A Taste for Work

Ok, this is kind of fun.

When I lived in Chicago (Geoff was attending medical school from 1990- 1994) I met and LOVED the Morrison family. I served in our ward as the Young Women president, which means I was in charge of planning activities and lessons for girls between the ages of 12 and 18. Sally Morrison’s daughter, Sarah was one of these young women.

So, not too long ago I reconnected to Sally and discovered that she works in the career and job search business and that she and her partners specialize in helping women find work. Their website, Career Partners is a great place to learn more.

Anyway … Sally (along with her partners) wrote a book, called A Taste for Work and I have a copy to giveaway.
A Taste for Work is a very cool combination of career building strategies and advice alongside yummy recipes. So, for example the chapter on Networking is called “Don’t Be Chicken” and features four of the authors’ favorite chicken recipes. The chapter on getting paid is paired with dessert recipes. Totally FUN idea!

Now, as you probably know, this year has been a year of change for me. As I emerge from a difficult period of time, I have let go of a LOT of things that used to feel pretty important. I am prioritizing things a bit differently and approaching much of what I do with a new, refined perspective. This is all good and it’s simply to say that one of the things I’m doing differently is giveaways on my blog. More on this coming soon. What you need to know that is that when I have something to giveaway, I will simply select a winner/receiver from among those comments left the day before. This means I’m not manufacturing comments just for the sake of giving something away. I really enjoy authentic comments that share an opinion or pose a question or draw a connection to me or the topic I’ve written about. I LOVE rewarding those people that regularly interact with me on my blog.

IF … you happen to win something you don’t want, please share it with someone who does want it — sound good?

I’m going to send a copy of A Taste for Work to Lynn Mercurio who commented on yesterday’s post about our 2011 4Experts line-up at Big Picture Classes. Lynn has a website called Stamperosity — I hope you’ll pay her a visit!

And, just for the FUN of it, here are some family photos Sally sent me.

Sally and her husband, Steve.

Sally’s daugther Sarah (crazy that she now has kids of her own!)

Sally’s son, Scott. I remember Scott and thinking, I hope my little Clark grows up to be as nice and respectful! He has.

Amazing how time flies and families grow and friendships remain intact!
Life is good.


  1. Sounds like a very interesting book. I am finding myself at a crossroads in my career which I do love about 95% of the time and seeking something that doesn’t have office politics!

    • You know Shannon I think we are always at a crossroads, just sometimes we don’t notice the other directions we could go!!

  2. Your philosophy on giveaways is brilliant, Stacy! The book sounds really interesting! I wool be looking for a job again next year when my little one goes to Kindergarten. I’m not certain I will go back to teaching in the classroom so I’m starting to look at other options.

    Isn’t it wonderful to connect with old friends. I just ran into a college friend at the cider mill and I lived seeing her family.

  3. Staying in touch with people is an art in itself. It is very easy to let people slide out of our lives. Way to go staying in touch with a special family.

    • To Sally’s credit it was her that reached out to me — so glad she did. And, I did call into her radio show today, so the BEST part was hearing her voice!

      • Our family has a special plate we made- “way to go” for just such occasions when someone goes out of there way to make something happen, ” we’re proud of you” ” know that you are loved . . . ” You would definitely qualify for this plate! WTG!

  4. Your new “outlook” on giveaways is so authentically YOU! I so appreciate you sharing your perspectives on life and challenges and just gettin’ it done – whatever IT is. I am just coming out the other side of a huge bout with depression that I didn’t even realize I had. Feeling the relief from the physical aspects are so very much as important as a clearer mental outlook and NO MORE TEARS! At least most of the time! There are always those perimenopausal episodes that just aren’t going to magically disappear but I do not feel so overwhelmed all the time. And I almost want to take more pictures and scrap again. That has been hard to admit even to myself – that I just didn’t want to take pictures anymore. Thank you for your positive approach. I love reading your blog because I always feel happier afterwards.

    • Nancy,

      I’m right there with you girl — coming out of a dark place and so eager to maintain a healthy balance and my new found feeling of calm amidst the chaos I can’t change!

  5. Stacy I love your new approach to give aways. So much better for you to reward your regular readers and comment givers than people who only comment to win. Love Love it. I know how I love comments on my blog and it made my year when one of the Big Pictures teachers actually took the time to comment on it.

