seriously, cute office supplies.

I found a new resource for cute stuff.
I really like cute stuff, especially when it’s at least semi-practical.

The website: Sorting with Style.

I’m getting this cute pear notepad.
It sits on your desk (it’s decor after all) and you simply tear off a “slice” when you’re ready to write!
It has 150 pages and measures 3.78 in x 4.09 in x 3.78 in.

Seriously, cute.

Oh, and by the way…
I’m giving one of these cute pears to Carrie, (librarybug on the BPC message boards) who commented yesterday!

Oh, and I love this orange portable file box too. More info and colors here.


  1. Oh my, oh my. I must have the portable file box. I am a volunteer for several organizations and this would be AWESOME – Thanks for posting.

  2. I adore that portable file box! Thanks for sharing! I am an organizing freak and so need to add this to my collection … for my BPS class information I think. I keep all of my handouts in separate file folders in a black vertical file but this would be oh so much better! Love, love, love it…can’t wait til payday Friday! Have a great {snowy} day!

  3. Oh my WORD! I may have to take out a loan for everything I want on that site. Brilliance!

  4. OMG….I absolutely love that portable file box….and orange (my fav color) WOW.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. That file box would be so perfect for bills and orgainizing for girl scout cookie sales!

  6. I carry a portable file box to and from work on an almost daily basis. Right now though, I just have non-descript plastic file box. A beautiful, colorful one like that may just change my whole outlook about work ;)

  7. Love the file box! I’m a little scared to click on the link, I’m sure there are going to be many things that I all of a sudden ‘need’.

  8. The pear is adorable.

  9. I am in the middle of organizing my office/craft room and these would be fantastic additions! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Gramma Rita says:

    That pear is just too cute. Love it! :)

  11. Carrie Alexander says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! MUST. HAVE. FILE. BOX!!! As a teacher, I’m constantly taking home “piles” and having to re-sort at home before I grade. What a great idea for schlepping home my paper! And HELLLLOOOO!!!! ORANGE is such a happy color for our grey PNW winters! Thanks again for the inspiration Stacy!

  12. Carrie Alexander says:

    OK, after crusing through their website, this teacher is going to have a SERIOUSLY cute desk! I can’t stand the cute! Forget manilla, bring on the color!

  13. I love that orange file tote!! FABULOUS!

  14. Oh wow Stacy!!! Thanks so much for sharing this :D This is just my style and with renovations going on in our whole house, I can’t wait to get some of these things once the whole place is finished. Hopefully by then they will ship internationally :D

  15. Pear notes are WAY cute — might have to remember that bag for my mom — she is a bright color person too — gave her a Vera Bradley bag for Christmas in orange — such a fun color!!

  16. Heather Newman says:

    Love the file box…super CUTE!!!

  17. Did you see the butt station desk organizer? Hilarious!!

  18. Karen Schmidt says:

    Oh my goodness you are so funny.. I love this stuff what a cute pear. Oh ya and the portable file box would be awesome for my BPS/ blog printouts. Oh the ideas!!!

  19. I love that file box. I need to get one for just bill filing, etc that I can carry around the house and get rid of my pile in the living room!

  20. seriously cute note pad!!

  21. jennifer h says:

    Those are too cute!! TFS!! Now off to shop:)

  22. Kristyn G says:

    i love that file box!

  23. LOVE the orange file box! So bright and cheerful…who would mind that it’s full of “bills”! Happy Wednesday~

  24. the orange file box is seriously cute! I just ordered some personal business cards from Vista Print with my portfolio link and contact info. they say LIBRARIAN FOR HIRE on them bc I just finished my MLIS and am now looking for a job (have interview next week already). Anyway I mention this bc I told the designer I wanted some POP of color so when people get my card and toss it in the desk drawer, they will easily see it later. Usually I like more subdued colors (like taupe) but my new cards are teal and that same shade of orange. They really say HELLO!

    Anyway I actually came here today to share this link with you Stacy. I read this article online and thought you would enjoy it.

  25. Ok, those carry file totes are ADORABLE! Orange isn’t my color, but the purple? YUM!

  26. Stacy- you seriously have the greatest taste in things! The pear & the file box are so cheerful! It’s always fun to find a new source for cute things! Happy shopping! :)

  27. Oh my I need some of the portable file boxes for my office. :) You always find cute stuff.

  28. thank you for sharing the gorgeous office supplies — as a soon to be certified teacher, i want to have a fun classroom — and these would be perfect!

  29. That orange tote is to DIE FOR !!!!!!

  30. I just checked out their site & it looks awesome!
    Did you see they have an apple shaped notepad too?
    I will definitely have to get that for my mom since she is an elementary school teacher! :)

  31. That filebox in a lime green – gotta have it!

  32. KathleenB says:

    That pear notepad is seriously cute! I have to go check out that site.

  33. My Mom is 85 and will just love that file tote. She loves to organize her things and then she could carry them easily. The colors are great! Thanks!

  34. Peggy Leland says:

    love the file tote. Gorgeous colors!

