I scrapbooked.

Can you believe it?

I am getting back in the daily swing of my personal Library of Memories, spending 15 to 30 minutes each day engaged with one part of my system. Since my energy bottomed out in the spring last year, I’ve done very little scrapbooking that didn’t have a deadline attached. But I’m slowly recovering my creative inertia and am happy to report that I made a page! It’s nothing amazing, but it was restorative and it records a glimpse of my relationship with Tafty.

My complicated, sensitive and very cautious Taft wrote me a note last week and it was so good that I wasn’t OK  filing it away. I needed to scrapbook it and I did. In this note Taft assures me that he appreciates the encouragement I give him and that without me he would probably still be in kindergarten! I laughed and I cried and found two photos of Taft (pre-kindergarten) to use on this layout that holds his note. I wrote a response back to Taft and told him he has no idea how much I need notes like his or how much I love him.

He is brilliant and full of potential.
I will continue to push him in positive directions and know that his reluctance should not be taken too seriously.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Wow. What a perfect sentiment. Everything about this is touching.

    Thanks for sharing this special layout.

    certainly, a beautiful story has been told here.

    All the best,


  2. Stacy-It is so wonderful that are are starting to feel better. I know that it is frustrating when we want to do something and are just not able to do it. It is even harder when we feel we should no matter what. I am grateful that you are sharing your personal struggles with us. It makes us all realize that it is okay to be human and not always Superwoman!

    I so look forward to your heartfelt posts. They brighten my day. You have the ability to be a bright spot. Try to always remember that!

  3. Love it–the theme, color scheme, and the tape border around the edges! Scrapbooking helps me process the highs and lows of my life as I document them. I am happier and more content because of it.

  4. That is a great layout!
    Thanks to you know I realize that time spent on any part of my scrapbooking is still time spent scrapbooking. Even if I haven’t done an actual layout for a while.

  5. what a great kid! we can all pray that our kids will be just like that.

  6. I love pages like that. I started scrapbooking in 1986 when all I could find was Creative Memories and pastel colored paper from the genealogy store. In 1996 my albums were ruined in a flood at our house. I was just starting to want to scrapbook again when in 1999 we moved unexpectedly to a wreck of a house that took 5 years to restore (best house we’ve ever lived in). I have done layouts every now and then and even a book or two but they have never been for me. I am slowing learning that it is okay to do things for me simply because I want to and not for any other reason. I now have ideas for books that I want I just haven’t make the leap to actually do them. I have been reading your blog for over a year and you have been a big influence to help me get started again. I am waiting for LOM to actually get me started. Thank you for all you do.

  7. It feels so good to be creative after a break, doesn’t it? I can’t remember the last time I actually scrap-booked, until the other day. I FINALLY got back into the swing of things!

  8. That’s fantastic :) I love notes like that from my boys. We started a notebook for my two oldest (the third and fourth will get them in the next couple of years) where we can write back and forth as needed. It’s a nice affirmation for them that we care and they can talk to us about anything, even if it isn’t face to face.

  9. lovely, the notes, the page, and that you are scrapping again.

  10. Congrats. It’s beautiful. Aren’t kids wonderful.

  11. Christy Miller says:

    Wow! This is such an amazing and personal part of your life and I’m so glad you shared it with us! I’m sure my mom would have appreciated a note like this from me but I know she would now too. This has reminded me to let people know my heart every now and then because it just might be the pick-me up that they need! Thanks Stacey!

  12. Welcome back! I just love the photo of you holding Taft, with your chin on his head. Those days are precious.

  13. That is so sweet!! I almost cried reading it! My kids do sweet stuff like that. I think I need to do a page…..yay!!! Inspiration!!

  14. Awwwww. love that story. Moments like those are so precious! And that is why we scrap!

  15. Stacy, I LOVE this! Good for you for scrapping again. You continue to inspire me!

  16. Love it, it is a great Simple Scrapbook page of a wonderful moment and story!

  17. What a wonderful story – captured on a scrapbook page. I believe this is one that you would call PRICELESS.

  18. amazing. children have an instinct that tells them when we need a pick-me-up like that. congrats on the creative mojo, i hope life keeps moving forward in a wonderful way for you!

