I’m home.

What an adventure Geoff and I and our little towel buddies have had!

I feel so rejuvenated and got so much rest on the cruise that getting up this morning was EASY.
I have to admit that I woke several times last night and could have sworn I could feel the boat moving — at one point, I even sat up on the edge of my bed, looked out my window at some lights on the horizon and thought I was looking out at a cruise ship in the distance. Apparently it may take a few days to convince my body that we’re back on land, but I am SO HAPPY to be home.

I sent all the boys off to school, said good-bye to my parents who are driving home to Seattle today and then suddenly realized that Addie had her weekly appointment with the speech therapist. We raced out the door and just barely made it! I’ve now cleaned my laundry room and started a load of laundry, mopped the kitchen floor and cleaned out the fridge — funny domestic things I often do to get me back in my swing at home.

BUT … that is not what I want to talk about right now.
I want to remind YOU that today is a very important day for Big Picture Classes. We are FIVE years old!

Anybody remember this?
This little web page went up FIVE years ago today.

I of course had no idea what this little web idea of mine would grow into!
If you haven’t already, click over to BPC and visit our blog.
All week LONG we’ll have special video messages, interviews, discounts and MORE.

Ok, off to exercise, take a shower and then get back to my unpacking, organizing and list making …


  1. Happy Birthday and welcome home!

  2. Happy 5th birthday! I am loving my Big Picture Journey and am looking forward to my next round of classes!

  3. Yes I remember, I also remember a little book called ‘Core Composition’ WAY back when & SS in between. Each step along the way has been an inspiration. Happy Birthday to BPS, may there be many more years of ispiration ahead! Congratulations Stacy, you & your team all deserve a huge pat on the back and a well done!

  4. Welcome ashore!
    That crab towel buddy is just way too cute! :)

    Your domestic day sounds lovely. Isn’t it funny how those small chores can be the very thing that grounds us in our “real” lives?

  5. Welcome home. I don’t exactly remember how I discovered you and BPC about 3 years ago but I’m sure glad that I did. (Originally I thought your Big Picture book was about making scrapbook pages with just one big picture. Sure glad I finally got the right idea!)

  6. Welcome home! I love the towel animals! I yep, I totally remember that website. I was one of those early members and although I haven’t taken too many classes, I have thoroughly enjoyed the ones I have been able to take, especially LOM and Darci’s baker’s dozen. And that pink album of your Grandma Addie is one of my all-time faves, and has inspired me to make similar ones for my relatives. Thanks for all you’ve given over the past 5 years!! :)

  7. Glad to hear that you made it home safe and sound and that you had a great time!! Congratulations on 5 years, you are such an inspiration to so many, thank you for what you do!!!
    Welcome home!!

  8. Angela Weinzierl says:

    Welcome home from your cruise. What cute towel animals! I have to ask, did you read Hunger Games? Could you put it down? Happy 5th Birthday to BPC, too!!! It must feel awesome to see what your idea has blossomed into.

  9. Welcome home Stacy! Don’t you just feel like you need a little vacation to come down from your vacation!? Enjoy coming back to reality!!

    Love that Big Picture is celebrating a birthday! I’ll be following the posts!

  10. Happy Birthday! I just discovered the joy of BP classes. What a great place to learn! Thanks for following thru with you idea 5 years ago.

  11. So Exciting! Being home with the “Normal” routine! Love the happy little towel animals, thanks for sharing that. It reminds me of the Chicken parable the missionaries told us a long time ago. ;)

  12. Kary in Colorado says:

    Yep, I remember that very webpage! Hard to believe that it has been 5 years and way over 50 classes later! Congratulations, and welcome home.

  13. Welcome back and happy birthday BPC!

  14. I don’t know where I’d be without BP . . . I certainly don’t think I’d be scrapbooking anymore without the help of LOM. I’m so glad you and Kayce and Paula came together and made an amazing thing happen and I’m glad you’re still going strong! Here’s to many more classes and many more years!

  15. Welcome home, glad you are feeling so perky! Does take a bit of getting used to being back home after a time away. Sounds like everything went off with out a hitch. That’s great!
    Happy 5th birthday!

  16. Yes I do remember that webpage. I was so inspired by you and at the time BPS that I took a photo with a frame a few years ago at a thrift store. I have just so been enriched by everyone connected with BPC.

    Glad you are home and well rested. So glad you had good time.

  17. lynne moore says:

    Welcome home! Love that original webpage. I also still have the first year of Simple Scrapbooks mag and, I think, most of the last year.

  18. Glad you are happy to be home and safe & sound!! :) I haven’t been around BP(S)C for 5 years but thrilled to be able to take part now! Happy 5th Birthday!! WOW!!

  19. Welcome home! Glad you had a great trip!

  20. Happy 5th Birthday to BPC/BPS! What a great way to think up the next 5 years (and more)-by going on a relaxing & rejuvenating vacation. Congrats on everything, but especially on making it to Addie’s appointment (i forgot it was Monday today and nearly missed my son’s gymnastics session. We barely made it, and he had fun. Phew!)

