my word: organize.

Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a house; even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God.

I started thinking about my word for 2011 a couple of months ago. I had a couple of ideas I was chewing on (seek and be) but one day, as I was reading scripture I came across the verse (above) in the Doctrine & Covenants and the words, “organize yourselves” resonated in a big way. I’ve read this verse many times–it was even marked, but this time, it struck me and I immediately knew this needed to be my focus for 2011.

I’m no graphic designer, but I made me a little “logo” to represent this focus.

As you know I’m emerging from a year-long experience in learning how to S-L-O-W down (slow was my word last year.) As I’ve attempted to remove things from my schedule, my plate and my life I’ve noticed that I can replace that “productivity” high with a deeper sense of satisfaction that comes from applying my creativity to the problems and processes that surround me at home. I’ve always tried to be organized and I’ve always enjoyed organization projects, but I’m now learning that organizing for me is a really healthy thing — it results in a useful vitality that I need to feel, especially when I don’t have energy for lots of other projects.

We’ve been in our home 5 years this July. My family dynamic is very different today than it was five years ago. My children have grown, my work has changed and my health and capacity require evolving routines. I’m anxious to look at how we’re currently using the spaces in our home to discover if things need to be tweaked or refined or in some cases changed altogether. I also want to examine the way we approach (or in some cases ignore) less tangible things–like finances, personal records and paperwork, family time and planning of events like parties and vacations. And let’s be honest, I want to finish unpacking–yes, there are two or three boxes that I haven’t opened in five years! There are also things that I unpacked and “temporarily” stashed that are taking on a feeling of permanence (ha!)

I definitely want to be prepared with those things that are needful.
I want a house that is a refuge from the craziness of the world.
I want a house that my family wants to come home to.
I want a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order and a house of God.

My word this year is organize.

I don’t have a really specific plan, but I have started a list of projects. I’ve also finished my first project, which I will share later this week. I have had to resist the urge to commit myself to a particular expectation (ie. 52 projects) or schedule for these projects–this is super hard for me, but nonetheless important for my slower pace. I am registered for Ali’s One Little Word class and community and will be working on my January assignment today!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, successes and personal challenges with getting and staying organized. If you have books that you’ve read that you found to be helpful, share them with me–please!


  1. love that you have signed up to be part of a BPS class – it is such a great community.

  2. Stacy, this year my word is nurture, and in a way, I’m feeling organizing is going hand in hand with this as I focus on nourishing my body, our family, our spirits, etc. I have always enjoyed the website None of the books I’ve looked at were really too fabulous. I’ve started planning for once a week cooking, reorganized some kitchen cabinets, our under the stairs pantry and a hall closet all this week (and my scrapbook room too). I also added a few blogs to my reader through some research this past weekend. One I thought was really good. It’s and then I also try and work a little of the Flylady plan of having “days” for everything that has to be done, and also doing a hot spot declutters once or twice a day. I also have a mail center/action boxes from the Pottery Barn organizing system. One for Action files, one for Bills, one for a few magazines/catalogs to sit, and then one for Reference – stuff that’s coming up quickly or a calendar of events for our community that we may want to look at to plan. I have these next two two big dry erase calendars that help everyone in our family stay informed of schedules.

    Good luck with your journey! I’m on this one with you and this year, I’m bound to get organized and keep it up!

  3. I see where you are coming from in this desire to organize and I look forward to following your effort through the year. It’s only in the past year, after my youngest was four and a little more independent, that I found myself able to organize my house a bit more. And once the house was in more order, my life was in a bit more order, too. Still a long way to go, but the process and progress is very satisfying.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your word and goals based on that verse. Creating a house of order according to those words has been an ongoing goal for me and each year I approach it differently.
    A really good book is called ‘House of Order Handbook’ by Marie Ricks. She also has a website called House of Order Get.Be.Stay.Organized. Some of what she says seems too simple and sometimes almost too black and white, but when you allow yourself to be guided by the Spirit it works and you find yourself tweaking what she suggests to fit your needs and the needs of your family.
    Good luck, Stacy, you continue to be an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing yourself in this way.

  5. I’m not LDS, but I think I may adopt that quotation – it also summarizes where I want to get to :)

    I think the 2 things that have been most helpful to me have been “pick up after yourself” and “do a little bit every day” – if you pick up after yourself, then the house should not get worse than it is today (put your dirty laundry in the hamper, put your plates in the sink/dishwasher, spill something then you wipe it up etc) and the “do a little bit everyday” means that you make a tiny bit of progress every day & let’s face it, everyone can spend 10-15 minutes doing *something* to make their home nicer – whether it’s wiping a surface or a quick vacuum or taking the trash out or sorting 5 pieces of paperwork or changing the bedding or picking out one item from the closet to get rid of or whatever …

  6. Have you ever taken a class at simplify 101? They have great organizing classes. The Organize Your Paper Clutter class has seriously changed my approach to paper and helped me get rid of a LOT!

  7. The book that really helped me start on a path of organization and letting go of things, was “The Western Guide to Feng Shui” by Terah Kathryn Collins. It really spoke to me, as I’ve always had a belief that the things laying around me can affect me in positive and negative ways.

    I’m 6 months into life with my first baby, and my house and life reflect the chaos new babies can bring. I’ve started reading that book again, 10 years after I first read it, to try and help me find a way out of the tangle of baby toys, gear, diapers, etc. The thing is, my house may be a mess, but the laundry and dishes are always caught up and put away. Noell Hyman commented to me on a post I made about this baby-stuff disaster, and told me I’d learn that not everything I think is important to have done really is when it comes to kids. So I’ve let go of the need to have an uncluttered house, for now. It’s clean underneath, and that’s what matters. We’ll slowly find places to put all the baby’s things.

  8. I especially like the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. He speaks a lot on time management but, part of that is the management of paper (real as well as virtual), which can be a big time waster if there is no real organization. The best things I learned from him is the use of tickler files and his simple A-Z filing system. Love your “logo”.

  9. What a good word choice! I am not sure what my word is yet but I am sure it will come to me soon.

  10. i can’t tell you how much this post resonates with me. we are undergoing a big move in the next 6-8 months… and though my word is MORE for this year… it leads me to MORE organization. can’t wait to hear your tips… and SEE… your inspiration!

  11. That is my favorite scripture!! It is printed on the front of our household notebook. My kids think it’s just about being neat and orderly, but there is so much more to it than that. How wonderful for you.

  12. Organizing — a continued battle!! I envy those sho seem so organized all the time, and devilishly I just tell myself that they must not be as creative or certainly they have “that closet” or “that drawer(S)” in their home too!

    I belive in bins, throwing things away, goodwill and closing doors! Sometimes it helps not to see the mess! But seriously, I think, at least for me, orgainzing just has to be a conscious effort. Aby Garvey has some great tips!

  13. Thank you Stacy! Inspirational as usual! I LOVE this scripture, always have! I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you! I need to do the same thing.

