :)

  129. Love, love, love the Cappuccino necklace. However, I also like the one she designed for you. I could probably use a little more color in my life! ;)

  130. Lois McArthur says:

    LOVE the giveaway necklace – beautiful colors! The brown acrylic necklace, though, in the shop is elegant and lovely! Thanks!

  131. Laura Glover says:

    I love them all. So unique…so pretty! I think my fav is the cappaccino necklace…hard to pick.

  132. Thanks for sharing Angela’s site! Simple, beautiful and refreshing. I really like “Brass & Suede”,
    “Vintage Gold Necklace” and “Simple & Stylish Vintage Cream”. The shades of blue in the giveaway are gorgeous!

  133. Love her site — I even bought a pretty brown and pink necklace — love it!!!! thanks for sharing Stacy!!

  134. Super yummy! I’m torn between Ribbon Bouquet and Brass & Suede, but I think Ribbon Bouqets wins out because of the cute flowers.

  135. I really love the brass and suede necklace!

  136. I Love the Cappuchino Necklace! It is so versatile! I also like several of the necklaces that come with the flowers. They can dress up a tee or wear out on the town. Very cool!

  137. Franci - Wyckoff, NJ says:

    What a great site!!! Everything is beautiful….but the brown acrylic necklace was really calling my name!!!

  138. Don’t go as bold as I’d like (Brass & Suede Necklace) but would for sure wear the Simple & Stylish Pink Brown….love all of them.

  139. I like the rainbow one featured on your site the best. Next favorite to me are the simple vintage ear dangles. I really liked her stuff and was surprised how low the prices were! Thanks for sharing. Hope you are feeling OK.

  140. I LOVED the Turquoise Magnasite Necklace – love the colour of it!

  141. I love the giveaway one with all of the bling but on the site i would have to say the cappuchino necklace caught my eye!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  142. I CAN’T PICK JUST ONE………loved the hot pink ank black….oh and the cappuchino..and I cant forget the denim necklace and then the vintage one….its the ribbon bouquet….AARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them all!

  143. My favorite is the Denim Blue necklace. thanks for the chance to win the colorful one above.

  144. Jen Watkins says:

    Oh my! It’s very difficult to choose! But I think Ribbon Bouquet…I think it would be very versatile! Thanks for the chance!


  145. Hot pink and black necklace – so fun! But, I have to say- the super colorful one on here… that one speaks my language.

  146. carol in seattle :) says:

    I’m loving the Hot Pink and Black Necklace but after debating for like twenty minutes, I think I like the Turquoise Magnasite Necklace just a smidgeon more! Thanks for pointing her out, she’s got great style!

  147. Shelly Davis says:

    I want them ALL!!!! But I think I’d have to start with the Brown Acrylic necklace because it’s so versatile.

  148. I love them all! Gotta go with the blue ones though!

  149. Oooooo — Pretty!! I love the fall colors necklace!

  150. I’m a “blue” girl. Turquoise PLEASE!!!!!

  151. Marta Valdes says:

    The Hot Pink and Black necklace is calling my name. It is so pretty and the bottom line, it makes me happy, and I need some happy colors in my life right now.

  152. Oh so hard to narrow it down… The Hot Pink and Black reminded me of my wedding day, the girls wore pink dresses with black polka dots. With our 22nd anniversary only weeks away it was a great reminder…. like cerain songs can take you back to a time and place.. that is what happend when I saw that colour combination. Thanks for the flash back!

  153. Those are so cute.

  154. these are fabulous – the kind of necklace I always want to be able to make when I dabble in bead craftiness. Simple and stylish in pink and bronze jumped out and is calling to me

  155. All of her jewelry looks fab!
    I’m more of an earring girl and don’t wear necklaces that much, so I would say that Angela’s vintage ear dangles would go in my shopping cart.

  156. Hot pink and black necklace would suit my style best. But what a lovely lot of prettiness.

  157. Lovely products! I really like the cappuccino, too (maybe because I love coffee so much?). Hard to choose!

  158. I love the Cappucino Necklace and Earrings. Angela’s designs are beautiful with a touch of sass.

  159. Oh my dear yes, that denim blue necklace is calling my name!

    (Thanks for the chance to win a giveaway from this lovely stuff).

