Sprinkle No. 45

The excitement of a new school year has now worn off for everyone–including the teachers!


Sprinkle No. 45 is to write a note to a teacher.

Tell her that you really appreciate her time, her preparation, her dedication and her efforts in teaching, shaping and directing children, young and not-so-young. Tell him he is making a difference in the life of your child (or grandchild.) Tell him you are grateful for all that he does!



  1. Love this idea! I’m doing this for sure!

  2. OMG what a great idea… We are having our parent teacher conferences this Friday and it would be a perfect time to give them a card saying THANK YOU….

  3. hi, stacy … sooo serendipitous your posting this today — i decided monday i’m going to write twelve notes of gratitude this month to people who might not be expecting them, as my own little celebration of this month of thanksgiving. so your “sprinkle” is an ideal idea for me — thank YOU!! :)

  4. awesome idea – thanks!

  5. I was in my son’s Kindergarten class and she worked through some really important friendship skills things with the kids, just smoothly working their little “issues” into her lesson in a positive way – I was so impressed. I sat down and wrote her a note. It was hard because I just couldn’t think of how to express how truly *thankful* I am for her! I don’t know how much it meant to her but it really solidified my own feelings of gratitude!

  6. This is such a great idea! Just a week or so ago, I volunteered in my friend’s 2nd grade classroom and did a storytime. She’s having a rough year and I wanted to encourage her. As a teacher (currently enjoying the luxury of not working) I know how seldom it is to get a thank you!

  7. Melissa Norstrom says:

    Stacy, you make life alot easier for us. I would have never thought of writing a note to my child’s teacher. I would have only done some during the teacher’s day. If no-one else hasn’t said it, Thank you!

  8. Bernadette says:

    Every time I write a note like that to a teacher, I receive an incredible response. I never did it during the school year though, which is a great idea. My son graduated from college in May. I sent graduation pictures and notes to all of his teachers since first grade who I thought had the greatest impact on his life. I actually had some spouses of these teachers tell me how much that meant to the teachers.

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