  14. The “Fly Lady” website got me started organizing a year ago. It also helped that we were getting an exchange student right after the holidays, and our guest room closet was filled with junk! After that clean out and donation, I have worked to clean/organize one room quarterly & can finally say that I have almost made it through the whole house. My goal was to get rid of/donate stuff from each area of the house that we don’t need or use. You have to start small (think one area at a time, like the hall closet) and set a timer to work so it’s not overwhelming (say, 30 minutes to work.) Finish when the timer goes off & start again tomorrow. You can do anything in little chunks of time. Now I’m trying to “maintain” by making sure what comes in the house is really something we want or will use.

  15. Organization Suggestions: (I’ll post more as I think of them)
    I used Quicken for 10+ years, diligently entering every single financial transaction our family made. However, I usually entered those transactions in a week long mad dash in preparation for the years taxes. I never kept on top of it. Enter It is a free online service from Intuit (the makers of Quicken) that automatically downloads all of your transactions for you. You can categorize your spending, create budgets and saving plans, and more. There is even an iPhone app! I will never go back to Quicken again. It is completely streamlined my financial process. Although I must say, it is a bit disconcerting to take a look on my iPhone and see EXACTLY how much I have spent on coffee. LOL!

    The Land of Nod
    They have FANTASTIC baskets in every color and size. We love them. I’ll show you when you come visit. :) We have them in our playroom to organize toys.

  16. I love the graphic you created! I have been wanting something for my word as well {simple} and now am even more inspired!

    BTW – Ali’s class is amazing! I just finished 1/2 of my Jan assignment a couple days ago!

  17. That has been my favorite scripture forever. I love it and aspire to have that kind of home. This year my word is Nurture and part of that is to Nurture my environment. I have bought a ton of organizing books through the years and the one that helped me the most was It’s Here Somewhere by Alice Fulton and Pauline Hatch.
    Good luck with your quest!

  18. My biggest problem with organizing is keeping up with it. Taking those two extra seconds or minutes to put stuff away. i only get a little pile on the counter and then I put it away, but the basement is another story!
    I’d like my time to be more organized as well, as in more efficient.
    I’d like our weekends to be more organized, not structured, just not wasted. My girls (especially the older one) would watch tv all day long, all weekend long. Then when I can get her to turn it off she has the “I’m bored, I don’t know what to do” but if we had things organized we could have fun together. So my word this year is accomplish.

    I took Aby Garvey’s Organizing and Clutter classes and thought it was great – as long as you are actually DOING the things she teaches you. Her systems really make sense.
    Through out whatever is in those 5 year old boxes, you must not need anything in there if you haven’t used it in 5 years. It’s freeing to toss (or donate)!

    Good luck on ‘organize’ this year. I hope this is a year of healing and productivity for you.

  19. Love this! My word is plan. My life is so much better in all areas when I take the time to do that… : ) Let me put in a plug for 52 Projects: I’m doing it without a timeline (like, I don’t care if it takes me until I’m 60 to finish) and it has been a great motivator to hold myself accountable to occasionally tackle a project I may have had in my head for years (or a week). Removing the deadline to the whole thing has really made it a joy, not an obligation. This is actually my topic next week when I host WCS : )

  20. I’ve been on a “purging” kick this year. I’ve cleaned things out of my closet, kitchen, bedroom… I even took a picture of my truck loaded with things headed to Goodwill for my picture of the day in my Project Life album. It feels so good to get rid of “stuff”.

  21. Great word, Stacy! I definitely need this in my life, so I look forward to following your journey. My word is “family,” which encompasses so much for me. This is my first year of One Little Word,

  22. bea medwecky says:

    Hello Stacy,
    Thanks for sharing your word and the scripture passage. I am not a member of a church (I was born Catholic, but do not go to mass) and therefore do not read the Bible. But all the posts you have shared with us in which you have included scripture, really resonate with me. Thank you.

    I will be following your year-long word on your blog as well as in class. My word is play, but I am discovering I can not play if my home is in disarray.

  23. Thanks for another inspirational post Stacy! If I was going to pick a word this year ORGANIZE would be it. At 57 years old I discovered I have Inattentive ADD! What a revelation! No wonder my house is cluttered! I have been reading so much about this type of ADD that many women have and getting help with medication and coaching. My number one goal for this year is uncluttering my house, getting organized, whatever you want to call it. Lots of good tips here from the comments too! Hope to hear more about your organizing projects here!

    • I just wanted to add that if you have struggled with clutter your whole life you might want to check out inattentive ADHD diagnosis which can also be associated with depression and other problems–it explains exactly why you can get organized! I was shocked but so happy when I found out that has been my problem all these years! I’m slowly getting my house organized and learning ways to train myself to keep it that way. Now I can’t wait for LOM!

  24. I love your word! It is amazing how having things organized one way can work for so long and then one day you wake up and realize that its no longer working. I feel that way about my house too! I have two books that I turn to for great advice…Confessions of an Organized Homemaker (her meal organization suggestions are fabulous!) and Order from Chaos which is more about productivity and work (which you probably don’t need!) but her ideas about dealing with paper and making everything timely really help me. Being organized really does go a long way toward helping you feel calm and happy!!! Blessings to you!

  25. Part of my goal in staying organized is by purging. I’ve made a committment to not buy one new piece of clothing, scrapbook/craft item or things for my house for the next 6 months. I read a really good book over Christmas called “The Hole in our Gospel” by Richard Stearns. It will change your life and change the way you look at all of our “stuff”. I have also changed the way I’m scrapping – I now use the Project Life book. I’m getting rid of a lot of my stash because I just don’t put pages together the way I used to. I don’t have time and I choose to use my spare time for other things – including doing things for others. I’m really trying to SHARE more in 2011. :)

  26. I have two words – time and organize. I need to start taking time for me…caring for others is easy, but I need to start taking better care of myself. One of the things that will help me do that is to start organizing my home and my life. Thanks for sharing Stacy.

  27. Julie lueck says:

    Oh that is such a word that hits home to me. You have named my life’s struggle. I grew up in a home of a mother who grew up during the depression. I joke that our family name should really be “stuff”. We had zero money for anything extra growing up, but we had too many people and things in a too small space. When I moved out I continued to have too much for a small space. My mother taught me to plan for the future. When I moved out of my artment into my first home with a new baby, I had enough “stuff” to fill a house.(I still say aparments have way more storage than houses.)
    However, I learned a profound lesson When my mom passed away. It was hard enough loosing my mom, but when we had to donate tons of material for projects that she had stashed away for years, that was devastating. She had been stock piling for when she would retire. She retired when she was 76. My then 85 yr old dad immediately broke his leg and she spent all her time taking care of him right up until the time she was dianosed with cancerous tumors in her uterous, had surgery, radiation, kemo, and then never got her strength back and passed away. We never got to “play.” I had just stopped working full time too.
    So for me, I want to create and do projects with all the stuff I have been fortunate enough to have gotten through my association with the scrapbook retail industry. I need for all my “stuff” to be organized so that I can create for my immediate family, extended family, and friends. I am happy to say that given my inherited “clutter” gene, I may have a messy home, but I only have “too much stuff in a too small space” in my scrapbook room! That is really huge for me. My word should be “do”,” create”, or “done.” What have I done today?
    I have gotten and read tons of organizing books over the years. Julie Morganstern is a favorite that used to be on Oprah. I see your house in pictures on your blog, Ali Edwards, Becky Higgins, and even Lisa Bearson and I think how do they do it? How do they have time to work and a clean house. I know I am on board, but how do you get the family on board too?

