HAPPY Mail & a cute purple page

HAPPY e-mail from Deborah

I’ve been doing a few classes over at BPC and loving them. LOM changed my life and has made scrapping so much easier and fun.  I have just been in May’s Use Your Stash class and whilst I haven’t specifically scrapped any of the challenges or scrapped a huge amount of layouts, I did sort my stash. I have sorted all my embellies by color after being inspired by your posts on your blog. Last night I created 2 layouts and it was so easy to add the embellies from my stash because I just looked through my newly organised color boxes!

I have attached one of the layouts based on a sketch over at my friend’s Scrapbooking store

Deborah — You and this page are beautiful!

HAPPY snail mail from Lisa

This letter came with an adorable box (pay particular attention to the italicized parts):
I have been a student at BPC for a number of years; too many to think about! Most of my classes have been with you and the LOM system. Each year I learn something new and enjoy my time as one of your students. It has taken me much longer to implement the system because life gets in the way. I know in the end, it will all come together and I will be a happier scrapper because of it. And isn’t that what it is all about; being happy with what you have and what you do with it?

During the LOM of 2010 you had a layout in lesson 8 “Things I’ve Recently Realized”, and on this layout you had a small section of old, used stamps! You guessed it — your surprise gift is a box full of old used stamps. I have so many of them and I thought I should spread the joy. They come from my Great Uncle, who was a priest during WWII and had many adventures overseas. He was even the religious council at the war crime trials. After his passing my mom found them hidden in his house and she was going to give them away or throw them out. I took the whole box; a very large box! Over the years I continue to share them and use them on some of my projects and layouts.

Lisa — You made my heart so very happy. Thank YOU.

Can you believe it?
Really — how delightful is it to be a part of a community of women who are so eager to create and share joy!

Such a delight.


  1. Inspiring! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Such a great present, I should start cutting the stamps out of the envelopes!… Off to get the dog who is running away with today’s mail!!!

  3. I agree with Deborah, your scrap by color videos have been very inspiring. I’m not 100% sorted by color yet, but what I have done so far has already helped me save SO MUCH TIME (and money!) Thanks for posting Deborah’s layout – the texture of it is so beautiful.

    And love those stamps! I never would have thought to use old canceled stamps on a layout, but I am now inspired to do so!

  4. Isn’t it so much fun to get mail! I love the idea of using old stamps on layouts. We have a huge box of DH’s grandparents and there are lots of postcards and old stamps in it, some we will keep as mementos (or scrap as mementos), others I’ll add to my scrappin’ stash.

  5. What a nice thing to do and that box is so pretty!

    I LOVE that purple LO. Gorgeous.

  6. I have 5 stamps that I found at my grandmother’s house after she died and I didn’t even think about putting them on a layout! What a great idea. They are currently in a box in my closet where no one can see them. I need to get busy. I love the inspiration I find here. Thank you.

  7. I really think she should frame some of them…put a pop dot behind them and arrange a few in a shadow box from Hobby Lobby {use a coupon of course}. Every time she passes by, she’ll smile. And so will her Great Uncle looking down on her.

    • I LOVE this idea Monika — in fact, I love the way you think in general. You are always coming up with fresh, fun ideas!!

  8. I love all those old stamps. Very sweet of Lisa to share those with you. Now I can’t wait to see where they wind up.

    I love, love, love you color embellishment baskets. I sorted my smaller, random embellies by color years ago when I first took LOM. After I saw your video’s, I got larger boxes and put a lot more in them, like inks. flowers, etc. Now it is even more fun (and less mess) to scrap since I only have to grab one box.

    P.S. It was not in our budget to buy 9 baskets to sort my embellishments. One day while at Costco, I saw 9 med. size boxes on a cart headed for the recycle bin. I took all of them home and wrapped them with white sticky-back shelf liner paper that I already had. I then put a binder clip on each box and tied ribbon to each clip to coordinate with the contents of each box. Organization on a budget ;)

  9. What a priceless gift! I too look forward to seeing what you create with them! I saw an idea in a magazine once where you basically mod podged a bunch of stamps to completely cover a rock. Instant paperweight (and great Father’s Day gift idea!).

