my 1,000th post!

Can you believe it?

This was my first post, dated October 13th, 2005.
February 13th, 2006 was the first time I mentioned what would become Library Of Memories.
No way!

About a week ago I happened to notice that I was writing my 995th post. Really?! I knew I needed to do something with some true intention to celebrate my 1000th post, so here it is …

A TOP TEN for Stacy’s blog.
Ten posts
that I remember — for various reasons (in no particular order.) If you want to revisit the post, simply click on the linked date.


Photo Album Scrapbooking

Septebmber 3 2009

Here’s ten quick tips for assembling super-fast photo album scrapbooks for vacations and other events that produce a lot of photos. This post was picked up and shared by Laurie on her Tip Junkie website!


Good-bye Simple

January 15, 2009

Blogs are for happy memories and for sad memories. This post is a sad memory. I still miss this little magazine and I still (some days) can’t believe it’s gone. weird.


Play Doh turns Fifty!

September 26, 2006

I loved this post. I had purchased a BIG package of mini Play Doh containers at Target and asked blog readers to share their Play Doh memories — I remember thinking at the time that there are so many ordinary things that trigger an amazing array of diverse memories in us. It was one of those “we’re the same, but we’re different” moments and I still remember reading the comments and being struck by the power of memories shared.


What's In Your Purse?

Thursday, April 15th

I love posting challenges on my blog and I love even more the response. This was a particularly fun one that brings back happy memories of my early days at Creating Keepsakes magazine!


My 45th Birthday Post

May 6, 2010

My blog post on my birthday last year is one that I have referred back to a couple of times, because I listed 45 things about my life and because there is information recorded there that I have useful as I’ve worked on my wellness. I say this so that perhaps you will make just such a list on your next birthday — it’s a good idea!


My Perfect Pear

January 11, 2006

This is a super short post, but I remember it because I’ve talked about this beautiful pear over and over again. In life, we have the opportunity of recognizing moments that bring us joy. We can then validate those moments with photography and we can then celebrate those moments by sharing the pictures. I used to think that you had to “scrapbook a picture” to truly celebrate it — now I know I can simply post it to my blog, or Flickr or Facebook or put it on one of our digital photo frames or … (fill in the blank here.) Digital photography and all of the sharing tools that have evolved in the last several years are truly amazing! The pace of modern life will likely NOT slow down, but we can choose to freeze a beautiful piece of fruit, a clean laundry room, a messy child, a record-breaking snowfall or any other person, place or thing that gives rise to awareness, and when we do we will be fully engaged for one small fraction of a day and time will stand still. I really believe that.


Give Yourself a Present Challenge

October 1st, 2008
This post probably had the most impact on the biggest number of people. I LOVED carrying my little “present” around with me for a year and I still meet people who tell me this was an eye-opening experience for them.


Teach A Friend to Scrapbook

May, 2009

During May 2009 I wrote a handful of tips designed to help us teach our friends to scrapbook. May of course is National Scrapbook Month. The particular post linked here lists my favorite basic tools. Collectively, these “tell her” tips were eventually printed and included in shipments leaving the warehouse! An interesting side note: I heard from a gentleman who after receiving his package from asked me to be less female focused in my blogging/teaching because “there are men out here who scrapbook.” Good to know and for the record, I’m happy to be corrected!

By the way, you can still purchase my recommended BASIC TOOLS at Click HERE.


Scrap By Color!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This was the first of my Scrap-by-Color posts/videos. I’ve heard from hundreds of readers that organizing their stash of small decorative embellishments by color has been a solution for them too — you can find ALL of my Scrap-by-Color videos HERE. And yes, I still have a few more videos to make!


Meeting Addie

October 22, 2006

Of all the reasons to blog, and there are many wonderful reasons, this is the most important for me: I can capture life-altering experiences I never want to forget almost immediately after experiencing them. Then, I can revisit them again and again. I’m delighted that other people read my blog, but really. I’d do it just for me. I’m so grateful to my friend Cathy Z, who said to me one day back in September 2005, “Stace, I know you don’t get this whole blogging thing, but you really should get a blog.”
I’m so grateful I did.

Here’s to the next 1000 posts.
Thanks for reading my blog!


  1. I look forward to your posts every day! One of my favorites was your #10 on scrapbooking vacation memories. It motivated me to finally complete our California vacation album – 4 years later!

