Scrap by Color: Purple

I really do remember that I was making a series of color videos at one time.

This is an extra special video, as I am joined by an extra special guest.



  1. wahoo purple! My Miss O loves Purple!

  2. Hello Mrs. Hall!
    I love purple. I have deep plum coloured living room furniture. Both my daughter’s rooms are birght purple. My grad dress was even purple. Purple, green, blue would be my FULL bins. Red, orange, yellow wouldn’t even be as full as your purple bin.

  3. Yeah another color video :)
    Your mother is beautiful! Does she scrapbook?

  4. YOu guys are great together! By the way, I love purple! Did you say you had a special announcement? Did I miss something?

  5. Yay! Love the videos – anxiously awaiting the “multi-color” one. I am in the process of converting to this color-based system and so far I LOVE IT!!

  6. I was wondering if you were going to do any more color videos. I’m in need of inspiration! Fun video with your mom and MY favorite color!

  7. I love this video! So sweet to include your beautiful mom in it! Guess what color shirt I am wearing today!?! Purple! I only have two purple shirts- what a coincidence that I’m wearing it today! :)

  8. Stacy,
    I love your hair in this video. You look so cute and happy. I loved meeting your special guest. You look a lot like your special guest. This video totally brighten up my afternoon. LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!!! Have fun with your mom.

  9. Hello, Stacy’s Mom! :-) How fun. Stacy, you seem even happier than usual with your Mom around. I really like purple, as does my daughter, but there actually don’t seem to be as many purple products as there are others.

  10. I love purple. My laptop and ipod are purple. Now I want to go back and

    watch the others. And I thoughtg you said you had an announcement too. And am I the only one whose video didn’t match the sound? I liked seeing your mom live, usually we only see her in pics.

    • Hey Peggy,
      You’re right, the sound doesn’t match the video — weird!
      Perhaps I’ll try uploading it to YouTube again. It plays back fine on my computer.

      thanks for the heads up.

  11. Yay! Love these videos! I have to say, after the initial panic attack at having my stuff organized like this, I LOVE it!!! It is so freeing! I had all these things that I would pick up (a red heart, for example) that never had a home until now! And I use things now that I don’t even remember owning but now I can find! Yay! Love seeing your bins and your mom, so cute!

  12. Stacy,

    First off, just let me say that I hate that we live so far apart because I know (underline know), that we would be GREAT friends, because we both have SO much spare time for extra friends – ha!

    Secondly, purple is my happy color as well.

    Thirdly, I have six beautiful jars to put my colored stuff in :) – they are empty. Love the concept, just haven’t gotten around to implementing it … yet.

    And finally, the last few color videos, your mouth and your vocals don’t match up, which just makes them that much more entertaining to watch!

    Have a super October!


  13. Great video! You look so much like your mom. And I love your hair in this video – you look amazing.

  14. Okay…so fun to see your Mom again Stacy and to see you and hear your voice again. Miss you all so much! I admire that although purple isn’t your “happy color” you can even where it. Maybe it’s because you put it with the green. I just can’t even wear purple…think I might try your way!

  15. The bathroom in my house got painted purple when we first moved in. And guess what – I paired it with lime green as well. Such a cute and happy combo!

  16. I just watched your video and hid this exchange with my 4-yr-old daughter, Jillson, whose favorite color is purple.

    Jillson: What are you watching?
    Margaret: A video about color.
    Jillson (walking over to see): That’s your Stacy!
    Margaret: That’s right. She makes me happy.
    Jillson: And who is that lady?
    Margaret: That’s Stacy’s mommy.
    Jillson: Well, SHE makes ME happy. She’s wearing purple.
    Margaret: I know! This WHOLE video is about purple.
    Jillson gasps and sits on my lap. At end of video:
    Jillson: That was the best movie. She loves her mommy and there is so much purple. Can we watch it again?

