Tuesday Turmoil.

I’m not really in turmoil, but I am in need of a quick blog post again. I’m getting LOTS done on the work front and don’t want to lose my mojo.

So … which one to you like better?

The very colorful piano bench, or …

this oh-so-cute seasonal side table?

I’m starting to *think* about a second Sticks.com purchase for our home. I’m not rushing this, but I have LOVED our lazy susan and think having another piece makes sense?!

If you’re so inclined, cast your vote in the comments!


  1. Oh…they are all so yummy! I am partial to number 2, but number 3 is also great. I love the visual of the circle picture on those two.

  2. I have to vote for the piano bench because it is so colorful, moreso than the seasonal side table. And I really like the piano keys all around it!

  3. I LOVE the piano bench – especially if it has storage in it too! That makes it cute and functional!

  4. Definitely the piano bench. Definitely.

  5. Definitely the piano bench. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  6. Love that bench!

  7. Kristyn G says:

    loving the piano bench!

  8. Sorry to post twice, but I just checked out the Sticks website and it is oh so cute. i paint and have been “stuck” for a couple of months. The Sticks site “unstuck” me and I can’t wait to start a new project….. a piano bench for my son :-)

  9. piano bench!!! love it . . . especially if it would inspire my biys to sit down and practice without a reminder :)

  10. The piano bench jumps out at me…and so that one gets my vote.
    P.S. Please share what you’re doing with Project Life soon. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to find out. Have a great week!

  11. i <3 sticks, & i <3 you, stacy [&, thanks to you, i am the possessor of a lovely "love. life. together." plaque that bring a smile to my face every day!]!

    definitely the piano bench [so playful!]! :)

  12. I love the oh so cute side table! It’s beautiful!

  13. I love the bench, for sure. Good luck with the decision. =]

  14. I vote for the piano bench. So cute!

  15. I really like the table–the shape of the legs and the heart hanging underneath. I am curious about your take on Project Life, too. :)

  16. piano bench-so bright and fun!

  17. Christine says:

    My heart just about stopped when I saw that Sticks bench! I love going into a local shop here to gaze longingly at Sticks things, but haven’t purchased anything. Yet. I thought Sticks was only a Seattle thing, so I was doubly surprised. My vote would be for the colorful piano bench. =-)

  18. I really love the piano bench. It is so colorful and happy. I think it its so YOU!

  19. Since I just finished giving a piano lesson to a grandchild, I must vote for the piano bench! Who wouldn’t want a lesson while sitting on that?

  20. Love the piano bench – it totally looks like you…bright and cheery! :)

  21. Gramma Rita says:

    They’re both great, but I think I like the piano bench best. Love how colorful and fun it is! :)

  22. REALLY like the side table, however the bench mich be a nice place for the kiddos to sit — where are you going to put it?

  23. I love the piano bench!!! I’ve been looking at those lazy susan’s for years…someday:)

  24. Piano bench! Who wouldn’t love sitting there????

  25. The piano bench. I love their stuff and live not far from where they make the lovely goods!

  26. I like both, but definitely the piano bench – it’s such fun!!

  27. I don’t even own a piano, but I sure could find someplace in my home to fit that ADORABLE piano bench! Love it!

  28. Heather R says:

    i vote for the piano bench!

  29. I like both of them and think the side table goes very well with the design on your lazy susan. However, from a purely selfish standpoint, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the piano bench!

  30. I like them both, but if I had to choose I’d choose the side table. Love the lazy susan too!

  31. The bench. Because you have boy teenagers and shyly snuggling up to a girlfriend on a piano bench always looks good in films!

  32. DDicorcia says:

    The furniture is cute and whimsical.Also really expensive. Here is an idea and please don’t get offend. You have a beautiful house,things and children. You have a great life. Why not take the money you would spend on a Sticks table and buy a table for a family that can’t afford just one table or donate to a food bank. Food banks are in desperate need due to the economic down turn. I guess with my upbringing, I just can’t help but think what a waste of money that can be put to good use for someone in need. Just a suggestion. Also I thought you were organizing and making your life simple.

