Sprinkle No. 43


Sprinkle No. 43 is one of those things that is easy and relatively inexpensive and brings (at least for me) a huge return on investment.

Get new dishtowels *
(or … wash cloths or kitchen towels or whatever “linen” item you use every day)

That’s it. Easy.
These daily linens tend to get dirty, stained and raggy before too long and I’m always amazed at how happy I am when I gather them all up, toss the really nasty ones, put the others in the Goodwill box and replace them when new, fresh and clean!

* I recently found these happy green cloths at Fred Meyer. They are fade-resistant, so you can wash them with your whites and bleach and they will stay green! I don’t have a source online, but here are some cool¬† green Microfiber Cleaning Towels on Amazon.


NOTE: I have a new plan for my *sprinkles* blog.
When I do or discover something that is a *sprinkle* in my life, I will share it with you.
I may post once a week and I may not.

The good news is that *sprinkles* from now on are 100% authentic. This blog is now less pressure to inspire you and more a reflection of the curious, creative and compassionate things I do to nurture joy in my own soul. I have also turned off the comments on this blog. I don’t need to know whether or not you like or use a *sprinkle.* I just need to put it out into the universe and hope that good things happen.


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