  2. I haven’t been around for all those 1000 posts, but I’m looking forward to the next 1000 and being here for them. I thought it was pretty good that I just hit 100 on my blog, got a ways to go to catch up to you. LOL!

  3. Happy 1000th post Stacy. I would have never discovered what it felt like to have “Photo Freedom” without you and your blog. Love your books and the ease of the process. I feel like I had been let in on the greatest secret. Thank you for your years of inspiration and dedication!

  4. Happy 1000th and thanks for the blog posts they have truely been inspirational to me in so many ways. I can’t believe how small Addie was, it really does seem like just yesterday she became a part of your beautiful family. Congratulations.


  5. WOW – congrats on all the posts!! And yes, I agree, here’s to the next 1000 :)

  6. Karen Schmidt says:

    Congrats on 1000 posts. I love reading you blog and all the inspiration you give. Keep bloging I love to read them.

  7. Happy 1000th! A big thank you for sharing. Visiting your blog is one the first things I do each day.

  8. That was a fun trip down memory lane! I didn’t realize I’ve been following your blog as long as I have.

  9. 1000th post – AWESOME. You have very inspiring fun blog posts and I love Addie’s smile. Keep it up. Thanks for all you do.


  11. happy congratulations on #1,000, stacy! i figure i’ve read about 900 of them, gleaning inspiration & insight & really good stuff along the way . . . thank you!

    & for the record, i was lamenting the lack of simple scrapbooks just the other day . . . i still miss your little magazine, too. :]

  12. Congrats. I’m so glad you took Cathy’s advice.

  13. Happy 1,000th post!!! :)

  14. Read your blog almost every day and thank you for being so inspiring person (so you are heard here in Iceland also :) )
    Staying home sick today all my Simple Scrapbook magasine stayed there in bed with me (as always when I get flu :0) I miss this magasine so much.
    Look forward for your next post.

  15. Happy 1,000, Stacy!! What an awesome post today. I love that photo of you and Addie on her Gotcha Day. It always brings tears to my eyes. It makes me SOOOO much more excited for the birth of our first child (this July). Thank you! :-)

    I’m so glad you *did* end up starting your blog. It’s one of my very favorites! Here’s to 1,000 more! :-D

  16. Congratulations Stacy on your 1000th post! It’s nice to look back at past posts.

  17. Congratulations! And even though we’ve never met, I feel like a friend and love reading your blog. Looking forward to the next 1000.

  18. jennifer h says:


  19. Congratulations! This is a big milestone. Thank you for keeping at it. You’ve been an inspiration to me.

  20. Happy 1000th! Wow! Thanks for all the days of blogging – sharing your ideas, your family, your art, your feelings, and a thousand other things with us each day. It has been fun and I look forward to the next 1000.

  21. Hi Stacy,
    Congratulations on your 1,000 post. Thank you for inspiring me to enjoy and scrap the everyday. I have enjoyed reading your blog and often find myself reflecting on things that you say. Thank you for causing me to think, and thank you for always being honest about how life is not always perfect, but God ALWAYS has a plan.

    Here’s to your next 1,000.

  22. Blogging is another form of scrapbooking, isnt it? Same with Facebook etc…you are capturing snippets and stories and sharing them…in a new age way.

    I love reading your blog and check it every day!! Thank you for sharing your life with us!!

  23. Congrats on your blog longevity!!! I truly love reading your blog; I always come away a better person for having taken the time to read it. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  24. Seeing when you first had Addie put in your arms reminds me of when my daughter came from Korea. She had that same look on her face! Congrats on your blog.

  25. Congrats on this milestone and thank you for blogging. Your blog is one of my top blogs to read and is full of inspiration, humor and scrapbooking tidbits.

  26. Wow – -congratulations! I so love your blog and your philosophy on memory keeping — it has impacted my scrapbooking in so many ways. Thank you a thousand times and looking forward to more Stacy inspiration in the future. Thank you for jumping on the blog bandwagon! :)

  27. Stacey,
    I’ve only been reading since Oct 2010 but your posts make me a happier person. Seeing how fulfilled you are with life inspires me to make “more” out of mine. Thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times!
    I love seeing the smiling faces of those you love. They make me smile too.
    If you blog, we will come. :)


  28. Just looking at that picture of you, your mom and your new little Addie made me cry just as I’m sure it made me cry when I first read it! Thanks Stacy! You are truly an inspiration!