  33. The bench in a heart beat!

  34. The piano bench is great! It will get much more notice than the top of the side table.

  35. Piano Bench!!!!!!

    So easy to stack stuff on a side table…vase, coaster set, magazines…which would hide the fun design. Plus, it’s shoved behind a couch or chair. A piano bench, even if it’s sitting under the keyboard, is still visible. And it’s a much more vibrant design. I see these bright colors more to your style, in your very colorful home. And, frankly, it’s inspiring me to want to go and play a few measures. Maybe it’ll inspire your kids to practice! And can you imagine the competition from visiting relatives who’ll want to be the ones sitting on it at the extended dinner table? Piano bench for sure!

  36. Vinyl lady says:

    I vote the piano bench. I am painting and adding color to my house. I am loving it and it really makes for a happy day. I hope your days are getting better and better with each one.

  37. Susan Ringler says:

    OH Stacy, Piano bench, piano bench all the way!!!!!

  38. You DEFINITELY need another Sticks piece! I vote for the piano bench.

    I bought a Sticks lamp for our bonus room ten years ago, and it remains one of my favorite things. My sister has a custom drafting table/desk and chair in her quilt studio. I can’t wait to hear what you decide.

  39. I love the side table, but as your lazy susan seems to also be the seasons one, I think if I were you I would go with the piano bench because its different. =)

  40. Carrie Alexander says:

    Totally the side table!

  41. Go for the piano bench! I got piano bench envy when I saw that and I don’t own a piano!

  42. OOO, that piano bench is so unique and vibrant. Wowza!

  43. I love the side table but wonder if it will be truly used as a side table because I would hate to cover up the beauty with STUFF. I think the piano bench would be more practical and a conversation piece as well.

  44. I like the side table because the seasons can change. Very cool.

  45. Piano bench.

  46. Love the piano bench, go for it!!

  47. The bench is super cute, but I just love that little heart dangling from the table so I vote table all the way! Can’t wait to hear what you choose!

  48. Karen Schmidt says:

    Side table.

  49. my vote is for the piano bench….

  50. Side table! How cute is that dangling heart?!

  51. Piano bench is so much FUN! What a conversation piece!

  52. I like the sidetable.

  53. Love the seasonal side table!!! It would be a great addition to your home (or mine!) Thanks for letting us vote on such a fun thing this fine Tuesday!

  54. oh decisions!
    if you are in need of a piano seat then that is WELL CUTE …..but i love the look of the seasonal table with the rounded legs….. so i vote ….. BOTH!
    sorry , julie :>

  55. Piano bench is my fav! Can just imagine the conversations everytime a child sets on it.

  56. Love the piano bench:)

  57. I’d go with the piano bench!

  58. side table gets my vote, good luck

  59. KathleenB says:

    Love the side table….so cute!

  60. I LoVE the keys on the piano bench so that would be my vote. Cute Cute Stuff!! Makes me wish I had a place for a piece or two of my own. : )

  61. Side bench. The piano seat is a bit much for me lol

  62. I LOVE the piano bench! Wow. Jealous of THAT creativity.

  63. Peggy Leland says:

    I love the piano bench and think it would look fabulous in your music room.

  64. Bec_Kilgore says:

    Love the piano bench. Would be good in your house since you have a piano :).

  65. Ronnie Crowley says:

    The piano stool is stunning and with piano player in the house I would love to order it but its out of my price range (went to check!). What a beautiful thing to sit on to play and somewhere to store the music as well. Love it gets my vote hands down!

  66. I like the piano bench, it’s pretty.

  67. The piano bench….love the colors!

  68. Christine Quirion says:

    Oh my, the piano bench is delicious!! I just love it, wish I had a piano.

  69. The Piano Bench! It is much more unique!

  70. I vote for the piano bench, especially if you will use it as one!

  71. That piano bench is BEAUTIFUL….and the colors seem more you.

  72. Leslie Kuhn says:

    I personally love the piano bench (the colors and theme are me!), like many of the others who have commented. But the seasonal table is a close second. All three are beautiful, though! Good luck making a decision…

  73. Well, I love them all but I also happen to live in Des Moines where the main Sticks store is. My dd & I LOVE wandering around the store & dreaming! They have so many beautiful items there. Honestly, you would be happy with anything that you get from Sticks.

