Have you seen this?

Make sure you wait for the end.

Way to go Scrapbook.com!


  1. That makes me nostalgic for Lawrence Welk- and makes me want to order some scrapbooking fun!

  2. What a blast! That was too funny. TFS!

  3. I love this! I never understood why more companies didn’t have FUN with scrapbooking and promoting it — it should be fun, not deadly serious! That’s why I love Cosmo Cricket so much — they get it! Thanks, Scrapbook.com!

  4. I got my envelope today – thank you for the birthday goodies – made me happy just looking at the bright colors. What a nice surprise. Thank you and BPC.

  5. Stacy,
    Thank you for posting this! Much appreciated!

  6. That was hilarious! Too bad I just ordered way too much stuff from 4 other places!!

  7. That was so cute!!! TFS!

  8. Peggy Leland says:

    love this!

  9. Saw it. What a wonderful job they did!!

  10. Very cute! Had to share that with my friends on facebook!

  11. What a fun video – TFS.

  12. Cindy McDannol says:

    WOW, I’m impressed! I realized that I was smiling all the way through. Great job Scrapbook.com.

  13. Cute! I wonder if Izzy did this video?

  14. Hilarious! So clever!!!

  15. I saw it yesterday and was cracking up the whole time!

  16. I saw that yesterday and have watched it a couple of time – so much fun!

  17. ana smith says:

    that was fun! great start to my morning. thanks for the happy mail.

  18. thanks for sharing!

  19. Looks like they had fun producing this! Makes me want to play with products.

  20. This was so cute, love it!

  21. What a hoot! Much more clever than any commercials you see on TV!

  22. Hilarious! Love the music!

  23. Ally White says:

    Loove this!! This’ll put ya in a scrappy mood for sure :)

  24. Such fun. They did a great job.

  25. That’s was fun! Caught myself nodding to the music. :)

  26. Molly McCarthy says:

    That is fabulous!!

  27. That is some commercial! Made me hum along and I will be looking for a little ‘sunshine’ on their site soon!

  28. LOVE that! Thanks for sharing the fun! :)

  29. The lady holding the present at the end looks like a younger Carol Duvall.

  30. Such a great commercial – cute and fun! I love the “Is that Bo Bunny?” line – too funny! Thanks for posting this.

  31. Too cute! Thanks for this!

  32. “Altogether too happy” Stacy! ;-) Put this down as a good sparkle.

    It would be so nice if they did have a retail store that you COULD walk through. When I was in Mesa it killed me to think that they were there and yet I would still have to pay postage to MD.

  33. Too fun-thanks for sharing:)

  34. This is just pure joy. I cannot wait until my little girl is doing the same things (she is only two.)

  35. ScrapperKaren says:

    Fabulous!!! Definitely made me smile and want to scrap!!

  36. I finally got around to watching this. My internet filter blocks all videos so it makes it a little more work to actually watch a video….but I’m glad I did. What a fun company to make something like this! Very fun!

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