  160. Love the Dangle Chain Necklace and the Denim Blue Necklace….but they are all very pretty!

  161. I just love the Cappuchino Necklace and Earrings. I have so many brown things it would go with and would be perfect for fall. She definitely has some beautiful things.

  162. I love them all – but the hot pink and black are the colors of our Girlfriends Unlimited group. Cute!

  163. I love all of her pieces so it is really hard to pick just one but I’d have to say the Cappucino necklace is my favorite though the Hot Pink and Black calls to me as well.

  164. I had the best time at Inspired! My favorite necklace is the Vintage Gold.

  165. I am kinda grooving on the ribbon bouquet!!! GORGEOUS stuff. I will definitely be adding some of these items to my Christmas list. THANK YOU both for such creativity.

  166. My favorite is Simple and Stylish Vintage Cream – very classy looking. But all of them are nice!

  167. Wow, how gorgeous! Simple and stylish pink bronze is definitely calling my name. Definitely adding to my favorite seller list! Thanks Stacy-your ideas always make me smile. :)

  168. I really like the Vintage Gold necklace– I love the pop of turquoise! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  169. Fun stuff!! I like the hot pink and black necklace and the fall necklace the best! :)

  170. love the one you are giving away, my fav from the store is the simple one called ‘icy dangle’

  171. Stacy, I sat next to you in that class! My daughter LOVES her lime green necklace that I made… have to say I’m rather proud of it too:)

    I like the wood necklace and earrings on Angela’s page! Thanks for the offering!

  172. I love, love, love the black and pink necklace.

  173. Boy, tough to choose. I narrowed it down to the brown acrylic necklace similar to the one you posted, and the wood bead & crystal necklace. Lots of fun things there – thanks for the pointer!

  174. “Cappucino” reminds me of the one she had on display at Inspired … I fell sooo in love with it! Her class was the best! … well, ONE of the best, I have to admit the Powertex one surprised me!

  175. Ohh… I can’t decide between the pink & black one and the ribbon bouquet!! They are both so beautiful! I think I would have to go with the ribbon bouquet because not only does it match the majority of my clothing, but I just love the fall season!

  176. How exciting! Angela is so talented and it was great to be able to see her etsy store. My fave is the Brass and Suede necklace. Love the green beads and the turquoise–my favorite colors–right up my alley!

    don’t you just love that one!

  177. I’m definitely hearing the fall colors necklace whisper in my ear!
    What lovely things she offers. Thanks for the introduction, Stacy.

  178. Susan Sprowls Smith says:

    I’m pretty sure she should make lots more just like this yummy colorful one for her shop… and call it “the stacy!”

    It is beautiful and would look lovely around my (somewhat aging) neck!

  179. Ooooh. What’s NOT to like there?!?! I’m definately thinking Christmas gifts.

  180. I love the idea of creating my own jewelry. I think winning this beautiful necklace would give me just the inspiration I need to get started. Thanks for the giveaway!

  181. simple and stylish vintage cream would be my first pick!

  182. Kate Possing says:

    I love the hot pink and black necklace but if I really had to choose I would pick any of the headbands because they remind me of my daughter. She is 10 and her two closest siblings are boys so she went through a not so girly phase for the last few years because she wanted to be like her brothers. Now she is starting to want girly things again and these headbands would be her favorites.

  183. Angela Weinzierl says:

    I’m loving the simple and stylish pink bronze necklace. So prettty. Thanks for introducing her site, I’ll be back!

  184. I’m in love with the vintage dangle earrings!! Totally, totally in love! But a very close second is the hot pink & black necklace. She’s soooo talented!!

  185. I am totally loving the ribbon bouquet necklace I love the colors my FAVORITES!!
    Thanks for sharing her site.

  186. The fall colors necklace is inspiring because of all the autumnal colors, I think it could inspire some great outfits! Though, the one that is most “me” is probably the one you’re giving away!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  187. I love the denim blue necklace that she has in her shop.

  188. Michelle Evans says:

    The one in browns called to me…I’m starting to think Fall. Maybe I’ll start decorating my house today…..

  189. Michelle Smith says:

    The brass n suede necklace SO called my name – love that green!!