  35. I don’t need a thing they have to offer, but boy do I WANT tons of stuff they sell. How do you find all these cool places/things. Do you spend massive amounts of time on the internet???????

    • To be honest — most of what I share are ideas/resources that are sent to me by others. I did happened on this site over a year ago. I sent them an email and told them I’d love to giveaway something and they contacted me just before the holidays!

  36. The orange file box is way too cute! Thanks for sharing.

  37. Damiane Lucas says:

    Hello Stacy,

    I am new to scrapbooking, and I have never taken your LOM class. I am looking forward to signing up for your class. I have a quick question for you. Is your LOM class strictly on photo organizing and classifying? Is there any scrapbooking involved? Will we make layouts? Thank you!

    • Damaine,
      We do make layouts in LOM, but not until the last half (really last few weeks) of class. LOM is more about organizing, prioritizing and categorizing your photos (both prints and digital.) LOM embraces a broad definition of scrapbooking and very much champions a non-chronological approach to creating and storing/displaying completed layouts.

      Hope this helps!

  38. Just checked out that site, it’s great. They also have that notepad in apples. I can’t think of a cuter teacher gift than the apple notepad! Thanks for the recommendation.

  39. Wow-that stuff IS cute! Love the orange file box, it almost makes me want to file this pile which is waiting to go into a boring file crate since i can’t find the perfect file cabinet just yet.

  40. Melinda Wilson says:

    One of the other blogs I follow, How About Orange (Jessica Jones), needs to definitely see these portable files. She is wild about anything orange!

  41. Nicky from Canada says:

    omg – I love the orange file box – omg

  42. Love the pear! I love little notepads! I’m going to have to check out that site!

  43. justasiam says:

    I just adore the portable file box, and my favourite too is the orange one…such a happy colour! I checked out the site and laughed out loud at the desk organizers that were shaped like a person on a toilet!

  44. Julie Ann says:

    Love the orange file totes! You always have such great, fun finds and I am always glad when you share, so many thanks! :)

  45. Oh my goodness, LOVE the file box. My oldest son is on the autism spectrum and he has some obsessions; marbles, coins, and ORANGE. I’m giggling because I know him. He’d store the marbles AND coins in the orange box and then insist I let him take them everywhere with us. :D
    p.s. totally cute pear too. Why, oh why do office supplies whisper our names when we pass them? I guess that’s why we love scrapbooking so much, because we get to play with all those papers.

  46. Very cute office stuff! Organizing seems way more fun when you have cute stuff to organize with. Those orange file folders are adorable. The green pear is quite fun too. I like the fact that it stands up and you tear off a slice :P

  47. Stacy,
    I don’t know how you find the “cutest” or “coolest” stuff! That pear notepad is adorable and so “you”. Also, I have seen those portable file boxes and thought they were great!

  48. OMG – I love those orange file totes Stacy. I checked out their website, what fun stuff. They don’t ship internationally but I might need to get one of these sent to my US friend and she can send it on to me. The pear is cute too, I have seen those here, but not the totes. I love how you share these amazing finds with us, thank you all you share with us.

  49. I’m trying to think up reasons for why I need that orange portable file box. I love it! I’m clicking the link right now to look for more cuteness.

  50. I love that file box. The stripes are so yummy! I would end up using it as a purse or lunch box rather then a file box though!!! HeHeHe!

  51. Love that portable file box, thanks for sharing

  52. Oh my gosh, I think I’m in love! What an awesome website – thanks for the info Stacy!

  53. I have a huge weakness for office supplies! Unfortunately since we moved overseas I don’t work and my DH doesn’t have the same weakness so I haven’t bought more than pens and a label maker in nearly 3 years! :-(

  54. kimberly sh jones says:

    this is what i love about you – your a sharer – from your thoughts to your office supply dealer. cking out that website this am made me seriously happy!!

  55. Seriously cute? How about I’ll be seriously broke? That is what I’ll be after I get done with that office supply website! Love the file tote . . . now which color do I pick???? 3 of them make me happy!

    Thanks for sharing!

  56. Stacy, thank you for sharing cute. Like you, I love cute, too. And I need some organization, so I’m checking out the links. I might need one of those pear notepads – don’t we all need more fruit in our lives?

  57. Chris Cross says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing all of your new stuff in your new space! Can’t wait.

  58. love office supplies, so many different ways you can use them, laura d

  59. I love office supplies and I just bought the same pear notepad at The Container Store last week! Isn’t it cute? How could I/we resist?? :)

  60. Jodi Berg says:

    Love the portable file box for memorabilia. Perfect! I’ll have to check out the website. Thanks for sharing.

  61. Office Supplies have really made their mark in the last few years and these are two really cute ones.

  62. Mamasue123 says:

    Oh my what a great site! I think I’d go for the purple one, then maybe my daughter would want to help with organizing!

  63. I’m always amazed at what fun/cute/unique (and yes, colorful) things some talented person manages to design. I just ordered a pack of your Happy Colors Core’dinations paper…can’t wait for it to get here!!!

