mommy look …

Wow. what a crazy, fun, really GOOD week.
I’m trying to remember how I do everything I do–I still have one suitcase on my floor (this means two have been emptied) and a half-completed list from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m adjusting to a new calling at church (more on this soon) and so I have been gone the last two evenings. I’m want so badly to clean out my pantry before I do Thanksgiving shopping. Hopefully I still have energy on Saturday.

It’s all so good. I LOVE being home.

I woke up to a thin layer of white this morning, went to yoga at 5:30 and came home to kids playing outside.


One little girl was particularly ill-clad for the weather. Her little hands were bright red and she was 100% oblivious to her condition. As I sit here and type the snowflakes are getting bigger and fluffier by the minute!

and Addie is ready to go back out!
She just stands here and says (over and over) Mommy look — it’s snowing all over my house. Mommy look–it’s snowing all over my house!

Thanks for all the BPC birthday wishes.
There are so many AMAZING things coming down the Big Picture pipe — I couldn’t be more thrilled!


  1. Kids don’t seem to notice the cold when there’s snow involved. Addie’s statement about the snow- very cute.

  2. When my kids were little the Dr. said kids don’t react to the cold for a very long time. At least a half hr or so longer than adults. Looks like they were having fun though.

  3. Brrr…get that cute girlie a cup of cocoa and enjoy the snowscape.

  4. We live in Cheney, WA and got about two inches last night, my four year old woke up and has been begging me to go build a giant snowman. Everything is so simple and carefree at their age, I love it! Enjot the snow!!!

  5. I cannot wait for the first snowfall here. I love the way the trees look with the first big fat snowflakes sticking to them. Yea-the holiday season is here!

  6. Oh, how I envy you the snow!!! Go out and enjoy it for me! This is fun–last night, after some scrapping and checking in at BPC, as I started dinner I thought, “I should make some brownies” and whipped some up. When I put them in the oven I realized that what better way to celebrate BPC’s birthday! (or my subconscious really loves any excuse for chocolate!) Either way, just know that we are enjoying brownies here and celebrating you and BPC!!!!! =)

  7. Can’t wait for the new classes at BPS in 2011. Ali mentioned on her blog or FB page she was talking with you and it sounds exciting!

  8. That girl of yours is just adorable! ;D

  9. Too cute Addie. My 18 month old niece is scared of the snow – it’s so funny. It snowed here in Alberta yesterday but the wind is bitter (-25C/-15F windchill) I want to go back to Arizona for the winter! Since I can’t guess I better clean my scrap space from LOAD and get crafty with my space heater on.

  10. Seems that little Addie has made quite a leap in her language skills! And the photos are so precious!

  11. LOL My first thought when I saw your top photo was that those big brothers forgot to get Addie’s coat on her! It looks like they were having a ball.

  12. How I wish I could catch their enthusiasm about snow. I’ve never been a big fan, not even as a child (growing up in northern Ohio). I love to watch it fall (in Dec only), but dislike shoveling it, seeing it for months on end, driving in it, and especially slushing around in it. THAT said, I challenge myself to get out and walk in the cold winter weather. I don’t want to feel shut in or “trapped” by the fact that cold and I don’t get along. So I let the chill remind me that I’m alive and well and blessed to be out and confronting my world in its winter state. In fact, our first rather chilly family walk was yesterday. More to come. :-/ I noticed Addie’s cold fingers in the first photo before you mentioned them. And I couldn’t help but smile at her warm child spirit standing at the window, wanting to be back out there enjoying it again. Adorable photos!

  13. Barbara W. says:

    Hummm snow. And I am waiting for it to get cold enough for me to want to wear a coat here in GA. Still wearing flip flops most of the time.
    BTW – Happy Birthday to BPC. Love it and the classes.

  14. lynne moore says:

    No snow just yet. Only good weather thoughts for my small child has to fly across country and I don’t want any chances of them getting stuck anywhere! Not going and not coming back!

  15. SNOW!!!!! I so wish it would snow here even though I don’t have any winter boots for my DD yet. I bought her snow pants yesterday and she has two jackets, but no new boots yet. SNOW! I’m dancing inside my head right now. I love snow!

  16. The snow keeps falling, but it isn’t a beautiful sight. No great fluffy flakes, just accumulation and cold. I am impressed with how much my kids are loving it. They were in the snow before breakfast on Tuesday. I should try to be more like them, but I am too wimpy.