  190. I LOVE them all, but if I were picking one out I would get the hot pink & black one! WOW!! :) I also LOVE the “Stacy” version in the giveaway!! Thanks for sharing her Etsy shop!!

  191. Hot pink and black for me!

  192. Oooh! Ribbon bouquet and the pin and black! But the Stacy special is the best!

  193. Heather Hillary says:

    Wow! What reasonable prices!! I like the brown acrylic necklace. Perfect for fall.

  194. Oh – I love them all. But I’m especially torn between the “Vintage Gold” and the “Brass and Suede Necklace” – I love the colors of both! Thanks for the giveway and introducing us to this amazing shop.

  195. Wow! they are all fantastic. The one that is calling my name though is the “dangle chain necklace” I love the clasp in the front and the stones are gorgeous.

  196. ENABLER!!!! LOL. Okay, I swear I heard the Brown Acrylic necklace singing a little siren song to me!!! ;-)

  197. Christa Allgood says:

    I’m in love with the ribbon bouquet necklace.

  198. My favorite is definately the stacy-esque necklace. Love it!!

  199. Ooh!! It’s a toss up. I love both the brown acrylic necklace and the fall colours. I was at Inspired as well and LOVED Angela’s class. I get compliments on the necklace I made every single time I wear it.

  200. I would have to say the brass and suede, because it has my beloved green in it!!! I hope you have a great weekend Stacy!

  201. Annette Pixley says:

    The fall colors necklace is my absolute fave! I love the fall colors and the variety in the beads. Beautiful!

  202. Nice shop – cute pieces. I love the simple and stylish pink bronze…it’s just my style.

  203. Jen Kallevig says:

    Wow, I love her stuff! I love the pretty in pink or not and the vintage gold necklaces. So pretty!

  204. I love the dangle chain necklace!!! That is so cute! So many fabulous pieces!

  205. Hey Stacy,

    I love your dress :) The necklace with my name on it is the one with the blue flower. Blue’s my favorite color after all!

  206. Oooo! I love the Turquoise magnasite necklace, one of my all time fav colors!

  207. It is all so delicious! How can I pick just one! I don’t know what it is called, maybe vintage gold, but it has a blue flower on it! Just yummy! I also love the bronze earings even though they look huge! Mmmmmmm yum!

  208. No way can I pick one. There isn’t one I don’t love! The Hot Pink and Black or the Brown Acrylic. But it is not fair leaving all the others out! I am bookmarking this site! Christmas is coming!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  209. I love the ribbon bouquet. Green and brown together make me happy…and those three flowers are beyond cute!! She sure has a lot of fun with her jewelry.

  210. I love the denim blue necklace and the wood necklace and earring set. Beautiful. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  211. Oh my, so so lovely! I could never pick just one!

  212. I love the denim blue but the hot pink and black is awfully cute too. Will need to check back after payday!

  213. Such a cool store Stacy! this is right up my alley and prices are great!
    I am torn between the Simple and Stylish Turquoise and the Ribbon Buquet Necklace

  214. I like the simple and stylish pink brown. Fun and pretty! Thanks for the chance to win!

  215. Definitely the Brass and Suede necklace. What an earthy and lovely piece. Thanks!

  216. karen young says:

    The Hot Pink and Black necklace would go with soooo many of my clothes. I love it! Her prices are very reasonable as well. I like that and if I don’t win, I may just buy the gorgous pink and black necklace. Thanks for the chance!

  217. I didn’t even have to get off the first page! That Hot Pink and Black number has my name ALL over it!! My most favorite color combo to wear!

  218. Thanks for sharing her site! I love her stuff. It’s all so pretty. The Simple and Stylish Pink Bronze necklace really really caught my eye….hint hint :) Ha Ha.

  219. Wow! I can barely pick. I really love the Vintage ear dangles the best, but the Icy dangle necklace is gorgeous and the Hot Pink & Black is really eye catching too. This shop is definitely going in my Etsy favorites.

  220. Oh my, the pink and black necklace has my name all over it. I wasn’t able to attend Donna’s event but thankful for the chance to win a necklace. Thank you.

  221. Love, love the vintage ear dangles!! Earrings always make an outfit :)

  222. I totally want the rainbow-ish one you’re showing here on your blog but it’s not in the store! So I will say my second favorite is the pink and black one with the black flower. So pretty!


