Friday FIVE for October 29th


We had a SURPRISE 16th birthday party for Chase last night. His birthday is November 12th, but Geoff and I will be on our cruise. I knew I needed to do something big and special to make up for missing my son’s sixteenth. He’ll have a nice gift and family party with Grandma, who is coming to tend the kids when we’re gone!

A HUGE thank you to our friends the Oviatt’s who hosted the surprise. I left with Trey to “run errands” around 4:30 (we set up) and Clark got a “text” from his leader (Brother Oviatt) at church to come pick up some boxes of canned food for the service project. Fortunately Chase agreed to come along and help. When Chase came downstairs, we were all hiding in their home theater room, where we then put on a pretty cool Harry Potter party — we watched HP6 in anticipation of SEVEN!! I need to post the movie preview that Clark and I created especially for Chase — it was pretty cute!

I’m so HAPPY that my Chase was so HAPPY.


It’s been school spirit week ALL WEEK at Greenacres Middle School.
Trey has worn a CRAZY hat, dressed in an array of SPORTS clothing, dressed up as a NERD, done his hair up all WILD and even painted his thumbs purple in honor of PURPLE day.

Here he is with his nerdy friend Marcus from across the street. I love that Marcus is carrying an Origami creation!! I’m not saying that life peeks in Jr. High, but I so remember days like these and there are NOT many better.


Clark continues to amaze me with “obligations” on his social calendar!
This week is the annual Central Valley High School food drive. Turns out CVHS is the 2nd largest contributor to 2nd Harvest — nice.

Clark designed these T-shirts and has spent the week collecting cans in our community. Today all of Geoff’s staff are donning these shirts and asking for donations. I’m very proud of how Clark is keeping up with grades in the midst of serving as activities coordinator — he is seriously GONE ALL THE TIME!


Speaking of food. If you haven’t ever tried Dave’s Killer Bread you really need to. It’s AMAZING and comes with a great story. I’m a sucker for a great product built on a great story!


Since I’ll be traveling next week I thought I could share some ADORABLE travel product with one of my blog readers today.
This line is from The Girls’ Paperie and it’s so Margie and so well designed.

I’m going to send this product to Michelle P. who commented on my post about the cruise. She is going through a tough spot right now and could use a little Happy Mail (says I) …

Michelle’s comment: Please, please, please offer this as a class on your website! I need this class, but there is no way I could afford a cruise. I am going through an incredibly difficult time right now (some medical problems) and I would like to record the process of getting well again, but could really use some guidance. You are such an inspiration to many of us.
Have a great cruise!

Have wonderful Friday.


  1. Michelle, I just want to wish you well on your road to recovery. Stacy, thank you for all you do! You are truly awesome!!

  2. Oh, Stacy, I hope that you and Geoff have a wonderful time! Happy 16th birthday to you, Chase! ‘Wishing you all the best!!

  3. Stacy, you know what I love about your kids? They aren’t “too cool” to enjoy family. Happy Birthday to your “baby”!

  4. Way to go with the surprise! Must be fun to live in the Julian household. Enjoy the cruise – and hopefully sometime to enjoy your hubby :-)

  5. I love your little family! And I can relate to so much of what goes on with your kids! Our kids are around the same ages and it is so awesome to see that kids everywhere get to do the same kinds of things! So Fun!

  6. Hoping you and your husband had a wonderful relaxing cruise with lots of fun. I need to book my husband and myself of one of those one of these days.

  7. Sherry Coleman says:

    Thanks for being so nice. I appreciate your efforts to cheer someone else up.

  8. I love reading about all of your family party activities! The album you are doing on the cruise looks wonderful – thanks for sharing some of the info with us. I agree – offering it at BPC would be lovely :)) Have fun with your DH on the cruise – sigh!

  9. The picture of the boys is too cute. Yes, let’s all go back to middle school. Didn’t we have FUN then?

  10. I have been reading your blog for years; since the early days of playful productive present and I read your book ALL THE TIME my husband jokes that next to the bible it is my favorite source of joy,he is right! Just want to write you for the first time to tell you that what you did for Michelle really touched my heart. I am in charge of a ministry at my church called Project Barnabus named after the brother of encouragement from the bible; where we do the same thing you did for Michelle; just loving on people anonymously leaving only a note that says..”you have been blessed by Project Barnabus. Anyone can be a Barnabus…you have proven that time and time again. Thank you for loving God’s people so beautifully.

  11. Wonderful, happy pictures! And speaking of HAPPY, when do your Happy colors with Core’dinations come out? I keep searching for them online and also at my LSS!! I can’t wait to get my hands on them! :)

  12. Aw happy happy birthday to Chase. He DOES look happy, and we in the Internetz rarely get to see it. Happy birthday!!!!

    Now Trey, on the other hand… what a cutie. I don’t even know him and I love that kid. Every picture of him is so FULL of personality! I love the nerd outfit LOL.

    Have a happy halloween in Chez Julian! Tonight I am taking my 14 yr old goddaughter and one of her friends to see a show with a mind bender and hypnotist!

  13. Sounds like Chase had a fun party! Have you seen the new Harry Potter papers from Imaginations? I picked some up today at our LSS and they are fabulous.

  14. I wonder if your friends are related to the Bro & Sis. Oviatt I knew. Delmar Oviatt was instrumental in the founding of the San Fernando State College now, CA. State University at Northridge. The library is named for him.

  15. I love reading your “5″ You have some wonderful kids there and I know you are proud of them! Have fun on that cruise and Happy Birthday to Chase!

