which one do you like better?

Option #1

Option #2

So, I need your help.
My dear friend Kerry took a really cute picture of her children all lined up asleep. I liked it so much I asked her to come take one for me. The initial photo shoot that we scheduled fell through because I managed to have all of my boys home, but forgot that Addie would be at ballet. Silly mom. Anyway, after early-morning yoga last Thursday, she came home with me. I pulled everyone out of bed and put them in my bed, so Kerry could work some magic. She emailed me these over the weekend.

As a side note, I made the executive decision this morning that there won’t be a Christmas card this year, but there might still be a Christmas email?! I got a bad head cold on Friday and have NOT been producctive at all! In any case, I’d love to print this picture up and put it in a little frame to pull out each year.

So, which one do you like better?


  1. I vote for #1– you can see the faces best :)

    Darling idea!

  2. both are so cute! I like #1 because no one’s face is covered up. Such a cute idea. Merry Christmas!

  3. The second one. Your two boys on the right look like they might really be asleep in the second one. (Love them both, tho!)

  4. #1, the best faces

  5. Ronnie Crowley says:

    I like number 2 best but wonder if so could do some photoshop magic to get rid of the hat out of your sons face on this. If not then photo1. Great photo

  6. Top one, you can see everyone’s face. The only thing I think 2 has is crisper hats but that’s kind of like making the element be the focus of the layout.

  7. I love how #4′s hat looks in photo 2, but you can see his full face in photo 1, so if you must choose only one, I’d pick photo 1.

    I love this idea, and am totally going to copy it once my kids are old enough to know how to close their eyes on demand!

  8. Mom Cheryl says:

    I like #1 better. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!

  9. #1 for sure. Better shot of everyone’s faces…so sweet!

  10. Shelly Pope says:

    I like #2 best because they look the snuggliest! Love the idea! I may have to copy you next year. :)

  11. Christa Allgood says:

    number 1

  12. Cindy McDannold says:

    I like #2….seems more natural.

  13. I say option 2 only because for me it’s aesthetically pleasing. But I do feel sad not seeing his whole face. But I like it better.

    Merry Christmas Julian Family :)

  14. Number 1 because you can see all the faces, and also I like the hand of the furthest right boy on his brother’s shoulder. Also, I think in #2 there is too much sheet above the children (you could crop a little though)

  15. Cool photos! I like option #1. I like that you can see everyone’s faces.

  16. Sara Mangan says:

    #1. Love this. I am copying this idea also.

  17. #1 is my fave — all the faces & the hand on the shoulder (addie hugging her brother is my fave part of both)

  18. Number TWO! It just looks more natural to me, #1 looks more posed. Very cute!

    • It’s the bit of imperfection…makes it more true to me. After running around all weekend trying to catch and buy the ellusive “perfect” Christmas instead of hanging with my wonderful family, I have decided to embrace imperfection! =)

  19. I really like the first one because you can see Chase’s face.

    Hope you are feeling better soon and your cold doesn’t take the merry out of your Christmas!!

  20. Totally adorable, with just a slight edge to #2.

  21. #1 because you can see all of the faces. #2 looks more natural but I prefer that all the faces show.

  22. I don’t know! I like that you can see everyone’s face in #1 but I really like the tassels in #2. I don’t know!

  23. #2

  24. I much prefer #2. Even with the tassel, I like the faces of the boys on the right side better in #2. The other three look remarkably similar in both photos. Absolutely adorable. And I think a Christmas email is definitely a must for your family this year. So sorry about your cold.

  25. I prefer #1 because you can see all their darling faces. And I think it’s perfectly okay to send a Christmas email rather than a card this year. Some years are just like that.

  26. Option one definitely!

  27. Rachel Smith says:

    #2…I like seeing the tassles on the hats on the right.

  28. Option #1 – the tassel in the second photo is too distracting

  29. I love #1 you can see all their faces

  30. I love number one. You can see all of their faces.

  31. Ohh, so hard. I like the 2nd one better, but the end of the hat is kinda in Chase’s face. I’ll still vote for #2.

  32. Michelle S. says:

    I like number 2 the best, looks more natural. Either way you can’t lose! Great pics, such beautiful children.