  74. I vote for the piano bench, it’s gorgeous and so fun!

  75. The table is cute, but go for the piano seat! What a fantastic way to get reluctant kids to do some piano practice…

  76. Love the piano bench! It’s awesome!

  77. I am liking the seasonal side table, the colors are great!

  78. LOVE them both! And the lazy Susan too! But IF I had to choose…I’d choose the side table…

  79. Julie Ann says:

    That is a tough call! I’d think about where the piece you buy will “live”. Is it going to live in an out of the way space that is an unexpected surprise when you come upon it? Do you want it to be the center of a room? Is it something you want to see everyday to bring a smile to your face? They are two different pieces and I see them having different functions in a home, so I think i’d choose the piece that will best convey the feeling you want to achieve w/ it. (Do you want to look forward to sitting down at the piano on that beautiful bench? Would having a cup of tea and a good book in a comfy chair w/ the table close at hand bring joy?) Have fun choosing! A lazy susan from them is on my lifelong wishlist…I promise myself I *will* get one someday, hopefully sooner than later so it can be a part of my children’s childhood memories. Of course, the trouble will be choosing one! ;)

  80. Christine H says:

    Piano bench gets my vote!

  81. The piano bench,it is happy and beautiful at the same time. :)

  82. Wow, both SO cute, but I’ll give my vote to the piano bench.

  83. Well, I’m no help at all – I like them both. And they would both look great in my living room, which just happens to be missing both a piano bench and a smallish table. :) Now I need to go check out this sticks.com. You know, reading your blog can be very dangerous. ;)

  84. I like the piano bench but it doesn’t look quite finished. It needs a point of interest in the painting, I think. So I say the lazy susan is the one to get now – it’s so bright and cheerful. I like the words around the edge too. You find such beautiful things!

  85. For me, the table. For you the bench – you love black and white.

  86. Oh my Stacy, these are just adorable. However, I have to cast my vote for the piano bench. Mind you its so adorable, you wouldn’t want to sit on it, LOL! Have a great day!

  87. OOOOO soooo cute! Love the side table!!!! I am a bit afraid to check out the website….(afraid that I will want everything WAY too much!! ;)) Thanks for sharing and would love to hear your final decision!

  88. Piano bench without a doubt. Stacy did you ever perfect your piano lessons? Somehow the bench reminded me of your desire to hone your piano skills during the year to remember class?

  89. Piano bench, hands down. Little girl fingers playing imaginatively on the bench keys, while older fingers play the piano keys…

  90. Both are gorgeous, but that piano bench is just fun! Love the colors and the keys around the sides.

  91. Kimberley jan says:

    i’m leaning toward the side table…but definitely love the lazy susan!

  92. I LOVE the piano bench!

  93. I like the piano bench. For me, a side table would just get covered in stuff and the cuteness would be lost. The piano bench will be cute every day, even without having to de-clutter.

  94. Of course Both are marvelous, ( if it’s seasonal table, would you be putting it away for no one to enjoy, for part of the year? cause if so,…) I would go with the piano bench.

  95. Barb in AK says:

    I love the 4 season table, but I’d have to go for the piano bench. I like the idea of having extra storage wherever I can find it! :-)

  96. love love love the piano bench

  97. bea medwecky says:

    I have to go with the piano bench. It is so colorful and lovely.

  98. Love the piano bench. It’s just so beautiful!

  99. Love the piano bench!!

  100. I like them both, but if I had to pick one, I’d pick the seasonal table.

  101. Piano bench all the way. The table is cute but looks too much like your Lazy Susan. So, piano bench all the way.

  102. Too hard to decide… get them both!
    Does that help???!!!

  103. The piano bench is my vote. It’s beautiful! And so fun. I love the greens on the top.

  104. carol in seattle :) says:

    I adore the colors in the piano bench! Plus for the most part it will be visible – in my house the table will be buried with stuff (lamp, papers, toys…) Have fun choosing!

