Friday FIVE for November 19th


The birthday party we’ve been throwing all week long at Big Picture Classes is coming to an end, but not without some serious FUN. Believe it or not, we have 500 (FIVE HUNDRED) packages of Happy Mail ready to (randomly) send to BPC members who have completed their profile. And one of those 500 (FIVE HUNDRED) packages of Happy Mail contains this *BIG TICKET, modeled by the adorable Kayce herself. Whoever receives the *BIG TICKET also receives ONE YEAR of FREE Classes!!

* Haven’t you always wanted to experience just a little Willy Wonka style anticipation?? And yes, we have a blast brainstorming fun and crazy ideas for our community!

All week long we’ve posted Happy Birthday wishes from some of our teachers.
Amy  Sorenson is an amazing writer and my good friend. I met her years ago and she authored dozens of articles for Simple Scrapbooks magazine. Amy’s journaling classes at BPC are always a hit, because for Amy scrapbooking is all about the story and she has honed her skills in writing an engaging story. I’m delighted to wrap up our birthday week on my blog by posting her birthday wishes. If  you haven’t taken Amy’s class The Gift of Words, take it. What we most need to give our family and friends at the holidays is expressions of love and loyalty and Amy will help you do this!

I love what she said on her blog today (click on her name above to go there.) She talks about visiting her father in a care center and about asking her uncle to share some recollections of their youth–they are few and sadly the photos are fewer. “When you have pictures paired with words? That is when personal history comes alive. Maybe it will be decades before anyone changes from thinking I’m weird to thinking I was right in persevering with the scrapbooking thing. One day, someone will want a story and an image; I will be able to give it to them, and that is reason enough to be grateful for scrapbooking”

Amen to that!


The Paperclipping Roundtable.
I got to be a part of a special (special for me) Roundtable discussion on Tuesday morning, where upcoming 4Experts instructors, Ali Edwards and Lain Ehmann were guests of Noell, Izzy and Nancy.
We chatted about the importance of approaching your pictures and stories in different ways at different times.

I think you’ll enjoy listening.


A long time ago, my sister gave me a necklace that I just loved. I loved it so much that I wore it out.
I just FOUND out who makes it and I’ve ordered another one.

I’m feeling happy about this!
Click here to visit Natural Life.


My iPhone.

Every now and then when I sync my iPhone to my computer I discover pictures I didn’t take. I love that these four give me a peek into my obvious deliberation when it comes to colorful options!!

Thanks to Tafty and Apple.


Speaking of Taft, guess who just won 1st place in his elementary school Reflections contest for photography. The theme this year is Together We Can and he thoughtfully staged this image, framed it, snapped it and edited it all by himself!
I am the proud Mama, for sure.


  1. Congrats on the Reflections contest…I remember those days and my son loved to participate. Now he’s all about computer graphics and helping various moms with those Senior yearbook pages…we live in interesting times….

  2. Love those candids of you! I’m sure I look much the same when standing in the aisles of my local Staples store!

  3. I loved this weeks Paperclipping Roundtable so much that I am getting ready to listen to it again but then my favorites are usually when you are on there. You always make me stop and think of things in a different way. I like that. Thanks for not being afraid to be you. Thanks to you and Tracy Clark’s I Am Enough blog I am learning that it is okay to be me also, even if no one else likes it. I do.

    • I’m so proud of you Jody — it takes time and effort to be comfortable in your own skin and then it still takes practice and almost daily reminders!!

      Keep it up girl.

  4. Love that necklace! My dh will thank you when I buy it for myself for Christmas from him. ;)

  5. Yay Reflections!! I entered multiple times as a kid.
    I love the pictures of you in front of all the colorful binders. Are those for a scrapbook project? Please share!

  6. Wonderful pictures from your phone! I can see a great scrapbook page in your future ;o)

  7. Annette Kuusinen says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Natural Life sells these cute make-up bags I picked up locally. I love to give them as gifts, but the store ran out. So much other cute stuff too. Great gift ideas.

    Congrats on 5 years! I’ve been around since the beginning and have taken so many amazing classes. Some have changed the way I scrap and live. Looking forward to another 5….. hundred. ;)

  8. I got a good chuckle out of the surprise iPhone pictures. There you are in front of all that happy color goodness, thinking very hard about 1 1/2 inch binders, just like any cute 12 year old would! :) That was a great episode of PRT. I agree with Izzy — you guys talk in poetry! I always listen while doing the dishes and cleaning up around the house and I just keep saying “amen, sister!” I believe it IS possible to hone your intuition, to learn to trust it, and to rediscover and celebrate your inner you. Scrapbooking has helped me do this over and over again. Happy Birthday, BPC, and a HUGE congrats to you, Stacy!

  9. Karen Schmidt says:

    It made me laugh the pictures of you in front of all that color. you can just tell you didn’t know the pics where taken. I love that… I like listening to the roundtable talks when you are on there. I’m hoping the internet is good at home tonight so I can listen to it. I read the comments from margerat, I love listening to my intuition. I trust it and its usually right.