  19. madeline St onge says:

    What a perfect note from your boy Stacey, a treasure for sure

  20. What a wonderful note and layout! I love it. Thanks for sharing it!


  21. Nicky from Canada says:

    How wonderful to get that done

  22. Theres no such thing as “nothing amazing”…any scrapbook page that documents your life in some way is “AMAZING”!!!!!! Glad you are feeling better.

  23. Absolutely wonderful! I just love everything, from the perfect note to the beautiful page and the special reason for the page. Great for you!

  24. Wow! I am tearing up at this! It is so sweet and a wonderful ministry to me as I am having a hard time with my little ones. Thank you for posting this! Its wonderful. I love how you cluster elements on your pages, and I love how you printed out the note onto the cardstock. And, gotta love color bins!!!! Wonder if I have any stars around here…hum…;)

  25. This is gorgeous and so so special! And welcome back to your scrapbooking groove : )

  26. Cynthia B. says:

    Sweet sweet note! Thanks for sharing, and I’m so glad you made time to scrap!

  27. Such a great example. Thanks for sharing.

  28. That is brilliant! It’s the things like Taft’s note that keep us on the straight and narrow when we’re parents and are the best possible reward.
    Nice page, too!

  29. I treasure those notes my son wrote as a little boy – priceless!

  30. Molly McCarthy says:

    Warm fuzzies all over.

  31. Stacy, you have great kids! Happy Mother’s Day (3 1/2 months early!!)!

  32. And this right here is why I love you!!!

  33. Thank you for sharing. It brought tears to my eyes. The job we have as parents, and why I am so glad that I scrapbook to document these moments.

  34. Jodi Berg says:

    I love your page. When I read the note, I got choked up. I also have a son who struggles and I push. The other day my Mom told me I was doing the right thing with pushing him along. I can’t tell you how much that meant to hear it’s ok to push our children without exasperating them. Keep creating and I can’t wait to see more.

  35. How lovely and sweet ~ I’m blinking back the tears. Amazing how sometimes our kids know just what we need to hear.

  36. Damiane Lucas says:

    Beautiful layout, Stacy! I purchased your books about a year on Amazon, and I’ve been yearning to see a layout on your blog. Many thanks!

  37. Wonderful layout! What a nice, thoughtful young man you are raising.

  38. Oh my gosh, that is priceless. I LOVE the “still in kindergarten” line. And I’m so glad you’re scrapbooking again. Perhaps it will rub off on me! I’ve done a good job of completing several theme albums in the past year, but I never manage to get to everyday layouts . . . so my storage albums are bursting at the seams, and my LOM albums are nearly empty. But they look snappy on the shelf!

  39. bea medwecky says:

    What a precious story. Kids can express themselves in such a heartfelt, creative way. Thanks for sharing. I am happy you are scrapbooking again. Your pages are always so happy and cheerful. My favorite thing about your pages is how they look so attainable. And how much they reflect your personality.

    Happy Tuesday night,

  40. First, it’s nice to hear you are getting your mojo back! Congrats!

    Second, it’s SO nice to hear that even YOU go through ‘scrappers block’. No personal scrapbooking since last Spring is a long time. I find that my life keeps me from doing layouts or working on my LOM for long stretches of time (new baby, moving, etc.) and it’s nice to be reminded that that’s normal and it’s OK and we’ll get back to it eventually…just keep taking pictures and organizing them.


  41. Very sweet and tender story. And now it’s preserved. Isn’t scrapbooking the “bomb”?

  42. Kids say it from the heart.

  43. Christine H says:

    My son’s first response to pretty much anything is “no.” So I kind of make him do things for a specified amount of time and then let him decide if he will continue….except school of course, that is not open for negotiation!

  44. Bless him for writing such an adorable note, and so happy that you are feeling like scrapping again Stacy! I have spent the past 2 days sorting all my stash into colours in preparation for moving house (fresh start and all with the creating). It makes me so happy to see them; thanks for all your inspiration, as always!