  105. the seasonal side table is my vote! Love being reminded that that time goes around and reminicing the past seasons. :)

  106. Tracy Dayett says:

    I have dreamed about your Lazy Susan every since I first saw it on your blog so I can easily see why you would want another piece…Hands down I would vote for the side table. Have a great day!

  107. Definitely the piano bench! Fab!

  108. My vote is for the table… although the piano bench is pretty cool too.

  109. MichelleGB says:

    The bench is just gorgeous! I love the bright colors and the piano keys!!!

  110. I love Sticks furniture, wish I could get it in UK, I like the piano bench best!!

  111. as soon as I saw the picture I thought of your fabulous lazy susan

    i vote for the piano stool

  112. I have coveted your lazy Susan since I first saw it! And these pieces are great too – I would definitely vote for the piano bench. It’s so happy.

  113. The piano bench is gorgeous….that’s my vote!

  114. My vote is for the piano bench. It makes me happy!

  115. I love the piano bench!!

  116. Kathy Jo Camacaho says:

    The piano bench makes me want to play the piano – or at least take some lessons so that I could. Love it!

  117. The piano bench, it is super unique!

  118. I like both – but would choose the piano bench, I think. I’ve been admiring the Sticks framed mirrors, too…they are so interesting and unique!

  119. Piano Bench! Oh, my… it IS lovely!

  120. Chris Cross says:

    When I saw the piano table first, I was in love, but I think the seasonal side table is adorable. Love the heart hanging from the bottom!

  121. Without a doubt the piano bench!

  122. Jodi Berg says:

    Piano bench is my vote. So charming and provides more seating.

  123. I love the piano bench. LOVE. :)

  124. i love sticks too. i actually “knew her when” and custom ordered one of her mirrors for my sister’s college graduation. could never afford one of those mirrors now…..and i too have a lazy susan of hers and love it.

    i choose the piano bench because it just feels more like you. :)

  125. I’m loving the side table…something about it just calls to me!

  126. maryellen says:

    That’s a tough decision. Buy them all? Love the piano bench, but right now I’m leaning towards the summer one. Reminds me that summer will come and this winter will end.

  127. karin hall says:

    I love all the stuff they have … and that piano bench is SUPER

  128. Glenda F. says:

    I was not familiar with this company, but after seeing the photos, I had to look. EVERYTHING is gorgeous, but I vote for the side table.

  129. I love all their stuff! I have been wanting something for quite a while. I love love their mirrors, and want a stand alone one for my bedroom! I would go for the piano bench.

  130. Cindy McDannold says:

    How beautiful. Piano bench, hands down.

  131. I love your lazy susan especially the words around the outer edge. My vote goes for the side table, it is incredibly cute.

  132. Love, Love, Love that piano bench! I say go for it! ;)

  133. piano bench…all the way!

  134. WELLLLLL, if your word for 2011 is ORGANIZE, then the OBVIOUS choice is the PIANO BENCH because it has storage space. TA-DA! Problem solved. You can send me the little round table. My word is READ. LOL!

    PS could you do some promotion (read-explaining) of the LOM-COM, please? I am a 2009 alum and need some motivation. Okay. A kick in the pants. Thx.

  135. side table is my fave

  136. Oh, the seasonal side table would be my choice. The piano bench is adorable, too. But the size of the side table would lend itself to many different spots in your house each year, don’t you think?

  137. This is really hard. First question would be – do you have a piano? :) I’m a pianist and piano teacher. I love the piano bench top, but not so crazy about the keys on the side. And part of me is a purist I guess and I would just want to see a piano bench plain and pretty. Now – if the rest of your piano was like this, then I’d say go for it. I think I’d just like the piano bench top hanging on my wall. Maybe it’s that I’d feel the piano area would be unbalanced. Obviously I’m crazy.

    So, I guess I’d vote for the side table. It is by no means a distant second – I think it’s beautiful and I love the curve of the legs.