  28. What a great word for 2011! Most people who know me say I was born organized. I enjoy organizing whether it be a closet, a room, an event, or a trip. There are tons of books and articles on organization out there, each with its own solution to getting organized, reducing clutter, and maintaining that organization. The most important thing is to find what works for you and your family, take what works from different approaches and create a plan that you enjoy and can maintain. Best of luck – I’m looking forward to seeing how your word plays out over the year.

  29. That is my favorite scripture and organizing is one of my favorite things to do. My life definately goes much more smoothly when I am organized! Although I have figured out that there really isn’t an “end” or a “finished” point to being organized. It is an ongoing process and a process that requires flexability. And I am beginning to like that. I think being flexible helps me to not be so stressed and to quit worrying about everything being perfect. I am able to relax, enjoy, and simplify by being organized. I just bought the cutest little chalkboard vinyl organizng stickers ( to help me be flexible (cause I can change what they say and organized because I am going to put them everywhere!) and organized. I can’t wait to get them!! My word this year is “attentive”. I need to work on noticing more with the people I love such as stop what I am doing and truly look and listen when my kids are talking to me and to be more attentive about service and serving others. Good luck with your word “organize”. It’s gonna be awesome!

  30. Thanks for sharing your word for the year Stacy. I am one who generally has too many ideas in my head and struggle to meet those completed ideas within a timeframe that is really unrealistic. I know that for me, organizing things in my home, cleaning, purging, etc. makes me have a clear mind so that I can think about what I actually can accomplish and how I need to accomplish it. My husband is a neat freak, and not that I am messy but I tend to keep things just in case I need them later. I was raised to be frugal. I am not a hoarder (i can’t even watch that tv show!), but need nudging and ideas on ways to declutter and organize. I think you will have a fantastic year on your journey to organization!! I also hope your health problems have improved. I love reading your blog and listening to you when you are on the Paperclipping Roundtable. Thanks for sharing your life with us out here!!

  31. I love your word and your stab at ogo design; the colors you picked are FANTASTIC as well. From a graphic design standpoint, you may consider rotating the 2011 date from HZ to VT so that it resembles/creates the “I”. Just a thought…

    Thanks for all your inspiration and great ideas!

  32. So Brilliant to fallow the spirit if finding your word! I tried to do the same thing and have found that it is becoming more and more important as I focuse on it.

    I think one of the most important thing to remember is that we are to organize every needfull thing. If it doesn’t need to be organized or reorganized just leave it be. Then you can focus on what is most important first. :)

  33. I’ve read two books in the past year that have really helped me, the first is “The Now Habit” by Neil Fiore. Although it deals primarily with procrastination, it has had a profound impact on the general organizing that is a part of my daily life. It has helped me put my priorities in order. The other book is “The Happiness Project” by Getchen Rubin. Only her first chapter is about organizing, but it is one of the things that she did in order to help her happiness level. I know that you are well-read, so you may already know these books, but they have truly helped me (after MANY years of struggling with organization and procrastination!!).

    My word for the year is “wellness”, and I’ve been thinking of signing up for Ali’s class, but haven’t yet. I am in Lisa Cohen’s Wellness class for the 2nd time, so am trying to focus on that for now.

    Take care Stacy, and thank you for sharing! :)

  34. I have been thinking about my one word this week alot. Organizing and decluttering have been happening alot around here since the first of the year. I thought I had decided to use the word Simple to sum up how I want my home and things around me to be until we began our new Sunday school lessons this morning and it is on prayer…an area that I am very weak in. Pray may just be my 2011 word. Love the graphic and the honesty in your latest posts. Can’t wait to see what 2011 brings.

  35. Glad you found your word. This is the first year I do not have a word. I have thought about it a lot and nothing seems right. I feel like I am waiting. Maybe I need to go with Aware…I do feel like I am aware of all that is around me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  36. Michelle Evans says:

    I, too, had an inspiring moment to pick my word of the year (and actually changed it from the first word that I “forced” myself to pick when I wasn’t feeling inspired!) My word is focus. Focus on what’s important, which includes being organized. I went through a big re-organizatio last year (like I do many years), but with extra “gusto” after reading the Happines Project. Now that my life is more organized, I want to focus on what’s important. Taking care of and nurturing my family and those I come in contact with on a daily basis!

    Thank you for all your inspiration!

  37. Organization is an ongoing project! My biggest problem is getting my family on board. Teenage boys (for the most part) have no interest in being organized or staying organized, for that matter! Good luck with your word this year Stacy!

  38. our goals are similar, I chose the word clean, because in addition to my home, I want to apply it to my eating.

  39. Beautiful post Stacy. I know you’ll follow your word this year because you already know your pitfalls.

    I too think Flylady is great. As she says, Finally Loving Yourself =FLY. Little bits that you can do whenever you have the 15min, tho she has also gone to some 7min bits for those who find 15min too long! You can also pare down the emails sent to keep your mailbox organized too. I don’t use a lot of her tools, just the daily tasks and boy do they help me. I love being organized AND organizing but figuring out just what to do when gets me. FLYlady solves that for me.

  40. Can’t wait to see your projects.

    2010 was the organization year for me- more my house than everything else. We have been in it almost 11 years and really need more space. Not realistic to get a new house, so had to purge and organize what we had. Have parts of my room left….and the kids’ rooms are always a work in progress….but almost done. I haven’t picked a new goal yet…

  41. What a surprise when I read your blog this afternoon…..after spending all day clearing out our store room. I made a pledge that I couldn’t start my scrap space until after I cleaned out the store room. Boy is that motivating! Not only am I freeing up much needed storage space, but I will also make money selling a number of items :-) All the money will go to making my own little craft niche in the laundry room :-)

  42. ……Your word made me smile, knowing the large responsibility you’ve taken on in church recently :)… only advice would be to always keep the word “needful” connected to it.
    My most favorite “system”, if you can call it that, is from the old Gladys Allen series…..loved that lady, and it was an organizing system that stuck. It’s practical, simple and applicable to every thing I do.
    Also love my Mobile Me, and especially OmniFocus to keep projects moving….esp helpful for YW :)

  43. I am glad to know that I am in great company as that is my goal for 2011. I too spent 2010 facing health issues – breast cancer & a hip injury that has basically left me unable to walk. As I spent the last 4 months dealing with these issues, I became increasingly aware of how my lack of organizatin was affecting my family. My husband was now responsible for getting the 2 boys ready for school and he didn’t know where anything was located – I could tell him but it was frustrating for him. Meals were whatever he could throw together and sometimes my kids went to school wearing the same jeans as yesterday because I didn’t do laundry that day. As I was wrestling with guilt over my lack of organiztion skills, I realized I wasn’t the only one in the family that needed to organized! My boys are of an age where they can participate in running and taking care of our home. I am physically limited on what I can do but my boys can help me! So the family’s word for 2011 is ORGANIZE because we are all in this together!

