Clark’s MLK video.

I titled this post MLK video because on several occasions over the last few weeks, when I would ask Clark what he was working on, he’d say MLK. Here, for your viewing pleasure is the video he created for a school assembly on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day …

I think it’s awesome.
Just wait ’til you see what he is working on as he recovers from the wisdom teeth ordeal.
He is definitely honing his movie-making skills.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Sherry Coleman says:

    Amazing video, fabulous message. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Great video! So nice to see an uplifting thoughtful message.

  3. Clark
    Martin Luther King Jr. was brought down by a coward’s bullet, his message will never be brought low as long as we all in our way carry and live the message. Thank You for living the message, you honor Martin Luther King Jr. and you honor yourself. \A job well done.

  4. Jennifer Monroe says:

    Clark did a wonderful job!!!!

  5. What a wonderful tributeto Dr. King It also shows Clark’s character in this very well done video. Thank you for sharing and I am showing it to others. The message will continue. Dr. Kings and Clarks.

  6. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Clark,

    What a beautiful collection of truths from Dr. King. I will love others well. I’m learning what that means even now at 33. It seems most of your fellow students already are loving others well. It’s not easy. I can’t imagine what it was like for Dr. King. What a great video you put together.


  8. Shelly Smisek says:

    Fantasic job Clark!!!! Thanks for letting your mom share it with all of us. Keep up the good work!

  9. Wow, very impressive Video – excellent job! Can I share something I hope will help as he continues to build his skills? Provide not just enough time to read the words, but several seconds to put them together in the brain and translate their meaning. I love that quote at the beginning, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.” However, had I seen this video in a group on a large screen I wouldn’t have had the luxury of rewinding and really catching it.

  10. i have to say it looks like the apple didnt fall too far from the tree. your sons seems set to make the world a better happier place, just like you, stacy.
    thanks for sharing and reminding us to ‘make good choices’
    cheers julie in NZ

  11. wow, that’s an amazing video with a though provoking message. My husband watched too and thought it was impressive. Looking forward to seeing what else Clark has come up with.

  12. Stacy you are right – it is awesome. In the true meaning of the word.

    Clark – well done! Hope you feel better soon and thanks for being willing to share your creation with us.

  13. Wonderful job Clark. Hope you are feeling better.

  14. Stephanie says:

    Fantastic job Clark! Thanks for sharing Stacy!

  15. Michelle Price says:

    AWESOME!!!! I wish that all teenagers could understand what people have gone through in the past so that we can live like we do now. Kids like yours are amazing and help others to know that we can’t take the freedoms we have for granted. Kudos to you and your husband for instilling this sense of “the big picture” in your kids. I have been uplifted this morning by your son. Thank him for me.

  16. Thank you, sir, for creating it and thank you, Stacy, for sharing it! There’s been on ongoing discussion at our house for the past week since our 8 y.o “baby” was shown a movie r.e MLK. Apparently she’s been shown this movie the past couple of yrs as well – but this year – it hit – BIG time – what it was about. She came home from school in tears, with discussion continuing, asking “Why is there so much HATE, Mama?” How do I begin to answer that? It certainly hasn’t been a short answer, but many small doses. Apparently the video shown had clips of the dogs turned on the spectators, fire hoses – the ugly side of what prompted his Dream speech. I’ve raised a concern with the teacher – they’ll review whether it should remain part of the curriculum – it’s a step. A friend who lived thru it and was THERE at 6-8 y.o says there’s really no way to tell the story without showing that ugliness. I beg to differ. Clark just proved it for me. Again – I thank you. I’ll be sharing this with the 3rd Grade teacher in hopes that they continue searching for a better way to instruct, at this age, why they have MLK day (which is why their movie was trotted out). Needless to say – a scrapbook page has come out of all this – to help us remember.

  17. I felt honoured to see your son’s video. I hope he will be able to share it at different schools in your area, besides his own.
    thank you!

  18. Great job Clark! What a gift you have. I was wondering how the project to document his senior is going?

  19. Sue Campbell says:

    Awesome video. Very well done and inspiring. I hope you received a great grade for it and made your classmates think about their actions on a daily basis.