  6. Amy DeMordaunt says:

    What a blast from the past! So nice to see the Morrison family and what they are doing. Stacey, your positive voice that shouts out goodness to the world really is a remarkable thing. The way you share your talents is a blessing to us all. You know, you really can’t be too happy ;)

    • Amy — You are one I’d love to stay connected with. I need a photo of Jimmy! Will you remind me what your blog URL is, I know I found it at one time. Are you still writing a blog?

      So delightfully fun to see your name!

    • Hi! I haven’t seen your name for quite sometime! I remember visiting your family one afternoon in Idaho, must have been when we took Scott up to Ricks (it still was Ricks at the time).

      My family and I are in Arizona. Nate and I have been married for 12 years and have Grace (8) and Jimmy (4). You can see us a http : // theyoungandrestless (dot) blogspot (dot) com

      Wishing you a wonderful day!

  7. I love it when I meet up with people that I haven’t seen in years. Working with youth in our church over 26 years, it happens a lot!

  8. Wonderful photos of a happy family. Thanks for sharing lynn’s blog. Just went there and what gorgeous cards. thanks for thinking of us and sharing as always.

  9. good on you Stacy, simplefy and genuine is the way to go…take care..

  10. Stacy~
    I just want to say I enjoy your blog so very much. I have used your “tickets to summer” for 3 years now and our family LOVES it!! :) You have been a blessing to me in the talents you share and the encouragement you give! I am happy to hear you are feeling better and I hope your good health continues. Kuddos to you for “refining your perspective” on life. I know that I should step back and do that more often.

  11. Peggy Leland says:

    What an interesting idea. I’d love to take a look at one, will it be available to purchase online or borrow from my local library? I love their take on it and who doesn’t like a few new recipes.

    Hope things are going better for you. I’ve recently been listening to some paperclipping roundtable episodes with you and I always love what you have to stay.

    Hope you’ll share your new office space with us soon. I love your decorating style too!

  12. bea medwecky says:

    Stacy, I love your approach to giveaways. I hate having to write a comment that I have no interest in writing just because I think the giveaway is cool. Nice to know that on your blog, I just need to write a comment when I have something to say. I am so happy to hear that you are coming out of IT, and I am hoping and praying that IT was not a serious health issue.

  13. I like your idea for giveaways and I’m hoping you are doing better. Hugs!

  14. Stacy,
    Really love the idea you have come up with for giveaways!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Lauren S. says:

    That’s awesome, reconnecting with friends! I know there are a few people I should really contact. The giveaway idea is brilliant! And I love that book idea! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your next color bin! =D

  16. Love your new approach to giveaways. It is so you. I love reading your blog all of the time. You are so uplifting…incredible energy. It’s so wonderful to catch up with old friends. My best friend from high school came up from Florida last week. What a joy it was to see her. We are committed to staying in touch now. Hope you continue to come out of your difficult period!

  17. There is something really touching about connecting back with a child you admired before having children! We recently saw a young man – now a senior in high school – perform beautifully in a program. My husband and I had taught him in a church class when he was in second grade and we were newly married. Seeing him took me back to how precocious he was and how we fell in love with his passion for learning. I had forgotten until we saw him as an almost-grown man that we had talked about how we hoped our future son would have the same curiosity and intensity. It is heartwarming to see that as a high school senior he’s just as responsible and talented as we knew he would be. And we were thrilled to realize that our son is now so much like that second-grade boy!
    Thanks for sharing that connection.

  18. That’s got to make you feel good to see the lives that you touched. Reading your story sparked a memory for me…

    When I was in HS, I worked at the local grocery store where a mother and her young daughter ALWAYS waited in line just to come through my check-out because the little girl thought I was really nice (and pretty). At one point, for a school project, I made a children’s book and gave it to her. Later, when the mom found out she was expecting another baby, they took input from their young daughter on the naming of the new baby; The daughter picked SARAH – so, they really did name their baby after me.

    Now, I wonder… after all these years… what became of my little friend and her younger sister. What kind of person did she turn out to be?

    I’m kicking myself right now… as I seem to have forgotten their names. (Although, it has probably been close to 20 years already…) Thanks for sparking my memories…

    • Wow. What a cool story — I hope you’ve written this one down!!

      • I should look through my boxes of old memorabilia from my younger years to see if I can find one of my old journals. I somehow doubt that I ever wrote about that though… silly teenage stuff is more likely. Like I said, I am kicking myself that I can’t recall their names. I will have to add this story to my adult journal that has much more meaning and thought behind it.

  19. P.S. I LOVE your newest SPRINKLE! :)

  20. Stacy,
    As usual you remain one of my heros. I’m sure you didn’t think so at the time, but your messages and lessons came through loud and clear. I still remember them to this day and am grateful you and Geoff were right there during my four years of high school.

