Just confirmed a very exciting order …

from Maine Cottage.

Kayce is getting this adorable table and chair for her office, and …

I’m getting these love seat, hassock and set of vases for mine.

We worked hard this year and decided to treat ourselves to a combined order that allowed for *free* shipping all the way from the east coast!

Needless to say, we are excited. And, my hubby’s just finished hanging an old window in a painted white frame on the wall behind my desk. It looks so cool. I’ll be able to give you the official new office video tour, very soon!


  1. I love your new furniture. I love the colors! That turquoise is one of my happy colors.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing your office. The furniture is beautiful.

  3. Nice stuff Stacy! I can’t wait for your video tour!

  4. The other day I was cleaning up my craft space and was wondering if you’d finished your new office. Now I’m looking forward to the video tour.

  5. Wow – I love what you chose and can’t wait to see it in your office, but I gotta say, I wasn’t prepared for the prices!

    • Lisa,
      I’ve been visiting Maine Cottage for 5 years, waiting for the time I could make a purchase. Trust me when I say, I’m excited. Hopefully, I’ll be blown away by the quality right?

      • I bet it’s top notch quality! I was ready to jump over and order a cute chair for my office too… but I’ll pinch a few pennies until it’s my turn ;) ENjoy!

  6. Super cute stuff! I love that table that Kayce chose! Can’t wait to see the office video. Now I’m off to look at that furniture website.

  7. That’s awesome. Can’t wait to see the video.

  8. Oh my gosh, all those items are sooooooo adorable. Way to take advantage of free shipping! I can’t wait to see the video tour.

  9. such very cool stuff!! Can’t wait for the office tour. :)

  10. I love the colors in the loveseat! Can’t wait to see the entire office!

  11. Beautiful!! Such happiness colors! Love the vases as well! Can’t wait for the tour! Thank you for sharing!

  12. this furniture is beautiful. i’m googling the company now. LOL. i am in the process of a renovation and nothing has caught my eye so thanks for sharing

  13. Oh, my gosh, the gorgeous, gorgeous colors! What a sigh for sore eyes in January! Enjoy your new furniture when it arrives. :-)

  14. Looking forward to the video tour!! WOW!! :)

  15. Peggy Leland says:

    can’t wait to see the office. love the stuff you picked out!

  16. Love the colors. Yellow is such a happy color for a room. Can’t wait to see the photos.

  17. Angela Williams says:

    Cutest furniture EVER!

  18. Love, love, love those vases with the loveseat! Would expect nothing less than such “happy” things in your office! Congrats.

  19. Love it!! Good for you two for treating yourselves. Looking forward to the video tour!

  20. Our bedtime story reading chair is getting a little small for Mommy, and a 5- and 7-year old, but we make it work…huggling {our word for snuggling and hugs at the same time} is a good thing. But, that little settee looks like it might be nice for story time, too. Looking forward to what I am sure is going to be an adorably comfy, creative office space!

  21. LOVE IT! Maine Cottage is a great place for insperation!!!!

  22. Such pretty HAPPY pieces!

  23. That would make me Happy!

  24. Love the colors! It’s beautiful!

  25. Have mine sent overnight. ;-)

  26. Can’t wait to see the new office space!

  27. I think you both should do a tour video of your offices. That would be so fun to see. Love the furniture by the way. Super cute!

  28. The pieces you both chose look fabulous! And as an online shopper I always get excited when shipping is free!!!

  29. I love the new furniture. Its all in my colors but I’m especially fond of the love seat. That is the colors in my kitchen. *sigh* I have just the sunny spot for it too……

  30. Karen Schmidt says:

    Love it. Can’t wait to see it.

  31. Beautiful! I love the colors and the print! You are going to have very cheerful offices!

  32. I love that yellow table! Yellow is my happy color. The turquoise furniture is gorgeous too. That’s my daughter’s fav color.

  33. Lovely pieces. Makes me want to re-decorate. Oh, but you are bad for me!!! (In a good way.)

  34. Ann K in WI says:

    Oh you’re killing me with the suspense of seeing your new office. I just loved your old office and the color of your kitchen… well let’s just say I have a very beautiful green in my kitchen I would have NEVER dreamed of picking and I LOVE IT!! Love love love that color. Who’d have thought LOL So I”m just dying to see that new room because I know it will be this happy colorful place that will totally inspire me!

  35. Molly McCarthy says:

    Love it!!! I can’t wait to see your new office space!! Please show….soon!!

  36. love the colors and love your blog! thanks for sharing your life with us.

  37. Love the colors, and I can’t wait to see the pics!! Do share soon ;)

  38. Tracy Dayett says:

    can not wait for the tour…your decorating inspires me so much and your love of color makes me want to be bold with my choices…thanks again for all your inpsiration and joy!

  39. Cute stuff. Can’t ait to see your new space.

  40. Being a native Mainer, I love Maine Cottage! I’m sure you will LOVE your new space!!!

  41. Gorgeous furniture – I love the colour palate. Just wondering, are we ever going to see more “I love colour” challenges now that you are back on your path?

  42. Can’t wait to see your new office. By the way, LOVE that loveseat… SUPER CUTE!

  43. MaryAnn N says:

    Love your furnoture choices. Bright vibrant colours make me happy too!

  44. Love the new furniture- Dreamy- just need an office of my own now!! Somehow the bedroom corner does not quite make it.

  45. I really love the fabric on the furniture – even the style of the chairs is so timeless. <3

  46. I’ve been waiting patiently for a “tour” of your new office!! What cute furniture!

  47. I love this furniture! So happy to know about Maine Cottage!

  48. I can’t wait to see your office!

  49. Please post your office with the furniture in it.
    They are the prettiest. WOW.
    What awesome colors.

  50. Love your new furniture! Can’t wait to see your finished room!
    I’m sure it is so beautiful!

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