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Hi… This is Allison, Stacy’s assistant. I thought I would take advantage of Stacy being on a cruise to thank her for the wonderful birthday presents she gave me this year! I hope she isn’t checking her computer while she is away, I want to surprise her when she gets home!!  One of my biggest faults is that I am terrible at sending Thank You notes! It’s something I am working on, but I have had a stack of thank you cards on my nightstand since July! So instead of a card, I’m writing her a blog thank you!  Plus I thought you might like to see what a great “gift giver” Stacy is! I LOVE everything she sent me. She shopped at It’s such a great sight! I could spend a lot of money there!

Stacy knew from my blog that I had just celebrated my 22nd wedding anniversary, so she sent me some fun new kitchen gadgets. I think of her every time I use one! I love them all!

My kids loves these! They really work!

I use this one every day! It’s a cutting board that bends so you can slide your food into a pot or bowl! It’s called “Chop2Pot” how cute is that! It’s so cool. I even put it in the dishwasher!

These kitchen tools are amazing! They are so sturdy and the colors just make me happy!

Thank you Stacy! You are the best friend and boss!! I hope you come home from your cruise refreshed and well rested!

Love ya, Allison


  1. Wow! Allison! You are one lucky girl! Those are such fun colors! I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t be happy cooking with those tools. I am going to have to get my hands on some of those.

    PS-totally get the thank you note thing!!!! So much for good intentions. I almost never get mine out either. ;)

  2. Love all that stuff, Allison.
    I have pink onion goggles too! They work great!

  3. Damiane Lucas says:


    Your “Thank You” note to Stacy is remarkable and endearing. Few of us really take the time to give our boss our heartfelt thanks. I appreciate you setting the example. I will stop and thank my boss the next time I see her.

    Cheers to you! I can see why Stacy showers you with kindness. You deserve it, and I believe you are blessed.

  4. Don’t those gifts just SCREAM “Stacy” They are awesome – COLORFUL and VIBRANT – just like her personality! What a lucky girl you are!

  5. Oh my gosh! I LOVE kitchen gadgets! May just have to add a few of these to my Christmas list.

  6. What a great thank-you surprise. I love colourful kitchen utensils – a great way to add a rainbow hit of happy without having stuff out in the open.

  7. scrappysue says:

    How sweet, and I would love Stacy as a boss! Love all the colourful goodies; hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  8. This is so sweet that you posted your thank you here for her! :)

  9. Those pink glasses/goggles crack me up! You’re right! Stacy is a great gift giver!

  10. I love them. Thanks for sharing

  11. I love kitchen gadgets!

  12. Such great gifts! I agree, you find the coolest stuff, Stacy! :) Happy belated birthday, Allison!

  13. Awesome! I love the bright colors! I’m in the market for a new cutting board and those are perfect! I just repainted the kitchen so now I can get one to match. I may have to buy more that just that. :) Way to be an enabler, Allison!

  14. Looks so FUN that it makes me want to get into the kitchen and cook! HAHA and I don’t like cooking.

  15. Karen Schmidt says:

    The onion goggles are so cute. If they work I will have to get me some. Very time I picture wearing them it makes me laugh. Mission accomplished. :)

    Love the colors.

  16. My kids always wondered if those onion goggle things worked. Glad to know they do and cool looking too. What a nifty site. Can do almost all my xmas shopping there. Friends helping friends – thanks.

  17. In true Stacy style, everything is so colorful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. wonderful gifts! I just love the gorgeous colors!

  19. Just the colors alone of those kitchen gadgets make me smile. I’d love to see them hanging in my kitchen. I call them “functional art”, lol.

    I have to put them on my Christmas list ;)

  20. Allison,
    It is you that should be publicly thanked.
    You ROCK.

    Thanks to you, all of my kits for the cruise were beautifully packed and my classes went well!!
    Thank YOU.
    Thank YOU for all that you do!


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