Heads Up.

These Yankee candles at Target (on sale at my local store for $13.??) would be PERFECT for storing small embellishments in your color bins! Enjoy them during the holiday season and then clean them out. The lid has that wonderful “sticky” seal that allows them to get tossed around in a bin without opening AND you can turn them over and over to see what’s inside.

Happy Saturday.


  1. Thanks Stacy
    what a great idea and so cute!

  2. Cool! I’ll have to check that out! Right now I am using old glass spice jars from an old rack I had. It works, mainly because I don’t have a ton of stuff!

  3. I love love love Yankee Candles! They do make me happy! Thanks for the heads up.

  4. I can see that I need to get acquainted with Target!

  5. Katie scott says:

    That Big Ticket thing is the most awesome idea – you are awesome :). Completely.

  6. scrapper al says:

    Your heads up cracks me up, just because I’m not quite organized enough to make it over to Target, burn the candles, and then organize my embellishments. In fact, I need to view your purple video, lol.

  7. Oh Stacy, you rock!

    Thanks for the heads up :)

  8. Love, Love, Love! Thanks Stacy!

  9. Karen Schmidt says:

    Your so good to us Stacy… Im getting color organized. I’m almost done.

  10. Great idea! Thanks for the “heads up!”

  11. What a cool idea – I love Yankee candles and I love repurposing. It’s a win/win!

  12. on sale today 2 for $25…I love Yankee candles…the apple McIntosh is my favorite (not necessairly a Christmas scent, but good all year round)

  13. I can’t run to a Target anymore but our local Post Exchange sells Yankee candles and I just love the holiday scents. I have a ton of small tumbler jars from old candles that I can’t just toss sitting in my pantry…I am going to move them to my scrap room to use down there. Thanks for the idea!

  14. Stacy – I just wanted to pop in with another LOM thank you. I am putting together a family history album for my Mom, and we don’t have a lot of pictures, we don’t have a lot of information, and what we do have doesn’t line up. Thanks to LOM, I knew that chronology wasn’t required, and would never have worked. I was able to use what we had and create a book of stories. My Aunts have come over a couple of times to review my progress and add in details. Each time they comment on how they never could have thought to bring it together the way that I did. So thanks for making me look smart in front of my Mom & Aunts.

  15. Thanks for the heads up Stacy. I actually re-purposed some pasta sauce jars. They are glass with a metal lid that screws on and off. Great way to recycle and still be able to organize my small embellies by colour.

  16. I love these Yankee candles at Target, my favorite is Autumn Splendor. Just open the candle and the scent comes alive without burning it. LOVE IT!

  17. Oh My! Thanks for the heads up! I was in Target today but didn’t have time to look at that side of the store! I’ll have to check these out later this week.

  18. I bet it smells great, too!

  19. Yankee candles at Target?!? Can’t wait to check it out. I love your re-use idea too. I like finding multiple uses for stuff too.

  20. Stacy, I know this is off the subject of candles but I am wondering if you know when core-dinations will be releasing your pretty Happy colors? I have wanted it since I first saw it! I have looked online at Archivers and can not find it. Please tell me when I can get me some Happy colors… Oh happy Turkey (ham, duck, chicken hey maybe your in to beef) day! Thanks you!

  21. I didn’t know Target sold Yankee candles.

  22. Peggy Leland says:

    love that scent and what a great idea to repurpose.

  23. Okay, the jar looks like it would be perfect, but how do you get the wax residue out of it?

    • Margaret C says:

      ASSUMING IT’S GLASS…. !!! You can microwave them until the wax is liquidy and then clean out with a paper towel – remove the metal thingie at the bottom first … unless you like lightning in your microwave!! HTH !

  24. Love the idea but I can’t burn jar candles without getting dirty smoke. What am I doing wrong?

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