    I’m sorry you’ve been in a dark place. May the light shine brightly for you now!

    Love always,

    • oh! hello miss Sarah.

      You are still so pretty and I was SO happy to see this photo of you and your family.
      I am fine — just dealing with life challenges that make us stronger, right?

      thanks for popping in.
      I was just called to be our stake young women president, so I still get to work with lovely young women, like you!


  21. I like the new way of doing your give-aways!

  22. Catherine says:

    I try to read your blog everyday because it’s like catching up with a friend. Even though I have never met you (one day hopefully…who knows!) I always feel “welcome” and the better for having done so. Your outlook on life is just real and down to earth! I always feel to intimidated to leave a reply – but just thought this morning that it’s always nice to receive a compliment, right? So here it is in a nutshell – Stacey, thank you for a wonderful blog. Whether it is your intention or not and whether you are aware of it or not…you make a difference to my day – thank you!

  23. Thanks for the tip about the book. I’m trying to decide if its what I need. I have a job but I am trying to figure out how to market my mom’s art on the internet. She does both portraits and cute drawings we use in scrapbooking. All I have to do is ask her to draw me an embellishment for my layout and I would like to share those with others. Any book recommendations that would help me with that?

  24. Thank you for posting about this book. You seem often to post interesting and useful things just when I need them. I have been struggling greatly in a job that is making me so unhappy it has begun to effect even my home life. I know that regardless of the good pay and benefits and a bad economy it’s time to go elsewhere. I am going to order this book and check out your friend’s web site to see what helpful information I can find.

    Glad to hear things are looking up somewhat for you. I think it’s important to re-assess and re-prioritize from time to time as our wants, needs and life situations change. I wish you all the best. Your philosophy on scrapbooking really helped me put the hobby that was so important to me back into my life without the stress that my old rules and preconceived notions were causing me. I am so grateful for that.

  25. Hi Stacy:

    I love that you post about this book. I will definitely be picking this up! Thank you for sharing! I really need this right now.

    Have a great weekend!

  26. check in almost every day just to get a bit of inspiration and a dose of your upbeat spirit and optimism….thanks for sharing your blog!

  27. I LOVE it when I can reconnect from someone from my early days. I am especially missing a friend from grade school whose family was so important to my growing up in faith. Wow. I need to get a story about them in my album! whoot whoot Stacy! So glad you wrote this!

  28. Karen Schmidt says:

    Love the Sprinkle today. The Sun is shineing bright today here in Michigan so when I get off work i’m going to do this very thing. I do this all the time when the weather gets cool but the sun is still warming. It makes me feel relaxed and happy. It almost makes me fall asleep its that relaxing for me. Love the idea. I love reading your blog BTW, I’m now reading Lisa Bearnson blog as well. Love both of you.

  29. Stacy, I love your blog and I check it everyday. Even during hard times, you convey a sense of optimism and hope that is inspiring. I particularly enjoy when you suggest favorite things – I have given away several GurglePots thanks to you, and cake pops are my new favorite thing!

  30. Don’t you love reconnecting. I have reconnected with a couple people in the last several months through facebook. If it weren’t for one of us looking up the other there, we wouldn’t have been in contact again. One is my favorite cousin who lives in SLC, Utah. We had just not contacted each other for a long time. When we lost her Mom, I decided that we needed to stay in better contact, so now we message each other with updates.

  31. Such cute family photos!

  32. I check your blog every day so I guess I have to come out and say hi:) Thank you for sharing your creativity with us and a glimpse of life-good and hard times. You have enriched my life more than you will ever know.

  33. I totally need that book, I have been a stay at home mom for 5 years now & I am looking to get back to work outside the home. Gotta earn some money to support my scrapping habit

  34. What a wonderful way to approach life. I have had a tough year (okay two years) and one of the ways I have been able to cope with things is forcing myself to let go of certain expectations. When I expect certain things, I am almost always frustrated and disappointed. Instead, I’m trying to find joy in my life and just roll with things. I’ll admit … it’s not that easy. Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration!

  35. Reading your blog is a special little treat i give myself a couple times a week (I enjoy having a few entries to read back to back). Some people reach for chocolate, I reach for my laptop and stacyjulian.com:) I so appreciate your positive outlook on life, even when things aren’t going the greatest at the time. Authenticity is so missing in the world today, and your blogspot is a place I know i can always go to hear “real-life” suggestions, inspiration, problems (usually with solutions included!), and ideas to make your family/self/world better. Thank you for being who you are, and I wish you only the best regarding your struggles this past year-you have a world-wide community of very caring people praying for you and wishing you well.