  138. The Seasonal Side Table would be my vote; however they are both beautiful!

  139. Christy Miller says:

    I’m partial to the piano bench but I love playing the piano so I might be biased! Either one is amazing but I love the keys and the smooth colors of the bench so much!

  140. For myself personally, I *love* the seasonal side table – but I think the piano bench is very Julian family-ish. I know you reference your music and memory room in one of your books, and the sunrise looks like some photos you’ve posted of Washington state. Both beautiful pieces though!

  141. piano bench, piano bench, piano bench. Agree with earlier psoter who said it would give you space to ORGANIZE stuff. Both are beuatiful though…don’t think there is a bad decision.

  142. LOVE the piano bench – wish I could get one

  143. We have a really ancient piano bench (1928) that needs to be refinished, so I’m thinkin’ piano bench for my vote. (They are also great for extra seating in a pinch!)

  144. Seasonal side table. I love it! Ummmm, not that this is about me. I mean, I get that this is your home. Maybe it’s the pianist in me but the piano bench kind of weirds me out. The keys are in the wrong place! I know they’re fake keys, but, still. Again, though, it’s not about me. But that’s my opinion! Oh, funny, I just scrolled up to look at some of the other comments and Kerry (also a pianist) feels like I do about the keys on the piano bench!

  145. I think the seasonal side table because honestly, I adore that hanging heart in an unexpected place!! (although, you KNOW you’re not going to want to put anything on it to cover up that gorgeous design, so will it really serve a purpose?) ~

    Regardless, it’s beautiful art! I was able to see “Sticks” furniture in person and ohmygolly, I don’t envy you in your decision! It’s absolutely gorgeous!!

  146. I vote for the side table. It’s gorgeous and, in my house, would be more practical.

  147. ana smith says:

    That is the best lazy susan ever! I just love it, but I wouldn’t want to place anything on it. I’d want to make it a wall peice and be able to see it all the time.
    Bench or sidetable? There has to be a choice? Really? Well, good luck with that.

  148. I love the seasonal side table.

  149. Hard to choose. Love them both. I’m leaning towards the piano bench because of the brighter colors. I love Sticks merchandise. I have a lamp and a box. They always make me smile when i see them. I love having “artful” accessories for my home.

  150. I like the side table best – beautiful and flexible to be used in all kinds of places. I love the Lazy Susan – beautiful!

  151. BENCH! BENCH!! BENCH!!!

    Why? Because it’s beautiful, and functional (as a BENCH) and you wont put stuff on it and cover up the beautiful artwork!! Unless, someone is practicing or playing!!!

    and does it have storage too?? PERFECT!!!


  152. My gut reaction was the piano table and then I noticed that cute little bird holding a heart in the side table. Can’t resist a bird with a heart. So cute. That’s my vote.

  153. I love that piano bench! I have the same question as the last person– does it have storage too?

  154. I vote for the bench because it reflects your personality; colorful. The sunrise reminds me of many scripture verses, i.e., This is the day the Lord has made…., Joy comes in the morning, etc. I know how you love scripture, so thought I’d mention it.

  155. The piano bench totally rocks it! Hard choices though!

  156. Definitely the bench. That is by far the coolest piano bench I’ve ever seen. Makes mine with the ugly rust colored seat cushion cover look absolutely pitiful.

  157. These are both really nice and its hard to choose but I like the side table best. The piano bench is unique though too.

  158. The VERY colorful Piano Bench — all the way!!! so eye catching.

  159. They are all amazing pieces but I like the piano bench best!

  160. hands down – that piano bench is stunning!

  161. The bench is quite the statement, seems much bolder of a piece than the side table. The side table though does seem very similar to your lazy susan. So, do you want something completely different or do you want something similar? I quite like the side table – very pretty.

  162. Piano bench is my vote. Love the colors.

  163. Love them both, but I vote for the side table!

  164. SueinMtVernon says:

    The piano bench is adorable, but I really like the side table so it gets my vote.