  44. Nurture is my word for 2011 and organizing things better is a part of that nurturing. A few years back I started with Flylady (.com) and I loved the concept of starting just with one area – the kitchen sink. I then found the ‘kitchen sink’ in other rooms and kept those clean. Slowly much of the house got better, but lately my responsibilities have grown and I need to fold in the organizing into the batter of the rest of my life better.

    Over the years, I’ve found routines to be the secret to maintaining the house as well as my creativity. They keep the doubts and fears and worries at bay simply because the routines automatically blast through that inner chatter and quiet it. But developing those routines has taken time – and persistence to keep in place. Small steps. Consistent steps. And cutting myself slack when I screw up.

    I’m not naturally organized, but people think of me as organized – to me it’s just a daily battle with my weakness. So, if that’s what they see, it must work well enough. :)

    • “Nurture” is my word for the year, too. I’m doing Ali’s year-long project and already have come to a deeper place with this word and it’s meaning in my life. I love it!

      I, too, followed the FlyLady for many years and learned a LOT of cleaning tips from her. I have to admit, I spend a LOT of time analyzing the Pottery Barn Kids catalogs. They ALWAYS have fun ways (and tools) to organize their rooms.

      Organizing is hard work, but can be fun if you promise yourself to do it with style and flare. I read the “The Inspired and Organized Scrapbooker” and it was a HUGE turning point for me and how my space looked and operated. I love my space now, but work constantly to maintain the clutter, which tends to prohibit me from creating. I’ll be anxious to follow you and your word this year and see the strides you make.

      See you in class!

  45. scrapper al says:

    I’m not one to choose a word for the year, but I do plan on getting more organized this year. Good luck with your word!

  46. It is so rewarding for me to come to your bolg at the end of the day. You have a way of being “refreshing”. I spent the evening in the depths of my kitchen drawers, wondering why, how and when did it get to this!

    My word this year is “diligent”. I want to be more diligent about many areas of my life. Organizing, prioritizing, and just plain making changes in home, mind, body and spirit. I hope by doing this the rest will find it’s self a place in or out of my life.
    This word comes after SEVERAL life changing events. This past week has been very challenging, it has made me think long and hard about this journey I have chosen with “My Little Word”.

    Thank you for your spirit of sharing. I hope you acheive much with your word this year.

  47. My word for the yar is ‘sort’ as in sort out my house, my feelings, my faith and my future. thanks for sharing yours.

  48. About 4 months ago I read a book called Unstuff Your Life! by Andrew Mellen, and it got my thinking and house into better shape than either have ever been. I have never been a particularly organised person, and I just can’t get my head around the FlyLady thing (like wearing your shoes inside or scrubbing your sink) but I do like things to look neat and uncluttered… and I struggled with that. I’ve learnt some good concepts and have make it ok not to keep everything – even if it was a gift. I now want to go back and re-read and put more of it into practice.

  49. Being organised is important to my mental health – when I feel things starting to slip through the cracks I get very stressed (not sure in fact which comes first at times!). I may look at this for next year, but for 2011 my word is ‘clear’ – and some of the meaning of that for me is to clear out clutter.
    All the best to you as you allow the manifestations of focusing on ‘organise’ for 2011.

  50. carol in seattle :) says:

    I’m glad you shared your word for 2011. I’m still searching for mine…..

  51. Stacey as always you are very inspirational in your sharing, and I hope that your ‘word’ really helps you get to where you want to be with everything. I hope that it brings much happiness, peace and joy
    However, can I just ask – and hopefully I’m not being insulting here. I am not LDS, and although I do admire their family values, I do find the fact that you call anything beyond the bible scripture. It isn’t, it is added doctrinal views of the LDS church, I find it insulting to my faith when you call these other documents scripture.
    I love that you share your faith and individual spiritual journey so openly,but feel that sometimes you need to realise how others are feeling.
    I also wonder how anyone who is not an LDS can get anywhere in the scrapbooking industry – it’s like the biggest clique ever!

    • I’m sorry you find that offensive, but there is more scripture in the world than just the Holy Bible. Yes, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we believe the Bible (both the Old and New Testament) to be scripture, as well as The Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price. These records each bear testimony of Jesus Christ.

      Scripture is defined as
      1. the sacred writings of the Old or New Testaments or both together.
      2. any writing or book, esp. when of a sacred or religious nature.
      3. a particular passage from the Bible; text.

      Many different religions have scripture, and it is just as sacred to their members as the Bible is to you. This does not in any way take away from your belief in or testimony of the Bible. But at the same time, we should each respect others view of the scriptures they hold sacred–even if we have differing opinions.


  52. Organize is a wonderful word. I am working on organization myself. My problem is that when I go through things and try to get organized I get just so far than those last little bits are like pulling teeth. This has always been a problem for me and I am trying to over come that. Right now my crafting room is being reorganized, yet again. It seems to always be a work in progress. I have a limited amount of space and what seems to be an unlimited amount of stuff. I have to push myself to get that organization DONE. Hopefully it will be done soon, it is moving along, but slowly.
    Not sure about a word for the year, MOTIVATE might be a good one. Motivate myself to get that organization done, motivate myself to do some other projects that need doing, motivate myself to get more things into my Etsy shop and motivate myself to find some other outlets for my cards and projects to be sold.
    Sorry, but I’m not the one to give any advice on organization.

  53. Kathy Jo Camacaho says:

    I signed up for Ali’s class too! Hey – we’re classmates, instead of teacher/student – how fun!!! And I love your word; by the end of the year you’ll have great results.

    My word – “fearless”. I don’t want to be afraid to do something, or learn something, or attempt something. I want to be fearless. And if I do something and it doesn’t work out – oh well. At least I tried. Or I’ll find another way. Or something. But I’m going for it! Fearlessly.

  54. Chris Cross says:

    I have spent the last 2 and a half years taking care of others and helping to dispose of their things after their passing. So much has been left go in my own life. This year is mine. Barring anymore unexpected and unforeseen circumstances, I am working to get my life and home back in order after a long absence.

