welcome to snowville

no explanation needed.


  1. WOW! ps- could she be any cuter?!

  2. i am amazed at how much snow you’re getting up there. here–nada!

  3. Brenda in Sunny SoCal. says:

    An we where complainng because the temp went under 70!

  4. We have some snow here but not as much as Addie is having fun in! I love lots of snow (not the shovelling) but I’m not crazy about the cold. We’ve already had one cold blast (-35 with the wind chill) and I’m hoping we don’t get another one until at least February!

  5. Oh, What fun! My boys had a snowy Christmas up in Maryland last year. At home in Florida, we’re getting ready for our first frost tonight. We have fleece blankets ready for our outdoor kitty.

  6. Nicky Brown says:

    I can’t help but smile when I see your daughter’s smile! Thanks for brightening my day!

  7. Can you not just eat her up?!?! GAH! She is the CUTEST! And she may just have the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen. Ever. :-)

  8. absolutely perfect – what a joyful little girl she appears to be:)


  9. Holy Stromboli!!!! We just had our first snow of the season and it was only a dusting. We are just north of Buffalo and I hear that just east of Buffalo there was a bit more. Boy look at what you have though. She sure looks pretty happy with it!

  10. You can barely tell we’ve gotten a few flurries here in Southern WI. We’re supposed to get 3-5″ Friday night into Saturday…we’ll see. Addie is always adorable!

  11. Frosty looks just like her :) especially with Addie wearing her white coat!!!!

  12. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I have never seen Addie with anything but the hugest smile on her face. She is one happy girl! What a joy she must be in your life!

  14. fabulous! Addie has the most wonderful smile – she must really bring you lots of joy. here in NZ it’s hot and we are forecast a long hot summer. I am really pleased but there is a part of this Northern Hemisphere-raised girl that would like snow for Christmas….

  15. carol in seattle :) says:

    Crazy amounts of snow for you! Hope you keep it on your side of the state!!!

  16. I have to know…Does Addie always smile like that or is that her picture face? I have a son who has a definite picture face, not as heartwarming as Addie’s though.

  17. I expect her mother is finding the snow a bit more tiresome to deal with but she is one happy customer!

  18. Love that smile! She just beams…it’s catching!

  19. I do so love her smile. My baby girl smiles a lot too and I hope she always will.

  20. Cutest photo ever! We have lots of snow but it’s never good for snowman making until the spring. And then it’s usually just one or two days. So so sad. I love snowmen

  21. I always think Addie looks so much like you- its the smile and mannerisms! Bet you all are loving the snow for fun and making everything look so good!

  22. I love, love love snow! We had a sinterklaasparty at my grandparent’s to go to last Saturday. The trams were out of service due to the snow so we decided to walk (about an hour one way in this weather!), we got out my old wooden sled (it’s 25 years old!) and packed our bags with presents onto it and got on our way! At my grandparent’s I had a snowball fight with my little sister and got soaking wet, so glad we got to do that because she lives on the other side of the country and we never got to see each other when it snows, and now we did! On our way home we had less bags so at the one hill that we had to cross I got on the sled and raced down, who cares that I’m 28 years old, snow is FUN! :-)

  23. A little bit better dressed than that first snowfall. ;o) We had such a fun time in the snow while we were over in Spokane for the Holiday Weekend. BTW…She couldn’t be more perfect!

  24. K, as I sit here in 75 degree weather I’m a little jealous of your snow!

    Addie is such a doll. That pic makes me smile!

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