  17. So funny that the boys got their coats on and let little Addie outside without hers! You’ve had such big changes in your own life in the past 5 years. Happy birthday to BPC and congrats for birthing her! (In my family we always try to call & chat with the mom of the birthday child, tell her the great job she did, etc)

  18. Love that pic of Addie at the window. The landscape looks beautiful!

  19. I’ve been enjoying all the fun stuff going on at the BPC blog. You’ve done a wonderful thing! Happy Birthday to BPC and congratulations to you for a job excellently done! : )

  20. Adore that picture of Addie!

    My kids are anxiously awaiting the snow predicted for this weekend… me- not so much!
    Glad your kiddos are enjoying it though!

  21. Peggy Leland says:

    waiting for our first snow i’d be happy to wait until Christmas. :o)

    had fun during the lom chat tonight.

  22. Ah, the first snowfall of the season is magical….

    I showed my 17.5-month old son a snowglobe of a snowman the other day when shopping at Kohl’s. He was QUITE IMPRESSED with that! I told him that he is too little to remember what snow looked like last winter. I’m guessing that his reaction will be a lot like your daughters… where he is fascinated to watch it from the window! (I’m hoping that snow will stay out of our local forecast until next month… afterall, December isn’t THAT FAR off now. :)

  23. Thanks for sharing some snow here with us in Florida:)

  24. Awww…oh that picture of Addie looking out the window is beautiful!

    We are supposed to receive our first snowfall on Tuesday night into Wednesday, which will be perfect, as the kids are off school Wed-Fri.

    Blessings to you as you transition back into your post-vacation life!

  25. Oh, the picture of Addie looking out the window is fabulous! Great shot, Stacy! I’m sure that you will have the energy to get everything done…if you don’t then nobody would. Have a happy day.

  26. Oh my word! How cute is that little lady of yours? LOVE!

  27. Such a sweet pic of the kids out in the snow. I don’t know how you cope, you sound so busy all the time ;) I guess the yoga helps. Have a great day!

  28. Nice capture of the first snowfall! Best wishes with the new calling–sounds busy! May you have the ability to balance all the demands on your time.

  29. No snow in the forcast here~

  30. What great snow pics!! Is it really that time already?! Glad you’re home, looking forward to hear about your church calling. Thanks for continued inspiration!

  31. Bec_Kilgore says:

    Isn’t life just grand? Looking forward to hearing about your new calling. No snow in San Antonio but there was frost on my grass :). Love the picture of Addie.

  32. Monika Sham says:

    Hey Stacy… so sorry I missed the chat with you over on the LOM message board. My darn work just gets in the way some times.

    Loving checking out your blog today. I haven’t read over here in quite sometime. I’m trying to get back into the LOM system. I’m hoping to take your class in the coming year. Any ideas as to when the class is going to be?? I want to get in on my calender.

    Have a great day! Monika

  33. I’m more of a lurker on your blog than a poster (hey, this may be my first comment!) but I just had to come out of hiding and say that your Addie is absolutely precious! I remember seeing those first few layouts when you brought her home to your family, and it’s been a particular treat to watch her grow up through your layouts, your classes at BPS, and your blog posts.

    That little sweater hurriedly pulled on over her indoor clothes so she could get outside and play … well, that’s downright adorable. :)

  34. Thanks for the update. I have gotten tired of following blogs, but yours is one of the few I get excited to read and actually click on when I see you have posted. Thanks for your happy attitude toward life and living!

  35. How bad did your side of our great state get dumped on a couple of years ago? We almost had to cancel our Christmas plans! And both my husband and I injured ourselves having to walk in the snow and ice. I am so not looking forward to the snow! Of course, my children can not wait…*sigh*

  36. I had to tell you that my local news carried a story about the snow storm and I just got a huge grin on my face and said “Addie’s snow made the news!”. :) Such a cute story and it obviously brightened my day all the way to bedtime.

  37. Wishing for snow here in CO. When my son’s hands get that red, i think it hurts me more than him!

  38. Oh sweet photo espeically of the sweet little one looking out the window. Her comment just makes me smile. Thanks for that.

  39. Glad to know my kids aren’t the only ones that go outside “ill-clad for the weather” as you put it (flip flops when it’s 30 degrees outside!) I so can’t wait to see what fun, new stuff is coming at Big Picture. I have put a BPC gift certificate on my Christmas wish list!!

  40. My son’s like Addie – he’s always says he’s not cold. Love the pics!

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