Today … for Thursday, November 4th

Today … I went to yoga at 5:30 am. It’s been a LONG time since I have done this, but my most favorite teacher in the world just opened her own studio at the bottom of my hill (can you believe it?) I’ll be blogging more about this later for my Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake friends.

Today … I am packing to go on my cruise. So far, my swimming suit and my flip flops are inside.

Today … I talked my mom through a detailed calendar for next week. I’m trying to help her anticipate the chaos that is often our household.

Today … I am running serious errands.

Today … I am meeting with Chase’s high school counselor and teachers. I am looking forward to this meeting because he is doing so well!

Today … I am getting a pedicure.

Today … I am also getting a spray tan, so I won’t scare people on my cruise!

Today … The following workshops opened at Big Picture Classes (So Exciting!)

Decorate Life with Darci Dowdle.

Picture Winter with Tracey Clark.

Wellness Journey (updated) with Lisa Cohen.

Yesterday + Today with Ali Edwards.
btw … it’s Ali’s birthday. Happy Birthday friend!


  1. I’m packing for my daughters and I to head to sunny Arizona – got the swimsuits and passports! Getting a pedicure the day I fly in so that I can enjoy it while i’m there. It’ll be socks and slippers when I get back to Alberta. Have a great trip!

  2. Such an abundance of goodness!!! :)

  3. Sounds like a great day-it’s my b-day too! Celebrating w a great Japanese steakhouse dinner tonight-didn’t know I kept such terrific company-Happy Birthday to Ali!
    Have fun on your trip Stacey!

  4. So much fun! Enjoy your time away because the holiday’s are approaching!

  5. Ohhhh I so wish I could go on the cruise with you & Tracy Bzz. Have a fabulous time. & maybe someday I’ll be able to say Today… (the going on the cruise part); otherwise I love the Today… as a scrapbooking journaling prompt ;) and I’ve got fun things going on today too so I’ll be happy about those things right now.

  6. Angela Weinzierl says:

    Have fun on your cruise, sounds so fun to be getting away with your hubby and getting to scrap, too! Super excited about Darci’s class as well. She mentioned something in Baker’s Dozen last spring so now I’m off to sign up!

  7. I already signed up for Decorate Life. This made my day! I loved Baker’s Dozen. Yesterday and Today was one of my favorites at BPC, too. So much to look forward to! Thanks for organizing such a great line-up! Hope you have a great trip!

  8. Ahh, what wonderful classes and what a nice day you’re having! A swimsuit and flip flops really are the only things you need on a cruise anyhow – well, at least the most important things!

    I wish you much fun and relaxation on your cruise, sans kids!

  9. Have a Happy trip!

  10. Have a fun trip, relax and enjoy the ride!

  11. Ooooohhhhh, I want to take all the classes! Happy Cruising!

  12. I’m jealous :) I need/want a pedicure!

  13. Stacy, thanks for sharing you day with us! It is always fun to visit with you!!

  14. Oh, such happy things you are doing…a pedicure, a cruise! I hope that you have a fantastic time. Today…is wonderful! Enjoy!

  15. Stacy, I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful, wonderful time on the cruise. So wish I could be there! Excited for all the new classes at BPC too!

  16. Have an amazing time on your cruise. I can’t wait to read all about it.
    I’m off to check out those new classes at BPC.

  17. willimena says:

    Followed your link to Ali’s class – ooh looks so good. But am saving for your library of memories class – I can’t find it on the the list of classes at BPS (you are running it in 2011 aren’t you?). Enjoy your time away!

  18. Let us know how the spray tan works out…..

  19. Bernadette says:

    Have a great time on your cruise! Let us know how the spray tan was and how long it lasted!

  20. Busy busy day! We ended up visiting Dad at work and then out for Greek food and finally a visit to a college. Very disappointing to find out the program Ellie is interested in has a 3 year waiting list – for a 2 year degree.

  21. Lauren S. says:

    I certainly hope you have tons of fun on your cruise, lucky duck! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  22. sarah page says:

    I’ve never done the spray tan before! Have fun on your cruise. Your swim suit is super-cute!

  23. Have a great trip! I hope your mom does well with the kids. So many great classes coming up at the same time! Which to take??? I know I can’t keep up with too many at a time.

  24. Can’t wait for Ali’s class!! Happy cruising!

  25. ana smith says:

    Decorate your LIfe sounds interesting……may have to sign up for this one.

  26. I’m a day late (as usual) but thanks for letting us know it was Ali’s bday – I so enjoy her magazine articles, blog, and Big Pictrue classes!

  27. What a line-up of classes to want to participate in… How to choose? Guess my wish list for Xmas will just keep getting longer. Love the concept of marrying the wellness path with our scrapbooking!
    Pamper yourself and enjoy yourself on the cruise!
    It truly is the sum of lots of little stuffs that make life a greatful journey. Thats why scrapbookers are necessary for the good of the planet – we instill and infuse drips of positiveness and happiness throughout our days. Even when we reflect on the difficult and hard times, we find something to cherish about it.

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