  29. That is awesome congrats. Scrolling through I am noticing mostly green with a little bit of orange – great color inspiration for a page.

  30. Congrats Stacy! You inspire me!

  31. Congratulation! That is awesome! I love reading your blog. It is full of inspiration and fun. Keep it up!

  32. Teri Buczkowski says:

    Congrats on reach 1000 posts. Cant wait to read the next 1000!

  33. Hi Stacy,

    How do you do? I met you when you came to London, and it was so brilliant to see that you are exactly the same in real life as you are online! You are a true inspiration.

    I am pleased and proud to be part of celebrating your 1000th blog. I had to post. For years I have chatted about scrapbooking and your magazines and websites with my friend, Jo (who is one of your VIPs – Hullo Jo!). I have a 14 year old son, and lots of half finished scrapbooked pages and eight big boxes of his photos and certificates etc. This is the year that I start to make these accessible to him.

    I was a single parent for a long time, and while I worked I had au pairs to look after my son. The last au pair turned out to be quite a treasure, and I married him a couple of years ago and we have a daughter, who is 1 year old next month. Her scrapbooks are more or less up to date and long may they remain that way. Without the scrapbooks, she may never truly appreciate the diversity of her and her brother’s lives and their history.

    I love the detail more than anything, and the scrapbooks are not just for memories but for healing and reference too. It’s going to be such a creative year for me, and I shall be visiting you daily. I love the American positivity and want some for myself.

    Huge congratulations for all you have achieved, and I can’t wait for the next thousand posts!

  34. Congratulations on your 1000th post – that’s a lot of memories recorded. Loved the post about meeting Addie.

  35. CONGRATS!!! OH wow she was tiny!!!!!! :) I never leave your blog uninspired to do SOMETHING!!

  36. What an achievement! love reading your blog and look how far you have come!!! Awesome!

  37. Heather R says:

    i have rarely commented on your blog, but have been following it since 2006 or maybe even earlier. i remember vividly the night i read your number one post about addie. i was debating at the time whether God was calling us to adopt. he was and we are finally getting going. our home study is done and the dossier is almost complete. we have high hopes we will bring our special needs daughter home from ethiopia this year. thank you for all the types of inspiration you bring to our lives!

  38. Barbara Konopa says:

    Yours is one of my favorite blogs. It is always honest and I feel happy after I read it. You not only live your life but your also experience it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  39. Congrats! I love reading your blog; it usually gives me an idea or two or three. This year is a major birthday year for me (ugh!), but I’ll make it special by using your idea. Thanks.
    P.S. I so miss SS magazine, too. But I’ve saved everyone of them (all the others have gone to new homes).

  40. Congratulations of reaching post 1000! That is quite the accomplishment. I enjoyed reading your fave posts and look forward to creating a Scrapbook Photo Album, but in digi form. All of the entries were fab … I look forward to reading the next 1000!

  41. Just to let you know, reading your blog is always a little dose of happiness in my day, no matter the subject. So glad that you do it for yourself and for us happy readers. By the way, still waiting for the “pink” video!!!

  42. Congrats on reaching 1000 posts! Oh this reminds me how much I MISS Simple Scrapbooks.

  43. Congrats Stacy! Funny thing is, I don’t even have to click over to those posts – I remember every one of them!

  44. Wow 1000 posts! Just think how many people you have inspired and made think with all those posts. I certainly have been inspired, motivated, reflected and really enjoyed getting to know you. I too still miss Simple Scrapbooks – I have a complete set and while I cull other magazines there’s no way they are going anywhere! Thank you!!!!

  45. Happy 1000!! How great to be able to reflect back so clearly on events, both large and small, that have made such an impact on your life ~ here’s to the next 1000!

  46. Congratulations on your 1000th post. I really credit you with opening my scrapbook horizons. You did a short little segment on a scrapbooking tv show where you introduced the concept of “The Big Picture.” It really resonated with me so I started reading your books and blog which led me to the Paper Clipping Round Table. From there I have found so many wonderful and inspiring “friends” that keep me going day after day.

    Know that you have made a difference and we LOVE you for it!

  47. Congrats on your 1000th post!

    I miss Simple Scrapbooks mag too. :( It was a wonderful publication giving easier & cleaner, but still artistic ways to scrapbook.