  10. Love the golden ticket idea. How fun! Now I am very stoked to have filled out my profile. I just hope that I am one of the lucky five hundred. Just getting Happy Mail would make my day, but to get a year of free classes. Already there are so many that I would love to take but cost and time are getting in the way. With forever access I may be more inclined to indulge with the cost removed. Hoping that golden ticket is coming to Canada!

  11. Oh Stacy, my favorite of your 5 is the last one! When my kids were young I was a huge supporter of the Reflections program and both of my kids won once throughout their school years. This is a wonderful picture, what a budding photographer you have there in Taft! Actually not even budding, he is totally blossoming! Congrats to Taft!

  12. Is it me or does Taft’s Reflections photo remind you of one you scrapped in The Big Picture with Chase lifting Taft with the quote “He’s not heavy, he’s my brother”?

  13. For me, Life Is Great, as my happy art on my blog says…we handmade signs for our college dorm room doors and people loved them so much that they took them for their own doors! Love that necklace, too!

  14. Peggy Leland says:

    i love finding random photos on my phone, so fun. lol

    yay to your son for his award.

    Have a great weekend.

  15. Dreaming of winning the big ticket. The PTA Reflections program is one of the best there is. I hope his picture moves on from Council to State and beyond.

  16. Congrats to Taft for the Honor!!!! Love the pics he took of you shopping for color????

  17. 500 pieces of happy mail?? We are in need of some happy news around here. Lately it seems like everyone related to us is getting injured or sick. Like, really sick. Tumor, cancer, broken back… Thanks for keeping it upbeat and sharing your happiness with others!

  18. Congrats to Taft! I am working on getting the Reflections program back up and running at my kids school. Won’t happen this year in time for the deadline, but we will be ready next year. Haven’t listened to the Roundtable episode yet, I’m a bit behind, like 20 episodes behind, but it’s giving me something fun to listen to while I work on Christmas projects.

  19. Congratulations to Taft! As always, there’s much fun in your Friday Five. I look forward to the PRT each week, and love when you’re a guest. Thanks for your constant inspiration and unique perspective.

  20. Yay Taft, love the pic! Stacy love the ones of you shopping too. I’ve enjoyed all the messages over at BPC this week too.

  21. Kathy Jo Camacaho says:

    Congratulations to Taft! Great shot!!!! Loved it!

  22. Congrats to Taft! That is a great shot! Those pix of you in front of all those colorful binders is so cool…kid in a candy shop. Congratulations on 5 years for Big Picture. It’s an awesome place! Have a happy weekend!

  23. I love the “found” pictures . . . it’s great your kids captured a very big part of your life and who you are! Thanks for sharing your FIVE.

  24. Congrats to Taft. That apple didn’t fall far from the tree now, did he??!?!?!?! Love that the pics you found on your iPhone are infront of all the colorful binders. He really has an eye for setting. Perfect to frame your colorful personality.

  25. Congratulations to Taft! I tried to convince my daughter to enter, but she was too afraid (of what I’m not sure!, she’s 10 who knows what goes on in the little heads) so I am going to show her this post and encourage her to rethink her fears, and see that she can accomplish great things!

  26. Oh, I just love that series of four photos by the color binders. I’m not sure more authentic photos have ever been taken : )

  27. Just wondering, I searched the Natural Life website and couldn’t seem to locate the necklace. Any ideas how to find it? Thanks.

  28. Katie scott says:

    “Stacy & The Scrapbooking Factory”. – you need to take a picture of yourself with that golden ticket!

  29. carol in seattle :) says:

    YAY for Taft! I love seeing my children working together. I love your pictures in front of the binders too!

  30. scrapper al says:

    Love the random photos!

  31. karen Hobbs says:

    Love your son’s Reflection photo! My son won when he was in 1st grade and we were stationed in Germany, but he went to an American school. I am not sure he would remember it but I was so proud of his efforts in thoughtfully arranging a photo to match the theme, just like Taft did! thanks for sharing and congrats!!

  32. I so very much hope I am one of the 500 to get some happy mail. I would be in heaven to get the big ticket! But, no worries, if I don’t because I’ve asked Santa for a BPC gift certificate! Love that picture Taft took! You have every right to be the proud mama! Congratulations to him!

  33. You tell Taft I was so impressed with his picture and how it so well reflected the sentiments of the theme that I showed it to my husband. I don’t do that too often. Congratulations Taft.

  34. Photography, always a great category to enter for reflections. For some reason not to many people enter and you have a greater chance of doing well. Love Taft’s photo.

  35. Congratulations to Taft on his photo award. I love when the younger ones are so creative and talented. Thanks for sharing. This story put a smile on my face!

  36. Way to go for Taft! He, obviously, has a great teacher and role model! Yay, proud momma!

  37. That is sooo funny about the pictures… it happens to me as well. Gotta love clever little boys. And congrats to the award-winning young photographer… clearly a well-deserved acknowledgement.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family…

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