  165. I think the Piano bench. The artwork is wonderful!

  166. I VOTE 4 the PIANO bench!

  167. The thought of jeans scratching across that piano bench. . . will it hold up to that? It’s still what I would pick, but I’d be sure about that. With 5 kiddos of my own I can see where the lazy susan’s would be useful in so many way, besides the incredible wonderfulness of the art on yours.

  168. I love the side table, that little dangling heart just sets my heart to pattering (is that a word?) Love the lazy susan!

  169. I love the bench, however both are lovely :)

  170. I thought the piano bench was really creative but I love the side table. I like the way it reminds you of time.

  171. while the piano bench is cute, I like the style of the the seasonal table more. I vote …seasonal table. (I have always loved the lazy susan though…it is beautiful)

  172. I like traditional so the side table would be it for me.

  173. LOVE the adorable side table!! (I think the dangling heart did it for me…) for what it is worth,Ii also LOVE your lazy susan & have often looked at them online @ sticks.

  174. I like the bench . . . so whimsical, yet it also is quite practical.


  176. Wow, so hard to decide. I really love your lazy susan. That’s the one I voted on last time (and would purchase for myself:)
    The bench is really pretty; love all the bright colors in it, but something about the second pic…the side table really caught my attention.

  177. Jenny McGee says:

    I like the piano bench.

  178. Shannon Lowe says:

    Love that little side table! The little heart that hangs down… it just slays me!

  179. karen Hobbs says:

    Adore that piano bench!!! Might even make me want to practice!

  180. I love the piano bench!!! You can’t go wrong with either!!! :)

  181. I LOVE the piano bench. I’ll confess that I am the proud owner of 2 Sticks items. After the first time you blogged about them, I got a lamp. The, while passing by the same store again, I saw a cute picture frame in the window. What I really fell in love with though when I went inside was the grandfather clock standing near the frame. It was months before I bought it, but it was perfect for a certain space in my home and feels as if it was made for me.

  182. They are both very nice but I think the piano bench does it for me.

  183. Absolutely, positively the PIANO BENCH! Love it so much!

  184. Molly McCarthy says:

    The piano bench! It’s bright, sunny and cheerful. Just what I’d want my kids to be when they sat down to practice the piano :D)

  185. I like the piano bench. It’s bright colors seem more like you than the muted colors.

  186. Karen Neder says:

    Personally, I like the colors of the side table better but practically I do like the piano bench! We are a musical family so I have a bit of a bias that way – and if the side table is, as you say, seasonal, then would you be able to enjoy it all year? (e.g. would you have to STORE it?? Always a big question in our house!) And practicality almost always wins out for me so…THE PIANO BENCH! :-)

  187. Barbara Konopa says:

    I love the piano bench. I wish I had a piano so I could purchase it.

  188. Angela Williams says:

    The piano bench is gorgeous!

  189. Dawn Liljeberg says:


  190. Heather Newman says:

    I personally love the side table! Love the extra touch of the hanging heart!

  191. Oooh, I hope I am not too late! That bench is the most adorable thing! I can totally picture your little Addy sitting on it. You HAVE to get it and then post a picture of your little darling sitting on it. How cute!

  192. The bench is a conversation piece for sure. What way to invite a person to play? It suits my personality best and would be a great addition to your home too!

  193. I really, really love the piano bench!! It is so colorful it creates music for my eyes.

  194. tammy perkins says:

    the piano bench hands down!

  195. I vote for the piano bench. I have a bench that my grandpa built and my grandma painted that is along those same lines. It means the world to me now that they are both gone.

  196. sarah page says:

    Hard choice!!! The bench is cute and practical, but I love the side table. Maybe I should get it! ha ha!!!

  197. I like the table better ;)

  198. The hanging heart got me. I love the side table. Its shape is also so cute.

  199. The hanging heart got me!!! I love that table. The shape of the table is also perfect.

  200. I’m really loving the seasonal side table–

    but I can also see why it is hard to choose!