  20. WOW, just like Lily and the Plastic Purse…all I can say is WOW!

    So sad to see that the Southern States in our Union are still so racist in their words and actions still even today…

    I had to grab a kleenex…

  21. WOW. Great video. I was definitely moved.

  22. Amazing video! I’m sitting here with tears rolling down my face. Clark, you have a gift. I hope you will continue to develop and share it. Your character definitely shines through your video. Good job, Mom!

  23. Barbara Konopa says:

    Clark great piece. I wonder how you got around the copyright issues of putting all those images in your video and then on the internet. I got into a big hassle with Costco because I had them print a digital scrapbook page with a school picture of my nephew. They said I had to have an authorization of the photographer before I could pick it up. So copyright issues of images are my mission. I finally was able to sign a waiver but not until after I argued with the manager. If you understand the copyright issues on images I would love to have an internet site to read and take to my local Costco.
    I remember almost all those tapes of Dr. King during the 60′s. It was powerful then and is just as powerful now.
    Good job,

  24. I agree- awesome!

  25. Job well done, Clark! I remember when I was in 8th grade one of the boys in my class used the “I Have A Dream” speech for his piece for the public speaking competition. It was the first time I had heard the entire speech and I was so moved and I get goose bumps whenever I hear it. Jonathan went on to win 1st place in the district wide competition.
    One thing many people forget is that Dr. King was speaking of ALL people in our world, not just the blacks, but all of us. He didn’t just want equality for blacks, he wanted it for all!
    Stacy, thanks for posting this for us to view!

  26. I need to show this to my kids…funny how much we forget to pass on to future generations!

  27. Wow – a great video with a wonderful message/reminder for all of us. Not to mention some very nice movie making skills!

  28. What a wonderful message, fantastic video. Thanks for sharing and reminding us again what the MLK stood for and all of us should stand for.

  29. jennifer h says:

    Thank you for sharing :)

  30. Hello! I’m a school librarian who does a morning news video for the school. Tell Clark I think he did a fabulous job! Loved it!!!

  31. Wow – amazing!! Great job Clark!

  32. Christine H says:

    It’s so amazing to see your kid “get it” when “it” was so not a part of their landscape. Not directly anyway. Keep up the good work Mom!

  33. Barbara W. says:

    What an awesome job, Clark. I was living during this period but not so aware of what was going on. Even though I have seen these images before, the way Clark put them together with the words and questions he chose to use really brings a deeper level of understanding and a more intense appreciation for MLK. Thanks, Clark, for a job well done.

  34. Wow, amazing son you have there! Great job!

  35. Thank you for sharing this video Stacy. What a great message he is sharing!! Great job, Clark!!

  36. I’m proud of you for taking your own advice and continuing to “To let Your Little Light Shine” Love You as always. Grandma

  37. Jen Shipley says:

    This video is outstanding. I have to show it to my children. Martin Luther King’s message rings true today as it it did back then. He took and stand what he believed in equality and justice for all. Thank you so much for sharing. Your son did a wonderful job.

  38. THANKS so much for sharing Clark’s video…I will be showing my girls! WOW!!

  39. Awesome. Clark is very talented.

  40. Amazing job on a topic and issue that remains difficult. Wonderful creativity, quotes and music. You are most talented. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

  41. Christa hamilton says:


    That is an awesome video that Clark put together. It brought tears to my eyes. Loved the choice of music and the quality in which it was put together. GREAT JOB!

  42. Hi Stacy,

    Thank you so much for posting this on your blog, and thank you so much to Clark for making this project for school even though it was probably required. I homeschool my two youngest sons and over the course of last week we read a book on MLK, and completed a thorough unit study on his entire life. The book I chose to read was one that was written in 1964. Four years before he was assassinated. Many parts of the book got me choked up, and emotional. One day (while I was emotional) my son asked me why I was crying. He said, we are white. I told both boys that it is okay to be emotional about our history, because that means that we care about what happened. It is important to care about what happened, and good to be reminded of what happened. MLK was a great man, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than he was. He changed history forever. It still touches me, even though I was only a few months old when he was assassinated. I can’t wait to show them Clark’s video tomorrow during school. It will reinforce what they learned about MLK so well. Hopefully all the young people growing up today in our country (no matter what color or race they are) will form a new generation of togetherness, even closer than the last. We have come such a long way, because of this dear man. So proud to celebrate him and his accomplishments!

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