  48. What fun to go back and even remember the day I read them ;o)

  49. Congrats!I

    You totally changed the way I scrap…I organize all of my stuff by color.

    I still need to do the purse challenge.

    I need to do the gift to myself again…it was such a cool project!

    Thanks for all of the inspiration and guidance. For teaching me that “IT ALL COUNTS”

  50. I have to tell you that I have gone back to that scrapbooking with a photo album post several times. I love to look at how beautiful your book turned out! And it has been inspiration for several of my own scrapbooks.

  51. I remember a class you taught in Seattle right after you brought home your daughter. The delight in your eyes was almost as bright as the love in hers.

  52. I’m actually going through my old Simple Scrapbooks right now and they are SO TIMELY still. Very sad memory for me too. Wish I could get copies from before my scrapping days. Thank you for your real life/happy/sad/gut spilling whatever it happens to be on any given day blog. Many people are happy you listened to CZ. Perhaps we should go thank her too :) Congrats on #1,000!

  53. Congratulations Stacy! What a wonderful accomplishment. I so look forward to reading your blog when you post; it comes via RSS into outlook – otherwise I’d be accused of stalking! :) I’ve only been reading for about 6 months, but whenever I get extra time, I go back and read past posts. You are an incredible inspiration and have clarified the way I scrapbook and collect memories. I, my family, and my future generations thank you!

  54. Thank you for your blog, Stacy! It is fun and inspirational and I love getting to know you! Congrats on 1000 posts!!

  55. Congrats to you! Can’t wait for the next 1000. ;)

    P.S I still miss Simple Scrapbook Mag too. :(

  56. Jen Kallevig says:

    I love reading your blog! I can’t believe how organized the picture is of stuff in your purse. It would be sooo scary to see mine! :)

  57. Nicky from Canada says:

    Thanks for sharing = love your blog, Big Picture Scrapbooking – you work is great!!!!

  58. carol in seattle :) says:

    Happy 1000!!!! I got a little teary seeing your “Goodbye Simple” and full on ugly cry when I got to “Meeting Addie”. You are such a beautiful person and I’m so glad Cathy convinced you to start blogging. Thanks for being my (cyber) friend!

  59. Happy 1000th! I only follow about 3 blogs on a regular basis and yours is my favorite!!!! You are always an inspiration.

  60. Congrats on creating 1000 posts! I love this one; many of your faves I remember, and I look forward to getting to know the ones I don’t. Thanks for your continued inpsiration and for sharing your blog with the world.

  61. So cool that you hit 1,000. I love your blog and Cathy was so right!

  62. Peggy Leland says:

    you are one of my favorite blogs to read. You have inspired me with you decorating, scrapbooking and cool ideas of things to do with your kids. I know there are days when you feel like you aren’t quite making it. But you are. You are a wonderful inspiration.

  63. Congratulations on your BIG-1000! I’ve been a fan of yours ever since I saw you on the Scrapbook Memories TV show. I find you to be truly inspiring and think that you have an enthusiastic and magnetic personality. Thanks for all the great ideas! (By the way, I had an A-HA moment when I read your Photo Album Scrapbooking post… tip 7. I’ve never thought to cut the photo; I would turn them sideways and be somewhat dis-satisfied with the appearance. What a great tip! I also loved your list from your 45th birthday post; how fun!) Yes, Cathy was right… you DID need a blog.

  64. Kirsten J says:

    congrats on #1,000 – gosh that means I’ve read 1,000 Stacy posts! And I, too remember *meeting* Addie in Seattle when she was new to your family :) Thank you, Stacy, for being the amazing inspiration you are – thank you.

  65. I still miss Simple too. Your blog is fun, inspirational and educational.I love getting to know you! Love your Color Videos. Congrats on 1000 posts!!

  66. Thanks for sharing your life with us Stacy. Yours is a blog I never tire of – Congrats on the 1,000th post – looking forward to many more in the days to come !!

  67. Marlene K. says:

    Congrats on 1000 big ones! You have captured so many little pieces of the different facets of your life over these past 5+ years…what an amazing gift you have given not just to yourself and your readers, but to your family. They will always have access to these stories, life lessons, thoughts, favorites, and other things that you have shared. What I wouldn’t give to read a personal history in this form from my own mom :)

  68. Congratulations on 1000! As soon As you said you were doing a top 10 one of your blogposts came to mind as your most memorable post to me. It was getting Addy. :) big grin when I saw it At number one.