  223. Alrighty then, quit enabling me with all these exception web sites! Argh, love them all, wow, love her work. The Brass and Suede necklace pops out at me, I love tinkering and trying to make jewelry, it always looks simple (kind of) to make, but I find I am just a bit challenged in that area, that is why I love to find websites and etsy shops like these!!

  224. Wow! She has beautiful work. I think my favorite is the wood necklace & earrings – I’m in need of some new brown jewelry. :)

  225. I think the flower headbands are my favorite. I’ve got newly short hair that I’d love to try it in! :)

  226. “vintage gold” is my favorite.
    Also really like the brown acrylic and the Wood necklace set.

  227. Pretty things! I like the fall colors necklace, though there are many others I liked (one was already sold), too!

  228. I love the hot pink and black one. That would really shake up my wardrobe!

  229. Michelle R. says:

    Love them all, my favorite is brass and suede.

  230. I really love the Ribbon Bouquet necklace. It seems attention grabbing without being in your face. I also like that the length is adjustable. It is too bad she doesn’t seem to ship to Canada.

  231. I am so ready for fall, so it is the Fall Colors Necklace for me — will look perfect with my brown sweater and my new jeans! :)

  232. I actually like the two colorful necklaces on your site the best. I also like the hot pink and black necklace and the denim blue necklace. Thanks for the chance!

  233. The hot pink and black would be perfect for my fabulous Mary Kay consultant!

  234. I just have you say, Stacey, you are such an ENABLER!!! ;D I just had to get a pair of her earrings. Hope I win a necklace too. I know what yo put on my Christmas/Birthday list now.

  235. I LOVE the first photo on your blog entry (the blue flower). However, from the website I love the black and suede.

  236. what gorgeous necklaces! I really love the one she created for you, but in her Etsy shop I like the ribbon bouquet necklace as well.

  237. I like the hot pink and black one….but i LOVE the multi-colored one she made for you!! Thanks for sharing…poking around etsy is always such fun!

  238. Love Ribbon Bouquet. And I love the gorgeous necklace she created for the giveaway. Wow!

  239. Love that lovely shade of blue (flower) with all the beautiful beads! It is still HOT here in AZ and would be a lovely addition to my wardrobe. Thanks for sharing the etsy address!

  240. Denim Blue necklace is cute – but the “stacy-esque” piece is adorable!!!!

  241. I love the simple brown and pink. I can see it with a white old navy t, denim jacket, and skirt. I think it would make me feel o-so-stylish.

  242. The necklaces are darling. I think I like Ribbon Bouquet the best. Thanks for the chance to win.

  243. I just bought a pink blouse for the first time in my life and have received sooo many compliments, so I’m thinking maybe I need to brighten up my wardrobe. Love the Hot pink and black necklace.

  244. Beautiful jewellery!! I like a simple one most – Simple & Stylish Turquoise – yeah, that’s me. ;-)

  245. My favorite is the Icy Dangle Necklace and earrings, but everything is so pretty!
    Thanks for bringing her site to our attention, Stacy!

  246. Well, they’re all calling my name, but I think the fall necklace is calling me the loudest! Thanks for the chance to win, and for showing me a great new Etsy place!!

  247. Awesome stuff! I love the Simple & Stylish pink & bronze necklace. That’s just gorgeous! Have a great weekend and thanks for the opportunity!

  248. Jacqueline R says:

    How pretty! I just racked up quite the wish list in her store :). I think I am ready for cooler weather because the Fall Colors necklace really caught my eye.

  249. Love the Fall Colors!

  250. I love turqoise and brown together as a summe combination – such as the one Brass and suede. But I love the colors particulary in the lower photo of your post. It lovely and elegant.

  251. Her pieces are beautiful! My fav is the colorful Stacy-esque one : )
    I just love a splash of color to brighten my day.

  252. Oh no, not another place to spend money on ETSY! I am torn between the pink/black and the brown acrylic one so now I’ll have to flip a coin to see which one I buy! Awesome stuff, added her to my favs, thanks Stacy!

  253. Nice stuff!
    Love the Dangle chain necklace.

  254. Caitlin Czirban says:

    The Turquoise Magnasite Necklace is actually SCREAMING my name :) I need some color in my life and this would do just the thing!!