  64. The orange portfolio is adorable and so very practical! Great idea!

  65. Love the file box. . .now for a 13-15″ size for you know what! You are definitely the queen of cute and colorful finds m’dear.

  66. I love that tote – orange is my favorite color! Love the website – thanks

  67. Love the tote – orange my favorite color thanks

  68. OMG! Headed over to check out those orange totes!

  69. that tote is seriously cute! I have so many note pads that are cute like that and I cant bring myself to use them. Maybe that should have been my new years resolution. LOL

  70. BARB TOPPING says:

    Stacy, thanks for sharing such a really cute site. Love the purple plum tote. Did you see the ceramic shoe? Too cute! Have a Happy Day.

  71. You always find the cutest things!

  72. Bernadette says:

    Orange is not my color, but I do love the plum purple file tote! It is now on my wishlist. This is a really cute site with fun office items – life is not manilla! Thanks for sharing and for making me smile.

  73. MichelleD says:

    Love, love, love the orange file box tote!! The pear note pad idea is too cute too!! What a great website for office supplies/decor!! Thanks!

  74. Seriously, SUPER CUTE! Thanks for sharing.

  75. The pear note pad is adorable and I am going to order one for my daughter who is a teacher. If you can give an apple to your teacher, why not a pear too?

  76. that pear notepad rocks! thanks for sharing!

  77. I’m going to check out those portable files – red would be my choice if that have them in red. I remember when my Ellie was in kindergarden, and we went shoe shopping and she found some that had orange on them. You see, her teachers most favorite color was orange and she decided she needed them desperatly!

  78. I love your happy stuff! I have been purging and cleaning my home office — getting ready for the new desk I just bought. It is so fun to get rid of the old, tired stuff and bring in fun, cute stuff! Thanks for the inspiration.

  79. Molly McCarthy says:

    I’m always in the market for cute office supplies!! Thanks for the links.

  80. I have a similar file bin in my car (home health nurse). It is awesome….PINK though!

  81. I don’t know if I have $60 worth of style, but I love those file boxes. Bright colors make me happy!

  82. the pear is cute, but I love the file purse thingy, especially in orange. ps…i added lime green and aqua to my red & yellow scrap studio. i think of you everytime i see this shade of green and smile.

  83. I am so loving those file boxes!!

  84. love the file tote!

  85. oh boy, I don’t think I’ve ever *swooned* so hard over a file box before!

  86. This stuff is seriously cute.

  87. This is so cute I am making this page a favorite.

  88. I love the pear but I have a problem when I buy things like that. I don’t ever use them because its too cute and I don’t want it to be gone. I love the orange totes!

  89. Oh my, THANK YOU for sharing. ADORABLE! I use the Getting Things Done (GTD) system by David Allen and these are great for that. Have a thought? Rip of a slice of pear, write it down and drop it in my in box! Would work great for incorporating into my LOM system too.

  90. Oh that is some seriously cute stuff. I love the pear pad, very cute! How DO you find these cool things?!?!

  91. Such cute stuff! How do you find it all? You are inspiration personified!

  92. karin hall says:

    That is so cute .. what a great find.

  93. Christine H says:

    Mary Engelbreit is my weakness for cuteness…..just can’t throw away the calendar at the end of the year. Even bought the desktop calendar at the 50% sale last week just for the pics!

  94. that pear is cute. so cute, I dreamed about it last night!

  95. Thanks for the info. I have to check that out!
    LOri R

  96. Love these – especially the folder tote. I have so many cute notepads piled up waiting to be used – I always say “they are too cute to use” but no more – this year I have decided to use them and many other things I love that, no more waiting for the right time. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  97. Michelle Evans says:

    Love the tote. Wish it had a lid! Thanks for sharing!

  98. A little cuteness goes a long way in staying organized :)

  99. Oh man…I am in trouble. I love my scrapbooking supplies, but office supplies are my first love. SEriously…I was the kid who saved her allowance and then begged her mom to drive her to the local office supply store. I loved it then and I love it now! Thanks for the link! :o)

  100. I am a sucker for stationary and office supplies!

  101. You always find the cutest things. I love that file box:)

  102. You are so brave with color. . . I’m trying to be. Love the green and the orange.

  103. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This is exactly what I have been looking for to make my new office space cute! WHOO!

  104. Oh my goodness – I am in LOVE with that pear! OOO – just checked the site, they have an apple too – wouldn’t that be a cool teacher gift?!

  105. That file box is Divine!!! Haven’t seen anything like it here in New Zealand – love the zingy colours andn love that it makes something so practical and (dare I say “boring”) look soooo cool!

  106. What a cute pear! Great for a gift topper for that perfect “pair”! Love the orange file tote, too!

  107. I love the Friday Five – those papers are so cool! I have to admit I’m jealous, CHA sounds like its a blast! Hope you have a great time.

  108. Ooh – do they have apple notepads, too? I’m a teacher…and that’d be a cute notepad to have on my teacher’s desk!


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