  55. Jennifer Shortino says:

    I’ve been thinking about have a word for this year. I thought about it last year and couldn’t commit to one, but I want to this year. For me it will have to be Change. There are things I need to change in order to get healthier and I have to make them a part of my permanent life, not just my temporary life. I need to change how I communicate. I need to be a bigger participant in my friendships and family. I do email sometimes, facebook consistently and even occaisionally text. But I need to do it more. I need for my personal community to know I am thinking of them and share with them my life more. I need to change the things in my life that make me unhappy. Whether it be work, how I look (how I perceive I look) and get rid of the baggage. I’m about to lose my brother to brain cancer and in his short 45 years he lived his life happily, doing what he loved and keeping his personal community close. He’s set a great example for his little sister. I need to make some changes and that will be my word this year.
    Thank you for your blog Stacy. I don’t read blogs generally, but I have gotten “hooked” to yours. I have your books and took your Finish Line class at a crop in Chantilly, VA a few years ago. Your process has challenged me and made me a more productive, therefore, happier scrapbooker. Your blog to me is like your sprinkles page…its gives me a little bit of happiness.
    Best of luck on your word this year!

  56. My one little word is “brave”. I had been thinking about it for a while, when I was standing in the post office 9 days before Christmas, in a line of about 20 people, with ONE clerk helping us all. She looked so defeated. I commented out loud we should do a flash mob Christmas sing a long, to help pass the time. People laughed, said yes, and shifted around. If I had been BRAVE and just started singing…I’m sure everyone would have joined in. It’s 2011 now…bring on the long line at the post office, because I’m BRAVE!

  57. Check out the website This website, talks you into what YOU want for your life, for YOU and for the blessings in YOUR life. It takes time, but as Marla says “slow and steady wins the race”. Try it, you’ll LOVE it!

  58. One of the organizing books that I’ve found most helpful is “Organizing from the Inside Out” by Julie Morgenstern. Her premise is that you can’t organize until you realize what the “why” of it all is. You have to organize things in a way that makes sense to you and organize and store them where you actually use them, not where the closet is or whatever. Definitely an “ah ha” moment for me!

    My one word for this year is “nurture” — like you and a lot of others I had a list and finally this one emerged as the winner. I went back to work last year after 8 years of being a SAHM mom, and in a new career to boot. So a lot of things fell by the wayside and I feel like we’re only just now getting the hang of these new routines and schedules. I need to nurture myself this year, nurture my relationships, nurture my family, nurture my home, etc.

  59. One way to get organized is to create a “command center binder”. I think this method can be applied to multiple facets of our life that need a little organizing..

  60. Better Homes & Garden has a magazine out now called Storage. I think it’s a seasonal issue but saw it this weekend in the checkout line at my local grocer. It has so many super cool ideas for organizing stuff.

  61. I chose the word “organize” for my “one little word” too. Like you, I don’t want to over-commit, but I do want to be organized enough to be able to do more projects this year. I also want to be more organized so I can find time to scrap, exercise, cook, and spend more quality family time. Wait– maybe that’s too much already! ;)

  62. I’m a widow and an empty nester and my crafts supplies are slowly taking over my entire house. I guess because I can, I have allowed myself to let this happen. It isn’t messy and I am fairly organized, but almost every closet has something related to crafting. I do enjoy being able to say “I have it” when someone needs it and maybe that is a reason to have all this stuff. I am trying to scale down so maybe I should claim your word too!

  63. Great word and logo! My word is happiness and organization is part of happiness for me. One way that we stay organized is with a meal plan and chore list. We are also working on making our house more enjoyable for all of us. With a toddler in the house, reorganization is a constant effort but worth it!

  64. Love your word and your graphic! And your blog! I am struggling to chose between organize and declutter as my word for this year. I need to do both but I feel it’s like thechicken and the egg – which comes first? I had a brain tumor a few years ago (thankfully benign) but it really threw me for a loop in many ways. I need to get back to more of the person I was before the surgery and keep up on things instead of getting frazzled with it all. That is a great scripture to use as motivation, and I wish you luck with your year of organization!

    • I would say de-clutter first. No use wasting time organizing clutter. De-cluttering even though hard can be so rewarding and freeing in the end. It is an ongoing process. You really have to decide what you need and what you want to spend your time on (maintaining) and what items you love and are worth time. It can be quite a soul searching experience. I would definitely do de-clutter. It can encompass so many aspects of your life. Getting rid of excess time wasters, getting rid of stuff, getting rid of activities of volunteer work that really isn’t important to you any more, cleaning up friendships, etc. Hope this get you thinking.

  65. I have been putzing with picking a word and possibly joining the class (all that wavering over such a small amt!!). . .but feeling a bit out of control to move on it. Chris (above–I’m right there with you Chris) and I have a bit in common, but there was so much more in that rotten year we called 2010. I’m starting the year with positive thoughts and although ‘organize’ sounds like work, I know it is also freeing. And I know it is something that has to happen in 2011 and will end up being joyful. Thank you Stacy for throwing a word out there that encompasses the words I’ve been wavering over. I already commited to some organizing on my free day today. . .why not start now?? Happy New Year!

  66. Maybe you can help me find my word. This year I would like to “take as good care of myself as I do others”. I haven’t been able to find a word that describes that. I have pondered: balance, equal – but neither one has spoken to me. Your thoughts?

  67. I am an organizer….mostly so far in the home. I find that if I look further ahead I can plan better. For instance when I set up my files I plan two years at a time. Everything that could go paperless has gone paperless. Less junk coming in, less junk and time spent putting away. When I can’t go paperless I file two years at at time. For instance 2011 is a start of a new “2 year chunk of time” so I make file folders for 2011 and 2012 for say my pay stubs. I then paperclip the 2012 shut so I don’t accidently file there. Then in 2012 I will open that file and paperclip 2011. In 2013 I will pull both out decide to either shred or file away forever. Works great and I feel like I only need to do every two years.

  68. Love your word and your logo! I can’t wait to read about your progress and see the pictures. I’m looking forward to the inspiration. My word this year is simplify, which includes a little organizing to make things simpler for me.

  69. The best ideas I get for organization come from the ikea website and the container store. If you have a container store near you, go ! You’ll get ideas by just walking around. Also I am a list writer.Every year at this time, I write down what I want to accomplish for me and my family for the new year. It helps you organize your thoughts and goals and where you want to be at year’s end. It works all the time.

  70. I love organizing things – I would say it is a hobby for me!

    My word this year is Simplify and I am finding it working its way into how I put order back into our home. We’re really cleaning our our space and making it a home where we can really rest and enjoy each other.

    One tip when you are looking at your space – don’t be afraid to think outside the box (which I know you do very well!) and use your space to suit your family and friends. All too often I think we create our homes (our space) for visitors and forget that it is our family, most of the time, who has to live in the house. We recently took our small breakfast table out of the kitchen and replaced it with a love seat and trunk. We LOVE it. We have a big harvest table and now use it more than ever. The kid enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, in the morning and after school, that a ‘kichen couch’ brings to our home.

