Wow, it sounds like we all have cleaning up to do! I have so many cleaning projects planned for when the kids are back in school! The winner of Keri Smiths new book is Mel H. who said: “Well, I think I have a winner.  My basement and lower level half bath flooded last Thursday with sewage…so I have a destroyed bathroom (had to strip tile to the sub-floor (which has to be replaced)) and then an entire destroyed closet, missing carpet in 1/3 of the basement family room and no ceiling for 1/2 the room…and everything in the basement had to be moved, emptied from wet boxes and salvaged as best we could.  I know where nothing is..but thankfully, we only lost one or two small things and no one was injured…but boy, is it a MESS!”

Good luck getting that cleaned up! It sounds like you need a break! Enjoy the book!

Mel, please send me an email with your address so I can get this out to you!


  1. Wow.. that would be a nasty mess. Mel deserves this little pick me up!

  2. I agree…what a mess. I hope you can get your home back in order with minimal stress. Tearing that book apart will help too! Congrats on winning it!

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