  45. Ever since I started listening to Roundtable (I have now listen to them all multiple times) whenever I read your blog I really feel like I can “hear you” talking to me. lol I love that you share not only your scrapbooking inspiration but bits of your real life. Your son(s) and daughter are so lucky to have you. My sons are lucky to have your philosophy and inspiration for memory keeping. I can honestly say that without your “it all counts” and “scrapbooking is FUN” mantras I would not have stuck with scrapbooking. You truly have changed my families history…we will now have it forever! Thank you so much. I hope you know how much all of us blog follwers appreciate you!

    Saving my scrappy $$ for LOM…loved PhotoFreedom and Big Picture!

    Glad you are feeling better, but will keep you in my prayers.

  46. I know he will love looking back on this, especially what you wrote about him.

    Yeah, congrats on some personal scrapbooking!

  47. Beautiful! The layout, your photos with Taft and the sentiment (not to mention your creative energy coming back)- all of it- beautiful.

  48. Thanks so much for sharing that. Love the simplicity of your page, the message is the true star. What a precious young man Taft is.

  49. LOVE your layout and the sweet note from Taft that it captures….this is the kind of stuff I love to see scrapbooked!!! So happy for you to be back in the swing of things!

  50. Monochromatic – I do this quite often. It’s always unintentional and I always love it. I love the top picture of the two of you, ties in perfectly with your journaling.

  51. That is the cutest thing ever. You children are so sweet.

  52. Oh, how nice! I’m happy that you have fun “unprofessionally” too :) Thanks for being so inspirational!

  53. I’m glad you are feeling better and scrapbooking for yourself again. What a sweet note!

  54. OK, this made me cry! So sweet. What a good boy. You are truly blessed :)

  55. You’ve got to love boys. They are messy and destructive and goofs, but they are sweet and loving and kind, as well. Thanks for reminding me about the sweet and loving and kind part!

  56. Awesome. Thank you for sharing such a tender moment.

  57. Michelle Evans says:

    someone pass me a kleenex!

  58. What a sweet young man! Your post made me cry. Thanks for sharing and sharing that page. Happy Scrapping!

  59. And this is why we scrapbook!

    I am still very excited to hear how you are using your Project Life book with your LOM system. Please share your idea, I’m sure it will be very eye-opening and inspiring, and may help me figure out exactly how I want to do this project!

  60. I just did a similar thing. My DS is in kindergarten and sometimes bring me home a little drawing or note. I put one on a LO and wrote about how they are a treasure to me, even though he may not ever fully understand why. It’s fun for me to see that this is something we share.

  61. Oh how you must treasure this note!!! I’m so happy you’ve returned to scrapping those precious family memories!

  62. Congrats on the scrapbooking, Stacy! I just sat down and spent 15 minutes going through pictures on the computer for my LOM system. It felt great. Thanks to your advice, I realize that I can do creative things in small time “chunks” which is all I have as a busy mom:)

  63. Such words of wisdom:

    :: the cute tags are for you, no one else will pay attention to them {from your pantry post}
    :: a return love note to your son letting him know how important his note to you was
    :: being real about who you are {about your health issues and their effect on your psyche}, blogland paints the most rosy pictures when we’re all just normal, everyday people sharing mostly the great parts of our life and not our challenging ones

    Always a joy to read, Stacy, but I don’t always comment.

  64. I love things like what Taft did that hit you right in the heart. What a treasure.
    HUGS, Claudia

  65. Life is made up of these little moments, thanks for reminding us not to miss a single one!

  66. Being a mom/a parent is so precious. A gift, isn’t it? The title of your page sums it all up. I feel that way about my kids and now that I scrap differently (story-focused) I am getting those kinds of sentiments out there. Thanks for sharing this page and story with us.

  67. Oh Stacy. That note is so so so sooooo sweet.

    I don’t have kids but I have actually received Mothers Day cards from my godchildren once in a while. They are so precious to me.

    I am so glad you scrapbooked it. And you had the pictures available to illustrate your memory and feelings! whoo hoo for LOM!

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