Happy Halloween Flashback!

Since I managed to get ALL Halloween down yesterday I’m OK posting a little Halloween flashback for you! I spent time last week looking through older photos from 2005 (these were some of my first digital images and it was SO FUN to peruse them again!)

Here’s Clark, debuting the superman costume that I just put in the Goodwill box. It’s enjoyed FIVE years of love and use!

Oh my super hero CUTEness!

We did most of our celebrating on Saturday night. Clark and Chase were at friends’ houses and Trey was playing in a dodge ball tournament with another family. It hit me about 8:00pm that my Halloween festivities now focus primarily on Taft and Addie. It’s CRAZY strange how quickly kids grow, change and move through traditional activities to devising their own celebrations.
I’m so happy I have pictures and memories preserved!

And … here’s little Miss Dorothy.
Addie has never seen The Wizard of Oz and has no context for understanding who Dorothy is. She just knows that she wears a dress and has red sparkly shoes. We tried to show her the movie, but she said “No. Scary Witch!” just from looking at the DVD case. So, there you go. I’m glad I still have little ones that get into the FUN of costumes and carving pumpkins, etc… Hope your Halloween was delightful and that you are feeling ready and inspired for the holidays, because it’s officially the holiday season (yikes!)


  1. Mine don’t trick or treat anymore (one in college, two in high school) and they are no longer into carving pumpkins either. Halloween has definitely lost its magic here.

  2. She is adorable! My kids are 17 and 13 so they didn’t dress up this year, but did do pumpkins. I miss that cute little dress up stage and tried to dress up the dog, but he wanted nothing to do with it! LOL!

    Just curious, you took all your Halloween decorations down already? Do you decorate for Thanksgiving or skip right to Christmas?

  3. I love the photo showing Addie’s shoes! She is such a cutie pie, it’s lucky you had a system in place for scrappin’ your most important photos before she came along . . . because it must be tempting to want to scrap every cute little one! :>)

  4. “The Wizard of Oz” is my favorite movie, I always found the flying monkeys a little scary though! I was thrilled when my daughter was Dorothy for Halloween a few years ago. Now she is 9 and wants nothing to do with a “cute” costume!

  5. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter. what an adorable costume. Enjoy every moment with your children, they are so quickly grown!!!!!!

  6. It’s so great to look back through the years at the kids in costumes. Mine no longer go out trick-or-treating but did get dressed up this year to hang out with friends. I’m definitely ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year ~ can’t wait to start decorating!

  7. Dorothy and Toto are adorable!!!

  8. I absolutely love Addie in her costume. Wizard of Oz was one of the first movies my mom bought me in 1988 (on VHS!) and I remember being terrified of the flying monkeys and the green witch. I couldn’t watch any of the scary parts, so my Mom only let me watch the part in color when she first meets the munchkins and I thought that was the entire movie until I caught it on cable once!

  9. Addie looks adorable! I had bought a Dorothy costume for my DD, but I ended up dressing her in a cute Witches outfit instead. I just love Halloween for the fun of dressing up!

  10. My kids and I were content to do our own thing at home and my husband helped with Trunk or Treat at our church, which is right over our fence. My son went to a party with his friends on Saturday so it was nice to have them home on Sunday.

  11. Those are great Halloween pictures, it is so fun to look back! I have a non-Halloween related question for you… I am wondering how you have chores set up for your boys??? How do you keep track of who has what chores? Do you rotate them? Are your kids paid for chores? Do you have to check to be sure they are done or do you trust that they did them? I have boys too and I have noticed they are quite forgetful and not detail oriented at all, we have a hard time with chores around here. Do you have any advice????

  12. Kathie R. says:

    LOVE that Dorthy’s little Toto is a pug!! ;-) My favorite breed. That smile on Dorothy’s face is priceless. We enjoy all the little ones coming to the door to get candy (usually about 300 or more). Seeing their costumes and smiling faces is one of the best times of year. ;-)

  13. I love, love the Dorothy costume. I have 3 girls, so you’d think I’d get one Dorothy eventually, but no one has been interested yet. Love the flashbacks, too!

  14. Peggy Leland says:

    soft spot for Addy as Dorothy that is my favorite movie of all time! Thanks for sharing your memorie.

  15. The Super Heroes are very dashing! And I LOVE the way Addie’s nose crinkles up when she smiles! So cute! I am just entering the trick-or treat years, as my oldest is 3.5. She really got into it this year, after a little hesitation the first couple houses. She also happily gave up most of her candy for the Switch Witch, who left her a game in trade. (She just didn’t want the witch to come upstairs!)