  10. Just a big SMILE on this face. thank you for sharing

  11. What a wonderful Random Act of Kindness. Who doesn’t love a good mail day! Makes me think of my short lived obsession with stamp collecting as a child. Loved the little cellophane envelopes that the stamps came in . Beautiful Box!

  12. Lovely! lovely page, lovely kindnesses.

  13. Love getting surprise packages via “snail mail”. It’s always the little things that are so thoughtful and make you smile. I randomly send handwritten cards to friends and family just to say hello! And its nice to hear they appreciated it and it meant a lot to know that someone was thinking of them!

  14. How wonderful, the e-mail and the snail mail both!!!
    Old stamps are pretty cool. I bought some at a scrapbook store in Toronto a while ago and they are wonderful. There are all kinds of themes on them. Have a wonderful time playing with them Stacy!

  15. thats sso cute! i love the idea of a box of stamps!

  16. I love the stamps… and the box they came in.

  17. Happy mail makes me smile!! TFS.

  18. OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. How amazing. I just love getting old fashioned mail and goodies:)

  20. Very inspirational women with huge hearts!

  21. How cool is to have a relative save all those stamps???? And for her to share? This too makes my heart smile!!

  22. Michelle Evans says:

    I’ve been saving stamps for years, and bought a bunch of stamps at Boys Town this summer (they sell them for a fundraiser)….bought them just to use as embelleshments….now I need to get “with it” and use some on my layouts!

    Thanks for all the inspiration, as usual!

  23. Like your mom, I’m a big fan of purple, so this layout really caught my eye, and I had to linger for awhile- so pretty and sweet.

  24. carol in seattle :) says:

    Am I the only dork who thought of rubber stamps instead of postage stamps?

    Stacy, you know the only reason you get blessed like this is because you bless so many others – including me! Thanks for being YOU!!!!!!

  25. I have to add that it is SO nice to be able to go back to the “retired” classes we have taken from BPS! It has taken me longer to implement or do the classes due to life also but there I times when I want to make a page but my creative juices are not flowing and I get inspiration from one of the classes.

    I have also sorted by supplies by color and truly that is one of the BEST things I have done. It has made things so much easier and fun. I am glad you got those stamps Stacy–how fun and how sweet to be thought of!

  26. Terri in MD says:

    Carol In Seattle – I totally thought the same thing. *lol*

    But this is truly very cool. Both the stamps themselves and the way they were gifted.

  27. Lauren S. says:

    I love the stamps! So thoughtful! But I have to say, the LO caught my eye…! I have a picture just like of it MY first flute! Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. Wow, what a thoughtful and kind gift! The layout is so beautiful! I have somewhere a lace like that from a pillowcase. I must re-purpose it :)

  29. This sounds fantastic, wish I wasn’t all the way “down under” or I would join you on the cruise! Have a great time.

  30. I love thise post. I moved to a new town about three years aga and still haven’t made a lot of friends … but lately I have been hanging out at a lot of scrapbooking sites and have made virtaul friends. I can’t even tell you how much I look forward to their comments and notes. You’re right, this is a pretty cool community with cool woman. Thanks for sharing.

  31. How stinking cute is THAT?!?!? What an inspiring story. And OH, how THAT had to have brightened your day.

  32. Wow, both of those ladies are so awesome!
    i have loved BPC classes for many years, too. Thank you, Stacy, for inspiring so many people. My life is enriched with scrapbooking, not because i feel like i should (anymore), but because i want to and i can do it in a way that makes me happy-with no pressure. I learned this from you.
    Thanks again for the inspiration-from you and your readers.

  33. Stacy, I just got home from a scrapbooking retreat to a lovely email from you and on checking out your blog, I find my email and layout! What a lovely surprise – you have truly inspired me. Thanks for everyone’s lovely comments too. Love the snail mail too!

  34. Oh goodness, what a heartwarming and touching gift.

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