  33. #1 you can see all their faces clearly…

  34. Clever girl!!! you should try the Peas, lol, they’d be quite frank -

    my vote: #2

  35. I love them both! What a cute idea! But I think I’d go with #2.

  36. I vote for number one because their faces are clearer and they seem to be hugging more. I LOVE THIS SHOT.

  37. such a cute idea!
    I like #2

  38. Bec_Kilgore says:

    I vote for #1.

  39. Priceless, number #2.

  40. #2

  41. Okay – didn’t read the other comments so as to not be swayed in any way – I choose #1 – I can see everyone’s face just a bit better in that one.

    And I also decided to not send cards this year – but plan to send some type of card via email. My husband says it’s not because i’m too lazy [busy, whatever] to do one, but that we are embracing our ‘greeness’ – since I don’t do much else [recycling, etc.] I guess it’s a start. lol

    Merry Christmas!! [just in case I don't get to the e-card]

  42. They are both cute shots but my vote goes to #2. It just looks more relaxed and natural. Hope you feel better very soon!

  43. Yeah, I like #1. And I LOOOVE this idea! Fabulous! Inspired! :-) And good for you! Christmas emails are great… saves paper, good for the environment! ;-)

  44. I like #1 … so cute!

  45. I have to pick #2. The kids actually look like they are asleep in that one, whereas the first one looks posed.

  46. I vote #1 as you can see all the faces. Great pictures. Hope you feel better soon.

  47. madeline St onge says:

    #2 Love this Stacey

  48. #1 – you can see all the faces! Very cute idea!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  49. I’m in the #1 camp (and a quick run through of comments seems it is evenly divided and we won’t help you at all). Why #1? I like seeing everyone’s faces – the tassel is distracting. And I like the hand on big brother’s shoulder. It just looks more loving to me.

    Good luck deciding! And I hope you are feeling better soon. I’m fighting a cold too, but luckily my cards are already in the mail.

  50. They are both really cute but # 1 you can see everyone’s faces

  51. Definitely #1 although they are both terribly cute. What a fun photo. This year I framed all the photos I could find of anyone in the family with Santa Claus (including me & my sister 35 years ago!) and displayed them with my Santa figurines. I love it – this photo of the kids will be such a great “decoration” for each holiday from now on.

  52. I like the #1 too, because you can see everyone’s faces!

  53. Option 1 for all the faces too! cute photo.

  54. #1…….you can see all the kids faces. What a lovely photo!!! oh, and Merry Christmas!!

  55. Option 1 / What a sweet picture!

  56. #1 because you can see all their faces and some hugging. :)

  57. #1. U can see the 2 boys faces on the right better
    But this photo is to die four. Creative. Touching. Tear!

  58. I love the idea of a Christmas photo like this. Personally, I like photo #1 since it shows everyone’s face.
    Hope you feel better Stacy!
    Merry Christmas!

  59. #1. You can see the 2 boys faces on the right better. But on another note this pic is sick. I love it. Creative. Touching. Tear!

  60. #1 because you can see everyone’s faces better. I love that photo what a cute idea. Hope you feel better soon

  61. Definitely the first one. In the second one, one of your son’s face is hidden by his hat.

  62. Karen Schmidt says:

    #1 is the best. the second one has a little bet better lighting but you can see everyones faces in #1. I’m going to have to try this. My family is going to be sick of me taking fun pictures like this. I’ve taken our family picture in matching PJ’s then with Santa. Feel better.

  63. I prefer option one, you can see everyone’s faces better! What a cute idea! Now I may have to do it too.

  64. #1 – for the same reason – you can see everyone’s face. Great idea and a wonderful keepsake! Sometimes I send cards and pictures between Christmas and New Year’s when all the goodness/craziness has lessened a bit. I still love hearing from our friends even after Christmas so I figure the same applies to them.

    Feel better soon!

  65. #1

  66. Love it so much! #1 is a keeper–Trey’s arm on Chase is so cute. I love Miss Addie in the middle of all her brothers! So cute. Can I copy you and Kerry???