  255. I’m torn between the simple pink and brown or the brass and turquoise one. What fun and beautiful jewelry–the kind that makes you feel beautiful any day!

  256. Stacy, I was at Inspired also, and thoroughly enjoyed Angela’s class! I would have to say my favorite of the necklaces is a tie between the Brown Acrylic, and the Brass and Suede!

  257. Kimberly Ann says:

    They are all beautiful, but I’m loving the simple and stylish pink brown.

  258. What a lovely shop. I love the “ribbon bouquet” necklace.

  259. Sherri Stone says:

    I felt my eyes go wide over the multi-colored necklace you featured in your blog. I saw endless possibilities with all of those gorgeous sparkly colors! Thank you for sharing this talented artist with us!

  260. I absolutely love the brown acrylic necklace! I love, love, love the brown colors as we go into fall.

  261. Wow! Great stuff! I would buy her Simple and Stylish necklaces.

  262. I love Simple and Stylish Turquoise and Denim Blue. Great shop!

  263. Cappucino is my favorite, with Simple and Stylish Vintage Cream my second favorite.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  264. I’m falling for Fall Colors!

  265. It’s a toss up between Fall Colors Necklace and Brass and Suede Necklace. All of the jewelry is really beautiful. You are so fortunate to have such a good friend.

  266. I’m lovin’ the Ribbon Bouquet Necklace!
    Avenue A is beautiful!

  267. Capuccino, capuccino! Please make mine a Capuccino! Thanks for the chance to win, Stacy.

  268. Hot pink and black! That one’s for me.

  269. Love, love, love the wood necklace and earrings!!

  270. I love the Fall Colors necklace. It has so many great shapes, textures and colors. It’s calling my name, and I’d LOVE to win it! :) Thanks for a chance!

  271. I love the wood necklace and the ribbon bouquet. At AvenueA to my favorite sellers.

  272. thanks for the link….cute, cute, cute. The denim blue necklace is so cool! May have to make a purchase….. :)

  273. Oh so pretty! When I saw the first one (turquoise) I loved it, then I saw the “Stacy” one and loved it and then I saw the brown/acrylic one and loved it!! Then I did what you said and went to her site and saw many more I love. If I had to choose one I think I’d choose the Stacy one since it’s so colorful and will go with so many different outfits. Thanks for the chance to win.

  274. OOOH..a colorsplash with jewelry!!! The turquoise one is GORGEOUS, however, the brown one is so ELEGANT and the multi-colored one just looks like plain FUN.

  275. Angela’s jewelry is so great! And her prices are very reasonable. I’m thinking of ordering the “Ribbon Bouquet” from her etsy shop…and maybe some of her inexpensive crimp tubes as well!
    Both of the pieces you’ve shown are lovely! I love versatile jewelry, and that’s just what this is!

  276. So pretty – love the brights and the neutrals. Perfect with any outfit :)

  277. I adore ‘Pretty in Pink or not” and the “Pink Chiffon Flower Headband”. Thanks for the opportunity to win Stacy and Angela!

  278. oooh I love the giveaway necklace, such fun Stacy”ish” colors, lol I also love the brown acrylic necklace

  279. I love the cappucino one also but the giveaway one is my fav … I love the turquoise flower and all the colors!

  280. Ribbon Bouquet or the giveaway one…all the stuff is beautiful and unique.

  281. Love the necklace. Looks like it might make a little noise. Love that.

  282. I like the brass and suede necklace. I love turquoise, and the other bits with it are pretty.

  283. Oh my word. It’s all beautiful! The giveaway piece really caught my eye, along with the Ribbon Bouquet. So pretty!

  284. I love the pink and black necklace! It’s so pretty! I love the giveaway necklace too! Such pretty jewelry!

  285. Believe it or not, I’m already thinking of Christmas gifts! The Icy Dangle Necklace and Earrings would be perfect for my sister.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  286. Ooooh, these are so pretty an unique. I loved the Brown Acrylic Necklace as well as the Black and Pink. Would love to see one in greens too. Hope I win!

  287. love the ribbon bouquet. thanks for the chance!

  288. The necklaces are all beautiful. The Fall Colors one is very nice, but I have to say my favorite is the giveaway necklace! Love the colors!