    Can’t wait to read some of your organization tips!


    • Helen, I love this idea! I am going to take a good hard look at our house and make sure I am using our space to it’s full potential. You are right, we so often decorate for others. Genius!

    • My grandmother had a little love seat in her kitchen and I’ve recently been thinking of adding one in mine–so cozy!

  71. My organizing skills are ok, but my trouble is keeping them organizes. Sometimes I feel as if everything at home seems to be one big HOT MESS. My girls are older and 2 of them are still at home and help with chores. But they never put things back in the place that I put them. Hence the hot mess. Frustration boiling out of me when cooking and looking for a specific tool and one of them has made a new home for it somewhere else. Arggggggg. I guess that’s the price I pay for having helpers.

    Now I wish I could find blame somewhere else for my scrapping area – but I need to look in the mirror to find that culprit.

  72. It feels so good to organize & de-clutter & I wish you well on your word of the year! One thing that’s helped me is FlyLady. Check her out at

  73. So funny to read your post as I am taking a break from purging out my clothes!! Yep, cleaning out all those clothes that I simply don’t wear. Next up is my kitchen, out with the extra gadgets I just don’t use! I think “simplify” is my word………

  74. I think I may have to use “ORGANIZE” as my word too. After the birth of my second child 2 years ago and a year long struggle with post partum depression, my highly organized nature has disappeared.

  75. lynne moore says:

    My word is Focus, which is for me and to help my family focus together as we tend to Good Ole Independent types out here in the West.
    Anywhoooo – organization would be easy (yeah, right) IF my husband would try to understand the difference between organization and storage. And stop lining up his junque in the one open spot I have made in order to reach my junque….. But I may have a breakthru – I offered him space for his hobby, but first he has to help me figure out what to do with my old hobby stuff still in the corner…..

  76. I very much need help in the organization department. Sadly it is not my forte’ but I really would love to be more organized. It’s a contant goal for me.

    My word for 2011 is Committed. My quote is “God is more committed to my character than to my comfort” by Mary Sutherland. I am thankful that He is committed to my character, even though the refining process hurts a little :)

    P.S. I am loving Ali’s OLW class on BPC!

  77. Heather Crawley says:

    This year, I have chosen to take more of an attitude, verses a specific word. I have decided to focus on accomplishment – getting those things done around the house and in my creative space that I have always wanted to do, but would hadn’t gotten around to. I, too, haven’t committed to a specific number or a list of goals, but have decided to spend 15-20 minutes each day working on something that I have been “meaning to get to.” It may be sorting through a closet, working on a scrapbook page, cutting fabric for a quilt project, make cookies with a recipe I have longed to make, etc.

  78. I’m right there with you Stacy. Live here 8 years, things have changed. My kids need different things now. I have chosen ACT for my 2011 word. This so encompasses organization. ACT will mean for me to prioritize what I am going to ACT on. De-clutter and organizing, simplifying my processes for home papers, doing all the things you mentioned. I need motivation that is why I chose the word ACT.

    I hope 2011 will move you forward. I like that you have no specific time line. Some things take longer than others and you need to stay flexible. Your kids are at an age where flexibility is a necessity. I have been inspired by several organizing books: here are a few of my favorites.
    Organizing form the inside out. By Julie Morgenstern
    Project: Organization quick and easy ways to organize your life. by Marie Ricks
    One-Minute Organizer by Dona Smallin
    The Clutter Cure by Judi Culbertson.

    Take the time to ponder your larger projects, mull them over for a few days, make sure they are the right fit for your family then jump in and do. If you’re going to spend the time make sure it is what you need. Hope all goes well and you progress the way you want with ORGANIZE this year. Congratulation on your word.

  79. Love the word ORGANIZE. I, too, am planning this year to be organzied. On top of paper clutter, birthday dates, housework, etc. :) Enjoyed your post!!

  80. Great word Stacy!! Nothing keeps my more organised or gets me more motivated to organise than Aby Garvey.

  81. I am so very inspired by you and Ali. I am having trouble committing to just one word – maybe my word should be commit! My husband and I are 10 months into redoing most of our first floor – by ourselves: moving the powder room and laundry room; redoing the first floor master bedroom and dining room and creating a brand new kitchen. It will all be fabulous when we’re done, but I do wonder “When are we going to be done?” We are purging and organizing as we go, so it has been a big job! I’d like to praise my husband, Jon, who is working full-time with a 50 minute commute and doing all the “house work” in his spare time!
    P.S. I do love your logo Stacy as well as the idea that you went to the trouble to make one!

  82. Your word sounds perfect for you this year, Stacy. Organizing is always a conundrum for me and has been incredibly elusive. However, this year my little word is RELEASE. I will use it in several ways, but one of the most tangible is to release things I no longer need, use or love. I have started systematically going through my house room by room, shelf by shelf, cupboard and drawer by cupboard and drawer. I expect to be much lighter when I finish this project and will then be able to organize my home the way I use it.
    I wish you success with your word and your plan for it this year and for the serendipitous things that enter your life as a result.

  83. this is something I struggle with—when you figure it out be sure to let me know

  84. Barbara Konopa says:

    I love to organzie but have discovered through the years that to “organize” a space is only the first step. The key is to stay on top of your system. Many times it requires changing the system as you aquire different items and your needs change. Once I decide that an item will “live” in this space I always return the item to that place. This keeps the place tidy and I always have a basket to place new items until I can decide on it’s new home.
    Good luck with your word and remember that it is impossible to foist your “organization” onto others. Especially teen and pre-teen boys. Husbands run a close second.
    Barbara who’s 2011 word is “Heart”.

  85. I read a great post last night on the “How Does She?” blog about organization:

  86. Bernadette says:

    I love your word and should make it mine. Organization is something I struggle with. I try and try and have different systems but have never found the one that works for me – especially regarding paperwork. I look forward to following your progress this year and hope you will find some methods that will work for me. Two years ago I lost my dad and took care of him in the months before he passed. Since then I have had health issues that have been a challenge and have necessitated some major changes in my life – and it is a work in progress. I need 2011 to be the year I get everything resolved and/or accepted and move on.

  87. Hi Stacy,
    Organize was my word last year-Fly Lady helped me a whole lot. Both her daily emails and her book-Sink Reflections. you can find her at

  88. WoW! YOUR word is organize? You the guru of LOM? I do think you have gotten started as you have been organizing your thoughts as you were in the process of simplifying things last year. Organizing for me is a process not a destination. I’ll never fully be organized. Just like my scrapbooks they are never complete and finished.
    So remember to keep it simple sister KISS and go check out if you are looking for household organizing. If its spiritual organizing make time for solitude and journaling. Just like you carve out time to excercise and run or time to scrapbook. Time just with yourself and no noise, no TV or radio so you can truly hear that inner voice. Stacey I wish you luck and know that you will do well as you do in all things. I LOVE your blog and your philosohy and will be with you on your journey as I learn to RELEASE all my unrealistic expectaions and fears. See you on the OLW boards. {{}}

  89. Mine is simplify, but when i break it down it is about simplifying and organizing my home. I hope you are successful with your word this year!!