  69. Congratulations Stacy!
    I so enjoy stopping in to see what creative/inspiring/colorful/pleasant post you’ll share.
    I’m wondering if you’ve ever had your yearly blog posts printed and bound? I remember hearing about it when I first started blogging.
    Here’s to 1000+ more posts!

  70. Happy 1,000th! I’ve enjoyed you and your blog for so long that I can’t imagine my life without you! My favorite in your Top Ten is probably your photo albums post. Makes me want to sit down and do one!!!!!

  71. Brenda Wilson says:

    thanks for sharing. I’ve only been following your blog for about 6 months now. Looking forward to having more time on the weekend to go back and read atleast those top 10 in today’s post. Looking forward to reading the next 1000 (and beyond).

  72. WOO HOO Stacy! I love reading your blog, and it was so fun to read your top ten. I may have to copy your idea. Looking forward to being in your i.scrap class and now that I have finally decided to start a LOM (digital), I will be in your Photo Freedom/LOM class too. Can’t wait! Have a great weekend, and here’s to the next 1,000 posts …

  73. Kim Johnson says:

    Your blog is always the first one I look at each day. I love reading it and always come away feeling good. Thank you for the 1000 posts of joy that you have brought into my life in so many ways. Many of the ones about your difficult times have been so in touch in difficult times that I was dealing with and helpd me to know I was not alone. The knowledge you have shared has been the best. The world is blessed by you. Thank you!

    Looking forward to many more posts!

  74. Suzanne B says:

    I love reading your blog early in the morning with a cup of coffee while the rest of the house sleeps…it’s my favorite way to start the day. You always have something interesting or thought provoking to say. Yours is the only one I faithfully read daily! I can’t wait to read your top ten posts — thanks for sharing them again. Happy 1000th!

  75. Stacey, You are a wonderful, lovely, real, talent women!!! I am forever grateful to you and your williness to open up your life and talents to the rest of us. Our blog and your classes are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing with us and I am looking forward to the next 1000!!! Laura D.

    PS thank you to you and BPS for the Happy mail I received back a couple months ago!! It was a wonderful pick me up on a day I need it the most. Thank you so much and I look forward to re-visiting and completing LOM.

  76. I started to read your blog shortly before you got Addie. I can’t believe it was more than 4 years ago :) I remember well most of the posts your mentioned, especially your 45 birthday post, give yourself a present and of course meeting Addie. Thank you sharing your life and for being such and inspiration. You changed the way I scrapbook and the way I think about scrapbooking and life. Looking forward to the next 1000 posts

  77. Kelly ramsey says:

    I net you at Creating keepsake – Tulsa in 2006, expecting
    My first child at 40, and excited about capturing moments
    And writing. I’ve followed you every sense. Thanks for the simple things,
    Miss the magazine too!

  78. congrats, Stacy! I’ve enjoyed reading, lurking, participating, Thanks!!

  79. Barb in AK says:

    Congratulations! That is a marvelous accomplishment :-)
    I probably couldn’t blog 1,000 words no less 1,000 posts! ;-)
    I’m looking forward to the next 1,000+ blog posts!

  80. Congratulations, Stacy! Here’s the the next 1000 :) Thanks for the little trip down memory lane with you.

    P.S. Meeting you IRL when you came to Alberta was one of my SBing moment highlights :)

  81. congrats to you and thank you for your inspiring words, great images and happy sprinkles!
    you should be so proud of the ‘delight’ you bring to SOOOO many of us and we are so grateful to your blog for GREAT ideas, fab TIPS and real life moments.
    many happy returns , cheers julie

  82. I remember most of your fav blog posts! I loved the color organization videos you did. They helped me a ton! I remember the little book we carried for a year and the PAS – so fun. I also remember the purse challenge and I still miss Simple Scrapbooks. And lastly, I remember seeing you and Addie (I think shortly after you brought her home) at CKC Seattle. You had her in that same little carrier as in that picture.

    Happy 1000th post. Thanks for keeping it real with us.

  83. Wow! That’s a lot of posts. Congratulations on hitting this milestone post!

  84. Congratulations on 1000 posts, I love reading your blog!!

  85. Congratulations Stacy! I’m so glad Cathy talked you into blogging. I get so much inspiration here. Thank you!

    Oh my goodness, I remember those pictures of bringing Addie home. Oh how she’s grown!

