Sweet, thoughtful gifts!

Tuesdays are my busiest work days and today I’m already a bit behind. Taft had a project due at school this morning. I thought we had everything completed, but we were missing two required elements that we scrambled to finish up. We missed the bus, but still managed to get him to class before the bell rang — phew! The phone has been ringing and there have been a handful of other interruptions — all good stuff, just little delays and when you already have an unrealistic list, it’s hard to maintain that inner calm.  I’m trying hard to remind myself that it’s all OK.

Anyway, lots to do and no time to blog.
I will take this quick opportunity (before diving into my list) to publicly acknowledge two very special gifts that I received over the holidays.

My friend Sheryl found this adorable ornament and dropped it by with a homemade card.

Sheryl has had a tough year battling cancer and yet she was the one that thought of me. I actually ran into Sheryl at the Jim Brickman concert, so I did get to thank her in person. I will pull this out every year and think of Sheryl and her wonderful, giving heart!

And then there was the big package that came addressed to both Kayce and me, from super-star BPC student Pat in North Carolina.

Inside we found handmade cards and two stuffed reindeer. These were a limited edition for Christmas at Build A Bear, where Pat works.

I loved our Christmas holiday this year.
I didn’t “do” as much as I’m accustomed to doing, but I enjoyed my family, a few gatherings with good friends and all of the kind and thoughtful expressions of love that were sent our way.

Thank YOU.


  1. Wow, SUPER Cute, for SUPER people! I love these.

  2. I can really relate to your last sentence- I didn’t ‘do’ as much this year and yet it seemed like a wonderful, relaxing Christmas.

  3. wow – people ( well most people) really are VERY SWEET!
    i love that people are rewarding your generousity, plus ithat decoration was kismet (meant to be) as it was GREEN!
    cheers and Happy 2011 , from downunder julie

  4. A sprinkles ornament!!! How perfect. EVERY time I see sprinkles I think of you Staci! And I love the reindeer card. How thoughtful!

  5. That ornament is SO YOU! It just screams Stacy, so I can see why your friend bought it. Glad you had a nice relaxing holiday – now try to carry that feeling through the year!

  6. Rebecca Baggaley says:

    Cutest ornament ever! And, good luck on your list today!!!

  7. What nice friends you have! Loved the ‘sprinkles’ ornament and it’s truly YOU!

  8. Oh yeah, Pat works at Build a Bear I remember that now from the chat.

  9. That is Rulolph’s Girlfriend! How totally sweet!!!

  10. How sweet of these friends! Hang in there Stacy, you’ll get all that ‘stuff’ on the list done sometime!

  11. What a GREAT ornament! (I’ve never seen any like that before… was it home-made especially for you?) I agree with AUBIEN, whenever I see SPRINKLES anywhere (or jelly beans or brownies, for that matter), I think of you and it makes me smile.

  12. That ornament is so stinkin cute!!!!

  13. That has to be the cutest & most cheerful ornament I’ve seen in a long time!! How fun! :)

  14. BARB TOPPING says:

    The Sprinkles ornament is perfectly adorable. I too did not do as much this year at Christmas, but I truly enjoyed a more relaxed time. Less stress, more time too enjoy family and friends. It was wonderful to not be totally exhausted. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better and now have an understanding of what you now need to do to continue down your happy, healthy road.

  15. love the little reindeer

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