Tafty’s Christmas Corner

Remember this post?
I gave Taft one of my extra little trees about a week ago and he made a glittery star and draped a silk scarf around it.
He wrapped two empty boxes and created this very Christmas-y display.
Eat your heart out David Bromstad!

By the way, photo #1 got 105 votes and #2 received 60.
I paid Chase $5 to count these up for me, so there are no guarantees on accuracy. Thanks so much for your help. I hope your Christmas preparations are going well!


  1. Helen McLaughlin says:

    I’m just catching up on your blog and saw in your last post that you won’t be getting Christmas cards out this year. Quite a few years ago I decided that I would send winter cards instead of Christmas cards. It gives me more time to do them the way I want to do them, more time for photo opportunities in the snow to use for the photo, and one less thing on my plate before Christmas. To me, a card doesn’t have any less meaning because it was sent in January instead of December. I hope you are feeling better soon! Helen

  2. Stacy Brown says:

    LOVE Taft’s tree! His decorations are so creative and it looks beautiful!

  3. Ronnie Crowley says:

    Perfect – so glad he can cross something off his list!

  4. Stacy— this is the cutest ever and I think giving yourself permission to NOT send a card for Christmas is just fine. I hope you are feeling at least a little better. I had too much stress a few years ago— several in fact, and we as a family decided to send out “THANKSgiving cards”. This has become such a tradition and we love it — cuz in November we are not nearly as crazy as we are in DEC. We get to write about all our “Blessings” of the year. THis year— since I was with you and the ULTIMATE scrappers — I went right home from that and MADE the Thanksgiving cards and got them ready. I had kinda forgotten them until I was on the cruise– but usually they do get done.
    EVEN so– enjoy these last days and I love love love this photo. YOUR little princess looks adorable among all the brothers. Have a great Christmas and FEEL BETTER!

  5. Love this little Christmas corner. My girls each have a tree in their rooms. A tradition my mom started for them. She sent each girl their own tree, complete with ornaments, a few years ago and my girls LOVE it.

    I have been sending out cards in January for the past few years. It is a lot less stressful and I am pretty sure that everyone likes a surprise after the Christmas rush is over.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family – Love, Me and my family.

  6. aren’t they just amazing?

  7. Bec_Kilgore says:

    Love Taft’s display. I have always wanted to have a tree in my bedroom. Next year, maybe?

  8. Too cute!

  9. Oh, how I LOVE to see holiday cheer!

  10. Peggy Leland says:

    love the decorating!

  11. I missed the vote yesterday on the pictures. Just got too busy to check blogs I guess with all the Christmas prep. I agree with the majority and like the #1 best.
    Also love Taft’s Christmas display, he did a wonderful job on it, how cheerful!

  12. how sweet!

  13. I do love the flowing scarf on his tree!

  14. Very welcoming display. I want that in my room. My kids have always had their own trees. It has been fun over the years to watch them make and collect ornaments that they love. My kids like to “sleep by the glow” of their own tree.

  15. Love the card! such a cute idea! After so many failed attempts at printing and dealing with costco (I print my cards at 4×6 size so they can be framed if relatives want to) I decided to send them digital this year, in my regular e-mail not as an attachment and it worked great! It is nice to let go of the rules once in a while…
    PS Love Taft’s tree

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