look what I found …

on my fridge when I got home from yoga last night?
It’s Taft’s Christmas list.
I’m glad to know someone is making a list.

I probably need to start getting ready, huh?


  1. You must be faster than I am! I am feeling pretty calm and relaxed this year but if I hadn’t started by now- I wouldn’t be!

  2. I love that Taft wants a Christmas display in his room! Thanks for pouring your heart out yesterday Stacy! I’m so happy that you finally have some answers and are able to move forward. It’s always good to have some idea of what’s taking its toll on your body, physically and emotionally. Wish I had those answers myself! Best wishes to you!!

  3. Oh boy. I’m already feeling overwhelmed and I’m about 75% done! Can’t imagine how you can stay calm and happy if you haven’t even started!

  4. Love it- this the season!

  5. At least now you know what he wants, hope you aren’t done with the shopping for him. Great that he wants his own Christmas display in his room. Save that note for posterity!

  6. Love Taft’s note, I especially love the way he displayed it, can you share where the magnets come from…..

  7. Ronnie Crowley says:

    I especially love the fact that he wants a Christmas Display for his room. How sweet is that. I have one the same age so can relate to the wants on the list. The I-touch is a great thing if you don’t have one in the family yet. Mine loves is and so small and easy to take out about with us.

  8. I love that he wants Malfoy’s wand! It must be funner to be “bad”! =) Amazon is having free shipping on lots of stuff! Point and click and you’d be done! Merry Christmas!!!!

  9. I love that he put his list right where you’d find it. We have Harry’s wand that we picked up at Hamely’s in London last year the week the sixth movie came out. Yes, probably time to start getting ready!! 17 days ’til Christmas.

  10. Great list! My kids know that a written list is a lot more effective than just telling me what they’d like. I really like that he wrote his first and last name, just in case you weren’t exactly sure which Taft wanted these items. :)

  11. Gotta say, I don’t envy you with that wish list Stacy! Wow, those are hefty things for him to be asking for! How old is Taft now again? LOL

  12. I love that he wants a Christmas display for his room! How sweet…better keep this list for a future scrap page. My kids want an iPod touch too, I’m hesitant because they already have mp3 and game players, and in a couple of years they’ll be wanting cell phones and needing laptops, and the iTouch is pretty expensive to be junked in a drawer…
    Don’t feel bad, I haven’t started yet either!

  13. Who doesn’t love a kid that what’s a Christmas Display in their room? Mine always get their own tree or garlend with all the ornaments they have collected/made over the years! So Fun! Plus it makes a really good night light!

  14. I, too, love that he wants decorations in his room. Hallmark has been putting out Harry Potter ornaments the last few years. Maybe he needs a little fake tree (OMG! Target has some REALLY fun colored ones!) to put up each year and you can add ornaments to his “collection”. Awesome stocking stuffer, too…a new ornament for the display.

    Fun. Hope you post a photo of whatever the display ends up being.

  15. You and me both! Where has the time gone? =)

    Happy holidays to you and your family, Stacey!

    - Liz

  16. D’oh — I meant Stacy (my hubby’s cousin spells her name differently and my fingers do all of my thinking for me) — sorry about that!

    =) Liz

  17. Good job Taft! Those awesome, brightly colored magnets should be on my Christmas list.

  18. I adore that he wants a Christ mas (love how he put the space there!) display for his room. That kid rocks. :)

    We’re headed to CA for our Christmas, so I’m almost done shopping. Yahoo!

  19. Awwww… I love that he wants a Christmas display in his room. I like your magnets too.

  20. add me to the ‘behind schedule’ list!

  21. What fun magnets!

    Seeing as Harry’s wand broke, I can see wanting Malfoy’s… ;0) I keep my kiddos’ Christmas lists…looking forward to the day I can share them with my kids!

  22. Great list!
    hope Santa is good to him!

  23. Dear Santa,

    I would also like a wand…but this time could I have one that does all the housework?

    with love..(oh and I’ve been really good this year too).

  24. Do you save their Christmas Wish Lists each year? I wish I had done that when the kids were little.

    Love his wish list, can you tell Santa that I’d like an itouch also?

  25. Yesterday while walking down the Bed Bath and Beyond aisles, my 4 year old saw something he wanted and when I said not now, he said, It’s for my Hanukkah list, to which I replied, “sweetie, Hanukkah is over tonight all your presents are done” he said, “I know, next year’s Hanukkah!” Talk about planning ahead!

  26. I’m laughing at the list and at the dozen magnets holding it up–had to make sure it wouldn’t fall off before you found it!

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