    And–I didn’t send Christmas cards last year and the world didn’t end. An email is just as good. I hope you feel better very, very soon!!!!

  67. #1 is sweet. YOu can see everyone’s face. I’m going to pile my kids in bed and try this! I love the cuddles.

  68. #1–though both are precious!!

  69. Oh, this is hard! I love the exposure for #2, but the story in #1 is too amazing. I guess it’s #1.

    You know, if you throw it into Photoshop Elements and apply a slight levels adjustment (say, move the middle slider to about 1.20), I think it will totally ROCK (I mean, it pretty much ROCKS already)! =)

    PS: Happy holidays Stacy — to you and your family and happy new year, as well. I hope many good things come your way!

  70. They are both fabulous but my preference is for Number 1. What a sweet idea. I too have had to let a lot of things go this year due in part to health issues and as one of the earlier commenters wrote, things are okay. We women put so much pressure on ourselves. You can always send out an email with an attached (Word) letter and photo. You’ll be so surprised how many people will respond. I actually heard back from more people via email when I did it that way. Take care of yourself Stacy and enjoy the season, the holiday. Extend grace to yourself and don’t feel like you have to do everything.

  71. Barb in AK says:

    I like #2 better, but #1 shows all their faces, so that would have to be the one I would use.
    Stacy, hope you feel better very soon—no fun to feel out of it during the holidays!

  72. Sharon Holesh says:

    #1 you can see the faces better. Addy looks angelic!

  73. stamphappy2001 says:

    Option 1 is my favorite. I really like Addie and I don’t like the cap tail covering your son’s face.

  74. This is the cutest Christmas photo ever! I may have to borrow the idea next year for my grandkids…if I remember. I like #2 best.

  75. Claudia Davis says:

    Option #1 – one face hidden on #2. Great picture!

  76. Number 1- you can see Chases face better. Although Addie looks darling in the second photo!

  77. option #1 – no hidden faces

    LOVE this!!

  78. #1, their faces are more clearly seen. Lovely family.
    Merry Christmas!

  79. #1 for the face factor. I too am thinking this year is not the year for cards. Don’t feel you have to do it all! Just sharing your pictures on your blog is like a Xmas card!

  80. Whitney P. says:

    I’m going to say #2. I think their expressions look more natural. Both are cute though

  81. What a FANTASTIC photo opportunity! They’re both GREAT, but I prefer NUMBER ONE since you can see everyone’s faces. (If only that darned tassle wasn’t in the way…)

  82. Jenny McGee says:

    I like the first one, because one person’s hat is covering part of their face. Nice idea.

  83. The first one too.So cute, i love it!

  84. Definitely #2!

  85. Option #1 is great because you can see everyone’s face, but if they are “sleeping” I like #2 — Addie’s face looks less stressed in #2

  86. Definitely #1 since you can see everyone’s faces. Love this photo idea! Hope you feel better soon!

  87. I like option 2 and can I suggest thinking about using Hallmark to get your cards done? I don’t have any interest in them, I just loved having them do our cards this year – we uploaded our names list – made the card and got free stamps with a code –

    real stamps, they printed and did it all – no worries.

  88. You are good to go with either one. Love them both. I’m with you, no card. Save on paper too. It is good for the environment.

  89. Option #1 – you can see faces. And I love how your son’s hands (on right) are on his brother. I like how Addie looks in #1 better. both are great. If you only saw the #2, you would love that one and vice versa! Go for the photo that has the pull-of-your-heart emotion whereas perfect color can wait for the perfect Christmas.

  90. I like #2 – there are some furrowed brows in the first one that make the fake sleeping look too obviously fake. :) The second photo looks more natural.

  91. I like #1 better, clear faces. I may have to copy this, but don’t think my 18 month old will close her eyes for me.

  92. Brenda DellaVecchia says:

    Number 1. Sorry you’re under the weather. Get better.

  93. I like #1 since all the faces are clear, but it looks a little strained to me. I think even with his face covered, I would choose #2 since they look more relaxed, more like “visions of sugar plums…” I can’t wait to hear which one you decide on!