  201. The seasonal side table. Oh so SUPER cute! I love the hanging heart. It had me at the “heart”

  202. I totally vote for the piano bench…I love the style and the keyboard on the side!

  203. I like the piano bench, I’ve never seen anything like it.

  204. Michelle Evans says:

    Stacy, there is a lady in rural Iowa who will make anything you want (she takes custom orders and will create based on your conversation or inspiration you give) Her stuff literally chokes me up because it is so beautiful and I have one of her “early” pieces in my daughter’s room….this all at a fraction of the price of Sticks. If you want contact info, let me know!
    BTW, my vote is the piano bench!

  205. Stephanie says:

    Love them all but piano bench for sure! So cool!

  206. Side table – way cute…

  207. They are both AWESOME…..and tough choice…..but I think the piano bench is just a little AWESOMER…although the little table would probably be an easier fit into a home!!

  208. seasonal side table!

  209. Definitely the piano bench. There are lots of clever side tables out there (this one is really cute!), but the piano bench screams unusual and funky and different. It would be a real conversation piece.

    How lucky (blessed) that you can even consider such fun stuff!

  210. The side table. It is beautiful. I like the top of the piano bench, but not the keys on the sides.

  211. Gotta say I like them both, but “LOVE” the side table. Who can resist a heart with Valentine’s Day just around the corner.

  212. OOh! I love the piano bench. The colors are so bright and happy.

  213. Tough decision since they are both so cute! My vote would be piano bench! :)

  214. I like the end table.

  215. Both are fantastic but I would go with the seasonal side table – I also love the hanging heart.

  216. The side table.

  217. I like the side table with the unexpected hanging heart. So cute!

  218. piano bench-but love them all

  219. My vote goes to the side table, the hanging heart is what sold me!

  220. I LOVE the seasonal side table.

  221. piano bench. Has a lot more visual impact. I had so much more of a visceral reaction to seeing that then the side table. I felt like I could sit and escape into that land while relaxing there on that bench. The side table – nice yes but the colors aren’t as catching. Doesn’t have the pow, the wow as the piano bench. I am not going to read the other comments until I finish mine. I don’t want to influence mine.

  222. LOVE the piano bench and of course the lazy Susan.

  223. Whitney P. says:

    I vote for the piano bench. It’s pretty and colorful, which seems just your style. :)

  224. Side table. Less flashy.

  225. Piano Bench, classic

  226. Heather W says:

    I say piano bench because it is more your colors and the fact that you have a Music and Memory Room. The two go hand in hand together.

  227. The practical me asks….depends on what you need it for (seating vs flat surface). Both are adorable.

  228. I agree with so many before, the Heart hanging down from the side table? Love It!

  229. Bernadette says:

    Both are super cute, but I have to go with the piano bench as it seems more functional.

  230. Judy Webb says:


  231. Looooove the Piano Bench! It is so beautiful! And Fun! How can anyone go wrong with a playful bench like that. I’d pratice a lot more!!! Maybe I’ll doll up my old tired piano bench? Just to make me feel better. I think insperation just struck! Ok I am off to play.

  232. Nicky from Canada says:

    seasonal side table – OMG they are amazing
    All three would be even better!!!

  233. dmatthews says:

    I would choose the piano bench!

  234. Although I play the piano, I love the cute little table, especially with the little hanging decoration.

  235. caitlin czirban says:

    side table!!!

  236. The piano bench has my vote! The side table is adorable, but would end up with stuff on it and would cover up the top!

  237. Piano bench!

  238. I like the piano bench. For me the side table could get old in a hurry and doesn’t seem exactly useful. The piano bench feels very conversation, and immediatly serves a purpose. That’s my thoughts.

  239. The piano bench, very very cute.

  240. Piano bench, hands down. I LOVE the keys painted on the side. Maybe I’m biased because I used to play piano, but I love that bench.

  241. That piano bench is amazing. I wondered where you go such a cool lazy susan for your table. Thanks for sharing the link! Can’t wait to hear which one you pick.

  242. Beth the Nurse says:

    I live in Des Moines, IA where Sticks is located. They have 2 retail stores here with the most amazing things. Have you looked at their perpetual calendars that you mount on the wall? They are stunning pieces of art, functional and magnetic. They are quite large and I have seen them in kitchens and dining rooms. Check them out!

  243. jersey girl anne says:

    side table

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