  16. What a cute Dorothy and Toto

  17. Love the customes-great pictures, great memories:)

  18. With two kids under the age of four, I’m not much into Halloween this year, probably not really for a while…not really ready to explain to my 3 yr old what a mummy is! And I am totally in denial about it being the holiday season! Although I am planning lots of Christmas crafting, I think Christmas should still be tucked away until after Thanksgiving! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  19. Time does fly so quickly, doesn’t it? I suppose not from a mother’s perspective for me, as I’m not one. But my mind still thinks I’m 20 but I doubt I can have the energy of a 20 yr old :)) Really sweet pictures, and Addie looks so cute!

  20. Oh, what fun! Thanks for sharing some of your memories. Addie is adorable. She’s getting cuter and cuter! Love the costume. Enjoy!

  21. Great costumes and wonderfully happy memories. We have to start our girls out right, so they know the “value” of an awesome must-have pair of shoes…you’ve got it Addie!

  22. Jenny McGee says:

    Addie is adorable. My one son is still in the spirit of Halloween, my older son age 14, went as James Bond this year. I don’t know if he will still go next year or not, with starting high school next year. My younger son, age 9, was a Ninja Turtle, not that he even knows who the Ninja turtles are, but because we have a pet turtle, Kiki. Anyway, we have lot’s of candy and had lot’s of fun.

  23. Annie was Dorothy this year, too! Too cute!

  24. Oh How I LOVE Halloween! I mean really how often do you get to dress up and pretend to be someone else. My two youngest are also the only ones who really get into it, but thankfully my older boys are willing to dress up for our annual family party. They are such good sports. But no one gets more into Halloween around our house then I do so I guess the excitement is easy to catch!

  25. My almost 19-year old counts The Wizard of Oz amongst his most favorite movies. I remember him and I watching it together on the couch. We had superhero girls this year, Wonder Woman and Super Girl arrived just in time to score some awesome Halloween treats! Ha, ha.

  26. My nineteen year old daughter wants red sparkly Dorthy shoes.

  27. Love Halloween pictures. My kids start the day after Halloween trying to decide what to be for NEXT year. Glad you are feeling better.

  28. What a cute little Dorothy!

  29. Karen Schmidt says:

    Oh Halloween is my favorite holiday besides Christmas of course. my little girls (3 of them) are all into going from house to house to get the candy. I like the switch witch idea. I have a 13 year old that is almost out of getting the costume thing which makes me very sad. When I was a kid my favorite memory is my dad taking us out every year for trick or treating. This year my family went over to there house had dinner then went trick or treating with my dad in tow. He loved in and so did I. As soon as I get my pictures back I’m going to scrap that memory.

  30. Love that you could look back and see the changes. I’m still working on my organizational skills so I to can look back and make connections. Addie is a typical girl lovin’ the sparkly shoes.

  31. Superman Clark looks so much like you in that picture! Maybe cause his mom is superwoman : ) But seriously, I feel like you’ve made a similar face on your color videos.

  32. I’m with Addie. The witch IS scary and I’m a grown up! LOL!

  33. So cute! I would be scared of the witch, too, and those yucky talking trees that throw applies at you, LOL.

    (I have an Addy, too!) Her name is Adaline but we call her Addy. She is 5 now, we adopted her 3 years ago. I love the name :)

    She was Barbie princess for Halloween.

  34. The look on Clark’s face is priceless. It immediately reminded me of “The Rock”. You know…. the “can you smell what the Rock’s cooking?” eyebrow/face. Priceless.

  35. Adorable! I saw a lot of little Dorothys this year. Fun to look at your photos. My Halloween stuff is still up and will be for a few more days.

  36. The kids all look fantastic. You can’t go wrong with superheroes! My son has been Batman since he was 3 and is now 7 and still wants to be Batman!! Wonder how long that will last? I think its totally cool though!

  37. I like the idea of the “Switch Witch” too. My son gave up his candy basket in trade for a toy originally to “the Great Pumpking” ala Charlie Brown and now he makes his trade to the “Candy Fairy” a cousin of the Tooth Fairy!

  38. Addie is so adorable!! The shoes are all that really matters you know??

  39. OMG- Addie is so cute. I miss that age so much. My daughter Ashley was a cat at that age…So cute a korean cat!

  40. I love Addie’s costume – wish I had shoes like that!

  41. Addie is the cutest Dorothy ever. Gotta love the shoes. This was the first year that my younger could not convince my older son to trick or treat with him. The end of an era. They were still willing to pose for pictures together. Next year, the older will be off at college (sigh!).

  42. So love the looking back. The superhero picture is what really jumped out at me and reminded me of my own boys and all their different superhero costumes. We have multiple batmans, flash, ninja turtles and all kinds of superman.

    I laughed out loud when i read about Addie and the witch in the Wizard of Oz. i remember hiding behind the couch when i was about 5 because she scared me so much.
    Thanks for reminding me to look back at all the fun times.

  43. I have two teens. One still likes to trick-or-treat and the other one dresses up and helps out at church for their Fall Fest so the little kids have a fun (and safe) Halloween.

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