Today …

I’m taking care of sick little Addie, who is taking care of Jenna dolly.

And I’m taking care of Clark, who is recovering from tooth extraction (wisdom teeth x4)

I’m also getting the furniture polish stain out of my new sheets. One of the reasons I love the Internet is the fact that you can Google just about any problem and find a solution. I’ve been gathering all of the necessary ingredients to make a ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ spotter. Most of the time, I’m of the “just buy a new one” mindset, but these sheets were brand new and I’m wanting to get better at following through on projects like this one.  I’m pleased to report that my efforts were worth it — the stain-free sheet is in the dryer now!

I’m also hoping to clean up my studio and actually scrapbook! That would be lovely. Wish me luck!

and … thank you for all the very nice comments from Thursday’s post.


  1. I had all four of my wisdom teeth out at the same time. I was petrified to get them all pulled but it was worth it. Hope everyone’s back to 100% soon.

  2. The sheets are now good. 1 down 2 to go. You’re on a roll. xx

  3. OMG! Addie is too cute! I feel for Clark too, I had all four of mine pulled too…better to get it done all at once…don’t think I would have gone back!

    What did people do before Google? Too scary too think about! lol

  4. So, what IS the magic concoction for getting tough stains like that out?

    OUCH, can’t imagine getting all 4 pulled at once. I was only born with 2 and so far, have never NEEDED to have them removed. (Wait, are you born with them… or do they grow there? Hmmm, perhaps I need to google that…)

    Hope Addie feels better soon.

  5. Ack- I wanted to see what kind of a doll Jenna was (she’s so cute). And you don’t want to know what google found for me.
    Anyway- I hope they both feel better soon.

  6. I hope they both feel better soon!!! I wish you luck on getting around to scrapbooking, I have been trying to do that for a couple weeks now, without any luck!

  7. Aw, hope Addie and Clark will both be feeling much better soon. Good luck with the scrapbooking; I am packing up to move (yet again!), so it might be another month before I get to any crafting.

  8. Brandi hennessy says:

    Sorry Addie is sick! Hope Clark gets feeling better soon too. Thanks for all the comfort food you sent over! You are a great friend and comfort!

  9. Sure hope everyone feels better soon. I’m impressed you got the stains out. That’s awesome.

  10. Aw, hope the kids feel better SOON! The best stain remover I’ve ever used, hands down, is called GONZO. Black grease from my computer chair gets into our beige carpet and it takes it out completely every time. LOVE the stuff. Btw, Stacy, wanted to share a video link with you because a) I found it so completely beautiful that it moved me to tears and b) I know you appreciate beautiful things (moments, memories, etc.) I absolutely cannot wait to read her book (hope that doesn’t sound like a sales pitch because I have no ties to her at all, other than my heart being so deeply touched by her video.) Hope you enjoy it.
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  11. Hoping they both feel better soon. Gotta love Google – helps answer lots of questions that worry my daughter as she is heading off to sleep. She’s 8 and has Asperger’s – her first response if no-one knows the answer is to Say “Let’s Google it!” Glad you got the stains out. Take crae, Deb xx

  12. I can empathize with Clark….those wisdom teeth are buggers. All 4 of mine were impacted and had to be surgically removed. It looks like Mommy and Addie are both taking very good care of their patients!
    I hope everyone is feeling well soon!

  13. Chris Cross says:

    When I looked at the picture of your son, it was deja vue (sp?) I don’t know where you would find one, but my son’s dentist gave him strip of fabric that had velcro at both ends so you could “strap” it around your head. It then had two pockets that were in the area of the jawline that held mini ice packets. He could ice both sides of his head at once and his hands were free to do something else to get his mind off the pain. There were two extra ice packets so you could rotate them out as needed.

    Also would love to see pictures of your new “creative space.”

  14. Google is awesome! I just googled how to get red sauce out of the carpet after a plate was dumped up-side-down on it. There were several household remedies and I used two of them and now the stain is gone.

    Hope Addie and Clark are feeling better today (Sunday).