  94. I like #2 better. It looks more natural.

  95. like that you can see everyone’s face in #1 but feel #2 has better faces, not as forced as in #1. final vote: #2

  96. #1 because Chase’s face is more visible.

    Cute idea! Did Clark require some convincing? ;)

  97. the first one…what a delightful idea!

  98. Awesome idea! Love them both…but like #1.

  99. I like #1!

  100. What a fun photo idea – tfs!
    #2 is my vote.

  101. ooo, it’s a tough choice…but I would say #2… they look more sleeping…hehe!

  102. #1 – But it was tough.. but I liked the inter connectedness with the hand out of the covers. So cute

  103. Tough call, but I think #2 looks more natural. Great idea…haven’t seen this kind of shot done before. I must say I love it! Beautiful children, Stacy!

  104. I like #2 as well, it looks more natural! Like they are actually sleeping! I love this photo:-)

  105. It is tough, but I would say number 1. There’s no “tassel interference”.

  106. Kathy Jo Camacaho says:

    #1 – no tassel issue and I like the arm on the outside of the cover.

  107. DEFINITELY #1! Too much hat covering his face on the right. Altho’ poor Clark looks pained in both….

  108. 1!

  109. 1– the hat bobble is covering part of a boy’s face in 2

  110. I say #2….it looks more “real”!

  111. option 2 but both are cute Enjoy your Holidays with your family.

  112. Number 1. You can see more of the second from the right son’s beautiful face. what an adorable idea.

  113. #1

  114. I vote #2…their faces look more relaxed.

  115. 1! so cute!

  116. Adorable! I like them both but think you can see the faces better in the first one.

  117. #1..so adorable!!!

  118. I’ve gotta tell you, this is the cutest thing EVER! #1 because you can see all their faces better.

  119. #2, beacause it looks like they are all really sleeping, especially Chase. Even though you can’t see his face as well, you still know who he is…and he wins the Oscar for “Best Sleeper” of the year!

  120. Kelly Driver says:

    I like #1 because you can see everybody’s faces! It is adorable. What a great idea!

  121. Sherry Coleman says:

    #1 is much better. Addie and your oldest son look slightly uncomfortable in the second one.

  122. Of course Option 1. The hat is hiding a darling face in Option 2.

  123. I vote for option 1.

  124. Seriously! I like them both. Your boys are good snugglers! If I had to pick just one number 2 would win! But ultamatly Stacy it’s up to you. Which one do you like better?

  125. I like number 1 – you can see all the faces clearly.

  126. #1

  127. That’s not so easy! hehe, #1

  128. That is tough. Option #1 no tassel interference is good. However, if you are going for an actual sleeping photo, Option #2 appears more natural to me.

  129. #1

  130. #1 illustrates a little more relationship, so that would be my vote. Good luck deciding! Such a cute idea!

  131. Go with option #1.

  132. #2

  133. Number 1. Definitely. Number 1.

  134. Leslie Kuhn says:

    #1; the tassle is in the way on #2. Both are adorable, though. What a great idea! Hope you feel better soon! Merry Christmas!

  135. I like #1 too – you can see all their faces clearly. Cute picture!

  136. rachel in Cali. says:

    I like option 2… you wanted a picture of them sleeping right? This one looks like they are sleeping. ;0)

    Cute idea btw!

  137. I think option 2 looks more like they really are sleeping. Cute pics!

  138. #1 because of the hat

  139. Amy DeMordaunt says:

    Love #1, can see all their faces. How did Clark grow up so big?!

  140. #1 is my choice, although both are too cute!

  141. #1

  142. #1 because you can see all their faces clearly.

  143. #2, it seems more natural

  144. Option 1 – you can see all 5 faces!

  145. both great shots…beautiful children but I’d vote for #2

  146. I think I like #2 better.

  147. This is adorable! I think that I like #2 the best.

  148. Anne-Jeanette says:

    1, I think the tassel taking too much focus. Good luck choosing :)

  149. #2 seems sweeter to me, such a great idea!

  150. Sara Lovell says:

    I’d go for option 1!