  289. The multicolor Stacy one looks like so much fun, but the brown and crystal one with the black flower -very fall and stylish! What a talented artist!

  290. my favorite is the Simple and Stylish Pink Bronze

  291. They are all so pretty. The necklaces on your blog are my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!

  292. Jennifer C. says:

    They were all fabulous, but my favorite was the pink & black one!

  293. Wow! They really are both so pretty. The first one (the colorful one) is definitely me!
    With the month I have been having (don’t ask, you can’t even imagine) I would love a Totally Terrific Thursday!


  294. Loving the Dangle Chain necklace!

  295. I like the Ribbon Bouquet:) Thanks for the give away.

  296. Oh my gosh, you had me at Cappucino!!! But the turquoise ones are to die for…they are all so lovely…

  297. love, love, love the ribbon bouquet!

  298. I am torn between the Simple and Stylish Vintage Cream and the Dangle Chain! Think I’m going shopping!

  299. Cami MacDonald says:

    WOW, fun stuff! The fall colors necklace is so cute and looks very versatile. Love the vintage dangle-y earrings too!

  300. Shawn Wenrich says:

    Great Etsy Shop! The Simple and Stylish Vintage Cream would be my top pick!

  301. the ribbon bouquet has me salivating! thanks for sharing. Ali W

  302. Tracy Dayett says:

    WOW her jewelry is beautiful!! I really liked the “Vintage Ear Dangles” earrings…I really did not wear earrings much until I ended up bald and found them to be something that made me feel like a girl…not to mention..look like a girl :) Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  303. which piece is calling my name?? ALL OF THEM!!! Would love to win one!

  304. As a jewelry designer myself, I have to say these are gorgeous!! I love the Ribbon Bouquet! Anything with lime green calls my name! Thanks for a super giveaway!

  305. they are all seriously cute :)

  306. love all of them, but I really lik the Brass and Suede Necklace. thanks for the chance.

  307. Oh, SWOON!!! It is a toss up between Simple and Stylish and Brown Acrylic Necklace.

  308. Cindy Davis says:

    I am loving the Denim Blue Necklace. Thanks for all you do!

  309. Love her work! Especially the pink pieces, thanks for turning us on to a new artist, Stacy! :)

  310. Just what I need, another favorite Etsy seller! I am loving all of her jewelry, especially the Ribbon Bouquet. That pop of green is perfect!

  311. Vintage Gold or Icy Dangle. I love the flower on Vintage Gold, but the Icy Dangle would be SOOO versatile.
    THanks, Stacy

    ps. can’t wait for the BPS announcement!

    LOM alum 2009

  312. honestly i LOVe the giveaway necklace but i also like the green chiffon flower headband.

  313. Ohhh, the hot pink and black necklace is so gorgeous!

  314. Simple is more my style and I love the vintage and cream! What a gorgeous assortment she has.

  315. I’m loving Pretty in Pink, or Not! and the Brass and Suede and Fall Colors…thanks for such a great find…I love her jewelry!

  316. Angela, those necklaces are gorgeous! Stacy, woohoo–what a great giveaway! I am likin’ the Brown Acrylic Necklace soooooo much! But the Simple and Stylish Pink Bronze speaks to my heart, too.

  317. I love ALL of the necklaces … but the Fall Colors is wonderful!!

  318. What absolutely beautiful pieces! They make me smile, even today! vb

  319. wow! BEAUTIFUL things. i love the brass and suede necklace and the vintage gold. who am i kidding? i love everything!

  320. My favorite is the Fall Colors Necklace. I love Fall and living in Florida I don’t get to see the beautiful Fall Colors and feel the crisp Fall air. A beautiful Fall necklace would be a good substitute!

  321. I love the fall colours necklace. I am just being reminded how much I love the colours of fall. So beautiful !

  322. What fun necklaces! I think my favorite is the dangle chain necklace.

  323. Wow…lots of gorgeous jewelry on her etsy site. My favorite is the simple and stylish turquoise necklace.

  324. Cute stuff! I love the vintage ear dangles. Thanks for sharing!

  325. OOO! I love the fall colors neclace. This lady is talented!

  326. Love it all- thinking about Xmas gifts. THink the pink and black would make a lot of people happy- especially me!

  327. Love the brass and suede necklace. Such pretty items she has!!!

  328. The Chiffon Flower Headband is too cute! Love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  329. Do I have to pick just one? There are so many that I would choose. I like the Simple & Stylish and Brass & Suede the most though. Thanks for the chance to win.