    And so we did watch it again. Twice more! Thanks for the fun video, Stacy. We both enjoyed it so much. (Of course now I am facing a certain amount of pressure from a certain little someone in my life to create a purple bin…)


  17. I LOVED that! You are so lucky to have your Mom. I lost mine in June ’06. I miss her a lot. Have a fun day!

  18. Sherri Stone says:

    I LOVE purple. It is my happy color. I’ve limited my home decor to just a purple master bedroom and bath but I’ve gone crazy with purple clothes, shoes < they get lots of comments! and of course scrapbook paper and embellies.

    Thanks for featuring purple today Stacy! It's great to see you on here with your Mom!

  19. great video! So wonderful to have your Mom in it with you

  20. My middle name (literally) is violet so I’m afan. Hope you’re having a great day!

  21. Melissa Norstrom says:

    Stacy, I love purple! And thank you about the truthfulness about it not being your happiest color. And did I miss something about a special announcement? I loved that you gave yourself a purple helper! Your mother was great!
    Just a quick laugh, my son 3 year old is walking around the house with his sisters riding helmet on and it is purple! :) Got to get the camera!

  22. Stacy, I love your color drawers idea! I always organized my patterned paper by color but never thought to do it with my other scrapbooking items until I read about it in The Big Picture. I finally got around to separating all my stuff and organizing it into colors, and I have to say it has been awesome!! I hadn’t scrapbooked in several months and really had no desire to, but now that I have my color drawers, I’ve been scrapbooking almost everyday!

    Thanks for the super idea, and your mom is such a cutie pie :)

  23. What a happy little video!!! My SIL’s favorite color is purple!!! Your video made me so happy because it made me think of her~

  24. Purple is my happy color. Sometimes my mom will dress head-to-toe in shades of purple ‘cuz she knows I love it – she turned 87 today so she is real cute and a treasure. Your mom is special too! This one was fun to watch – the love came through. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Might I offer up an idea? Maybe your purple scrapbook bin isn’t bulging because it is SOOOOO hard to find purple scrapbooking supplies! I mean, yes, of course, they exist. But next time you are at the SB store, just notice: not very many purple things. Why? Why, why why??? ;) Purple & green are my favorite colors…my kitchen is purple!

  26. Purple I love, periwinkle blue too. Once while my husband was out of the country on business I had our kitchen painted what I would call periwinkle. He came home, looked at me and said: “Purple? Our kitchen is purple? You said periwinkle blue in your email” That kitchen made me so happy. My husband loves to tell the kids the story of Mom painting the kitchen purple when Dad wasn’t looking. I hope to have a periwinkle/purple kitchen again one day.

    • LOL! When I was a college student, I wanted a periwinkle car in the worst way. Never got it, but the dream was fun while it lasted. Glad you got your kitchen.

    • You might be interested to know that Leatrice Eiseman’s (Executive Director of Pantone) bedroom is painted periwinkle — it is her happiest color! I took a class from her in 2004 that for me was life changing!

  27. Purple is my absolute favorite color to wear, while green is my absolute favorite color to use in my home. Your mom is beautiful!

  28. Enjoyed the video…. going to scrap purple and I never really do… It’s mostly green because that’s my favorite color…

    Where did you get that wonderful green sweater???

  29. Stacy, Don’t forget to show us your paper storage!!! I am always looking for the perfect system.

  30. thank you so much for more scrap by color! I love these videos — it is so fun to see you describe what you have in your bins and reflect on why or why not you have something. I also really like your advice about keeping and purging and how this system allows you to pull out things that might be hidden otherwise. I like your encouragement to have other people’s happy colors on hand even if they are not your own, because you can put them on pages about those people.

  31. Stacy – LOVE the purple video with your Mom. She is too cute! :) So are you! :) I’m so glad you talked about purple not being one of your happy colors but still have a bin for it! I like purple, but my 5 yo daughter and my brother’s fav color is purple! I may have to do a page with the two of them and their LOVE of purple! :) I have a lot of my embellishments now divided by color…now I just need to get BUSY! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  32. Love love love this! I was worried that you weren’t going to show us the rest of your bins! Please show us more of your studio!

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