  151. I like 2, they seem more natural!

  152. I like number 2, number one seems a bit posed.

  153. I like 1. There isn’t a hat covering anyone’s face, and that would be a big deal to me.

  154. I think #2 looks more natural too. Great idea for a photo!

  155. #1 – mol because of the tassel in the face in #2. what a cute poto idea though!

  156. both cute, but #2 is my pick. I think the tassel makes it less posed.

  157. I like number 1. I like the hand on the shoulder, there’s no tassel covering a face and I like that you can see Addie’s eyelashes more in no. 1. :-)

  158. Option #1 :o)

  159. Looks like the decision is 50/50 in the comments too, so it will come down to your first impression – it’s always right. Which one struck you the most when you first looked at them?? For me, it’s #1 – you can see all the faces of your beautiful children! Merry Christmas!!

  160. I like Option #1 best

  161. I like option #1 best simply because you can see everyone’s face better. What a cute idea. I would so do this if I had kids.

  162. carol in seattle :) says:

    Yes, #1 is a little more “posed”, but you can see the faces of all your darling children! Is there truly anything better than having each of your children all together? Sending buckets of love and healing to your house Stacy! Merry Christmas!!!

  163. I like #1.

  164. #2 looks more natural – lovely!

  165. I prefer #1 because you can see all the faces.

  166. Adorable! #1 is my favorite.

  167. #1 because you can see everyone’s face – what a great idea NOT doing cards, but email…and as soon as my family joins me in the 21st century, I’ll be doing the same thing! Merry Christmas.

  168. #1 for me too – it’s the tassel that is distracting in #2! Great idea for a photo! Love it!

  169. #1, otherwise you can’t see your #2′s face. Go for a happy new year card or I did Valentine’s Day last year. It was so much more relaxing and I think enjoyed b/c it brightened the winter blahs! We had friends do a Groundhog Day card one year…funny, funny! :)

  170. Number 2!

  171. Stephanie S. says:


  172. #1 because you can see all of their faces. Very sweet photographs of your children! Yes, New Year’s cards a good way to go. I did that last year. This year my butt was a bit more in gear and I got out Christmas cards yesterday.

  173. I like them both – but #1 is my favorite!!!

  174. I like #1 because I can see everyone’s face better. Cute, cute photo!

  175. Ally White says:

    I like #1 better. Everyones face is showing and the exposure looks a little better. Cuuuute picture :)

  176. Barbara Konopa says:

    I like #1 . I think you can see all the boys faces the best. It is a clever idea. What a neat way to see how they grow from year to year.

    Clark and Chase are sure good sports. Most teenagers wouldn’t be caught dead laying in bed with funny hats and their sibs and then having it posted on the internet.

    Hope you shake your cold so you can enjoy the holidays.

  177. Oh, my goodness, but these are adorable. I LOVE this idea.
    I agree with most everyone else that #1 is the best. You can see all of those gorgeous faces much better.

  178. can’t believe everybody cooperated so well! =) What a great photo shoot! I like both, but #2 a wee bit better.

  179. I like option 2….looks less staged

  180. My teenager wouldn’t do this for anything. Your lucky he’s a good sport.

  181. I like #1 better because the end of the hat isn’t covering the face of the 2nd boy on the left. Cute picture! I may have to try this sometime! Ohhh if I get the tripod and wireless remote for my camera that I asked for, I could do it with me and hubby in the bed with the 2 daughters and 2 dogs! Hee hee! My husband will probably roll his eyes at me LOL!

  182. #2

  183. Isn’t it interesting how pared down things become when we get sick during the weeks leading up to the holiday season? I had a horrible cold about two weeks ago – it laid me out flat during an entire weekend that I’d originally planned to spend making my Christmas cards, putting up decorations, etc. – and the combination of recovering from that while tending to some high-priority work obligations in the week that followed translated into a very low-key approach to Christmas this year. Some people got handmade Christmas cards, others got ones I picked up from the store. And those Christmas decorations? Except for the twinkly-light wreath with a very special new ornament on it, all the decorations are still tucked away in the box.

    But you know what? Christmas will still be wonderful. =)

  184. Hee Jin Ramsey says:

    go with #1!

  185. How precious!

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