  15. I hope they both feel better soon!

  16. It is amazing how “handling” some of the household projects and problems can make us feel like we are really accomplishing something. For me this week, my really messy closet (the if-we-don’t=know-where-to-put-it-it-goes=in-mom’s=closet place). Amazing how happy I was to finally get it (mostly) cleaned out. Simple pleasures, right? Have a good day!

  17. Prayers for your family today. I go back and forth, feeling sorry for the sick and hurt kiddos and feeling sorry for the momma who has to watch them be sick and hurt. Big Hugs!

  18. Poor A she looks so cute with her baby! And poor C too! I had all 4 of mine pulled and that was when we discovered I was allergic to codeine! I got to throw up for a few hours! Good thing they took all 4 because there was NO WAY I would have gone back! LOL I read on 2Peas that coconut oil will also fade age spots! I have my pregnancy mask left over [it's been 3.5 years] and some sun spots on my hand I am going to put it on. At least I’ll smell good right? :) I’m glad your sheets are clean again. I won’t sleep on stained sheets. Life is just too short for that. LOL

  19. Bec_Kilgore says:

    Congratulations on getting that stain out. I am so bad about those kind of projects. Wishing Clark and Addie speedy recoveries.

  20. Congrats getting things done! I’ve been checking things off my list this weekend. It’s helping me “simplify” as things are accomplished. Hope everyone gets better!

  21. carol in seattle :) says:

    Look at you go! Doesn’t it feel so good to take care of the old instead of buying new? That’s something I’ve been trying to get better at as well. Hope your family is back to full strength/health quick! Keep smiling!!!

  22. I went through the wisdom tooth extraction with all 3 of my girls. Favorites until they could eat again: mashed potatoes, applesauce, pudding, and milkshakes (with a spoon). Luckily our teens heal quickly!

    Hope Addie is feeling better soon too.

  23. Hope the kids are both feeling well today and that you actually did get a chance to get some scrapping done.

  24. I hope both of your children are feeling much better and hope you got to do some scrapbooking so you feel better. My daughter had her wisdom teeth extracted and boy it was memorable!!!! Hope all is well.

  25. Hope everyone is well very soon. WOW! Very impressive getting the sheets stain free. Way to go!

  26. Seeing the pic of Clark brings back memories, really old memories! Poor little Addie tending to her dolly looks so sweet! Prayers coming your way for healthy pain free kiddos! Doing the wave for the stain removal!!

  27. Awww! I hope Clark and Addie are feeling better soon. I so remember having my x4 wisdom teeth out. Not.Fun.

    And yay on your sheet!

    I hope you have found some time to scrapbook. I need to. *sigh* I haven’t scrapped since my miscarriage in September. I’m pregnant again now (and less than a week till my 2nd trimester… yay!), so I really should, but for some reason… I just can’t find the motivation. The last pages I did were about how excited I was that I was pregnant (the first time)… and then I miscarried, and it was so hard to look back on those pages. I know I just need to jump back into scrapping, but I just have this block now. And I miss scrapbooking so much. I can’t wait to see your pages. Truly. I can use all the inspiration I can get! :-)

  28. I love a post about a typical day. So real and authentic…just everyday things that make up our lives.

  29. Even though that precious was sick it still looked like she was trying to smile for the camera! Poor babe! And Clark…I totally know that pain. I had to have all four wisdoms taken out surgically and then proceeded to sleep for the entire weekend! Still have the hollows in my gums where they had to literally dig out my bottom teeth. Sorry for the graphic-ness but it was almost 23 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday!! Feel better Clark!

  30. Brenda in Sunny SoCal. says:

    Poor kids, let Clark eat LOTS of ice cream, I remember whne my where taken out, that’s the only thing that really helped the swelling

  31. Christine H says:

    I remember the great wisdom tooth extraction of 1980. Not one of those happy memories.

  32. karen schmidt says:

    I didn’t know all that could remove a stain. the coconut oil is good for you and good to cook with. I also spread it on toast, pancakes, etc… Its better then butter.

  33. :(

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