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I love that I get to work with Kayce at Big Picture Classes.
Kayce is one of the most generous people I know. She has crafted a very cool give back campaign at Big Picture Classes this year and I’m 100% happy about this. Each week in December we’ve matched a BPC class to a charitable fund to help raise money for great causes.

So far (with the help of our generous students) we’ve donated funds to St. Jude children’s hospital and the ASPCA to better the lives of children and pets everywhere. We’ve posted ONE more opportunity for giving back this holiday season. When you purchase a spot in Elizabeth Dillow’s self-paced project class, Marking Milestones 100% of the proceeds will be matched by us and sent to World Vision.

This is a good thing.

This is Wendy.
Wendy is my dear friend and guess what else?
Wendy is now my colleague at Big Picture Classes.
As you probably know, Wendy and I worked together at Simple Scrapbooks magazine.

When we needed to add some marketing and consumer care expertise to our BPC team, we discovered that Wendy had some time on her hands and we jumped at the chance to leverage her brilliance and industry knowledge. Wendy also works with Angie at Ella Publishing, so we’re excited to build on that relationship as well!

Anyway … I just need you to know that my heart is very happy about this.

This is a good thing.

For the last three years, I like many of you have followed Ali’s lead in selecting One Little Word for the upcoming year.
I cannot adequately convey my excitement about the new classroom community that will allow ALL of us to join together in better utilizing the power of our words in 2011. Even without consistent intention, my words have played an influential role in my life; imagine what will happen when I’m reminded (every month) to revisit my word and make it more effectual. I’m SO excited about this.

This is a good thing.

And finally, Cathy’s ever-popular Design Your Life workshop is now a self-paced class. Basically, this is all of the content without the interaction, which means you can experience all of the goodness for a LOT less mula. Cathy has a really pretty gift-certificate on her blog that would make this class a GREAT Christmas gift.

This is a good thing.


  1. They are all wonderful things! I’m so glad you and Wendy are back working together! Already signed up for Ali’s class… can’t wait!

  2. love your good things!! Way better than Martha Stewart’s : )

  3. These are all SUCH good things. I just love that BPC is generating such amazing holiday spirit with the giving to others theme. You’ve been so generous with your students, and now you are setting an awesome example by helping us support these charities. I love you guys.

  4. carol in seattle :) says:

    All of these are such WONDERFUL things! So glad to see more of cute Wendy!

  5. They’re all good things indeed and when you surround yourself with good people, better things always happen. :)

  6. Overflowing with goodness! Such wonderful news … every single one. I’m so glad to be a small part of this scrapbooking community and thankful for it every day :)

  7. Very GOOD things~

  8. Awesome Stacy! Just popping in to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas as we are off on vacation tonight (oh my goodness we might actually be in some snow for the first time in 20 years, yipeeeeee). Please take care, and looking forward to Ali’s class next year!

  9. Ali’s class sounds like just what I need right now. I definitely plan on signing up. I’ll have to pray about my word though.

    I took Cathy’s DYL class. It was amazing and I highly recommend it to everyone! I’m thrilled that I can now tell friends it is available any time they are ready to take it.

    Welcome Wendy! I’m excited to see what you lady’s cook up together :)

  10. Taking a class is on my list of ‘to do’s’ for this coming year!

  11. Sounds like some great classes

  12. That is some very exciting stuff! I like the thought of having a reminder about my word….if I could choose just one! LOL I didn’t choose one for 2010 because I couldn’t decide. I think for 2011 I may use the word Believe. It has so many aplications!!!

  13. BPC is such a GOOD thing, thank you for starting such a wonderful place!

  14. I got to meet both you and Wendy in Huron SD at a weekend workshop- so glad that you have reunited in work. You’re both such fun people. Enjoy yourselves!

  15. Your Giving Back is a Good Thing!!!

  16. I am so excited for Ali’s class. I just signed up and it is PERFECT timing for me. Right after the class starts, on January 16th, I turn 40 years old. I’m struggling with that and I’ve decided to pick a word that will support a positive approach to getting older. I’m not sure what my word will be, maybe rebirth?…I need to reflect on this. But I’m so glad I’ll have help to focus on my word and my attitude in a fun way! I plan to blog about the process on my newly named blog;, I’d love for you to visit to see how I’m doing! Love -Jenn

    • Hey Jennifer,

      So good to see your name. I’m excited about this journey with my word and Ali too! This year has been hard for me, but my 40s have still been far better than my 30s — you have nothing to fear!!

  17. I will be headed over to check out those classes right away. Thanks Stacy!

  18. Looking forward to a new year!
    I love the idea of one little word class!

  19. These are all good things. I need to take advantage of all that talent out there and take a class. Soon.

  20. This is all wonderful news. I’m excited for BPC in 2011!

  21. Man, Stacey…how am I suppose to stuff all of this good stuff into my schedule? Guess I’ll have to try! Super excited about Cathy’s dyl and Ali’s y&t!! Keep the good stuff coming :)

  22. VERY excited about Ali’s One Little Word class!

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