good morning.

I love listening to my kids eat breakfast.
It makes me want to freeze them.
So glad I sort of can, with my camera.
Here’s to Cream of Rice on a snowy morning!

This morning I’m up and ready to go and loving the routine.
Yesterday, not so much. I went back to bed at 9:00am and slept until 10:30! I was in holiday-weekend recovery mode. By afternoon I was feeling energetic and began preparing my house for Christmas decorations. Today, I’m hoping to continue the purging, cleaning and organizing.
I’ve got to do some catching up at work too!

Hope things are good in your corner of the world.


  1. Any time someone mentions cleaning, purging, and organizing it inspires me. Here’s hoping my ambition lasts!

  2. going back to bed sounds lovely. As does cleaning and purging. Perhaps I should do the second since I can’t do the first.

  3. I love listening to my kids when we’re driving to school. My big one is so sweet to my little one. And they seem to have the best, most tender conversations … even though the little one is only 19-months and can’t say much.

    BTW, I wanted to go back to bed yesterday too!

  4. I got a wonderful package in the mail from BPC…thank you so much! What a happy surprise. Thank you thank you thank you! Now for getting up those Christmas decorations…

  5. Everyone in our house is sick, sick, sick! I am feeling a bit better, so I may aim to clear my counters of Gateraide bottles and go stock up on more. Christmas decorations will have to wait til this weekend I think! Tis the season!!!

  6. Karen Schmidt says:

    I did some cleaning and purging on Sunday and it was wonderful. I love it when I get in the mode.

    different subject; I have 4 kids 13, 6, 4, & 3. They wanted to do some playing with my craft stuff last night but I don’t like them using my scrapbook supplies for something that is going to be toused out plus I realized why i don’t take the time out to scrapbook, its because if I start something the kids are going to want to use my stuff so I just don’t scrapbook. I don’t like that. I know this sounds selfish of me but I can’t help it. Does anyone have any suggestions for me on how to handle this? Stacy how do get your scrapbook time without the kids?

  7. I love how Addie always has a big giant smile on her cute little face.

  8. Love love love listening to my kids at breakfast (and also in the car). I learn so much about what they’re thinking and what’s going on with them that they just won’t outright tell their dear old mom.

    We moved into a new house over the long holiday weekend, and I’ve promised my husband I’ll clean up the moving mess in the house before I add the Christmas decoration mess. Which either means I’d better get real ambitious really fast or my decorations will make a very short appearance this year!

  9. Stacy
    Thought of you this weekend at Target as I was filling my basket with the Pepermint Vanilla handsoap. So wish that they sold this scent year round.

  10. Not many decorations going up around my house this year. :( Sad I know but I just don’t have time and something has to go. I may even let my kids do some of the decorating so our house isn’t a total hum bug!

  11. We had an Open House for our business here this past weekend, so the house is all decorated, except for the tree. Nice to see things all Christmasy.
    Looks like your family is a morning family. Mine is not, to get a breakfast pic like this it would have to be taken at lunch time, after everyone slept in. LOL! Looks like they were having a great time together!

  12. A happy family. you are blessed!

  13. What part of the country do you live in that you already have snow? The northeast (NYC to be exact) has been quite mild. Anyway, beautiful family.

  14. Last week I so went back to bed one morning. I was so tired! I love that I can do this if I really need to and then getting on with the rest of the day is so much easier!! I’m glad I’m not the only one, Stacy! Take care!!

  15. Peggy Leland says:

    I have time after the kids get on the bus and before I head to work that i will take a little cat nap. lol

  16. Getting ready to decorate the tree! Also anxiously awaiting your great gift ideas, Stacy. Every year you give some great suggestions and I have purchased several of the items and they are always big hits!

  17. Love the pic of your kids!
    I have been sick since Saturday night, and am wanting to feel better, so I can get my house decorated!!
    By the way, I finally got my hot little hands on some Core’dinations Color Me Happy…boy does that ever make me happy!!!! Kudos to you & Core’dinations for a fabulous paper line!

  18. Agree with you totally, breakfast is always my favorite time of the day. Everyone has that great day attitude. My day was made really great on Monday, I received happy mail from Big Pictures. Thanks so much for the goodies and letting me celebrate five years with you….. Always love pictures of the kiddos.

  19. I enjoy breakfast with my son every morning!

  20. I just love your daughter’s smile. What a wonderful thing to see every day!

  21. I am NOT a morning person and neither or my girls. Breakfast is usually a do your own thing since we don’t like the same foods plus the 2 that are still home are self sufficient (18 & 23). That being said, today was a good day for me morning wise. I got Ellie to school, went to get my blood drawn (I would rather they do this than take my blood pressure – weird, I know), stopped by the post office and mailed all my homemade Christmas cards and finally ran by Panera Bread Company for one of those scrumptious Four Cheese Egg Soufles. Had my yummy breakfast at home and I’m getting ready for my bestest buddy to come over this afternoon for a tag making fest. I hope your day goes well!

  22. ana smith says:

    I’ve had my Christmas bins (about 10 of them) in the house since Sunday. Well, it’s December 1st, so no more procastinating……wish me luck that those creative juices are flowing when I get home from work.

  23. Just wanted to say thank you for the “Happy Mail” that I received from Big Picture. What a lovely surprise and another reason to be thankful. My daughter is all grown up and I miss those morning giggles and drives in the car…time goes so fast, so enjoy them Stacy. Thanks!

  24. HEY! We have the plate that matches that Baby Einstien bowl!

    I can’t imagine the hilarity that ensues at a breakfast table for 5. Most mornings I feel that my 1 plays and talks enough for 5. I never seem to have the frame of mind to grab the camera at such an early hour, though. Good for you! And your photos are always so sweet. Well…at least, you have your kids trained to smile for the camera so they APPEAR so sweet. ;)


  25. Just LOVEthose breakfast smiles! What a wonderful sight to see every morning! Then again, how can they not always be happy with you for their mom?

  26. Just tried your Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies. YUMMY! Not too sweet. Just right with coffee or tea. Thanks for the recipe!

  27. Bernadette says:

    I just love your focus on recording every day life. As I go through my parents’ slides & photos, they are a stream of holidays, birthdays, First Communions and graduations – nothing about every day – and I would so love to have some of that. I have a print of a slide that my father took when I was about 5 of my mother reading to me and two of my siblings – it is a simple scene, but it is one of my most treasured.

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