  90. I have been on a reorganization/purging mission throughout my house the past few weeks. It feels so good to accomplish one area on my to-do list.

    I am also participating in Ali’s OLW. My 2011 word is “restore”, as I have several areas in my life that I’ve prioritized to restore this year.

    Blessings as you organize!

  91. Karen Schmidt says:

    I too have chosen the word organize. I’ve been working at it since last year but once I started thinking of what word I wanted, it was very clear. I’ve took a lot of inspiration from Stacy and other persons I met from Stacy’s blog. I have all my color bins working and I just scrapbooked 2 pages the other night, I was so excited. I have not scrapbooked in over 3 years because of having babies. I love my word and I hope to do well with it this year.

  92. I completely “get” this! Organizing = energy to me. And we’ve lived in our house for 4 years and I also have some boxes to unpack. So I’ve decided that each month this year, I will tackle a different box. I’m giving myself an entire month per box because I’ve realized that these boxes are still needing to be unpacked because they’re often “complicated” – not easily unpacked. So I’m combining some “grace” with my “discipline”.

  93. I used my year of the word “simplify” to also organize. Flylady (Martha Cilley) really really helped me establish routines, especially when I became a mom and even though i was home and thought i could handle it all, i got totally overwhelmed. I still use her system for the most part, and I’m still simplifying, but it’s an ongoing process. Good luck!

  94. Stacy, I just wanted to thank you for this post, as it really struck home for me today. I too have been debating on my word for this year and just wasn’t finding on e that fit. As I read your post today, it hit me “Establish”, I felt like ti literally jumped off the screen at me.

    My last year has been similar to yours in that we’ve had a lot of changes, I quit a highly lucrative, but very stressful job in September to stay at home, for the first time in my 10 year old daughters life. It has been wonderful, but I am finding myself lost in many ways. We’ve always had a solid foundation for our family, and routines are what got us through the days, but I’ve never really felt established. Either in our home or this community, and now as I’m trying to find my own way and value myself as something other than a working Mom, I think I need to establish some things in that area of my life too.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know, you finding your word has helped me, not only in finding my word, but maybe in beginning to find myself all over again! So, I’m going to go establish myself in Ali’s class! Thanks for being willing to put yourself out there, it helps more than you’ll know!

  95. I’m the 100th commenter! :) Love that word for the year. I couldn’t pick mine until this weekend and then I decided it would be “consistency.”

    Love you!

  96. Stacy-I love your word and I am anxious to watch for your blog posts to see how it inspires you this year-I always learn so much from you.
    I am also taking Ali’s class and my word is POSITIVE….I’m really trying to be more of a glass half fulll kind of girl.

    • This one little focus will make everything better! I’ve found that scrapbooking has given me a more natural postive way to look at things – or even just looking at things that are “bad” or “hard” as just part of the overall story. It’s a way better lens to view life with! Good luck.

  97. Wow, my word is organize, as well, and based on that same scripture. I haven’t been able to sign up for Ali’s class, but want to soon. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I really like the book “House of Order Handbook” by Marie Ricks or any book by her. Nice little bite sized projects.

  98. Thank you. I am still letting my word choose me. Thank you for your honestly and openness.

  99. …a very good word….one I thought was too obvious for me because it’s a constant struggle. Maybe it’s been looking me in the face all along.

  100. Thank you so much for sharing this passage. I’m not familiar with Doctrine & Covenants, but I’m printing that quote to go on the cover of my home binder! My best friend’s word for the year is HOME, and I had to send her a link to this as well.

    One of my best inspirations for organization has been this woman, Stacy Julian. Know her? Thanks to her I have laundry baskets for each of my sons, an “out the door” basket in our mud room (with brush, chapstick, and all those last minute things that used to clutter our lives or were constantly searched for), and a “shoe bucket” using a big galvanized beverage bucket. That last one has saved my sanity, and represents the best of what I’ve learned—to work with what comes naturally to my boys (kicking off their shoes) rather than trying to force something that won’t last (lining up shoes on a rack, etc.). Oh, and label EVERYTHING:)

    I liked Organizing from the Inside Out, and loved Peter Walsh’s It’s All Too Much, but I recommend Organizing Solutions for People with ADD by Susan Pinsky. Useful ideas for everyone, but especially for parents with children who struggle with ADD.

    Lastly, I keep an inspiration folder on my hard drive and save inspiring images from online there (similar to having a tumblr bulletin board). I’ve gotten great ideas from Aby Garvey (ie: the home binder from above) and
    Just seeing well-organized spaces motivates me to work on my own. Thanks for sharing your word…and I still can’t wait to see your new creative space!

  101. what a great word! I still need to get comfortable with my word in order to go forward with it.

  102. Love it! Enjoy the process. After moving this summer, my new house is starting to come together and it feels so wonderful to be creating a home we all enjoy being in. For the record, from photos I’ve seen and things you’ve shared, I’d love for you to be my mom :) With as well as you did with your last year’s word and the intentions behind it, I’m sure this will be a successful journey for you as well. I love how many FLYlady fans are here. I just wrote a post about why I shine my sink:

  103. I really like that word – organize. It makes me itch to work on my home and life this year – organizing it. Thank you for bringing this scripture to the forefront for this year.

  104. Suzanne B says:

    Great word Stacy! I could talk about my thoughts on organizing for a long time….but I’ll try to keep it brief!! I use to be a professional organizer (10 years ago when no one knew what such a person did) and worked at The Container Store. I’ve read lots of books on organizing and I still think the best one is Julie Morgenstern’s “Organizing From the Inside Out” — I’ve noticed several others on here agree. She has the most practical and reasonable way to think about getting organized. My other favorite organizing guru is Flylady (funny that so many have commented on her here too) — she has great things to say about perfectionism and how it stands in the way of our getting organized. It’s something I struggle with daily! I also like how Flylady talks about taking “babysteps” to getting organized and that you can do lots in 15 minute increments. Flylady has helped me relax about always wanting to so organized and accepting my efforts even if they aren’t as perfect as I’d like.

    At The Container Store, we use to talk about “Better, Best and Exceptional.” At The Container Store, each line of products usually has a better, best and exceptional choice — trashcans for example — the ‘exceptional’ ones are the stainless steel and German made; the ‘better’ ones are a brand name but without all the bells and whistles of the ‘exceptional’ choice; the ‘best’ choice is a great plastic utilitarian trashcan. All the cans will serve the purpose as a trashcan just fine, it just depends on whether you want the ‘exceptional’ choice or the ‘best’ choice — sometimes you want and are willing to pay for the exceptional choice and sometimes you just need a trashcan and ‘better’ than what you currently have is just fine. I look at organizing the same way. Your efforts don’t always have to be ‘exceptional’ — most of the time ‘better’ than how it currently is works just as well and without as much stress as trying be ‘exceptional.’