    I’ve got many magazine holders that have Simple Scrapbooks in them…I miss it too!

  86. WOW!!! congrats on your 100th post! I’m so glad you have a blog – so inspiring. I miss Simple Scrapbooks too. I’m going to check out that post about your 45th birthday – I’m turning 45 this year. Take care, Deb xx

  87. MichelleGB says:

    Congratulations on this milestone! I’ve enjoyed lots and lots of your posts and have been inspired so many times by you! And I miss Simple Scrapbooks a lot too…

  88. Kimberly Jones says:

    You can’t imagine the enjoyment, knowledge and inspiration we receive from reading your blog. So please know that we are thankful for allowing us have a peak into your life and for of course, teaching us. I’m thinking i’m going to start a blog this weekend. IThanks again and Amen to That Comment :)

  89. Kathy Jo Camacaho says:

    These truly are some amazing posts. I can’t believe I’VE been reading your blog so long. Thank you for being so opening and sharing with your life. Your suggestions, spirit and content has changed my mine. Again, thank you.

  90. Chris Cross says:

    So glad you took Cathy’s advice and jumped on the bloggin bandwagon. I check your blog everyday and find your color inspirations amazing! I too love color, and I love seeing what you have come up with.

  91. WOW…that’s alot of posts. CONGRATS! I love the “give yourself a present” post but I missed out…I know I could do this on my own but is there any chance you might run that one again. : )

  92. Thank you Stacy!

  93. WOW, I can’t believe that 1000 has come, I believe I have been following you the entire time. Congrats for sticking it out and keep on going and giving.

  94. Congrats on post 1000! Thank you for Simple Scrapbooking (miss that still and re-read them from time to time) and thank you for BPS and thank you for this blog!

  95. Stephanie says:

    Congrats on 1000 posts! I am new to your blog and am loving all the inspiration! Thank you!

  96. Congrats Stacy! I love your blog for “thousands” of reasons but mainly b/c you keep and fun but real. Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us!

  97. Here’s 1000 congrats to you!

    You keep posting—I’ll keep reading!

  98. Happy 1000th! Thanks for all the inspiration. I love reading your blog.

  99. Happy 1000!!! I’ve been reading since post number 1, looking forward to many more!

  100. Congratulations on your amazing blog history!

    Since I’ve been a long time reader, I remember almost all of these posts. I’m with you, the saddest one is that Simple Scrapbooks is not longer being printed. The sweetest one though…the picture of you and your beautiful daughter smiling in #7! SO cute!

  101. Congratulations! Thank you for 1000 amazing insights in to your world, and thousands of inspirations for mine!

  102. I really like this post! I love the last picture – awesome!

  103. Sigh. Simple wasn’t a little magazine. It was the best scrapbooking mag on the racks and I will forever miss it.

  104. I miss Simple too! For those of us who haven’t been following your blog since the beginning, thanks for pointing out some of your highlights!!!!

  105. Congrats! And may you have many more!

  106. Wow! 1000! I wonder what there is in my life that I do that I could celebrate doing 1000 times….um? Guess I’ll have to really ponder that one. Thanks for blogging 1000 times so we can celebrate with you.

  107. I still miss Simple Scrapbooks – it was an awesome magazine!

    Number eight struck a chord with me – I’m trying to do little things to improve morale in our office building (like giving birthday cards, thank you notes, etc.) If I’m adding correctly, that means Play Doh will be 55 in September? I think I’m gonna hunt for some of those little containers and give two to each employee in the building with a cute note about taking time to play and to remember.

    Great post!

  108. Wow! Congratulations! I have a blog and have had it for over a year now, but have yet to celebrate my first post. :-) I’m glad you keep up with yours, I really enjoy reading it.

  109. That is awesome!! I am so excited for you!!

  110. Lisa in Spokane says:

    I love your blog and am a faithful follower! It makes me happy, it’s just that simple. Now I’m off to watch the latest video for Ali’s class at Big Picture Classes. Which also makes me happy!! Thanks for all you do in the scrapbooking world and thanks also for all your posts about everyday life!

  111. Mamasue123 says:

    I agree here is to at least another 1000 posts! I too miss Simple, but am grateful to follow you’d blog. Congratulations and thank you!