  36. Love the idea of this book. Many of us working mom always find it a struggle balancing work and family. I think having recipes alongside career strategies will keep your focus on home as well. What a wonderful concept!

  37. Stacy you are such an AMAZING women…. I have been reading your blog and watching those old videos you did (can’t remember the name) but you shared your daily routine … about praying, running and getting kids out the door. You inspire me to be my best everyday!!! I even met you once in CA at CHA and was so excited. Can’t wait to see pictures of your new room :) Have a great weekend!

  38. ana smith says:

    I think it’s just amazing that someone can think up these ideas! What would make someone think that recipes & career advice would go together? It works. Keep bringing me all this great info, even if it’s not about scrapbooking.

    • Hi Ana, your comment caught my attention. What would make someone think of recipes and career advice together? Because job search is so much like cooking to me. It all started with Chapter 3 of the book.

  39. Sounds like SUCH a fun book!

    And you know… you choosing from the ‘day before’ comments is just one more reason why I love you so much. Just another reason that makes you the coolest. Thank you, Stacy. :-)

  40. What a lovely sentiment. I love the idea of rewarding those that comment for no other reason than because they’re regular supporters!

    It sounds like it’s been a difficult year, but I truly hope you’re coming into a good place!!!

  41. karen Hobbs says:

    I think that may be one of the best parts of “growing up”. Seeing our friends and relatives have kids and those kids have kids and really feeling that circle of life thing!! Love it!

  42. LaCoe Inwards says:

    Hey Stacy!
    I am getting excited about Delta Phi Scrappa again, registration opens tomorrow! It’s at Grand View Lodge and it is sooo Beautiful!
    Thought I would stop by and catch up on what is new on your blog! I love it and read it often! It always seems to make me smile! All the color always brightens my day! Thanks for doing what you do!
    Hopeing to see you back at DPS again soon!!
    LaCoe :)

  43. Hey Stacey! It’s Fall Break here in Lincoln, NE, and I just re-organized my scrapbooking closet…BY COLOR!! I am so excited! My closet if small, so I can’t put EVERYTHING together by color, but my 12×12 paper is by color, then my 8.5x 11 + my letter stickers are by color, then my embellishments. I feel SO much more relaxed, knowing I can just grab whatever color I need for paper, etc. rather than sifting thru all my letters, or all my embellishments, etc. I realized that I scrapbook by color, so why not organize by color? It works! Just wanted you to know you’ve influences another faithful reader and scrapbooker! Have a great day!

  44. Julie Lueck says:

    Dear Stacy, I know bad things, or even not so fun things happen to good people. I also know that nothing bad lasts forever. My life has been blessed and enriched by reading your blog. I look forward to it everyday, like reading a good book. I was so not looking on the happy side of things, and your thoughts and words truly had a positive impact on me. When I was a single young adult, I became hooked on genealogy..family history…through pictures left by my grandfather. I always thought the pictures I take should tell a story, but your LOM has indeed inspired me. It’s my prayer that you get to a place where you can handle all the things you love and not be burdened. (Like the Nephites in the BOM how their burdens became light) It is also my prayer that your blog will be something that you will continue to love and have time for.
    A hard lesson on reconnecting. I had a very dear close friend from my single young adult days who married a decade before me.We met when we were 18yrs old and together with our 3rd friend were almost inseparable for 6 years until she married. I kept in constant contact while I was single, but after FINALLY getting married she couldn’t/wouldn’t make time for me in her more advanced stage of married life. (No more toddlers when I was still having babies) You can’t force someone to stay close no matter how much you care about them. Now after 13 years of not being so close, I get a call, she has decided to “take a break” from church, basically the life she has been living for the last 39 years (ie…the covenants she made at baptism and when she married.) The amazing thing is it’s been 20 years since we used to hang out all the time, and 13 since we really stopped talking and spending any time together, but I felt as if my heart had been ripped out of my chest. I just wasn’t expecting to care so much.

  45. Girl…we need to talk! I too have been struggling. Sometimes just knowing we are not alone really helps. xo

  46. i will certainly check this book out!! thanks for sharing. i also saw your posts about the disney business course.. my company teaches a class called The Service Profit Chain and it is based on these 7 disney principles. a two day class for me, a life changing event both personally and professionally. can’t wait to hear all about your view on Mort. ;)

  47. Looks like a great book! Always love your recommendations :)

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