Happy Day + Cool Marketing

It is SNOWING outside my window and has been all morning long. I’m OK with this because it is January and I actually really like snow in January. Plus, it’s gorgeous. Nothing like a weather report to pull you into a blog post eh?

I’m having a GREAT day.
I woke up early without an alarm and for some reason today is the day that it finally sank in: It’s not 2010 anymore! Twenty Ten was tough for me and I’m really glad it’s in the past. I definitely feel like today is a new day and a new year and I’m READY. I’m anxious to reveal my “One Little Word.” I have it, but I’m living with it and writing the blog post in my head. I LOVE my word, but I’m just not set to share yet.

Kayce and Wendy and I had a really productive meeting this morning with a new potential partner and then enjoyed a very energizing follow-up conversation about CHA and our preparations. This combined with the “brand new” feeling in my soul today is setting the stage for good things to come.

About a week ago, I got this note and bracelet in the mail.

I was seriously confused at first.
But then as I read it I thought, this is SO COOL.

If you’ve been reading for a while then you already know that I’m a TOMS Shoes super-fan and this is exactly the kind of marketing that appeals to me. One, it’s story based. Two, it’s feels personal (even though on some level I know it was sent to thousands of people.) Three, it’s different and fresh. Four, it’s handwritten and five, it includes a gift — Hello? Companies of the world pay attention. I’m a savvy consumer and I’m telling you what works.

Assuming of course that in addition to a product, you have a platform that I can get behind.

That’s all
, except that this is the kind of company I want Big Picture Classes to be. If there is something we can do to be this kind of company for you (and we’re not already doing it) then I want to hear from you!


  1. Hi Stacy,
    I think it’s fantastic when companies care enough about their consumers to go to the effort to make them feel appreciated, especially if they can do this in a ‘personal’ kind of way. I took your LOM class last year (and it changed my view on documenting my families story!), I just wanted to say thank you for the LOM welcome pack. I thought it was such a beautiful touch and really made me feel part of the LOMcommunity. Good on you for wanting to improve BPC but trust me, you guys are already way up there!
    Thank you again. Leanne X

  2. Can’t wait to hear your One Little Word Stacy! Mine this year is “happy” and I’m loving it!

  3. Hi Stacy, I have to agree with the previous comment from Leanne ” Good on you for wanting to improve BPC but trust me, you guys are already way up there!’ The classes I take through BPC are not only creative scrapbook classes, but they change your entire attitude toward life and the way you think, which make me want to be a better person and overcome my fears. Ali’s One Little Word class is so not about scrapbooking (even though it is), but it is an emotional journal that I feel I will be on all year and hopefully the years to come. So far I am really liking the “year” long class concept. I hope more are offered in the future. Thank you for all you do and I love reading your blog. God Bless you Stacy, Diana

  4. Stacy – I’ve been a BPC customer since day one, and I totally get what you mean. From one savvy consumer to another, I want to tell you that I put your company in the same class as TOMS. Personal. Story-based. Meaningful. Keep it up, my friend.

  5. I love BPC. I found it last year when it was to late to sign up for LOM and I am excitedly waiting for the next class! I love your classes and would take many more if I had the resources. As it is, I must pick and choose which to take and that is not an easy thing – I could easily take them all. Thanks for all you and your staff do. You truly make me think and look at life differently. My word for this year is create. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  6. Wow Stacey! I love that personal business touch. Thank you for sharing it. I am working on my own business plan and development, the personal letter and gift from TOMS confirms that I am on the right track! My one little word for the year is one that will help me with this as well! Believe! Now my wheels are turning even more. Thanks for the insperation!

  7. Two of my daughters got Tom’s Shoes for Christmas. Actually we got them in November when Norstroms had artists from Tom’s there and Ellie got hers decorated for FREE. They got their letters and bracelets just a few days ago and Ellie hasn’t taken hers off. I was really impressed with the handwritten note as well. Actually I started taking a look at Tom’s after I saw your sidebar advertisement. So we have you to thank for recommending such a great company. Thank you!

  8. Your mentioning of having a brand new feeling in your soul reminded me of a wonderful song I think you would enjoy, if you do not know it already. It is called “New Soul” by Yael Naim. The music video for it is pretty clever, too. Here’s the link:


    Thanks for sharing the marketing idea from TOMS They are a wonderful company, just like BPC. One of my goals for the new year is to help motivate women to enjoy their lives more. You do this so well!

  9. I am having a Happy Day today as well. I am not letting the fact that I am still putting away my Christmas decorations when usually they are already tucked neatly away in the storage closet. I am not worrying that I am behind in many other things as well. I am just enjoying the crisp Texas winter weather, planning my walk, and just having fun organizing and getting things accomplished (even if I am behind schedule). I also need to add check out Thoms shoes to my list of things to do today. That letter really impressed me. Thanks for sharing.

  10. My one little word is HEALTH—I’m having some issues and i want to get healthy in 2011

  11. Well I must tell you that when I recently ordered a book from your site and it arrived with a lil’ bottle of sprinkles I was absolutely delighted! I was just happy to get the book and when I peeked into the bottom of the package I thought, ‘no way’. I smiled and was so thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift with my purchase. =)

  12. Can’t wait to hear what your word will be this year.
    Love the idea of the letter and bracelet! It does make you feel good doesn’t it? Most places don’t even send a thank you, no less something like this. Very nice!

  13. So cool! I’m a huge fan of Tom’s, and it’s all because you posted some adorable little shoes you bought for Addie a few years back. I wear mine every day.

  14. Blake is one cool dude. I love my Toms. BPC IS this kind of company. I really believe in customer service and customer relations. YOU have nailed both. It’s one of the BIG reasons I keep coming back. (That and the classes really are terrific.)
    Thank you Stacy for sharing yourself with us so much.

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