  112. Bea Medwecky says:

    congratulations on 1,000 posts! And may I add that your blog is one of my “happy” things I do every day for myself. Thanks for your honesty, your inspiration, and most importantly, your positive attitude that is so contagious.

  113. Jennifer O. says:

    Congratulations on a 1000 posts! I look forward to reading them.

  114. Goodness, Stacy, HAPPY 1,000th (since the only other time I’d get to say that would be when we both spent a thousand years in our maker’s glorious presence.) I loved SS too, and I’m so glad that you are still out there, available to us, in new ways. Now,…what will you do to celebrate your 1,000th post milestone? Do tell.

  115. You rock! Thanks for being YOU!

  116. Congratulations, Stacy! What an amazing journey.

  117. Congratulations! I loved Simple too and I think I looked up your blog when them magazine stopped. I love your blog and you!

  118. Sherri Stone says:

    Yes Congrats! Thanks for posting the top 10 too – More inspiration that I can always learn something new from you. Looking forward to the next 1000 and beyond:D

  119. I am so glad you took your friends advice. I love your blog. I hope to have my kids help set one up for me soon. I am now an empty nester. My kids blogs keep me posted on their lives, My daughter wants to keep up with mine. I think the time has come for me. 1000 posts Stacy, AWESOME! Its a lovely way to remain aware of all the blessings we have in our lives. Much grace be with you in your next 1000!

  120. Wonderful News! Now on to 2000 :)

    And WHEN are you going to do a BPS class on Photo Album Scrapbooking??????

    I have seen some of yours over the years on your blog and they were so inspiring.
    And with over 30 3-up photo albums which need comments and memories (not scrapbooks) I would like to tackle this if for nothing else than to leave information on photos, etc. for the next generation. How many times do we all pick up those photo albums and start talking about what was happening at the time. (Verbal Journaling to anyone who would listen!) I think it could be as useful as your Library of Memories class.
    Please think about it……I think it’s a great next step for a class!

    Thanks for the inspiration, motivation, and ideas over the years….

  121. Wow, that is awesome!! Congrats on your blog success!! I have so enjoyed reading your blog and have taken several of the helpful tips you have freely given and applied them in our home. (Tickets to Summer has been a fav!!!)
    I love seeing the creative things you craft and reading about the great finds you discover online!! And reading about your family and cute little Addi!
    Here’s looking at 1000 more great posts in the future!!

  122. Congrats on 1000 posts!! And I love your scrap by color series — I can’t wait to see what’s in your multicolor bin.

    Thanks for sharing yourself with so many of us.

  123. Shannon Lowe says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us out here in blog land!
    I always enjoy your posts and insights so much!!!

  124. I so enjoy the peaks into your world, it makes me feel as if we are best friends having coffe together. It is a privelage to be involved in your world. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of you and your mom and little Addie, it seems like yesterday!

  125. Congrats Stacy!
    I love reading your blog and seeing your creativity in action- here is to a 1000 more!!!

  126. YOU have a wonderful life! Thanks for helping me see mine.

  127. WOW! Half of these posts I remember. I feel so connected!!!!
    The What’s In Your Bag post was one that inspired me to do the same…for everyone in my family! That’s a fun memory we all flip back to now and again. And now that I have a new baby, my purse is MUCH different today than it was 6 months ago! ;)

    Thanks for the memories!

  128. I love the scrap by color videos – they’re so inspiring – I’ve watched a couple of times just to get me moving on a project!!

  129. That is a lot of posts and I remember many of them. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  130. Congratulations! I really enjoyed seeing some of the older posts and revisiting those ideas. Here’s to another 1,000!

  131. See, look at you and blogging. A match made in Heaven… er, at least in the Internet.


  132. 1000! Impressive. I’m now inspired to go work on a photo album scrapbook

  133. Congratulations on 1000 posts!

    I really liked the Puerto Rico scrapbook post (#10) and the concept for that scrapbook. Recently I printed photos from a road trip I took last year, and though I love making 12×12 layouts for my scrapbooks, the thought of scrapbooking all those photos was just too much. Then, I read your Puerto Rico post again and loved the idea of doing a two-up album that’s quick and easy to put together but still creative and fun!