  21. Happy Birthday BPS. Thanks for all the time and effort you have put in to make it such a successful endeavor. I love the classes!!

  22. Happy Birthday BPS/BPC! I am quite sure I was one of your first members! Woke up at 3am, couldn’t sleep, so I logged in to the blog from my phone! :) What a fun little morning treat, signed up for the Bday Book class, super cute! Going to a crop this weekend, gonna put it together! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

  23. Dont you so LOVE the “towel buddies”?! Loved that about the cruise we took. So glad to see you are back and had a refreshing time. Nothing does it like a cruise does.
    And Oh Stacy, you are so successful in oh so MANY ways! Xoxo!!!

  24. Welcome Home! I saw Cathy’s blog and her birthday wish video. Happy Birthday to BPS!

  25. Welcome home and happy bday bpc!

  26. Welcome home Stacy, glad you had such a wonderful time! So happy to be part of BPC, happy, happy 5th birthday!

  27. Yeah, welcome back! Happy Birthday to BPC!

  28. Bec_Kilgore says:

    I remember that page! I need to count how many classes I have taken. Proud to be alumni in several! I have loved every minute and am excited to see what you have in store for us in the future.

  29. Happy Happy and I just signed up for the Birthday Book Class, thanks for the code! This project is so me!

  30. Welcome home Stacy! So glad you had a great trip. And a BIG happy birthday to BPC!!

  31. welcome home!
    love the towels!

  32. Welcome back Stacy! I know exactly what you are talking about when you say you can still feel the ship moving. My hubby and I went on a cruise several years ago and it took about 4 days for me to lose that feeling. But I have never slept as well as I did on the ship. It was like being rocked to sleep every night! lol

    And a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BPC!!! I have enjoyed every class I have taken. You are a great source of inspiration to so many.

  33. Becky Happy 5th Birthday to BPS! I took advantage of today’s class deal and looking forward to taking more classes at BPS! Thank you for the presents!

  34. Welcome back!

  35. I’ve always wondered how to do those little towel critters, thanks for showing us pics! Glad you’re feeling rejuvenated and rested!

  36. Welcome home! I remember coming home from our cruise and not wanting to get off the ship because it was so relaxing and life is…well…life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BPC!!!!!!! I am so grateful to you and your team and all that you do. Ya’ll have inspired me so much and I am grateful to have a wonderful scrapbook that I can share with my kids! Here’s to the next five years! Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve!

  37. Yay!! Happy Birthday to BPC!!!

    And welcome back! Those towels are just too cute!

  38. You had different towel animals than we did!

    Happy Birthday to BPC. :)

  39. Welcome home and Happy Anniversary to BPS or should I say BPC!

  40. Happy Birthday Big Picture! And welcome back from your cruise. I am glad that is was so relaxing for you. And I think it is totally normal to feel a rocking sensation – I remember feeling it stronger on land than I did when were on the cruise ship!

  41. Glad to have you back home! Even more glad to hear you are rejuvinated and rested. I am hoping to get rejuvinated and rested next week when I have a week off for the Thanksgiving holidays.

    I LOVE Big Picture and I am so very thankful that you decided to start the web site 5 years ago! I can’t wait to see what Big Picture brings us all in the next 5 years!

  42. Molly McCarthy says:

    Of course I remember the FIRST BPS website! Happy 5th Birthday BPS/BPC and welcome HOME!! I’ve missed your fun tweets!

    xo Molly

  43. Love the towel buddies. I got such kick out of them when I was on my first cruise. :)

  44. I love it-the videos, questions-and I posted a profile picture of myself:)

  45. Welcome back! I always need vacation from vacation! Enjoy being busy with your family again! Happy Birthday Big Picture!

  46. Love those towel buddies! Happy 5th birthday BPC. So glad I found BPC, the community is so positive and the classes and inspiration are amazing.

  47. Happy 5 year bday! That’s a big mark!

  48. Happy happy birthday Big Picture! My favorite memory of you is that you introduced me to the awesome power of the color GREEN! Now I sit here, in my green shirt, green sweater, with my iphone with the green cover on it beside me, and on the floor at my feet sits my green purse. Go GREEN! Oh, and there’s also all that awesome scrapbooking classes and ideas and inspiration and…and…and…

  49. Welcome home! I love the towel buddies. I remember them well from my first cruise. When I left my sunglasses out, they often ended up on our towel buddies. Who knew you could do that with towels and washcloths?

  50. CONGRATS on 5 years and on all the peoples’ lives you have touched and helped in your own corner of the internet. I know you have helped me, for sure.

    I know what you mean about returning home and being domestic — why is it when I am AT home I never want to load the dishwasher but when I’ve been away for a while all I want to do when I get home is those lovely little chores. Weird!

  51. Ally White says:

    I so have to laugh….i took all the same pictures of our towel buddies while on the cruise! Toooo funny! A big Happy Birthday to BPC!!!

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