    Okay…I told you I could go on and on, I’ll stop now! One last thing — an ‘exceptional’ product that is totally worth it’s weight in gold and has revolutionized my filing system. It’s called “Freedom Filer” and use to be sold at The Container Store (years ago…). I’m sure they have a website too. It is a whole new way of thinking of filing your papers — sort of like the LOM for filing…

    Good luck with your organizing! My word for 2011 is Renew — this is my year to focus on myself and what makes me ME. I look forward to seeing you as a classmate.

    Also, thanks much for LOM – like Freedom Filer, it gave me a whole new way of looking at scrapbooking and organizing my pictures. It was the breath of fresh air that I needed. I can now relax and enjoy scrapbooking instead of always feeling like I am behind. I was in your class last year and look forward to being an alum this time around. LOM is a big part of my plan to RENEW this year. Thank you for being such a visionary!

  105. I just saw Aby Garvey’s Organizing Paper clutter class on early bird special and am seriously contemplating taking it. I am surrounded by paper clutter and seriously need to organize! My word is FOCUS, so I have to really think about what I want to do, kind of like you were simplifying things this past year. I don’t want too many projects in too many directions. I am trying to stay on task and I think that organizing would be a huge boost in that direction. Many blessings to you as you embark on your organizing mission!

  106. Sherri Stone says:

    I also love your word! Something about this time of year inspires me to want to be organized. It starts with packing up my Christmas decor – This year I obsessed about the easiest, most efficient way to store all of my priceless decorations. Now I am planning on organizing my husband’s desk. Harder when it’s not my stuff! But he doesn’t file anything – it just stays in piles on the desk or on the floor beside it. Since we are sharing a room for my scrapbooking too it bugs me:D

    My word is WISDOM. I even have an owl pendant necklace and charm on my bracelet to remind me. I’m 46 and going thru lots of changes so I think this word encompasses many qualities I want to possess.

    Thanks for sharing your word. You’ve inspired me in so many ways!

  107. Love your word. Mine for this year is the same as last year Simplify. I am slowly understanding my word.
    I feel I need to tell a little about me as it has been awhile and things have once again changed, you might remember some of this. My first husband and I are divorced, due to injuries from a motorcycle accident. I have tried to consolidate having a whole room plus for my “projects” and life from two floors to first a 2 bedroom then 3 bedroom apartment. I remarried acquired more stuff. Then my second husband passed away. That left me getting rid of stuff, putting stuff in storage and living in a room in my mothers house. Now I am remarried and we have a home. My projects and his office are combined in the same room, it’s sometimes a creative challenge. I have boxes that have been in storage for a couple of years to several years. I’m sure there must be treasure in them, lol. I am finding myself having days where it’s hard to move, I don’t feel well and just a struggle to make it through one more day. I also work full time and love to spend time with my 3 grandkids. I find that I am tired, just sometimes tired of trying to do one more thing or not feeling well. That is where my word comes in. I am learning to be selective of those things I choose to do, to purchase or to commit to. I am learning to let go, it is so freeing. I am finding that I love to see things in their own places where they belong. I wish I had the magic cure or answer, I don’t. I love the responses from others. I find that I take what is shared and am able to find that tidbit that I need. Good luck with your word. May this year be better and I hope you feel better soon.

  108. My word last year was family, but this year I chose organize. I’m in the process of organizing the whole house, getting rid of things etc, so I can spend more time with my family!

  109. Kristyn G says:

    I am in desperate need of an organized life and organized house, so I am anxious to hear how your word impacts your life this year. We live in a small house, with 2 kids, and our only closets are the ones in our bedrooms. This makes for mass amounts of clutter and VERY few places to put things away. I am looking forward to tips from other readers :)

  110. My husband says, and he’s probably right, that I’ve read every book there is on organization. I go through our house at least twice a year and sort, get rid of and generally go thru everything. I love not having a bunch of clutter and as I have had major health issues this past year, having a clean, organized home helps me remain calm when my body feels out of control with pain. I believe strongly in labeling and think whoever invented plastic containers (Sterilite, Rubbermaid, etc.) is brilliant. Organization leads to more time and less stress.

  111. Wow! I could have written this post! We just reorganized our house to work for us two weeks ago!!!! When we moved here almost 3 years ago it was my husband and I and our 2 year old daughter at the time. Now we also have an almost 2 year old son. . . each child has their own room and we had a small playroom but somehow my unused scrapbook studio took occupied the biggest room in the house. Having no basement has forced us to get rid of stuff that we aren’t using because we don’t have room to store but how is it that my scrapbook room sits unused but oh so cute in the biggest room of the house. Roll in Organization 2011~ my scrapbook room is now downstairs where I look at it every day and may actually step foot in it daily, the playroom/family room has been moved upstairs into the biggest room of the house and the office has been moved to the old playroom. Functional, fun, and family friendly!!!!

    A side note. . . we’re looking at finances too and are using the Dave Ramsey products to get organized.

    Good luck to you on your journey!

  112. Wow, Stacy–this really resonates with me. Love your open focus. :)

  113. Molly McCarthy says:

    Stacy – I love your word for 2011 – organize.

    I’ve read over a dozen organizing themed books over the years and the hands down best book is Organzing from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern.

    I like this book because she doesn’t start telling you what to organize but instead the first few chapters are about how you personally need things in your life to work. It comes with pages to fill out and over time you start to learn what organizing systems will work best in your life. I truly can’t say enough about this book. Also, if you like this one her other book Time Management from the Inside Out is terrific as well.

    Good luck! xo

  114. Organize! It’s a very good word. Now that I have finished grad school I have been organizing my computer. I have been purging old files, and looking at what i want to keep. A lot of stuff gets downloaded and kept when you are in school. I had stuff in various places, including 2 flash drives, my laptop, a folder on the school servers, and in Google docs. It felt good to go thru it all. Last night I also went thru a set of plastic drawers where I had shoved office supplies, scrapbooking supplies, memorabilia in baggies, stamping supplies, and a zillion computer cords. I fond some needed items and organized the rest. Feels good!

    I don’t know if I ave a word this year. Last year’s word was “BETTER” but in many ways it was worse. So I am not sure about this whole word thing, for me.

  115. I love the logo you made! Peter Walsh has written some great books on organizing! I still need to decide what my word for the year will be…I better get on that since it’s already the 19th!

  116. Oh how I need to do the same thing!! I feel like I’m drowning in stuff. I’m going to start making what I affectionately call my “DI mountain” today, and see how much I can get out of here! I want to read thru the other comments, but I’m getting off the computer and getting to work!!

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