    Thanks for the great ideas, and here’s to 1000 more posts :)

  134. Happy Anniversary Stacy!

  135. Oh Stacy!
    I just loved reading over these blog entires. I’m new to your blog (a month or so) and this was such a treat.
    I have to share this with you. Your story about meeting Addie just made me cry. I was a NICU/ Newborn Nursery nurse for over a decade. I was privileged to witness and give legal custody of countless newborns to their adoption coordinators. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was honored to be the nurse to put my dear friends newly adopted baby girl into HER embrace. You can imagine the tears and red faces. We were just a mess.

    You brought me back to that incredible moment. Thank you for the “warm fuzzy” feeling again. Thank you for sharing and for all that you do.


  136. Congratulations!!!
    I also enjoy the immediacy of keeping a blog and the ability to go back though the posts.
    I also miss Simple Scrapbooks magazine, but enjoy all of the things that it left behind.
    Best Wishes on your next 1,000 posts :)

  137. Yay!!! Congrats on reaching 1,000! Your blog is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing so much. I’ve improved not only my scrapbooking but my very cool things around the house, like Little Miss Matched and the Tickle Monster Book! Stacy you rock!

  138. Stacy, you have long been an inspiration to me (and many others)! I still miss Simple Scrapbooks mag myself.

  139. Tracy Dayett says:

    Your positive attitude and the pure goodness you send out into this world is why I wish you another 1000!

  140. Fun walk down memory lane! Thanks for blogging.

  141. Whoot! Whoot! That is awesome!

    I love your blog and one of the reasons is that I don’t feel like the only reason you do it is to sell me something. You are sharing your life with me and it is so interesting. You have help me through many a tough moments. It is go nice having a GIRLFRIEND Like YOU!!!


  142. Stacey, so enjoy your blog. I feel like you are a dear friend. Can’t think of any favorite blog, but did so enjoy the blogs on your color storage. Look forward to the next 1000.
    Have a HAPPY DAY!!!

  143. Congrats on 1000 posts! I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and I wanted to share that sometimes I come to visit and find a post that is exactly what I needed to read at that moment in time. Things that have made me cry and things that have made me reflect on pretty big issues, confirming things that I know are right in my heart. I have always believed that God puts things in your path that can be very valuable and it’s up to you to recognize these things for what they are and learn from them. I am so grateful for these blog posts of yours that God has put in my path :-)

    One was the story of why scrapbooking is important…you’d gone to a scrapping event somewhere and met the family of a woman (I believe she’d either been an organizer of the scrap event you were attending or a LSS owner from that area) who’d passed away very suddenly. You shared about how her children treasured the scrapbooks she’d made, the physical, tangible reminder of how much she’d loved them. They had it in her scrapbooks, her actual handwriting telling them how much she loved them. I believe you stated “WHAT WE DO MATTERS” and that touched me so deeply. I forwarded that blog post around to many friends, including my own mother and it resulted in such a wonderful conversation between the two of us about our love for each other…it was a moment to be treasured for sure.

    Another moment was when you mentioned the NieNie Dialogs and I spent an hour reading about her story, bawling my eyes out. Powerful, powerful stuff at a time where I needed a reminder to focus on what’s important in life.


  144. Congrats, Stacy, on your 1000th post. It was a blast reminiscing your faves. I look forward to reading your new posts!

  145. congrats!

  146. I still remember crying over your post about meeting Addie. And I too still can’t believe that SS is no more.

  147. Congrats Stacy! I’ve been reading your blog the entire time. :) Fun to go back and relive these favorite posts. I still miss Simple too…

  148. sarah page says:

    Your post about meeting Addie is a favorite. Thanks for sharing.

  149. I love reading your blog! Congratulations on your 1000th post! I don’t always comment, but I truly enjoy it. Thank you for sharing your life with the rest of us. I’ve been one of your blog readers and I remember the post about meeting Addie. So very awesome.

  150. Congratulation on 1000 posts of inspirations on scrapbooking as well as life.

  151. I’m so glad you listened to Cathy and got a blog!!! Hugs Lisa

  152. Congratulations Stacy on the 1000th post! You’ve shared so much inspiration and I am really grateful for all the positive joy you put out there. Thank you!

  153. I love your last picture. I can see all the beauty of it-beyond the picture itself. I sure love you!

  154. This is a great list! My birthday is coming up, and I’ve been thinking about doing a “34 Things” list–a list of 34 things I want to do in my 34th year. Now I’m also going to do a list of 34 things about my life, too, just like your #6. Thanks for the inspiration!

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