  330. These are gorgeous. I just browsed through her shop, both the for sale and sold items. Everything is beautiful. I can see why you are smitten. I love the Indian Summer necklace and earrings set.
    Have a very happy week.

  331. Sounds like things are changing for the better for you and your family! Thats great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  332. Oh…I’m totally drooling. I looked around her store and I love the Vintage earrings and the Hot pink and black necklace. I love that she uses ribbon to tie the necklaces…very chic!!

  333. Those necklaces are so pretty, I love the colors! Thanks for the chance to win, I am loving your blog.

  334. Way toooooo many to list…..enjoying them all!

  335. Clara Ewell says:

    Turquoise Magnasite Necklace– love it! I have never seen flowers used with necklaces like hers. Hope to win.

  336. I can see why this is one of your favorite Etsy stores. Isn’t that brass and suede necklace just perfect for fall? And the simple and stylish line would be just perfect with jeans. Lovely stuff!!

  337. Ooooh…. One of each please? Or, if not, than the black and pink necklace would be fabulous!

  338. Molly McCarthy says:

    The Blue Denim Necklace was my favorite.

  339. They all are calling my name. I am not only attracted to the different pieces, but love the name of them too. Who could resist wearing a yummy necklace like cappucino? Love the fall colors, the denim necklace . . .

  340. Love, love the giveaway!! Some many cute pieces…too hard to select just one!! :)

  341. The Ciffon headband

  342. everything is so pretty, I really like the fall colors and the brown acrylic

  343. They are all a bit love-er-ly. Checking out other people’s creative stuff really does get your own juices going. As I’m in Australia, the giveaway probably doesn’t count, so just know that I love following your blog.

  344. I love the Denim Blue Necklace! And I love the “stacy-esque” necklace pictured above even more. Thanks for the chance to win!

  345. I love the flower bobby pins and the fall necklaces.

  346. I just love the chiffon & ribbon flower headbands! In fact, I’m heading back over to purchase them for my daughter! Thank you for sharing this wonderful designer.

  347. I love the Cappucino Necklace and Earrings that you have shown at the bottom of your post – I could see myself wearing this a lot!

  348. I love the brass & suede necklace and the fall one. I also like the bobby pins. They would look so cute in my daughter’s hair.

  349. Hmmm, love all of them. Her jewelry is really pretty.

  350. Hee Jin Ramsey says:

    Love the ring! thanks for a chance to win and I hope I do!

  351. I love the chiffon flower headbands! They are cute.

  352. I love the dangle chain necklace!

  353. AMAZING!! I love the necklaces!!

  354. cappacino necklace!! or any of the rings!

  355. The fall colors necklace.The blue part of the pendant reminds me of flowing water .Simple and beautiful.Love the orange mixed in as well.

  356. Whoa! LOVE the rainbow beads!

  357. I love the necklaces and the rings….ok, the headbands are pretty cute too. I think I like them all really! I like the colors and they just seem happy and fun! THanks so much for sharing this with us!

  358. Love it all! Beautiful stuff!

  359. OH that Chrysanthemum Ring Hot Pink is calling my name. The Headbands are adorable also

  360. Cute jewelry! Love the pretty in pink or not necklace! I may have to purchase it! ;) Thanks for the opp!

  361. LOVING the brass and suede necklace. These chunky jewelry pieces are awesome!

  362. Love the ring – beautiful!!

  363. Hot Pink and Black Necklace is calling my name!! :)

  364. So cute -reminds me iridescence bubbles – and love the ring too.

  365. I love the Denim Blue Necklace – it would go with anything and everything!

  366. Love the mum rings – very cute!

  367. Ooh, so much cute stuff. I really like the denim necklace–I’m a t-shirt & jeans kinda mom and I think this would be the perfect necklace for so many of my outfits, or non-outfits as the case may be. :)

  368. Great fun jewelry. Going over to the Etsy shop now.

  369. I love her hot pink and black necklace. Fun fun fun!

  370. Katie scott says:


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