  16. Thank you for the Girls’ Paperie introduction. We don’t have a local scrapbook store anymore so i feel so out of touch w/ great designers. Her papers are beautiful :).

    And yes, enjoy your children and be proud of them! We reap what we sow….

  17. Peggy Leland says:

    sounds like a great week. You have great kids, you and your husband should be proud. enjoy your weekend.

  18. thanks for sharing the Killer Bread (story). I needed to hear an inspirational story today – I’ve been having some self-invited pitty parties lately re: my pain issues and I love when I get out of my funk by hearing of how someone else did -in such a big way. Now I just have to convince them to get their cinnamon roll & bread out here on the East Coast.
    Michelle, I’ll keep you in my thoughts that your journey to health is full of folks that can be of help to finding it.

  19. Your daughter is just too cute! Makes me just want to kiss those little cheeks of hers!

  20. Kathie R. says:

    Just had to tell you that on one of your Five for Five, you posted the “Cake Pops” cookbook. Hubby and I walked the local mall that weekend since it was pouring, and I stopped in at B&N and they had it in stock!! We have made them twice now, with plans for #3 next weekend. The grandkids LOVE it. THANK YOU THANK YOU! When you get it, cuz you NEED to ;-), my only advice: plan on making the cake and mixing in the frosting the day before you gather to do the decorating, and also thin the candy with some vegetable oil!! FUN!!

  21. Wow, what a busy week! It’s so great to see what you & your fam are up to. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Happy Mail to Michelle!

  22. karen Hobbs says:

    I love that Dave’s killer bread ! So delicious and so good for you and a great story!
    Have a fabulous cruise! Enjoy every minute, relaxing or dancing or swimming or dining…al of it is fun and make some great memories!

  23. Thank you for sharing with us what is going on in your life. And-I love the new travel line by Margie. It looks amazing:)

  24. That photo of Addie with Clark is priceless! Have a wonderful time on your cruise – the class looks wonderful, and I endorse the other calls for you to consider offering it on BPC at some stage.

  25. Looks like it was a lovely birthday surprise. Beautiful cake!
    Your posts are always so fun to read. I also like listening to you on paperclipping roundtable – you have so many ideas & so much energy;)
    Enjoy your cruise!

  26. Have a wonderful time on your cruise! Love your blog…you bring so much happy into so many lives. Happy B’day to Chase. Love the pix of your kids…such great children!

  27. I love surprise parties! The 16th is so special.
    Little Addie’s smile makes my heart smile.
    Stacy, your generosity never ceases to amaze me.
    Michelle, I hope your struggles lessen, and even though it’s a difficult time enjoy the time documenting your story.

  28. Congratulations Michelle – I hope that you start to feel better soon!

  29. In awe of Clark and his giving spirit and work!!!

  30. Beautiful paper! Fun Birthday and of course Beautiful children!!

  31. Awesome! So glad Chase’s movie party surprise was a hit. And sounds like you found the perfect venue too. Well done! Now you can go on your cruise and know that you did something big for such an important milestone. Love the shirt. It must warm your heart to see your child come up with creative ways to make an impact on his world. Have fun!

    • Melody –
      Thank YOU for the FUN, FUN movie idea. I was all lined up to rent the Garland Theater for three hours, but then they called and said I couldn’t show Harry Potter 6 because it is 2 and half hours long. Luckily, the Oviatts came through at nearly the last hour (well, just before I got the invites out.) Anyway, I owe you BIG. I’d love to hear how the fairy party went!

  32. So fun seeing all that your children are doing- a fabulous bunch you’re raising. Oh, and I LOVE the nerd costumes. LOVE.

  33. Happy Birthday Chase!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Congrats to Michelle! So happy she won the package! Stacy, you gave me the perfect costume idea for a party I am taking my son to tonight. A girl NERD! I will just borrow some of my husbands clothes and put tape around a pair of glasses, roll up pants and bring a Math book. Wish I had a pocket protector…hmmmmm wonder if they sell those at the dollar store… thanks!!! P.S. EnJOY your cruise.

  35. carol in seattle :) says:

    Loved your birthday party for Chase! We love HP too! As for Clark being gone all the time? He’s an awesome kid doing awesome service ! (Who has awesome parents who taught him well!)

  36. Chase is SIXTEEN!? CHASE!!!? Ouch. I can’t believe we have lived here long enough for him to grow up SO much! WE love you and Happy Birthday to Chase!!! Have a wonderful time on your very needed cruise vacation. No better pampering vacation than that. XoXo

  37. All 5 made me smile! What kid would not love a suprise 16th bday party? I have to admit I got tingles when I read Michelles’s comments and saw that you had responded with a special gift for her. Love it. You inspired me to pay it forward a little bit this evening. Happy weekend!

  38. I just have to say that I am dying to see your new office. Every time I organize mine, it somehow makes it way back to looking like a bomb went off in here.

  39. scrapper al says:

    You are a great mom to give Chase a fun surprise party. And you’re very sweet to send that package to Michelle. Enjoy the cruise!

  40. Stacy, what a wonderful memory you’ve given your son with his surprise 16th birthday party! My friends and family also gave me a surprise party for my 16th birthday, and it truly was one of the best days of my life. I will remember it always, even though it’s been over 25 years ago :)

  41. What fun things. You inspire me. Thanks. And enjoy your cruise!!

  42. Angela Williams says:

    Well Happy early Birthday to Chase! And Dave’s Good Seed bread is my all time favorite! Love that stuff!

  43. Thanks for catching us up on how busy you’ve been! My daughter turns 16 today and she’s got a big party we’ve been planning for months this Saturday! It’s so awesome that you surprised Chase that way.

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